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Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes Read Absurd Riverdale Fan Theories | ELLE

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If you thought the Riverdale theories stopped with KJ Apa, you thought wrong. We called on two of the show's leading ladies — Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes — to debunk myths and let on to some possible Riverdale plot twists. Read more about Riverdale on ELLE.com: http://www.elle.com/culture/movies-tv/a14353133/lili-reinhart-camila-mendes-respond-riverdale-fan-theories/ SUBSCRIBE to ELLE http://bit.ly/SubscribeToELLE

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Text Comments (3993)
Serena Lizzy Cros (3 hours ago)
I have a friend who laughs exactly like Camilla ;dd
Anthony Clegg (4 hours ago)
Does anyone think about CAMILA cabello + shawn mendes when Veronica says her real name
Laleeee0000 (10 hours ago)
best sound ever
Tessa V. Dickinson (11 hours ago)
what if claudios is actually cheryls dad and claudios was the one who got hanged...?
Acelya _ (12 hours ago)
Lucky Dimond (1 day ago)
Livi fry (1 day ago)
betty is pregnant with archie and that’s the tea
lol Lil (1 day ago)
Maybe Betty gets pregnant like bettys mom and fp but with Jughead then there child will be raised o. The south side and take the crown of being the surpent king or queen
Mara Rose (2 days ago)
Lili's boobs are great boobs.
Vanessa LuvsYou (2 days ago)
Cammy and Lili are so beautiful ❤️
No Hate (2 days ago)
I have a statement FP and Alice had a kid so that means Jughead and Betty have a sibling that is related to both of them
My Neck My Back (2 days ago)
I’m friggin triggered by people saying that Camilla mendes is fat she is PERFECT
Amizadai (2 days ago)
what if Cheryl and Archie are siblings and Cheryl and Jason isn't
Jelenis Santiago (3 days ago)
I have a theory that Jughead and Betty are related because if chic killed fp and Alison's son and there son is killed so do Betty and Jughead know that fp and Alison had a baby
Daisy Afriyie (3 days ago)
I love how in the show V is the chill not caring girl and better is the shy but funny girl that loves everyone but irl it’s so much of the opposite except Camilla isn’t that shy
Brian Tate (3 days ago)
archie is adopted
Only Lily x.o.x (3 days ago)
LILI IS SO PRETTY ! This dress is way to cute on her
Maya Bakopoulou (3 days ago)
They started the video like that and that means i cried from laughter. Dylan Sprouse is coming to Riverdale. I hope that happens
Cliffard blossom is not Cliffard Blossom he is Archie that is Jughead that is married to cheryl and he is just using Betty to get to Polly cause he wants to kill the dead twins and Veronica killed Jasom But Sabrina did a Spell on Jughead so he could not kill anyone so he went to Hogwarts to talk to Harry Potter to break the spell. Lvu yall
Annika Greifensteiner (4 days ago)
i think, Clifford Blossom isn‘t dead, i think his twin died and it was just all a show, and now they want cheryl to die, bc they want their company for themself......😂😬🤷🏼‍♀️
Annika Greifensteiner (4 days ago)
i think, Clifford Blossom isn‘t dead, i think his twin died and it was just all a show, and now they want cheryl to die, bc they want their company for themself......😂😬🤷🏼‍♀️
Rookie jane (4 days ago)
Lilli is hot!
Mylee Hands (4 days ago)
Makayla Burrell (4 days ago)
I think that in season three the gargoyle king is Hiram lodge
Monica Tudor (4 days ago)
What if the characters from Riverdale will meet characters from Sabrina
T S 9 (4 days ago)
Lol I love these two
Diegue Olivier Samuel (4 days ago)
I think Chic is the second black hood. He has green eyes and is obsessed with the cooper family.
Sara S (5 days ago)
Archie and Betty are better together
Sarah Parker (5 days ago)
THE FIRST ONE WAS RIGHT - not the Dylan part tho
Emmi Mich (5 days ago)
what if the characters are the opposite of themselves but see that version and idk 😐
awaken moon (5 days ago)
Lili looks likeeeee bell 😍😍
Camila cabayo+Shawn Mendez=Camila Mendez
Michaela Fay (5 days ago)
My fan Theory is that the guy that like gave Betty the files about diltan he was the gargoyle king that Betty and jug saw in the forest and his dad was the one Alice saw when she was younger like if you thibk it’s possible
Jermain Purperhart (5 days ago)
what if cody jumped of the cruise on suit life on deck and stranded in riverdale and he started a new life because he doesn't have memories and FP is cody's dad and plays along and betty is mr moseby in disguise.
Music Times (5 days ago)
Penny and Alice are half sisters
Subhalakshmi sengupta (6 days ago)
When they said “little windy bitch” I died out of laughter
jen jensen (6 days ago)
Will we ever see jug beads mom and jellybean
Bree Eades (6 days ago)
EDGAR EVERNEVER IS THE GARGOYLE KING ! You heard it here first!!!
