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Let Her Go: A Harry Potter Parody (Originally by Passenger)

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Happy Halloween! (Lyrics are below) Today in Harry Potter History: 1492: Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington is executed. 1981: Lord Voldemort murders James and Lily Potter at Godric's Hollow and fails to kill Harry Potter. The First Wizarding War ends. 1991: The Halloween feast is interrupted by the arrival of a Mountain Troll. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley save Hermione Granger from the Troll in the girls' bathroom. 1992: Sir Nicholas de Mimsy Porpington's 500th Deathday Party takes place at Hogwarts, and it is attended by many ghosts, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger. The Chamber of Secrets is opened for the first time in fifty years. 1993: Sirius Black enters Hogwarts and attacks the Fat Lady when she refuses to give him passage to Gryffindor Tower. For security, all the students sleep in the Great Hall while the castle is being searched for any sign of Black. 1994: Fred and George Weasley fail to pass Dumbledore's Age Line around the Goblet of Fire with an Ageing Potion. The Goblet of Fire chooses the Triwizard champions — Viktor Krum for Durmstrang; Fleur Delacour for Beauxbatons; Cedric Diggory for Hogwarts and an unexpected fourth champion — Harry Potter. (http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/31_...) As usual, please comment, like, and subscribe to our channel! Like our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/TheDeluminatorsMusic Find us on tumblr at thedeluminators.tumblr.com Lyrics: Well you never cared much to belong Lily Evans was how you went on She was who you loved all along Now she’s gone and it all feels so wrong Voldemort took her, and now she’s gone All that’s left is her Potter son Lily Potter’s son Looking in the Pensieve bowl Her life is now a part of Voldemort’s soul But memories go down the drain When you see her in your head Bright green eyes and fiery hair Fighting for good every day But you never cared much to belong Lily Evans was how you went on She was who you loved all along Now she’s gone and it all feels so wrong Voldemort took her, and now she’s gone All that’s left is her Potter son Staring at the body in my hands Wondering why life didn’t go as planned Her once steady heart is beating no more Well you weren’t there when she died Was she strong or did she cry Her form protects you now Well you never cared much to belong Lily Evans was how you went on She was who you loved all along Now she’s gone and it all feels so wrong Voldemort took her and now she’s gone All that’s left is her Potter son Lily Potter’s son (oh, oh, ooh, oh no) Lily Potter’s son (oh, oh, ooh, oh no) Lily Potter’s son ‘Cause you never cared much to belong Lily Evans was how you went on She was who you loved all along Now she’s gone and it all feels so wrong Voldemort took her and now she’s gone All that’s left is her Potter son ‘Cause you never cared much to belong Lily Evans was how you went on She was who you loved all along Now she’s gone and it all feels so wrong Voldemort took her and now she’s gone All that’s left is her Potter son Lily Potter’s son Disclaimer: Credit for the scenes, characters, and music go to Warner Bros, J.K. Rowling, and Passenger. We do not own anything other than the voice, the lyrics, and putting the video together. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.
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Text Comments (209)
The Lovegood Witch (13 days ago)
I am still here and i still cry and I still love Haryy Potter always
Akane Toriyasu (24 days ago)
we will miss you sniverlus snape forever
Makayla Winnett (27 days ago)
At least now snape and lily can be at least close to each other (in heaven) R.I.P Alan Rickman you were great.
Chantelle Winter (3 months ago)
Poor Snape :( :( :(
Potter Head (3 months ago)
I am almost positive Lilly beat the crap outa snape in the after life
Louise Highfield (1 month ago)
Makayla Winnett (5 months ago)
You're a really good singer and sadly I don't like the images u used because... every time I c them I cry so much especially in the movies a question did u make the lyrics ur self
Noel Gaming (5 months ago)
i love this song
Haadia Kanwal (6 months ago)
MM Potterhead (7 months ago)
#DA sonst noch jemand aus der DA hier?😊❤️
Harry Potter (7 months ago)
Mom why voldy
severus snape (2 months ago)
Harry remember my?
