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Passenger - Let Her Go | Caitlin Bell

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I hope you enjoy my cover as much as I enjoy the original song. Probably not... but a girl can always dream! Click to tweet to Passenger! :) http://clicktotweet.com/AU8Vf My Channels! http://www.twitter.com/caitlinbell8 http://www.instagram.com/caitlinbell8 http://www.facebook.com/caitlinbellmusic http://www.i-feel-wicked.tumblr.com http://www.blogtv.com/caitlinbell8 http://www.dailybooth.com/caitlinbell8
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Text Comments (199)
Jack Hughes (19 days ago)
were u been
Mark Maysey (10 months ago)
This cover should have 350 million views in my opinion, this is absolutely lovely Caitlin, you should be extremely proud of this.
TermMatrix (1 year ago)
The soul in your voice is unbelievable! So calming
Ryan Gauthier (1 year ago)
really good, you have a really beautiful voice!
Hammoudi (1 year ago)
I hate the original song so much that I can't stand listening to it even for 1 second, but your voice is much much more fitting for this song. Great job!
James Almond (1 year ago)
Absolutely beautiful
Dennis Tedder (1 year ago)
Caitlin Bell, go to your nearest Starbucks, tell them to take the "stuff" off their sound system and tell them you'll play for them for free if you can put your CDs by the register. Worth a try.
DrummerDanVA (2 years ago)
You are a seriously talented singer. Very enjoyable.
jessvass1973 (2 years ago)
It's better than the original!
youcantleavethisempty (2 years ago)
Thank you for that joy your singing gives me.
Kaitlyn Deer (2 years ago)
It's midnight and I can't sleep. So here I am. And dear lord Caitlin. Even fetus bb queen is instantly calming me down.
dave soiutig (2 years ago)
Well done hen.
Bree Williams (2 years ago)
Yessss love your cover and these one of my favorite songs. Good Job!! Love ya!! I'm a big fan
obito uchiha (2 years ago)
your eyes a beautifull!! <3
Emre D. (2 years ago)
ay laaaaaaaaaaaav yu ulan! mustafa gör be kardeşim
Chakib BRIKCI SID (3 years ago)
beautiful voice and beautiful cover :) !
Jcjohn12 (3 years ago)
That face at 0:09 but still awesome job I wish I could sing and play like u u got skills and looks even with ur funny faces keep it up
HaydinWilliams (3 years ago)
I watch u on younow I am Haydin_that_1_kid
Robynsonfire (3 years ago)
wifey, i need your face in my subscription feed. let's make this happen.
Robyn Dickinson (2 years ago)
+Gurkensalat mit Dressing yeah it did she posted a new video a few weeks ago!
+Robynsonfire Hm didnt work that well :D
StavroJones (3 years ago)
Great, nice cover. Would have been nicer if you had personalised by referring to "him" when singing about loss.
willythewave (2 years ago)
+Calleigh Meyers I know, but that senseless tragedy really affected me...bad. You`re rebuttal is quite reasonable. :)
Calleigh Meyers (2 years ago)
+willythewave I loved Christina grimmie but you can't be afraid of trying stuff because people are crazy if you are afraid of doing things you aren't living she should live up to her full potential😃
willythewave (2 years ago)
+Calleigh Meyers NOOOOOOO Not after what happened to Christina Grimmie! Caitlin doesn`t need to be famous. Don`t encourage her. I want to finish the "Spooky" song with her......fame and fortune and death isn`t included in that.
Calleigh Meyers (2 years ago)
+Caitlin Bell you should go on the voice! 😃
willythewave (2 years ago)
+Robynsonfire Nuh Uh...MINE! lol I dream. :)
stratplayer53 (3 years ago)
Great voice keep singing and be confident in your abilities your amazing girl.
carrie traynor (3 years ago)
You are amazing caitlyn keep at what you are doing cause you are a natural complete artist born to sing x
Charles (3 years ago)
My sister is called caitlin bell 2
tahneBCRC (3 years ago)
you're gorgeous and so is your voice <3
Alex Kukh (3 years ago)
So Cute :3333333
Orpheus (3 years ago)
beatiful and talanted,you have the whole package!
