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Girls Generation - Love and Peace - 3rd Japanese Full album.

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Artist: Girls' Generation Release date: December 10, 2013 Label: Universal Music LLC Genres: J-pop, Dance-pop, Electropop Hope you enjoy it ! Write your favorite song of this album !! 00:00 01. Gossip Girls 3:17 02. Motorcycle 6:47 03. Flyers 10:49 04. Galaxy Supernova 13:59 05. Love and Girls 17:13 06. Beep Beep 20:46 07. My Oh My 23:51 08. Lips 27:41 09. Do the Catwalk 31:43 10. Karma Butterfly 34:57 11. Lingua Franca 38:06 12. Everyday Love

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Text Comments (18)
zacky (4 months ago)
Karma butterfly and motorcycle 👍
Shan non (7 months ago)
Seohyun's voice in Motorcycle is sooooo adictive!
Shan non (7 months ago)
I bought this~ Cant wait for it to arrive! <3
skinny Legend (1 month ago)
Where did you buy it hoe?
Isadora Cruz (3 months ago)
Where did you bought?
minnsshi (8 months ago)
2018? ♥
ringsana (9 months ago)
Japanese albums are too good for me, I can;t choose my fav I ljust love all <3 wish to have them :C
Harry JD (11 months ago)
I forgot how good this album was! Sucks that it's not on Spotify. It's my favorite album of theirs.
Nikka Salgado (1 year ago)
It sucks that this album is not in Spotify :(
Renata Tupac (1 year ago)
My favorite song is Lips :D
Isadora Cruz (3 months ago)
Khulan 78 (1 year ago)
Renata Tupac mine too 😍
Renata Tupac (1 year ago)
My favorite song is Lips :D
Yves Forbes Flores (1 year ago)
My fave song on the Love And Peace is Galaxy Supernova
Aamal Al-essa (1 year ago)
Yves Flores me too and I like gossip Girls
Cores from round pine (1 year ago)
So ladies
Girls n peace album was the best album that SNSD ever release 😍😘👏💞

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