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How To Download Movies From uTorrent - 2016 (Free, Fast And Simple)

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Special Offer!! http://amzn.to/2dpx5mD Use the above link to get 70% Off On Portable Wireless Speaker with Advanced Bass Enhancement Technology - Perfect for watching movies This video will show you how you can download movies from utorrent. It will guide you to download movies to your computer for free. It will tell you a very easy and simple way to download movies. It will show you to download movies from utorrent, using the software utorrent you can download movies for free. So, If you like this video and found it helpful then do subscribe to the channel for more videos. Check out the article about this video here - http://goo.gl/xX89A0 **It saves your time and help you** "WE DON"T OWN THIS SOFTWARE CALLED UTORRENT. OUR PURPOSE IS JUST TO SHOW PEOPLE HOW THEY CAN DOWNLOAD MOVIES USING UTORRENT." Share this video, https://youtu.be/qx1GhTtUBhw LIKE & FOLLOW US: ●Facebook - https://goo.gl/iVNONR ●Youtube - https://goo.gl/LzaM4u ●Twitter - https://goo.gl/bjwGXT ●Google+ - https://goo.gl/aIIaxD Download any video or song from the web using "Youtubebyclick" ●Click on this link to get Youtubebyclick - http://www.youtubebyclick.com/?source=Srijan&innerpage=yt SUBSCRIBE! THANKS FOR WATCHING!
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Text Comments (112)
NURFA SARKAR (8 months ago)
but the site shows that it's blocked plz help me
Samadhan Hiray (1 year ago)
Thanku Dude....!!!
Vaishali Singh (1 year ago)
thanks buddyyyyyyyyyyyyy
BaggedKrusk (1 year ago)
there is a movie that i wanted to watch for a long time ago (2012) but i cant find it on torrent and its "Tangiwai - A love story" can u help me find it?
Esha Zaid (1 year ago)
Merci pour ce vidéo mais serait mieux en français bonne soirée
UPENDRA kumar (1 year ago)
RickyYT Gaming (1 year ago)
Everybody! Keep using Utorrent if you want to go to jail. Utorrent is illegal to use.
Biswajit Ghosh (1 year ago)
torrentz is blocked. please let me know other way to download.
Problemsolver24x7.com (1 year ago)
try yify or otorrents.com
Taher Maimoon (1 year ago)
when I open Torrentz Search Engine a appears showing **YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO ACCESS THIS WEB PAGE AS PER THE DOT COMPLIANCE**. What should I do ?
Problemsolver24x7.com (1 year ago)
use otorrents.com to download stuff.
Shadow 1233's Corner (1 year ago)
Man this will send me five year in prison.
Kelly Choi (1 year ago)
does this cause virus
Problemsolver24x7.com (1 year ago)
Jahid Anowar (1 year ago)
torrentz.eu is not working what can i do now
Leonor Hoyt (1 year ago)
Try "ZillaTube". It can download good quality videos quickly and easily plays them offine. It works well for me. Find it at zillatube.com
Jahid Anowar (1 year ago)
Problemsolver24x7.com (1 year ago)
try using otorrents.com
Problemsolver24x7.com (1 year ago)
Special Offer!! http://amzn.to/2dpx5mD Use the above link to get 70% On Portable Wireless Speaker with Advanced Bass Enhancement Technology - Perfect for watching movies
Tiến Trần (1 year ago)
This movie is now avаilablе to watch here => https://twitter.com/8a41c53c14101267a/status/795842358029885449 How To Dоwnload Моvies From uTorrent 2016 Free Faaaast And Simрle
oliver terrago (1 year ago)
ТThis mоooovie is now avаilаble to watch here => https://twitter.com/49cebfc58b6257915/status/795842342871703552 How Тo Dоwnloaaad Moоvies From uTorrent 2016 Free Faast And Simplе
Vijay Malkoti (1 year ago)
This moviе is now availableeee to watch here => https://twitter.com/18972b4a6b5561354/status/791862510529892352 Hоw Тo Download Movies Frоm uTorrent 2016 Freeе Fast And Simple
Ricardo Muñoz (1 year ago)
TTТТhis moviе is nоw available to wаtch hеree => https://twitter.com/e8d4f5a7ea28186b2/status/795841485329473538 Hоw То Dоwnloooad Moviеs From uTorrent 2016 Frее Fast AAnd Simplе
Тhis mоviе is nоооw availаblе tо wаtch hеre => https://twitter.com/78971a8e961e153e7/status/795843746935894017 Hоw То Dоwnlоаd Моviееs From uTоrrеnt 2016 Frее Fаst And Simрlе
Youssef Bekhit (1 year ago)
it doesnt work when i search nothing happens
Skillz Static (1 year ago)
you stupid Indian, Torrentz is banned dumbass.
Emma Louise (8 months ago)
which is?
J squad (1 year ago)
how ?
Skillz Static (1 year ago)
already found a better way of downloading movies :)
Problemsolver24x7.com (1 year ago)
use otorrents.com
Hem Bhatta (1 year ago)
why does the search engine doesnt search
Robert Rwamuhokya (1 year ago)
Thank you so much I can now down load latest movies
How To. (1 year ago)
Hello, i just starter my channel about 1 month ago, could you give me a shoutout? My channel is about how to get things like utorrent, ad blocker and on and on ,Would appericate it really much! thanks in adcance. :)
AwesomeArmpit123 (1 year ago)
Is this Legal?
AKSHIT BANSAL (1 year ago)
how to download bollywood torrentz
Neha T (1 year ago)
Thats a great suggestion to download movies....but im not able to open the link that u have suggested on the viedo
Problemsolver24x7.com (1 year ago)
Use otorrents instead of torrentz
Deepak Arya (1 year ago)
now it not working what can i do???
