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You Aholic Girls' Generation (SNSD) Love Peace Japan 3rd Tour 2014

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Ardana Dana (12 days ago)
Hare 2019👐
Reluxe Craft (14 days ago)
Jess voices on opening!!! Lit!!!
alluneesislve 95 (17 days ago)
ねこちゃん (1 month ago)
verito gg_4ever (2 months ago)
Me encanta esta canción y me encanta Girls generation! Puedo ver o escuchar a otros grupos de kpop pero siempre vuelvo aquí, a ellas! Las diosas!
jettthesone (2 months ago)
Are we not gonna talk abt Hyoyeon at 2:49? Jesus shes so gorgeous it's insane lmao
Todd Stoner (2 months ago)
The cameraman almost had a heart attack at 2:56
esjeidee (6 months ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that SNSD is the only group whose all members deserve to be visual?
Favour Lucky (6 months ago)
花眠 (7 months ago)
DiamonD 100ct (9 months ago)
่jessy <3<3<3<3
shearxx x (9 months ago)
i love this sooo much 😭💕
FaTima EzzahRa MouSsaoui (10 months ago)
Sooyoung <3
TimelessGap2 (11 months ago)
This tour was for S3... Sunny, Sooyoung & Seohyun put everyone to shame in this one. Sooyoung Dancing Seohyun brought her sexy side Sunny dominate the vocals & visual.
Bet KARD (11 months ago)
I been avoiding watching this again for a long time because I love the effect it has on me (until I repeat it a little too often in a monthand get used to it) It really hurts seeing our 2 main vocalists in the beginning though side by side...
Katie P (11 months ago)
Psycho sexy super magic
Muhammad Hafiz (11 months ago)
Even Yoona proudly smile at Sooyoung’s dance break.. she’s like “ slay them gurl! “ 😂
Ihsan Tria Pramanda (11 months ago)
The ending is so lit 🔥
Jayce Dayap (1 year ago)
Taengsic though!! 😍😍
Yuri Miura (1 year ago)
Jessica is just a goddess. I love her from the bottom of my heart
Maury Cruz (1 year ago)
Omg! Sooyoung ❤
No girl group right now can par the 2nd Generation's slayage. Especially SNSD
matheus Nunes (1 year ago)
Eu realmente vou sentir muita falta de snsd completo, eu amo cada uma das membros maravilhosas, foi graças a elas que estou acompanhando o kpop desde 2009, eu sinceramente agradeço o girls generation por ter feito parte da história do kpop e ter o promovido tão perfeitamente ❤️
Jose Mata Ledezma (1 year ago)
Aqui se puede ver muy sexy a Sooyoung
fleby Fagsao (1 year ago)
Kang Hajin (1 year ago)
Jessica sexiest in this song
ms_ angelaaa (1 year ago)
I just love ot9
ms_ angelaaa (1 year ago)
Huhu taengsic i feel alive bitches
HAWKEYE RANDY (1 year ago)
My Lovelies killing it.
Great!! Really great!!
nada stanovova (1 year ago)
Power of 9! Perfect Soshi! Hyo her smile, Soo hersolo dance, Yuri - S-line, Tengoo+Tiff+Sica - OMG!!!, Sunny+Seo-baby - I have no words to describe my feelings at the moment! I'm in love!!!
Henning Gu (1 year ago)
Best performance of them!!
Henning Gu (1 year ago)
Den O (1 year ago)
Holy shit sooyoung at 2:50 💓💓💓 I'm a soo-aholic
Den O (1 year ago)
Aris Madfay (1 year ago)
Sooyoung... You dance fantastic
Shakti (1 year ago)
What I would have given to be at this concert.
(1 year ago)
#TaengSic 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Arafad Hwang (1 year ago)
the way yoona looking at sooyoung 3.30 be like ' that's my girl '
Rhian dela Cruz (1 year ago)
Taeyeon and Jessica for the opening was enough for me 😍😍😍😍😍
Torbay MIC (1 year ago)
No othet girl group can do this kind of classy stage. Seriously , snsd is in the another level.