Oishi Pandaa (3 years ago)
Your Voice Is Amazing. Look Forward To More Of Your Covers. You're Like My Role Model Now. Gosh😍
Lena (3 years ago)
What a VOICE 👍👍❤️
Markéta Krejčová (3 years ago)
MAGIC EYEBROWS :)))  But the singing is supermagic!!!! Thank you
Soumyadeep Koley (3 years ago)
Your voice is amazing!
Adrian Naves (4 years ago)
Damn it i thought it was let IT go from Frozen
Glenuig (4 years ago)
I hope you are still making music! Very beautiful voice, so nice to hear a bit of Scottish lilt throughout your videos. Keep up the good work but I hope in time you get to upgrade to a better taylor, you deserve better :)
Kieran Reynolds (4 years ago)
Cant stop watchin these covers lass.  On yerself.  All really nice
mike otrosh (4 years ago)
chris gonzalez (4 years ago)
Awesome cover.Before u get really popular plz remember me :)
MCRLOVEALWAYS (4 years ago)
Could you cover The airborne Toxic Event-Timeless? Pleaseeeee
MCRLOVEALWAYS (4 years ago)
You are absolutely amazing, it made me feel things that i lost, but good memories none the less. I wish i was famous i would get you signed.
Pierre Mancel (4 years ago)
Respect from france, Marry me !! <3
Emma Little (4 years ago)
Where have you gone:(
Anđela Božić (4 years ago)
you hair is amaziiiiing! <3
Bella Villano (4 years ago)
I love your new hair
ralphedds1 (4 years ago)
love it.
Caitlin Bell (4 years ago)
My name...is exactly... The same...as yours ._.
Caitlin Bell (4 years ago)
Well... That automatically makes you the coolest person in the world. :D
Love your haircut and voice! xoxo
Matlo (4 years ago)
Beautiful ! Great voice !
Len Kagamine (4 years ago)
Caitlin, this is AMAZING! You just earned a subscriber! Thanks to Mattg124, and his dare videos. You are very gifted, Caitlin, and dont let anyone else tell you otherwise!
GirlDoesRant (4 years ago)
Wow, that was beautiful!
Abby Rose (4 years ago)
this is beautiful!
B4rr3lz (4 years ago)
You are very beautiful woman and great singer! You should make more videos, we have missed you alot. Singing could be more than just hobby for you. You could do it for your living. You are great.
emily hicks (4 years ago)
Karissa Toliongco (4 years ago)
Your hair color suitss :) and btw you have a wonderful voice!
Anton Dranitsyn (4 years ago)
Thank you very much. It was great pleasure to listen you singing. I wonder if I am the first subscriber from Russia;-). Anyway keep going. You're doin' great! Wish you all the best!
POM PEEZ (4 years ago)
Good Job =]  just added you on instagram 
Watch it (4 years ago)
Okay im a FAN ! See what you've done, how dare you get me addicted to your voice? ;) Keep it up im collectiong these goods on the low so im good to go! Shout out from Germany
Marco deFilippo (4 years ago)
Caitlin I love your videos please put more up :)
Rebecca Gray (4 years ago)
Start bit out of tune but great I am only just 10 so dont sware
Dclepine (4 years ago)
Found your channel by chance. I think you're awesome!
drmoynihan (4 years ago)
Caitlin, I just wanted to tell you that we missed you. I know that you are busy with school and friends, but I hope you keep up your music, even if you don't have time to post for us. I'm just going to have to use "YouTube Mix" and listen as I do my USA Taxes (ugh). Thank you for this beautiful piece.  :)
dhovakinfusrodah (4 years ago)
Please make more
Loraine Hayward (4 years ago)
beautiful ! great cover of a great song :)
emmville (4 years ago)
mnbvc463 (4 years ago)
Your beautiful n lovely
Corrie Spacey (4 years ago)
Can you play pink floyd wish you were here please x
Oddling14 (4 years ago)
I second that. One of my favourite songs!
naivesweetness (4 years ago)
Just , wow.
