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~Sail~ {Homestuck AMV}

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First video! Song: Unlimited Gravity Remix- Sail by Awolnation All rights reserved to owners of art. If you see a photo you drew and you want it removed, tell me and I will remove it ASAP! :) Thanks!

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Text Comments (87)
Adriana Maynard (7 months ago)
Sailor Capricorn _ (11 months ago)
H o l y g o d y e s t h i s i s a l l I n e e d i n l I f e
comic sans (1 year ago)
an hero
IcefangDaWolf YT (1 year ago)
btw song is Sail-unlimited gravity remix.
team meowsome 77 :3 (1 year ago)
I'm kanya
I’m a Bowl Of Rice (1 year ago)
Pfffffff just realized that the thumbnail is davedirk lol
Abyss Plant (1 year ago)
Lovely amv. I want the 0.29 pic plz!
Isaac Sandige (2 years ago)
this is so great apparently a lot of people don't know that he's referring to Alcohol and Drug Dependency? anyways this is hella cool, love it!
Tobias Smith (2 years ago)
Better amvs come from my dick hole, I'm glad i got out of this phase tbh
Tobias Smith (1 year ago)
ToxicFandoms screaming
ToxicFandoms (1 year ago)
ToxicFandoms (2 years ago)
I should probably mention the fact I made this using a free app on my kindle fire when I was 13 lmaoo. also, I know this is not an AMV, I didn't know what I was doing so stop commenting about it please and thanks haha. (But also, thanks for all the nice comments!!! <3)
Frisk (2 years ago)
What is the image link that appears in 3:13 ? Someone please talk !
you did a great job keep it up and dont listen to those fuckasses that say your not good at it
Grim_Demon99 (2 years ago)
This is so fucking cool
I thought it said sail with me into the bar ....XD tf
Alicia Piatt (2 years ago)
how doid u find the first ones
Cassandra has Fallen (2 years ago)
how is this an amv?
ToxicFandoms (2 years ago)
pfff I didn't know what I was doing I was like 13
Cythas Cruseo (2 years ago)
WAIT 0:42 where is that from???
natalie m (2 years ago)
The actual comic, not sure which page sorry :/
Nons (2 years ago)
ToxicFandoms (2 years ago)
oh my god why does this have so many views im looking back at this and cringing WYD THIS IS SO BAD IM LAUGHING
Abstract Dork (1 year ago)
ToxicFandoms you said ur gonna remake dis
+ToxicFandoms How's it bad? x'D
that homestuck fan (2 years ago)
when will it be done because this shit is a mother fucking miracle. you got me fuckass? but for real this is cool when will you be done?
Angel Graham (2 years ago)
We all know this feeling.
Nice remix :D
Aquariusly Irrational (3 years ago)
Gemini bitches
Pixie Productions (2 years ago)
+Dave Strider :P
Cider The Wolf (2 years ago)
Pixie Productions (2 years ago)
+Dave Strider meh?
Cider The Wolf (2 years ago)
fuckin hate that face man
Pixie Productions (2 years ago)
+Dave Strider ._.
STRIPED REX (3 years ago)
can anyone give me the source for the picture at 0:28
brownbears_are_cool (3 years ago)
whats the pic at 0:28
Karkat Vantas (3 years ago)
can I have the links to the first few pics that end before the gamzee
Mr. Monkey Butt (3 years ago)
Those views tho, looking at them now... 69,000 XD but still that a lot of people
Borislav Smilev (3 years ago)
Whre do I find the card art from the beginig of the video
Yuki chan (3 years ago)
Doesn't AMV stand for Anime Music Video? (if it was something else i grant everyone permission to call me stupid.)
Shinji-C (2 years ago)
+Rose Cosplays it is.
Rose Cosplays (2 years ago)
+FlyingColors I thought it was Animated Music Video
Flying Colors (2 years ago)
It does.
Adam T (3 years ago)
Why do I like this song so much? -It's fucking sad that's why- -This is pretty good- -I fucking love this remix-
Hearts Work/Break (3 years ago)
D--> I use to be a scrubber like you...til I got an arrow in my knee.
Hearts Work/Break (2 years ago)
+Pandora180180 Yes Skyrim. If you interact with the guards sometimes they'll say,"I used to be an adventurer like you 'til I got an arrow in the knee." It is a meme now. xD
+Angeline Swaffard Is that from a game btw?
Hearts Work/Break (3 years ago)
D--> Then choked to death with my bow.
ChloeAlexis (3 years ago)
I came for the Eridan pics
aliya leblanc (3 years ago)
hey what anime is this look cool
The Determined Cat (1 year ago)
aliya leblanc (3 years ago)
bearscantdrive (3 years ago)
+aliya leblanc yay
aliya leblanc (3 years ago)
yeah i like you 
bearscantdrive (3 years ago)
 no problem =)
gr8 Meme (3 years ago)
not really a "AMV" (homestuck isnt a anime btw), its more like a slideshow with music. but i guess everyone starts somewhere
Sedona Chapman (3 years ago)
+gr8 Meme yup >w<=
gr8 Meme (3 years ago)
+sedona chapman well to each their own i supposes 
Sedona Chapman (3 years ago)
+gr8 Meme oh really? i have always liked slideshows >w<= i didnt notice lol 
gr8 Meme (3 years ago)
d00d you missed the point
Sedona Chapman (3 years ago)
+gr8 Meme doesn't AMV stand for animated music video? im probably wrong and ive just always said it wrong lol >w<=
Rosestuck (3 years ago)
this is cool
ToxicFandoms (3 years ago)
Hey everyone, guess what? I'm remaking this!
Leznami Wileman (1 month ago)
The Determined Cat (1 year ago)
Sure is taking a while
RoseAesthetic7 (2 years ago)
are you gonna use the same song i love this song man its the shit
mituna Captor (3 years ago)
+ToxicFandoms realy awesome so um im subbing ya
I cant watch this without thinking this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Awf45u6zrP0 spfff haha XD
SquidKitties (3 years ago)
Admit it. You came for the thumbnail.
Leznami Wileman (7 months ago)
Jackson Rogers (1 year ago)
VampyTheRaidioactiveWolf yeah....
weeper-san (1 year ago)
VampyTheRaidioactiveWolf yup
Ramenoholic (1 year ago)
Yeah. Yeah I did.
mituna Captor (3 years ago)
gamzee looks so damn hot in the pic 3:20
Alex Senju (3 years ago)
Tumblur names I like the 1 with all post scratch that have blood so as pre scratch just him/her thx
Void Race (3 years ago)
Nicole Collins (3 years ago)
perfectly timed. awesome pic choice.
Insanity Laughs (3 years ago)
Yes. Hell yes. Hells fucking yes :) this is awesome
Kaitlyn Marie (4 years ago)

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