Gravy Yo (1 year ago)
Sooyoung slayed
Tiffany Plastic (1 year ago)
Taengsic Intro. ♡♡
バニマリ& (1 year ago)
Aida M B (1 year ago)
this will be like one of my ultimates videos/music! just look at the energy , choreograpy an everything that went here! love it!!!
バニマリ& (1 year ago)
kpop 24/7 (1 year ago)
Nutsyflush (1 year ago)
The hottest minute in music! 2:43
Kev (1 year ago)
taengsic stand each other 😚😚
Philip John Jorvina (1 year ago)
this then karma butterfly 😍😍😍😍😍
Tina Msaber (1 year ago)
Allan Borges (1 year ago)
You all talking about Sooyoung's break but did you guys see Yuri at 2:29? The girl is really sexy
Sunny Bunny Bias (1 year ago)
Sunny sooyoung and seohyun stole this show
TimelessGap2 (11 months ago)
Sunny Bunny Bias Most definitely....
Honoka kousaka (1 year ago)
Ahhh that TaengSic at the very beginning standing like the Queens of queen.
IvonRocks15 (1 year ago)
M.Zavala 469 (1 year ago)
sooyoung though 😍😍😍 she freaking slayed!!!
Jounou Kim (1 year ago)
Can we appreciate 3:02 how Yoona is watching Sooyoung dancing while smiling proudly
Hadi Hae (10 months ago)
minseok Song hahahah indeed
L A U V (1 year ago)
she was looking at audiences not sooyoung.
beyoongcé knowles (1 year ago)
Arafad Hwang (1 year ago)
Jounou Kim so sweet
Bul TaeYu (1 year ago)
HyoYeon at 2:48 <3
美秀徐 (1 year ago)
0.38 and 1.08 i present to you queens of kpop
Maxi (1 year ago)
2017 and the way Jessica says "you're the gin inside my tonic" at the beginning and that dance break by sooyoung is still iconic.
Asy Qis (1 year ago)
2.25 its yoona part but no one cares 😔
Chistrina Marpaung (1 year ago)
Asy Qis as devoted Yoonaddict, i absolutely care about our Queen visual in those light
Zhorriefel Ramoran (2 years ago)
1:05 those maknaes ♥♥♥♥
YUN Charles (2 years ago)
Jiannumberbless 04 (7 months ago)
taeyeon is bae (1 year ago)
rabbit&fish (2 years ago)
hyoyeons part and soyoung solo dance are killing me!!!
Pablo Diez (2 years ago)
Hi brothers and sisters SONES. Lets play a game. Who is who at 2:05?
MB JH (1 year ago)
oh my bad, they were all standing on a higher platform. anyways those were yuri and taeyeon
MB JH (1 year ago)
Pablo Diez The two girls dancing with the dark lights? The one standing on a higher platform was Yuri, while the other one who was just standing on the stage was TaeYeon
Pablo Diez (2 years ago)
Por qué DIOS, nuestro creador todopoderoso decidió que las 9 mujeres mas hermosas, dulces, delicadas y sexys del mundo fueran todas coreanas? Y por qué me puso a mí tan lejos? En las antípodas del paraíso!!!
Pablo Diez (2 years ago)
I love the way Taeyeon dance at 2:28. She is so sexy. Es una mujer maravillosa!
Thiago M (2 years ago)
2:50 Did we just get 12 secs non-stop of Sooyoung hotness?
Pablo Diez (2 years ago)
and the way she walk at 1:40!!! GOD is so good with SONES!!!
BFjordsman (2 years ago)
Thiago M even the girls stopped to watch
Claudia San Jose (2 years ago)
I like the instrumental so much 😃
Priyadarshini Ray (2 years ago)
Who are the ones who say ' Psycho Sexy Super Magic' at the start?
TimelessGap2 (1 year ago)
priya ray If you listen careful it's multiple voices... I think they all did but mainly Seohyun & Sica sonce it's Seohyun' s line.
Elvira M K (2 years ago)
priya ray Jess & Seohyun :) one of my fave parts <3
Pablo Diez (2 years ago)
Seohyun, I think. Because she is the only one who say that after all the song
L A U V (2 years ago)
priya ray Jessica and Seohyun
Babo Migug (2 years ago)
200 girl groups in S. Korea and none of them can touch this. None. Still.
