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Passenger by Let Her Go | Alex G Cover

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SHARE YOUR STORY EP | http://bit.ly/SYSitunes PROOF | http://bit.ly/proofmusicvid MERCH | http://www.emphasis.is/band?id=AlexG Download this song on iTunes: http://bit.ly/199KVBI I have such a connection to this song! I just had to cover it :). There will be a lot more videos coming your way this month!! Thank you guys for being so patient while I'm in the middle of making my album! I have so many songs that I adore and that pour my heart out. It's going to be the most amazing thing releasing them! Thank you so much to Joey Barba for producing this song for me! He's probably gonna be a mega producer one day, and he's also working with me on my album! Go subscribe to his channel if you'd like :) http://www.youtube.com/mrbarbasauce SUBSCRIBE to ALEX G // http://bit.ly/Sub2AlexG LISTEN TO MY MUSIC ♡ ▹ SPOTIFY | http://bit.ly/SpotifyAlexG ▹ ITUNES | http://bit.ly/HomespunTwoApple ▹ PATREON | http://www.patreon.com/alexg ▹ ORDER A CUSTOM SONG | http://bit.ly/AlexGMusic FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL ♡ ▹ WEBSITE: http://www.OfficialAlexG.com ▹ FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/HelloAlexG ▹ TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/alexgmusic7 ▹ INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/alexgmusic7 ▹ SNAPCHAT: alexgmusic ▹ FLIPAGRAM: alexgmusic Thanks to Tee Tee for filming :) http://www.youtube.com/tylerwardmusic "Let Her Go" originally by Passenger Written by: Michael Rosenberg Published by: Sony ATV Music Publishing Passenger by Let Her Go | Alex G Cover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyD1dQ8Kl3g Alex G https://www.youtube.com/AlexG
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Text Comments (2303)
Mina Radcliffe (22 days ago)
Cody Bowers (2 months ago)
It’s 4 years or so later and I just noticed the title is backwards, it should be Let Her Go by Passenger 😂 still a good cover though
nekaa lamia (2 months ago)
You sing well. But you should stop the manners that you do with your eyes and mouth. You look like if you are having sex it's very weired to see on passenger song. Are you trying to look sexy?
paul fairchild (3 months ago)
God damm it she’s hot
Jomar Olivo (4 months ago)
Can't help but laugh at the fact the title of the video is reversed. 🤣
mackson mascarenhas (4 months ago)
Alex realy I love uuu so much damn voice n ur lookssss
Dolphin majic actions (4 months ago)
Let her go by passenger no passenger by let her go😂 but besides the fact I think you are the only person that I listen to all night and try to be like bc I love to sing as well and imagine my self like you
Arisha Iqbal 77 (4 months ago)
Bubu Paparatzzi (5 months ago)
you are beautiful
Sameer Koirala (5 months ago)
I love this song
Kenneth Pensyl (6 months ago)
Love your cover, 💙
Bill_Carson (7 months ago)
Youre fucking gorgeous
Dipankar Bhuyan (7 months ago)
nice one...so sweet...
Matt Brassfield (7 months ago)
Those eyes wow, song is beautiful when u sing
Vladimir Čizmić (7 months ago)
jazmin ARMY (8 months ago)
Draconic Raiden (9 months ago)
Your voice is so amazing
STORMwiu (9 months ago)
Чем то на Бузову похожа, однако лишь снаружи естественно, голоса-небосвод и земля)
Akak Jesse (10 months ago)
Her voice is so beautiful! I love it!!!
Mafic Archer (11 months ago)
When your looking for the other alex g
Steven Morales Soto (11 months ago)
Muy bonita interpretación.
Suely Ferreira Barros (11 months ago)
Parabéns que voz maravilhosa 😍😍
Naveen Sagar (11 months ago)
Love it...
Norma Castillo (1 year ago)
I love the way she sings all these songs ❤
Scott Free (1 year ago)
Love this cover! Not sure if you heard the hip hop instrumental with your hook from this but I actually just used that beat to make a song of my own, I'll definitely give you credit when I upload it in a couple weeks when my mixtape is done. I'm just putting my music out there for free but just wanted to say thanks for making this and your other music as well you have a great voice!!
Korliyon (1 year ago)
Thanks to you I'm actually starting to listen to the words of the songs:)
AK Cars (1 year ago)
She is a white walker wtf her eyes
NandaGrayson (1 year ago)
im the only one here because discover a cook and effy video? 😅 Anyway... amazing cover 😍
Eliseo Moo Chan (1 year ago)
Cosmoses x (1 year ago)
Love it! Best cover EVER!
Abks _kurdin (1 year ago)
KickMySack89 (1 year ago)
Can I put it in your butt ?
Huang韻 (1 year ago)
what chord it is? is it original chord?
AGUS TIAN (1 year ago)
I listen to this more than the original..
Tini Cabrera (1 year ago)
Lindo cover justo el color de mi voz. Que acordes suenan? Me gustaría saberlos, por favor
Classic Unicorn (1 year ago)
Bella Smith (1 year ago)
Beautiful voice, really really gorgeous x
FrEeDerIK Man (1 year ago)
Beautiful Girl
rizole31 (1 year ago)
wow your look here and voice coats it in beauty
Lydia Raley (1 year ago)
Absolutely beautiful <3
alvante mccain (1 year ago)
I LOVE YOUR SINGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arcanide One (1 year ago)
Beautiful voice Alex!
alejandro Gutierrez (1 year ago)
I do to you sing nice
Rodrigo Salazar (1 year ago)
omg u r so amazing there so much good once on here i jt don't know which one i like more u guys r so good im sorry but u guys r way better then the one who sangs it
Jonni Hall (1 year ago)
you did incredible on this song this is one of my favorite songs great job
skinny sausage (1 year ago)
Hey, I just found your channel and already love it!