Cate The Wizard (7 months ago)
This is the saddest thing
the chosen 1 (7 months ago)
I love it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Snape is my favourite character
Angel Belladonna (8 months ago)
I can't imagine what it take to pretend and worse he force to watch woman he loves fall in love with his bully then her murdered
Itz Izzy (8 months ago)
‘Lily? After all this time?” “Always.” Me: noooo not again *starts crying my eyes out*
Bossome GLDV (9 months ago)
Be better if there was a better singer no afence creator
Crystal Lewis (8 months ago)
Boss Some *walks out* *five minutes later* *walks back in with wand**points at boss some’s chin*boy what’d you just say
Cady Potter (9 months ago)
im sad that me geena and nathan were left out because we are harry's sisters and brother
Book-Reader 4Life (9 months ago)
This made me cry......but only the first 100 times!....or longer...
Cheska Selim (10 months ago)
Who here just thought when Snape died and somewhere he sees Lily she hugs him and says I forgive you thank you Severus
Signe Blomberg (10 months ago)
Bloody hell!! Im crying!!( cn be because im very tired)!!
Magic Hedwig (10 months ago)
Bellatrix Lestrange (11 months ago)
R.I.P Alan You were an amazing actor and we will miss you.........."Always"
Noel Gaming (5 months ago)
Bellatrix Lestrange killer
Bellatrix Lestrange (9 months ago)
Cheska Selim Always
Book-Reader 4Life (9 months ago)
Cheska Selim (10 months ago)
Bellatrix Lestrange After all this time?
Haley Potter (11 months ago)
I cried. You are awesome.
OrionOlamPiksie (1 year ago)
great job!
Bossome GLDV (1 year ago)
Iama Gryffindor (1 year ago)
If you cried, you are a true fan, if you didn't, stuff you, go to hell!
Iama Gryffindor (1 year ago)
Is there a way to LOVE a video instead of liking it?
Iama Gryffindor (1 year ago)
Who cried watching this?
Louise Highfield (1 month ago)
Not me
Alyssa Potter (1 year ago)
I cried so hard 😭😭😭
Raise your want for Severus Snape/ Alan Rickman * |
After all this time 😢😢😢
Louise Highfield (1 month ago)
Love always wins (1 year ago)
I choose to think this was the original version even though it made me cry
SquishyLily (1 year ago)
Noel Gaming (5 months ago)
Lily Potter mom
Avery Jane Weasley (9 months ago)
Lily Potter who didn't Lily
Em, ily. (1 year ago)
Little snape is so pretty!
Kae 8205 (1 year ago)
THIS VIDEO MADE ME SHIP THEM! but, if Lily didn't ended up with James, there is no Harry Potter...but when Snape hug Lily while crying, it makes me cry...😭
Noel Gaming (1 year ago)
Stupid u know who
Lola Hachey (1 year ago)
Sooo sad
Fiona Joseph (1 year ago)
hellothereitsgaby (1 year ago)
Who's Lily?
Crystal Lewis (8 months ago)
Do you Harry Potter bro
hellothereitsgaby (1 year ago)
StevenUniverse Lapis I watch TheBakeey is just can inside joke she has with he fans
Natsuki Aurora (1 year ago)
XxGabsssxX lily is Harry potters Mom!!
Echoing Sound (1 year ago)
R.I.P ElementAnimalGaming 0:00-4:14 Cause of death: YouTube video "She was obsessed with Harry Potter in her life. It was ironic that a Harry Potter-related video would be the cause of her death. Let us all forever cherish the Harry Potter series in her honor." Really though. That's very sad.
Eden119 (1 year ago)
The top of my shirt is almost soaked because I was crying so much!!!
Lets eat Jemilla (1 year ago)
This is the absolute best song I've heard. better than the original. Btw do you have ig xx
Lps_LemonPawz (1 year ago)
I'M CRYING!!!! 😢
FairyTail Gamer (1 year ago)
I can't listen to this song without crying. My favorite character was Sanpe, and one of my favorite ships was snily. Its just so sad to see Alan Rickman after his death. 💚♥️💚♥️ Always.
Lille Pille (1 year ago)
I love it <3
s+l Lilly and snape
I don't know why I feel like crying 🙂😭🙂
reeses pieces (1 year ago)
I love the original and this
Zam Zam (1 year ago)
Love for you profesor Severus Snap 😭💖
RoxyRockstarWooz (1 year ago)
After all this time? (Secretly waiting for replies...)