Skyl-A- Clock (7 days ago)
There’s a thing u know called contacts that change I color mind blown omg it’s the best thing ever
“I think Alice’s son is also FPs son” well... 😏
Bre Francis (8 days ago)
That ending tho
where can i find that yellow dress pleaseee
Rosa Lama (9 days ago)
Lili is just perfect !!!
Living ASMR (9 days ago)
Just a side note not to spoil anything, but isn't it bizarre that Jughead and Betty were dating, but they both shared a half brother? 😶😮💗
Jillian Moore (9 days ago)
Lily do you go to comic con i must see you
Brittney Baker (9 days ago)
What about this clipherd blossom comited suicide but he has a twin brother and a bunch of wigs and then his brother shows up and wants to kill Cheryl and her grandma so maybe clipherd killed his brother and put a wig on him and then came back as his twin instead
i wish that jughead sister jellybean and his mom would come in the show
Anna Grainger (9 days ago)
they are both so gorgeous omg 😍😭
Chloé Richard (10 days ago)
Maybe Clifford Blossom isn't actually dead! He may have killed his twin and faked his own death . Then he came back to Riverdale pretending to be his brother Claudius.
ID EK (10 days ago)
Here’s the thing in season three when Archie went to The juvenile detention center at the same time Veronica in Reggie or having an affair hint hint Archie watch your back
La Buttela (11 days ago)
GUYS-- CHERYL IS A DAUGHTER OF APOLLO. SHE IS AN AMAZING ARCHER (CHECK) AND SHE HAS HEALING ABILITIES(?). She kissed Fred on the forehead while he was at the hospital, and 2 scenes later, he awakes!
Claudia Gallegos (11 days ago)
Absurd theory alert: Clifford does has a twin brother. As you would know if you reached the second season anyway Clifford and his wife could have killed the twin and Clifford can be pretending to be the twin two get away fron the fact he killed his own son. Oh and betties father knew about Clifford and they teamed up (because their brothers) and Clifford knows berries dad is in jail so Clifford is going to become the black hood.
Emily Behrendt (12 days ago)
In the first season I could have bet that Archie is a Blossom because of the red hair. He actually has black hair, but he certainly has red hair because of Archie comics.
paula pereira (12 days ago)
What if Alice is actually Sabrina and Harvey's daughter but only Betty got her grandmother's powers. Sabrina left Alice when she was a baby and she never knew about her mother. But now betty discover her powers and Sabrina comes back to teach her how to use them.
BoaSky (6 days ago)
paula pereira actually Sabrina and Riverdale takes place in the same place
Hannah XoXo (12 days ago)
I REALLY hope someone agrees whit me in this. In season 3 babyteeth is in jail right, and he is now friends whit Archie. And when you look at the picture between Charles a babyteeth you can see that they are similar, my theory is that BABYTEETH IS CHARLES!!
Imani - Lana - Smith (12 days ago)
Jughead is all a figment of Betty’s imagination
Echo (14 days ago)
my 2 fav girls
Adrianna Langdon (15 days ago)
What if Veronica and Archie break up then Veronica gets with Reggie and then Betty and jughead break up and Betty gets with Fang
Girly Gamer (11 days ago)
No bughead forever
G Dizzle (15 days ago)
why is lilis boobs about to fall out get a bra bruh
Girly Gamer (11 days ago)
That's the dresses design
Julia (16 days ago)
why does it sound like they’re in a cave
exclamecion point
Dana S0028 (17 days ago)
I have a felling we are gonna see a glimpse of Jellybean but that also FB and Hermione will have a moment that Hiram will find out about
L Mondra (17 days ago)
The thing is........that person was right about Alice's son being FP's son
Olivia Antro (17 days ago)
penny PEAbody — sweet PEA mother and son eh eh
Addie Scanlan (17 days ago)
I have a theory for season three about the farm So in season 2 episode 19 Cheryl goes into her house covered in pigs blood and she basically kicks her mom out and tells her to live in the barn with the pigs well this barn is also an evil meeting place because Penelope, Hiram, maybe penny and Claudius were all having a meeting there at this farm so what if that’s the farm Alice and Polly talk about in season three like it’s all connected and they have evil meetings there
Abigail Pineda (18 days ago)
Bautista (18 days ago)
Omg lili’s so hot on this video
Viviane Valério (18 days ago)
Polly is FP Jones Daughter with Alice and Betty its gonna be pragnaut of Jughead and Jason still alive but faked is own dead to just get out of "Riverdale". So really cool Haamm🤔😎
sunny lacey (18 days ago)
This is so funny
Sultanna 2.0 (18 days ago)
Charles is FP’s son....
DAKU CAT (19 days ago)
Lili is looking like bele from Beauty and the Beast.
