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Zara Larsson Talk With Jackson (Got7) in Asia Song Festival 2017 (Engsub)

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Nguồn: Vlive (http://www.vlive.tv/video/41675?utm_source=Havas-SEM&utm_medium=ASF) Zarz Larsson had performance at Asia Song Festival 2017 in Korea, She have talk very very funny with Jackson (member of Got7)
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Lamyia Hargrove (22 hours ago)
I would have fallen out of that chair when I seen Jackson. good lord he's stunning. I mean she's beautiful too but JACKSON!
Fatuma Abdisalam (2 days ago)
She is so pretty and yes I can't forgot to say this I love you jackson
linnea R (5 days ago)
The interpreter was one handsome man, he seems a bit shy
Crissy Crayon (9 days ago)
I heard of Zara before but never really knew that she is that beautiful looll
Larry Ziam (10 days ago)
Mis bebés
Tbh they shouldnt need interpreter. Jackson did it better
sarah alawy (13 days ago)
i love Jackson Wang he so funny
Love Lisa (20 days ago)
Jackson ❤
strayysubliminals (21 days ago)
Jackson’s better at promoting got7 than jyp
Sukma Putri (21 days ago)
Aaaahh.. Luar biasa.. Thank's jackson wang.. I love my idol zara larsson.. 😍😘🇮🇩
Sukma Putri (21 days ago)
Aaaahh.. Luar biasa.. Thank's jackson wang.. I love my idol zara larsson.. 😍😘🇮🇩
Karina Like (26 days ago)
3:26 *OOooHhh~* *Yaaass~😂*
Orpha Narzary (26 days ago)
Wow Jackson
EmM jb Nangz (28 days ago)
o no..She don't know Got7..pity..Got7 is d best of all kpop..
Anju Potsangbam (1 month ago)
Jackson seems to be a really good guy.
Gummy Noodles (1 month ago)
That interpreter is very cute!!
Angel Malak (1 month ago)
Shes so cute!!
Tessïa Emard (1 month ago)
What’s the song in the background please? Jackson is so kind, the translator was so shy and he tried to make him less uncomfortable
Tessïa Emard (15 days ago)
LolaTheExplorer Oh yeah now that I think of it, it kinda sounds like it😊
LolaTheExplorer (16 days ago)
Tessïa Emard - i believe it is "i hate you, i love you" by gnash and olivia obrien
Lisa Lightgate (2 months ago)
Hej svensk
Soft4Namjin (2 months ago)
Sleep Is important ?........well sh*t
suci ariesta (2 months ago)
They don't need translator. Jackson so funny teasing him.
SQUISHY SUGA (2 months ago)
Zara!! Hon ba va fan e det som pågår??😂 Trans: she's like wtf is going on??😂 i love her and jackson!!
Remi .x (2 months ago)
I’ve never heard Zara speak English before and now she’s talking to Jackson?! Damn
hasmiati arsiba (2 months ago)
She said blackpink, blinkeuuu ma heart! 🔥
Aditi Agrawal (2 months ago)
I'm just thinking what must be going in Zara's head everytime he say jara larrsonn 😂
Zinat Aman (2 months ago)
Why'd they send an interpreter when Jackson can speak both languages ? Besides am i the only one thinking about how lucky she is since she got to see Jackson ?
Nett Inter (3 months ago)
It’s funny how we in Sweden don’t really like her that much XD
emilia elander (1 day ago)
Amanda Lamarche as swedes? American artists lol
Amanda Lamarche (1 day ago)
emilia elander who r u into ?
emilia elander (1 month ago)
feels like it's bc we're not all that into european popstars here lol
Sara Fatima (3 months ago)
mannn the audience is so dead beat. "never forget you" "me too" lol jackson
sri andini (3 months ago)
who needs translator when you have jackson
Annanita sundy (3 months ago)
How????She doesn't know Got7😂. So embarrass my Got7.
