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Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes Read Absurd Riverdale Fan Theories | ELLE

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If you thought the Riverdale theories stopped with KJ Apa, you thought wrong. We called on two of the show's leading ladies — Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes — to debunk myths and let on to some possible Riverdale plot twists. Read more about Riverdale on ELLE.com: http://www.elle.com/culture/movies-tv/a14353133/lili-reinhart-camila-mendes-respond-riverdale-fan-theories/ SUBSCRIBE to ELLE http://bit.ly/SubscribeToELLE

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Text Comments (4494)
pandas forever (11 hours ago)
Josie and sweet pea should secretly get to getter when school starts
Ginja Ninja (13 hours ago)
What will happen in the rest of season three I believe that bughead is till the end of time that is my favourite couple in the show.What will happen with Archie and Veronica?
Zani (19 hours ago)
But the first theory in the intro is actually true?? Alice Cooper's son WAS FP Jones' son. They had a baby together. Charles. And he's dead. It wasn't Dylan, that's the only difference. Just saying.
Katriene vdb (1 day ago)
The hooded figure is Betty’s dad?!
Incognito tulip (1 day ago)
They are so pretty
Blah Blah (1 day ago)
2:03 it was actually his twin that was hanging
Lilli looks like Belle from beauty and the beast.💝💝
Sofia Marin (2 days ago)
1:10 lili’s face 😂
Emma MacInnes (2 days ago)
Actually having Dylan on the would make a great crossover of Riverdale and the suite life series. Just think what if Jughead’s real name is Cody and he moved away and changed his name and the fact that he decided to date Betty might mean he broke up with Bailey since they didn’t go to college together
Lucy One two three (3 days ago)
Wait so if grand grandpappy cooper killed his twin and grandpappy killed his will on of pollys twin kill the other???
Archie and Betty are !GOALS!😍
Its Asia (3 days ago)
Damn they both went off with this one
Cami should play footfall. She can catch. Also like if you LOVE Riverdale ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Katia Kuzikyan (4 days ago)
Here’s one for you. Everything is a lie and polly is hiding Jason on the farm. The video was fake and cliff blossom was killed my Penelope.
Lizzza Puppy (4 days ago)
1:52 when I first saw the episode when Clifford hung him self I thought it was fake and he was going to come back but then I kept watching
Grace-Olivia Putt (5 days ago)
Mabye they hung his twin and he is faking to be his twin
Sydney Arguello (5 days ago)
It’s funny knowing now that chic is F.Ps son
Maria Gonzalez (6 days ago)
I think that Clifford Blossom is actually alive and is pretending to be his twin brother and killed his brother pretending it was him
FishtailApple12 (7 days ago)
2:10 Lily’s tits shake lol
Kylie Ciccozzi (8 days ago)
lilis all like “stay away from my man” XD
fawningss (8 days ago)
Actually when you think about it, Alice and Penny could be sisters. They look Very alike. Alice is pretty shady with the south side, she had FP’s baby, so it’s possible that if penny was her sister, she joined the Southside and cut her off, and that’s another reason why Alice hates the south side so much, because her sister betrayed her, the other reason is because FP is there and she was her sons dad ;-;
riya (9 days ago)
lili is like stunningly beautiful oh my god
Just me V.V (9 days ago)
Wait so if Alice had FP's son then Jughead had a brother and Betty is dating her step brother's brother?
hannah hannah (10 days ago)
I love how whenever jughead is in the theory lili throws the paper
Pink_Fluffy_Unicorn _ (10 days ago)
I think that Archies father is Jugheads father!!
Mambo 72 (11 days ago)
I think mabye clifford pretends to be his brother and killed his brother by putting one of his red hair wig on his head to not go to jail after what he did
Ayden Payne (11 days ago)
Alice Coopers son is FP’s 😭😭😭
Emma H. (11 days ago)
Absurd fan theory: it's all a dream.. wake the fuck up and go to school
Cait Mitchell (11 days ago)
thank u, 1:49
Cait Mitchell (11 days ago)
*stay away from my man* also, lili’s dress looks stunning on her
Georgia (11 days ago)
well....Alice cooper's son IS FP's son...soooo
Briley Lopez (11 days ago)
What if Clifford blossom actually hung his brother and Clifford is still alive pozzing as his brother
Natalie Lyman (12 days ago)
When some of them are actually true...
VickyRuth (12 days ago)
Can we just talk about how STUNNING they look like MY QUEEEEENS
Unknown woman (12 days ago)
They both are Queens!!!
Arabell Morley (12 days ago)
Sooo Alice and Penny are sisters Alice is not Bettys mom Penny is Bettys mom and Alice raised her to keep her away fork the south side I mean Alice and Penny look alike and Betty and Penny look alike I could be possible ♥♥btw. Love love bughead and sprousehart!