Jazmine Faries (19 days ago)
Would betty come to senses to take her father out of jail to save her mother from her herself and her sister as well then they will live happily ever after if I had character name who would I be and why or I prefer Amelia Ariel Cooper jazmine faries
La truchis Vlogs (19 days ago)
Actually half of the first theory is correct
Rkta_girl_ _ (19 days ago)
I think that Clifford blossom hung his twin and is now acting like his twin like if u agree
Victoria Borlaug (19 days ago)
What if clifford blossom killed his brother and made it look like suicide, and everyone thinks claudius is cliffords brother but claudius is clifford🤔
Victoria Borlaug (19 days ago)
Moonlightsun96 was just a theory tho🦋❤️
Victoria Borlaug (19 days ago)
Moonlightsun96 lol
Moonlightsun96 (19 days ago)
Have you not watched Riverdale? 😂 Cheryl's dad killed jason bc he didn't want to be Apart of the drug company. Then Cheryl's dad commited suicide 💕
Jelii bean Art (20 days ago)
At 1:50 omg replace Clifford with you know who and this theory is fuck right omg they were on the dot!!!
svaughn139 (20 days ago)
Ok Clifford could have killed his own twin brother
Roos zahir (20 days ago)
How cute is Cami...❤️😭
Lau McN (21 days ago)
Zoë Spaansen (21 days ago)
Well... Guess the theory about Charles being FP's son wasn't too far off...
Muadh Hijjah (21 days ago)
So clifford blossom faked his death by hanging his twin brother claudias and he dyed his hair and left to make it seem like he was claudias
Madi Potter (22 days ago)
I think theres another black hood in bettys family as when she put the hood on it was the same eyes but female and the eyes of the janitor were not the correct ones FAKE!
TheChosenMalfoy (22 days ago)
1:12 iconic
Jose Lopze (22 days ago)
Wouldn't it be crazy if penny was jugheads mother
Abeer Siddiqi (22 days ago)
I dont think that Mr. Sven son was “ the black hood “. Like why did he cut his own finger off and the eyes don’t match with what Archie saw. I just don’t see it. 😊
Davyn Guskiewicz (22 days ago)
Toni secretly has a younger sister who is 10-15 but still a part of the ghoolies and Toni’s sister is besties with jellybean Jones
Clifford's twin brother could have been the one who was actually hanged, not Clifford.
Amy hazel (25 days ago)
My theory for the Clifford blossom is: Clifford hung killed his twin brother and then he hung him and now Clifford is pretending to be the other twin and he is actually Betty's dad and the black hood.
Nevaeh Hamilton (25 days ago)
Bughead or barchie
ashley dowton (25 days ago)
if chics father is fp does that make betty and jughead related
Kennedi Morgan (25 days ago)
Imagine Alice and penny we’re sisters that would mean Betty’s auntie tryed to kill her niceas boyfriend like wtf
Kelsey Mills (26 days ago)
Hal has a twin and the twin left him somewhere, maybe the place that the Black Hood told Betty to go to and told her to put the hood on, and Hal’s twin is the Black Hood!!
Anni Pohjanen (26 days ago)
If Jughed and Betty are cousins I freak out
Idk Idk (27 days ago)
My theory for season three is after ben falls from the window and how dilton died I think hey are going to come back from the dead with the gargoyle LOVE YOU GUYSSSSSSSS
Sofia Resk (27 days ago)
Kiana Kunetic (27 days ago)
What if one of Polly's Daughters will sie... because of the twin brother of Cheryl died and the twin brother of Clifford Blossom has escaped and Clifford is any way​ dead ...It may be that always a TWIN must Go ...
IIArminiusII (27 days ago)
Camila didn't get to crumble after lily said "next one",🤨🤔
flowgod (28 days ago)
I don't have any problems about Bettys father being the black hood but that doesn't explain how he knew about miss grundy I think trying to kill alice was a ruse and they were conspiring together and maybe chic didn't kill the shady man but alice did and when she wasn't a serpent anymore she couldn't bare having a child with one but she couldn't let anyone know so she had to put the blame on someone else, someone willing. and that someone is chic, a willing but expendable kid. so to test Bettys darkness alice has hal come over to argue so it gives betty the perfect time to give the "sinner" to the black hood. alice also knew archie was with miss grundy and she didn't like archies family from the start and alice might've even forced Jason blossoms father to kill him leaving Clifford to take the blame also expendable and if anything her family makes money from Clifford dying. and again she never liked the blossoms. I don't think fp would be afraid of a rich man killing his son hiram lodge can do it at any time but fp refuses to work with him but alice was his serpent queen and remember he has to protect a fellow serpent no matter what. which can include lying to the police. and she would have no problem threatening polly because shes left her so many times before. sure hal shot the gun but alice may have pointed.
Mya Vickers (28 days ago)
If the coopers and the blossoms are related and Cheryl and Jason are twins, Polly’s kids are twins, and Clifford has a twin. Why doesn’t Hal have a twin?
Sophie (28 days ago)
Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes had a kid They produced Camila Mended😂xxx jk jk

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