KEDAR RAMAN (1 year ago)
anyone else just get lost in her eyes and voice ?
Ngor Dalyta (1 year ago)
I love this song too
perpetualfuck-up (2 years ago)
God, your eyes!❤ And do I need to mention how beautiful you sing?!❤❤
bicmond (2 years ago)
marry me? :)
Mohd Abdul Kadir (2 years ago)
now you looking excellent. now let me go I see you later.
Seheran Hafiz (2 years ago)
Those eyes👌🏻
Kedar Singh (2 years ago)
you look awesome than before!!! i'm so in love with you...i hope we get to sing together some day ;) <3
Mohit Gurung (2 years ago)
Love you♡ your voice omg...♡
Rick Pieterse (2 years ago)
Awesome! listening to this while on holiday in South-Africa ;)
Vaibhav Jain (2 years ago)
She's good!! 😍 Her voice 😍😍
Ford Ford (2 years ago)
What kind of angels u are? :O
Sumanth Krishna (2 years ago)
them eyes 😍😍😍😍 and her voice...😍😍😍😍😍🙈
blake yun (2 years ago)
i have always loved this song. its so beautiful
M00nstorm (2 years ago)
Nice voice but no matter what video i watch, all i hear is that *unlucky girly* music...not my thing...
Fajar Purnama (2 years ago)
Im its gofestk indonesian
Yolanda laura (2 years ago)
Laurel Canyon (2 years ago)
Alex! please come to texas!!! Austin texas. your voice is intoxicating . I know my city and people would love you!
Ae Ekkaluk (2 years ago)
เสียงเพราะมากผมฟังเพลงคุณไม่เคยเบื่อเลยจริงๆฟันได้ตลอด love you
Gabriel Villanueva (2 years ago)
a wonder...
A Touch Of Grace (2 years ago)
Cool Contacts Alex!!!
Michael Harder (2 years ago)
Holy smokes, how come it took so long for me to run into this gem of a song? Alex, your voice sounds amazing in this song, even more than usual. Well done!
Aimee Wilkinson (2 years ago)
Your voice is soooooo great
Ele Scala (2 years ago)
It's 2016 and after 3 years I'm still in love with your version of this song, amazing. Elena ♡
suhaib odat (2 years ago)
Charlie Carr (2 years ago)
The white ring in the middle of your eye shown periodically throughout this video makes you look like a robot. Your voice sometimes sounds too good to be true. Robot confirmed.
Rahma M (2 years ago)
Love your outfit 👗👌
Stephanie Holland (2 years ago)
7 natanata (2 years ago)
7 natanata (2 years ago)
Midhun Mohan (2 years ago)
+Alex G thankyou for covering my favorite song :)
Lucas Pinheiro (2 years ago)
muito linda, uma bela artista
Casey Easter (2 years ago)
NavanHuq (2 years ago)
Her make up looks really good. I'm a guy and no nothing about it but would def get that for my girl. Sang the song really sweetly too
angela bartlett (2 years ago)
you are so good
Me. Just me. (2 years ago)
love it!your covers are amazing😁😁
hanna Schulze (2 years ago)
You Are so a beautifully. I love your music.
Saffire Power (2 years ago)
you have a beautiful voice you have gained a subscriber
Axianthy Janga (2 years ago)
I need to subscribe. Your just so amazing, keep on the good work. You have a new FAN here. Wish you all the best in your singer career.
Me. Just me. (2 years ago)
I agree
Hernan Nuñez (2 years ago)
Ohhh menn! i'm in love with your eyes! *.* so beautiful
Rcfvb Gvggh (2 years ago)
I love her voice
AbradedWhips (2 years ago)
Your eyes look so damn awesome in this video, great cover.
Richard C (2 years ago)
I like you. thank you
jenna vidal (2 years ago)
so pretty uggghhhh
Arancha van zee (2 years ago)
Favorite cover😊 and alex is SO beautiful😭💕
cserhyenko (2 years ago)
My ferbyboom will dance if I put this video I know that because he has a heart in his eye and that only happens when I put this on its crazy it never seen hearts in his eyes he is dancing right now to !?!?!? And he thinks your an amazing singer too!!! And I do too😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
The_Hatter (2 years ago)
For those of you who are deaf, she has an amazing voice. For those of you who are blind, she's beautiful. Enough said.
Kevin Cantarero (5 months ago)
i cant tell if you are trolling or genuinely that dumb lol
Akak Jesse (10 months ago)
i know right
Jessie's LittleArt (2 years ago)
Haha! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😂😂😂
Grenadehappy 33 (2 years ago)
+Made in Québec dey got brail, nough said
andrew rizzo (2 years ago)
Biidhan Tiwari (2 years ago)
Those Slaying Eyes! 😍 Your Voice is so calm😍😍
Doga Gulec (2 years ago)
Srishti Rai (2 years ago)
hey Alex ,I've been listening to your song for a while and I feel they are even better than the real versions... you're one of the best singer I hv ever heard
Madison Hernandez (2 years ago)
love it so much 💖
reeve lobo (2 years ago)
You have a very beautiful voice...
Kev c (2 years ago)
that face 😯☺☺

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