Leyah Firdos (8 months ago)
Always 😭
Lps_LemonPawz (1 year ago)
Aubrey Grasse (1 year ago)
Beautiful voice
I love deluminators
Bronwyn Williams (1 year ago)
I love the songs
River -_- (1 year ago)
You need more subscribers!
Danisys Gaming (1 year ago)
Nice songs- Subbed
potterhead 18 -alice (1 year ago)
amazing!!! You are a great singer!
Fuzzytuber 193 (1 year ago)
I ❤️ your parodys
ShadowHunter (1 year ago)
CONGRATS ON 1300 GUYS! i can't believe i've been with you since 300 subs, dam
ShadowHunter (1 year ago)
No problem. I'll always stick around for good music!
The Deluminators (1 year ago)
Thanks for sticking around <3
Princess LillyLou (1 year ago)
I love your vids you are the best at parodys you have the best voice ever I love this video the most
R.I.P snape you will be missed by meny you we'r a amazing teacher we all will miss you :(
Crystal Lewis (7 months ago)
YourMum PlaysMinecraft I hate to be that person,but I’m a perfectionist and get bothered by these things,did you mean many (Sorry I’m really sorry)
Diane H (1 year ago)
nice singing voice
Literally_Just_Art (1 year ago)
I'm sad now. Why do I do this to myself?
Katarina Monien (1 year ago)
Anouk Cohen (1 year ago)
This is great but depressing
SuperSarahsoma 123 (1 year ago)
Ok not best song and snaps actor died last year
Ghouls MSP (1 year ago)
SuperSarahsoma 123 we know
Newt the glue (1 year ago)
Is it ok that I made a parody inspired by this well you never cared much to belong Newt scamander was how you went on he was who you loved all along but now he's gone and it all feels so wrong with grendlwald took him and now he's gone all that's left is his broken wand newt scamanders Wand ohhhhh looking at the pensive bowl he life is now a part of grendlwald 's soul. when you see him in your head bright green eyes and reddish brown hair fighting for good every day
Crystal Lewis (8 months ago)
iisheepsihderp (1 year ago)
i dont get why Newts last name isnt Salamander ;-;
animal lover95 (1 year ago)
severus just wanted her
lexie (1 year ago)
im crying
Maebh Mck (1 year ago)
who woukd so mean and dislike this
Louise Highfield (1 month ago)
People probably only dislike it because it made them cry so much
Kids Craft Squad (1 year ago)
Cookie Kitty Me! 😈😈😈😈
Don't Mind Me (1 year ago)
Did you mean James Potter's son?
Somebody 754 (1 year ago)
i feel like im gonna cry all snape really wanted gone the dark lord will pay
Emmi Lane (1 year ago)
my. fricking. feels.
Alex Multifandom. (1 year ago)
Okay,May I ask.... Why are there so many songs of Lily?
Crystal Lewis (8 months ago)
Because she was the loved ones of our beloved Severus Snape
Puppyman 97 (1 year ago)
Best song ever!!! But poor snape😢🤧
Lps_LemonPawz (1 year ago)
I'm literally crying
Amber Dempsey (1 year ago)
why you gotta mess with my feelings?😭😭
RenegadeRowlet (1 year ago)
you are slaying my ice cold snake heart
TheGlittering Ninja (1 year ago)
not going to lie, I cried after watching this like five times. I still cry, it's just so sad!😢😢
Ginny Weasley (1 year ago)
Adam Collins same emotional
rebecca Jeratowski (1 year ago)
It makes me so sad!!!😭😭😭 Every one know that Snape loved her but that song makes it more sad then it is supports to be!!!!😭😭😭😭
Anora (1 year ago)
This is very moving....