Cesar Torres (9 months ago)
April 2018, this comment it's still a fact
TimelessGap2 (1 year ago)
Damn right they're the Michael Jackson of Kpop timeless no matter who's trending now that's all they are a trend while Snsd is Expectation. No matter how much of their concept they use no one can ever evwn come close to the impact Snsd have on not just kpop but the music industry. They opened the door and set the standard for girl groups. Respect & Acknowledgment is all due to the Queens. I see new kpoppers talking shit about them being old and how the rookie groups are better because of their record breaking views & plays. But I always have to educate them SNSD debuted 10 years ago a time when boy groups dominated kpop and a time when people weren't as internet friendly as they are not. Also, SNSD was the group who took kpop from the boys and made it possible for the girl groups of today. They worked hard to get those sets from the boy groups and made girl group become a demand. SNSD is the reason Kpop crossed the ocean to the international world. Without them those rookie group wouldn't have the success they do now and same for boy groups with Super Junior. Kpop owe Super Generation a lot.
Bagus HR (1 year ago)
trueeeee these girls are superior
Pablo Diez (2 years ago)
Chistrina Marpaung (4 months ago)
Babo Migug true af. Even those super trending group right now. No one would touch this level of slayage. Really, no one comes in mind who could done these concept for me, old and new group. I can't compare SNSD to anything.
Judith Appiah-Nuamah (2 years ago)
Tiffany and Jessica did that intro amazingly
Queen's Butterfly (10 months ago)
No no . Just Seosica
TimelessGap2 (11 months ago)
It was all of them... it was more than 2 voices but mostly Jessica & Seohyun.
Kang Hajin (1 year ago)
Judith Appiah-Nuamah Jessica and Seohyun
The sky is falling! (1 year ago)
Judith Appiah-Nuamah it was seohyun and jessica
TitleSONE EX (2 years ago)
Sooyoung! Wow her moves and her body are freaking perfect!
Pablo Diez (2 years ago)
I agree. her movements makes me dream with a big house on a praire, kids, etc.
Mua dong (2 years ago)
Hannah G. (2 years ago)
Seohyun and Sunny realky stole the show vocally for me, then Sooyoung's dance SLAYED ME, and Hyoyeon's adorable wink killed me. This entire performance was pure slayage.
TimelessGap2 (11 months ago)
Hannah G. Yep Sunny was like fuck that Aegyo shit I'm going all out vocally for this one.
Andrés Minaya (2 years ago)
Sooyoung 😍😍😍
Pablo Diez (2 years ago)
Es demasiado para este mundo!!!
Yoona Lu (2 years ago)
Yoona and Sooyoung are so pretty
Pablo Diez (2 years ago)
All SOSHIS are!!!
Chistrina Marpaung (1 year ago)
Yoona with those orange light 😍😍😍 But Sooyoung dance break was the highlight. I came here everyday for Sooyoung dance break lol
Kang Hajin (2 years ago)
Perfect girls when they stay with 9 members
Shenna Nice Gregorio (2 years ago)
my taengsic <3
Sooyoung's solo dance tho 0_o
Pablo Diez (2 years ago)
She is amazing!!!
rey (2 years ago)
one of my FAVORITE performance in snsd history!!! <3
TimelessGap2 (17 days ago)
This entire tour was lit af... I don't think I hated anything here. The tracks, outfits and choreo where amazing. And don't get me started on the vocals & visuals.
Pablo Diez (2 years ago)
I absolutely agree!!!
Maxi (3 years ago)
This was life. Literally Sooyoung's dance break was iconic.
TimelessGap2 (11 months ago)
Maxi The ones,who usually never get that close up or focus got lots in this tour....
Bul TaeYu (1 year ago)
SooYoung should have a runway debut, she can be a runway model
Pablo Diez (2 years ago)
The way she walks at 1:40 and the way she dance at 3:00 makes me crazy!!!
Skylar Novak (3 years ago)
One of my favorite moments from their 3rd tour! ❤️❤️❤️
Marcello Manuel (1 year ago)
Skylar Novak you mean their 3rd japan tour
Skylar Novak (3 years ago)
+Tom DeGrandis Good times :)
Tom DeGrandis (3 years ago)
+Skylar Novak The days of 9

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