Problemsolver24x7.com (1 year ago)
Use otorrents.com
Deepak Arya (1 year ago)
so any help regarding another way
Condemned (1 year ago)
i know, i just tried it. the website has been altered so you cant download movies illegally. you cant search anything :/
Rofiqul Islam (1 year ago)
Beverly Hight (1 year ago)
torrentz will always love you, is the comment i get, what is an alternative torrent to use now that this one has closed down? thanks
Problemsolver24x7.com (1 year ago)
IZ Clan (1 year ago)
Dusty Reason (1 year ago)
Can you just show me the link. Thanks.
Lara Youssef (1 year ago)
hey thank you ; very helpful, but how we can speed it? because there is no video to watch
Problemsolver24x7.com (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/R6VMPMuWGb0 :)
Apple Roque (2 years ago)
thank you!!! :)))))))
Ebenezer Tobias (2 years ago)
good lesson there
WWEAlanardo1989 (2 years ago)
torrent doesn't seem to want to work on my laptop :/
AwesomeArmpit123 (1 year ago)
AjGammer2005 Exacly the same
Confliction05 (1 year ago)
yeah same it just adds another page when i click on search
Dedge Plus (2 years ago)
can I download more than one movie at a time?
Problemsolver24x7.com (2 years ago)
Yes, you can :)
Andrea Samuelu (2 years ago)
lol what if theres no torrent funk option?
Floren Zeiler (2 years ago)
Thank you so much, this is so very helpful. Thank you. Thanks a million.
Problemsolver24x7.com (2 years ago)
Sai Ram (2 years ago)
Nice and helpful keep putting good videos like this
Problemsolver24x7.com (2 years ago)
Thankyou! Subscribe for more :)
Fortnite South Africa (2 years ago)
how do u choose where u want to save it ????
prashant rai (2 years ago)
when the movie status says the torrent has not verified what does that mean ?.....and also, before downloading movie , is there a way to know that its not virus or know about the movie , its print .On second step , where you type the movie and then they will show you the list of file { dont know what its called } like where you clicked torrentfunk , there are other options too . So, we always should click on toreentfunk or we can go with other options from the list ? .
Nikeesha Attanayake (2 years ago)
Fa face (2 years ago)
Indian are good at scamming. xD
veenu Gaur (2 years ago)
How to download the movie neerja
Ashley Lewis (2 years ago)
can u pls send me the link for the vdo... how to speed up torrent
Problemsolver24x7.com (2 years ago)
+Ashley Lewis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qx1GhTtUBhw
Raldiris Green (2 years ago)
how did u make that intro,.... can u tell me please
Monika Sapui (2 years ago)
awesome it really works tysm..................
Xoxo X (2 years ago)
What if all of 'em have less peers?
Mr xCampAloT (2 years ago)
I'm scared to try this on my laptop. Is there any virus ?
Problemsolver24x7.com (2 years ago)
+Mr xCampAloT Nope.
Richie (2 years ago)
you mean micro torrent. if your going to do a video the least you can do is get the name right.
12345 Sixseveneight (2 years ago)
the website is blocked :(
thebeastgamer (2 years ago)
dude problemsolver are you even american?
Soltani Mahdi (2 years ago)
please give me the name of the musique
POUND MAN (2 years ago)
cant download a movie, coz it says seeding pls help
Straight G (2 years ago)
+Bien Novesteras you right click the movie and then press stop
Jsiarza (2 years ago)
thanks bud your the man
Sarai Ramirez (2 years ago)
thanks your the best ill always put likes in your vid!!!!!!!!! please see my video XD
Problemsolver24x7.com (2 years ago)
Check out our other videos, leave a comment if you have any problem. LIKE & FOLLOW US: ●Facebook - https://goo.gl/iVNONR ●Youtube - https://goo.gl/LzaM4u ●Twitter - https://goo.gl/bjwGXT ●Google+ - https://goo.gl/aIIaxD
Jatin Budhiraja (1 year ago)
Watсh Deadрoоl Mоviе оnline hеre => https://twitter.com/f88f3883971729625/status/734996052252762113 How То Dоwnload Mоviеs From uTоrrent 2016 Frее Fаst And Simplее
Omari Omari (2 years ago)
you are the best
Omari Omari (2 years ago)
Your welcome
Problemsolver24x7.com (2 years ago)
+Omari Omari Thanks buddy :)
kishan patel (2 years ago)
Gr8*/.:*) Dude./,.!
Problemsolver24x7.com (2 years ago)
+kishan patel Thanks Bro !!
Minecraftinvasion1029 (2 years ago)
Does this give virus?
Problemsolver24x7.com (2 years ago)
+Minecraftinvasion1029 No it doesn't.
Shubham Patil (2 years ago)
thanks for video
Shubham Patil (2 years ago)
+Problem Solver yeahhh
Problemsolver24x7.com (2 years ago)
+Shubham Patil Welcome. Don't forget to subscribe for more videos like this :D
Problemsolver24x7.com (2 years ago)
Vesion (1 year ago)
Jonathan Mendoza-Ramirez cant u read? its littary says laptop or desktop
Latha Kalaiselvan (1 year ago)
This movie is nоw availaaable tо wаtch hereeее => https://twitter.com/6a371c118633e8b88/status/795843762102468608 How Тo Downlоaaaаd Мovies Froooom uТTТТоrrent 2016 Frее Fast And Simple
doesn't work at all you just made me waste my storage from my phone for nothing
Soltani Mahdi (2 years ago)
thank u tooooo much but please give me the name of the musique at the begining

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