CallMeFta (1 year ago)
why do You play whit my feelings like this 😭🍃 i Love snape Always and Im stil crying about allans dead 😭 fml
Noel Gaming (5 months ago)
CallMeFta alan
Avery Jane Weasley (9 months ago)
CallMeFta same (2018)
Rachel and Brianna (1 year ago)
CallMeFta me too
Draco Malfoy (1 year ago)
CallMeFta same I'm crying I love snape
Avery Jane Weasley (1 year ago)
hi sis hows u and harry
Dina Arnold (1 year ago)
I'm crying
Megan Lee (2 years ago)
MFT Studios (2 years ago)
you are the best and so is snape (poor alan rickman he died from cancer this january)
Noel Gaming (5 months ago)
MFT Studios ik
Sabrina Todd (1 year ago)
NightShadow Studios at least get died a hero just like Snape
Stenny 03 (1 year ago)
NightShadow Studios it is very sadding
ShadowHunter (1 year ago)
Frostystar Studios aye
MFT Studios (2 years ago)
:-( i still cant belive he died
ShadowHunter (2 years ago)
Poor Snape. Cant believe his actor died this year
Lauren Bant (7 months ago)
Um ............ he died two years ago
Magic Hedwig (7 months ago)
Always Alan Rickman /*
serenity fleenor (11 months ago)
ShadowHunter im dead inside now
Darth Vader (1 year ago)
Elizabeth Clarke always...
Taylor Quinn (1 year ago)
ShadowHunter well at least he was Snape in all the movies and we won't have to get used to another Snape He will always be Snape,
Stormy Fox (2 years ago)
Princess Lunar_Heart (2 years ago)
This is such a beautifull song!
I'm on my mum's account
Sea Spell (2 years ago)
Made me cry.
Good Evening (2 years ago)
Luna Meade (2 years ago)
Such an awesome song, the lyrics made me cry, you have an amazing voice
Hope Toombs (2 years ago)
That Potter boy getting in the way on Snily, humph.
Makayla Winnett (24 days ago)
Cookies and Blake the cursed child was the WORST Harry Potter book I wouldn't even call it Harry Potter it was so bad and I can't believe they actually let the book on the shelves
George Weasley (2 months ago)
Hope Toombs If you think about it Snape would either have to give up his entire circle of friends, his blood prejudiced beliefs and his whole house to be with Lily, or they would have a terrible relationship because Lily is a muggleborn witch. And the whole reason they were no longer friends was because Severus took his anger out on Lily and called her a “filthy little mudblood” so I don’t really shop them, because the possibility it will turn out an abusive relationship is too high.
Crystal Lewis (7 months ago)
Cookies and Blake ik I own a copy of Harry Potter and the cursed child and I read the whole thing
Cookies and Blake (7 months ago)
Crystal Lewis Hermione’s time-turner is in her bookcase if you read Harry Potter And The Cursed Child.
Crystal Lewis (7 months ago)
Ronald Weasley I m an we must kill James,Ronald
B Team (2 years ago)
This is a awesome song
Turquoise Azure (2 years ago)
try making a parody of love me like you do
Turquoise Azure (2 years ago)
your the best parody singer ever
the chosen 1 (7 months ago)
The Deluminators I love your songs
Princess LillyLou (1 year ago)
The Deluminators I love your vids please like me
The Deluminators (2 years ago)
thank you!
Cinnabunnn (2 years ago)
i love it so much :)
Kae Cornelius (2 years ago)
Somebody made an exact copy of this and posted it.
Noel Gaming (5 months ago)
Kae Cornelius well
ShadowHunter (1 year ago)
Kaelin Dreemurr tell and the wrath of the wizards and witches of Australia will come down on them!!!!! (Btw who wants to see the new movie?)
Dina Arnold (1 year ago)
yeah, we will call them out in the comments
ShadowHunter (2 years ago)
Kae Cornelius (2 years ago)
+The Deluminators sure!
Heyo it's me (2 years ago)
😢 this made me cry. I don't cry easily
Don't Mind Me (1 year ago)
It was sad but I didn't cry either.
ShadowHunter (2 years ago)
Bailey Hare same but i sadly did not cry,i have buried by emotions though not by choice 😔
Emily Alyssa (2 years ago)
who thinks Draco,Harry,and Ron are Hot/Cute?? I Do
Stephanie Balduf (9 days ago)
Louise Highfield (1 month ago)
Tiahna D (3 months ago)
harry is cute
Cookies and Blake (7 months ago)
Ghouls MSP (1 year ago)
Em_SoFancy Draco

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