Stephen Morris (4 years ago)
Why don't you go on britains got talent
Alex Walker (4 years ago)
This is the best thing, thank you.
Norman Stockton (4 years ago)
Caitlin no matter what you sing you are amazing I have listened to you since blogtv and still watching and listening ,i still want you to sing on my beach east of Toronto lol 
Ahmed Hussein (4 years ago)
Wow you are amazing
Mademoiselle Ruta (4 years ago)
This is so amazingly beautiful!
Ben Guerrero (4 years ago)
You have a beautiful voice, keep the videos coming
Norman Stockton (4 years ago)
Always loved your singing I still want you to come sing on my beach east of Toronto miss blog tv .Another clue more east of Bowmanville .Still listen to you whenI see You On younow
Yuval Frank (4 years ago)
Wonderful. I actually think it could be more powerful without guitar (or any other instrument)
PhelbaFollower (4 years ago)
you do sing this song very nicely, Mike someties even mumbles into his beard. what makes him incredible imho is his guitar play.maybe you can try to play like him.
PhelbaFollower (4 years ago)
Sooooo sad that you are telling yourself that
Kathleen Weaver (4 years ago)
I can't even with your voice. It's perfect. <333
Caitlin Bell (4 years ago)
Ahhh, thanks Steph :) I miss you!!
The Medicinal Chef (4 years ago)
Just stunning. What can I say :o)
VkSClan (5 years ago)
You should do an acoustic cover of Shot In The Dark by Augustana
darklamba (5 years ago)
Caitlin, were is your album? Covers or originals?!?!? The world is in dire need of your voice, it is too amazing to be hidden away on youtube!
musicsandmotors88 (5 years ago)
wow I love this song cause it make me thinks about a girl and you sing realy good. more covers please
paul rigby (5 years ago)
Amazing please do some more Scottish songs like dark isle, loch lommond, loch fyne cheers
Adam Justice (5 years ago)
marry me haha please just marry me <3 most amazing voice on earth.
superhunk1989 (5 years ago)
Wow! Holy moly! Oh my goodness! This really sounds like heaven. This is soooooooooooooooooo beautiful. Absolutely love, love, love this!!!!!!!!!!!!
P425 Adventures (5 years ago)
PLEASE try out for The Voice next season!
Brady Page (5 years ago)
Wow, that was chilling... Absolutely incredible.
carlmilton1 (5 years ago)
Very good, really enjoyed that. :)
Tweets (5 years ago)
This was awesome. Would love to see a rendition of Ethiopia by RHCP. I think you could do that really well.
Mark Dalton (5 years ago)
Love this, prefer it so much more to the original!
Zelda4370 (5 years ago)
You need to be recognized more. You have that rare talent. Keep making videos please, they inspire me <3
Jenn W (5 years ago)
you should go on The Voice
Will riches (5 years ago)
You're sounding better than ever!! please come back consistently, thumbs up so she can see! :)
Scottishbloke (5 years ago)
This is one of my favorite songs at the moment, you by far have the best cover I've heard. Consider me subscribed!
Caitlin Bell (5 years ago)
Jack Hughes (5 years ago)
i missed ur voice
Brie XO (5 years ago)
I wish you had a cd cus I would so buy it, love the voice and this song!
Callum Cleary (5 years ago)
lovely voice, brilliant. credit to ya, voice like that you're going far
rarrbaby (5 years ago)
Next song: What Does the Fox Say ;D I'M JUST KIDDING! But that would be pretty funny to hear you sing that song, though. ^_^
X-avier PanSin (5 years ago)
I ALMOST CRIED! :D awesome did you almost cried too?
Timothy Thibault (5 years ago)
You're sounding even better after you\re break from making videos! So excited when I saw the new video! Good job!
Sean Hara (5 years ago)
Awesome cover! It would be sweet if you could watch my cover of this song! (:

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