Casey’s Life Xo (12 days ago)
Archie can’t be black hood as he was with his dad when he striked
Amanda Curcio (12 days ago)
Not one but two amazing glowing goddesses ❤️😍
South Sider (12 days ago)
What’s funny is Fp does have a son with Alice❤️😂
Amypops (12 days ago)
SELAH GRACE (13 days ago)
Here’s a theory Polly needs to name her twins Zach and Cody
Erin Matthew (13 days ago)
Just realized that the writers could go back and watch these videos when they run out of ideas for new episodes.
Mad Dog (13 days ago)
Ok so you know that Alice got pregnant in high school and then prolly got pregnant in high school so who’s after Polly? BETTY!!! So that mean Betty might get pregnant with jughead a baby in S3
Swimming Arcade Cow (13 days ago)
Lili's makeup looks so good omg😍
Alondra MartinezT (13 days ago)
Yo pienso que a cheryl le gusto veronica desde que vio que beso a betty y luego fue y la consoló en la inaguracion y ahi se enamoro mmns luego la pijamada oowww . #ILoveVeryhl Algún latino 👇
Domenica Vergara (13 days ago)
They sound drunk 😂😂 but really good actors
Riona Mac manus (13 days ago)
Ok sooo u know the way everyone is fainting my theory is that Evelyn’s father from the farm is the gargoyle king and he’s using Evelyn’s powers to make ppl faint because there getting to close to the truth.he would also know everyone’s fears seen as the farm keeps no secrets
Holly Docherty (13 days ago)
I have one Clifford blossom didn’t actually kill himself but killed his twin Claudius and hung him to make it look like he was dead and took Claudius place 😲
Sweet blossom 70 (14 days ago)
What if the reason everyone is having the seizures is because of the fizzle rocks and Hiram is controlling everyone? What if hiram is trying to control riverdale because he can get to riverdale through Hermione being mayor and then can get rid of jingle jangle and swaps it with Btw I LOVE riverdale ❤️❤️❤️
Aquilah Ulibarry-hass (14 days ago)
I have a feelings Betty is pregnant. In a episode I dont remember which season or episode she was with Jughead on the couch in a pink shirt and skirt. She wanted to tell jughead something but said nevermind and said something else. I am not sure, it is just what I think lol.
asia dunn (14 days ago)
I just came down to the comments to read some more theories
wow lily it’s just so gorgeous in this video :)
Møøndust (14 days ago)
I ship beronica so hard sksbqbevqh
Nadia Zajac (15 days ago)
Czy będzie 4 sezon riverdale?
Margaux Michel (15 days ago)
Before we discovered who was the black hood I thought it was nick st Claire because he’s an a**hole and has green eyes
Dogsforever Vero (15 days ago)
My theory for season 3 is that Clifford blossoms dad killed his twin brother making it look like he was dead when his twin ac was he then came back to riverdale as his twin now he’s the gargoyle king Anyone else think so is my theory any good?!
Mundo Da bailarina (15 days ago)
Eu sou brasileira mais eu acho que riverdale pode ser uma historia du jughead, porque ele narra.
Mundo Da bailarina (15 days ago)
ana gogichaishvili (15 days ago)
what if penny is the real mom of betty i don’t know but..
REDZRK ' (15 days ago)
Betty father's are the black hood
Hit or miss (16 days ago)
I feel like Camila Mendes is a mixture of Camila Cabello (sorry idk if I spelled it right) and Shawn Mendes (just the name tho)
naomi omii (16 days ago)
i imagine jellybean like yuri plistetski(anime yuri on ice)
Camilla cabelo and Shawn mendes shit talk remember that...CAMILA MENDES wtf what a cawinkydink
Alice marie Olaussen (16 days ago)
i think the blond boy that was with the music teacther right before she is getting killed by blackhood is bettys long lost brother
rebel_ izabelle (17 days ago)
OMG they are so funny
Ruby Keeling (17 days ago)
What if archie and jughead are going to get together and have a complete bromance.
What if Jughead has a new interest in Veronica than Betty since in season 2 they kissed ?!?!
Calista Friesen (17 days ago)
They're so beautiful and Camila's laugh has me dying😍
Why can’t Dylan come on the show
Barbara Mello (17 days ago)
Liana Soto (18 days ago)
Ok so like this is soooo late, but i do support the theory of Clifford being Betty's dad. Imagine if alice had a secret thing with Clifford while he was with Penelope and she was with Hal, once he got her pregnant they called quits and alice pretended that Hal was the father, not only that but it would support why Betty has blossom blood maybe Hal had lied to her (SINCE HE WAS THE BLACK HOOD)i mean alice didn't even know!