Andressa Kopczynski (3 months ago)
After she said she would sleep with it and held it to her chest, baby Jacky [shyly] stutter on his next question jsdlkasjdhsdkashdkjahsd I KNOW ENGLISH ISN'T HIS FIRST LANGUAGE AND THAT'S PROBABLY THE REASON, but! let me have this, I really like Zara and Jackson is my bias SO THERE
Glainisseu Vale Wang (4 months ago)
My husband is flirting again omfg😑
Alina sltr (23 days ago)
M (4 months ago)
GOT7 needs more recognition !
jennie v (23 days ago)
BTS Infire My Lifeu (4 months ago)
Little did she know that Jackson is one of kpop's international playboys😂
Anna a.r.m.y (4 months ago)
Zara lasson is my favourite singer. Lush life
Sybil John (4 months ago)
bless him, i'm soo happy he's doing well, he really deserves it
Sybil John (4 months ago)
aww jackson was soo respectful towards the translator
Princess Mercedes (4 months ago)
pao pao (5 months ago)
That poor translator...😂
Ankita Nath (5 months ago)
Jackson out of control😂
Ellen Jungeby (5 months ago)
Feel proud to be Swedish <33
ONCE iGOT7 (5 months ago)
Poor Wang Puppy... Zara doesn't know Got7...better luck next time Wang puppy...
Lolo Lee (5 months ago)
Jackson is a very good guest MC and interpreter
Nelson Zeng (6 months ago)
sooooo awkward
Rikeya Chappel (6 months ago)
Kpop Stan...n lmao he left u know got7??... Ok see you Zara Larsson
Where’s my Wig (6 months ago)
I’m here for Jackson
sks ksksksk (7 months ago)
jackson is really good at hosting
Jessy M (7 months ago)
Hellen Victoria (7 months ago)
#Casalzão da PORRA!!!
bonnie madison (5 months ago)
ikr ya ho
White Llama (7 months ago)
Okay that was awkward that she doesnt know got7 and jackson is interviewing her 😂
Minuki DE SILVA (9 months ago)
Love Taste (2 months ago)
Sandra Moviestar (9 months ago)
This is so.... embarrassing
Amanda Lamarche (1 day ago)
Sandra Moviestar how??
Atiyah A (9 months ago)
Zara is crazy pretty but this is so awkward or is it just me
Tessïa Emard (1 month ago)
Atiyah A I don’t think That this is awkward but just that the translator is shy
John Grimsud (8 months ago)
i know right !!
The beauty Life (9 months ago)
She so pretty!!!!
Jessie Yeung (8 months ago)
The beauty Life i
mohamed sajith (9 months ago)
OH! I love jackson He is like a prince no.. no.. He is a prince
Glainisseu Vale Wang (4 months ago)
mohamed sajith KING*
Mohammed Rom (9 months ago)
Lol Jackson always makes things funny that's y he's my bias in GOT7
lolita lolam (9 months ago)
i'm watching it for the 4th time and i don't even care about zara larsson ''js <3 <3''
Sarah1008 K (10 months ago)
She'll sleep with it
Lukah (11 months ago)
Jackson 6^6
Verónica Álvarez (11 months ago)
Who needs a company when you have Jackson king of promotions Wang? He looks so cute talking about GOT7❤ and Zara is so beautiful, I'm impressed😍
essennagerry (10 months ago)
Verónica Álvarez As soon as he mentioned kpop I was like "ohhhhhh, it's coming!" and then BAM, slapped my tight and laughed, cause I'm always loving it when Jackson promotes Got7! :D I'm very newly into Got7 and Jackson's got a hold on me - I can't go onto getting to know the others yet cause I can't stop watching Jackson videos, lol, love that guy, he's so funny and he tops it off with that smile of his - so genuine, child-like and beutiful, same with his laugh.
Meanne14 Park (11 months ago)
Seems like she doesn't need enterpreter coz jackson can do talked korean and english 😂😂😂 what a veru impress jackson..very talented bby boy.smart,have a good english skills (diff.language's)good in hosting or MC.can dance,rao singing ang gentleman..complete package man.lve lve jackson
Errol D'Souza (22 days ago)
English.exe has stopped working
agma (11 months ago)
can't believe she even got an album
bo johnson (6 months ago)
Have you heard her sing live? One of the best currently
yournan (6 months ago)
agma rah
Guki Ray (11 months ago)
Poor interpreter 😀he is so shy
panterasasha (1 year ago)
Mi precioso príncipe multi-talento Jackson 😍❤️😘💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💋🆒 salvó la situación el traductor estaba con cara tragarme tierra jijijijijijijijijijijijiji mmmmmm me preguntó para que lo pusieron ?? Si Jackson habla perfecto Inglés !! Los 2 muy bellos Zara& Jackson 😍 jijijijijijijijijijijijiji bueno como siempre te envían salu2 mis amigos y amigas que me acompañan aquí en China ahora Hong Kong son de Australia Canadá Inglaterra Brasil Argentina España Alemania Suecia Noruega USA Dubái España Venezuela Italia Francia y por supuesto mi bello país Chile jijijijijijijijijijijijiji éxito y Ánimo 🆗 Xauuu 😉👍

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