Ebony Williams (18 days ago)
What if Bughead has a baby together in Season 3🤔🤔
Cole Stevens (19 days ago)
I ship B AND V
JugheadJonesFan 17 (19 days ago)
“But also your like: STAY AWAY FROM MY MAN!!!!!”😂😂😂😂
Makaela Connolly (19 days ago)
My fan theory is that Hiram lodge is the gargoyle king and all the parents are behind him telling him how to control the kids lives. And don't you think it's funny when a student has a seizer that farm girl is always there like omg
“alice cooper’s son is fp jones’ son” “tHaT wOnT mAkE aNy SeNsE”
Clara Binedell (20 days ago)
What if Hiram isn't Veronica's dad but Fred is??? It makes sense because she doesn't want to do all those bad things like him. And her mom still looks young. She and Fred could have had an affair.
Dylan (20 days ago)
I literally can't take my eyes of lilis boobs😞
Alyssa Higgins (20 days ago)
Jason and Cheryl are twins but Jason is in the same classes Polly and Polly is older than Betty and Cheryl is in the same class as Betty but Cheryl is twins with Jason. So wouldn’t they be in the same classes??????? EXPLAIN!!!!!
Laurel Connolly (20 days ago)
Well I think that Hiram lodge is the gargoyle king
Libby Pauley (20 days ago)
I want to know what really happened in the barn with cliford and Penelope. Also chicks name wasn't listed by hal when he listed the people he killed. Could church have got away and is seeking revenge on the town that potrayed him and is the gargoil king. Idk just been wondering for a while since hal listed his victims and there was no chic.
Craft- a-saurus (20 days ago)
Lili looks like a goddess in that dress and Camila looks so glowy and healthy
Talia ieLu (20 days ago)
What episode did Archie say he still has feelings for Betty
Celicia Rais (21 days ago)
I like when you two are with each other you guys are so good 😊 friends 👭 with each other and good on stage with each other.
Ella Wadbrook (21 days ago)
i aspire to have lili's beautiful chest
It Betty's dad(the black hood)
L.D Extra credit (21 days ago)
Ana's Claraa (21 days ago)
Theodora St (22 days ago)
Kevin is not gay after all and kisses Toni...
Sophia Maneely (22 days ago)
What is the other black hood is pop
Sophia Maneely (22 days ago)
I think that Betty and Jughead will have a great relationship but Betty gets pregnant so Jughead wants to leave Riverdale. Betty is ok with it so they go and live with Jellybean and Jugheads mom. Meanwhile Fp and Alice don’t know where they are. Jughead and Betty didn’t want to be found so the left everything they owned at their houses and took the bus. After about a month of trying to find them Jughead and Betty are reported dead. About a year after the baby is born Betty and Jughead decide that they would go back to Riverdale with Jellybean because their mom ends up being very unstable. They go to FP’s and he gets really mad at jug and Betty. Wile this is happening Jellybean goes to Alice and tells her everything. She goes to Fp’s to meet the baby. She is ok with everything because she is just happy to see her daughter and grandchild. The next day jug proposes and they get a small apartment with each other in Riverdale with the baby. After talking about it a lot they take in Jellybean and she goes to school at Riverdale. Before the baby was born Jughead and Betty finished school online. They reconnect to Archie and Veronica. Everything’s ok until Jughead wants to find out who the other black hood is when they find out it was Clifford. You might think that he is dead but what is he hung is twin brother and pretended to be uncle Claudius. Remember this is only a theory
Dévoreuse De série (22 days ago)
I would love to have more friendship's scene between Jughead and Toni
Kristina Ortiz (22 days ago)
1:14 got me dead 💀
Julienne Perrella (23 days ago)
FAN THEORIES: In season 2 Cherly, when at the hospital with her mother, told her that she was going to tell everybody about “what really happened to daddy”. So Clifford is probably still alive and is now the Gargoyle King.
Maddi Hutchen (23 days ago)
If Alice and FP had a child together that makes Betty and Jughead step siblings so there are dating right now , right but what if Betty is Penny's daughter and alice is Penny's sister so penny didn't want to have Betty so she gave her to her sister when she was a bady?!
Jhona Arguelles (24 days ago)
I geel like season 3 of Riverdale is based on the Jonestown Massacre because of the kool-aid and cyanide poisoning. Search it up.
Libby Gapper (24 days ago)
I think that Clifford’s brother was the one who got hanged. Then he comes back and pretends to be his brother so he can hurt Cheryl or Penelope! ❤️❤️ Love you guys!
Naina Chandra (25 days ago)
what if Clifford killed his brother and he is acting to be Claudius.
Sofia (25 days ago)
if alice and FP are "couple" then betty and jughead are brother and sister 😯
It’s crazy that we still don’t know why Clifford killed Jason I think it was like because Jason was the next man in the family and like Clifford killed him for money cause like if he let him live then he would take the maple farm when he’s older idk just thinking outside the box a little 😂
sierra dedmon (25 days ago)
Well if penny and Alice are sisters then Alice sister is died

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