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Stream Decides The Music #12

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Text Comments (3036)
Paul Minor (1 day ago)
The song at the end is a german song, kinda revolutionary then, now not more like a sweet song for kids to sing similar to "Die Gedanken sind frei"
The Irish Bog (1 day ago)
Confirmed aliens have autism
Christian Sams (1 day ago)
Ramadika Ismanto (2 days ago)
13:40 Give this man a nobel prize, he achieved peak humanity knowledge
nino kiknadze (3 days ago)
Leo Trace (5 days ago)
3:42 https://youtu.be/6n3pFFPSlW4
Captain Morgan (6 days ago)
Can i get the link for 0:00 ?
Arne Freiesleben (7 days ago)
12:57 anime name?
CrymTex (7 days ago)
9:19 i know these guys the are at hauptbahnhof nürenberg when somebody is in germany they do live shows
Derrick Duong (9 days ago)
What’s the song at 8:45
Splat Tim (10 days ago)
😂😂😂 i cant stop rewatching the iron man one!!!
Jaffa335 (12 days ago)
what is this game?
Majesty D (13 days ago)
crazy muslims dancing hahaha
Mr. Playlist (13 days ago)
Barney’s about to meet his make is maker die you commie fucker
Wouter R (14 days ago)
i havent laughed this hard in a long fucking time
what is the song at 10:55
Abnormal Child (20 days ago)
2:39 *W U T*
Gurdo (21 days ago)
7:19 Best song ever!
HazeLV (23 days ago)
6:25 movie name?
count down (23 days ago)
Peanut butter! Cx
Gobboh (23 days ago)
the moment Soda doesnt get the "Nations of the world" joke because he doesnt know them either! XD
Kian Goldstein (24 days ago)
i love how he fake laughs at everything
Cheeto (27 days ago)
3:33 is that woman recording the moaning for some hentai ? Cause it looks like it
Freaky Brothers (27 days ago)
What's the Anime on13:00?
Hizzly Play (27 days ago)
14:54 whats the song ?
vibasi (26 days ago)
Felipe A. (28 days ago)
no chat WeirdChamp
WhiteGaming (28 days ago)
14.50 what is the song?
Zonuki (28 days ago)
8:46 song pls
Jimmy Jones (29 days ago)
doing that at the age of 17 is one of the many reasons your still a virgin love you soda X
Skribst (29 days ago)
Because Ailiens have autism LUL
Bonnie the Banana (29 days ago)
That last One though, it was pretty funny
Bonnie the Banana (29 days ago)
Translation: we’re too young to love, we’re too old to fight. There is no one that really need us
eitdgkxnv zjeix (30 days ago)
3:30 please just stop
TeamWaage (30 days ago)
10:06 song name?
Bobby Turner (1 month ago)
The kids mad because he is a ginger
Tomuchforme Brother (1 month ago)
15:43 "Every alien has atusim." Does that mean I'm an alien?
Solaire Of Astora (1 month ago)
@7:20 who ever donated the slipknot mix with wiggles you are a legend
Wow. Refers to Donkey Kong (A Gorilla) when a *AFRICAN* appears...
Jayys /\ (1 month ago)
what’s the penguin vid mean
alexgaming1511 TV (1 month ago)
Whats the name of the song in 9:50?
Synful Bro (1 month ago)
6:43 Carnifex. Nice.
Emong G (1 month ago)
Wanna hear a joke Thomas Jefferson Chance Morris IV? What does a grape say when it gets stomped on? Nothing it just lets out a little wine
LetsPlayGames (1 month ago)
That iron man kid sounds like he is going REEEEEEEEEEEEEE
AGFairGamer (1 month ago)
Stop it with the racist jokes
Saranius Senpai (1 month ago)
HOLY SHIT that 'all aliens have autism' got me so hard
Munchies (1 month ago)
2:36 the timing😂😂😂😂
eemeli virkkunen (1 month ago)
Miss PrincessRogue (1 month ago)
some of those were weird af, especially that Asian girl moaning felt very akward.
TrooX (1 month ago)
6:53 is like someone drinking bleach on purpose and being surprised why do they die
Mr Merk (1 month ago)
Still sounds like a 17 year old 😂
Mango Man (1 month ago)
whats the game?
Emil Bennedsen (1 month ago)
Why is there so much Danish stuff
XqunK _ (1 month ago)
6:58 autismo tf did you think was gonna happen
Falcon Eyes96 (1 month ago)
what’s the game in 12:09
igge dbm (1 month ago)
13:49 yes it is. It is a Swedish program called tv4 morgon. They try cocaine
Dicco (1 month ago)
qwuzzy (1 month ago)
"I'm having really fun with these videos, these are really fun-" "I wanna have sex with my dog" "What?"
justxn 2 (1 month ago)
What was that 1st one that was hilarious.
COLOR BOMB (1 month ago)
The reason why we have global warming 6:28
Lukas Randerath (1 month ago)
What's that video at 3:11 ? Name pls?
Taz Rewokia (2 months ago)
3:37 WTF
Cloak (2 months ago)
уничтожить темного
Sora Shiro Kuhaku (2 months ago)
Well we know how to make moaning hentai sound
Aipexpage (2 months ago)
_ LowcusTheYellowGuy_ (2 months ago)
6:46 be st part
Apex (2 months ago)
0:55 did he live with ksi or something?
cgmarcus (2 months ago)
Bølle bob bølle bob bølle bob bob
Arno Van den Eynde (2 months ago)
I guess i'm an alien then.
Susakito Echizen (2 months ago)
What's the song at 10:00 ?
This was on my birthday
oliver berling (2 months ago)
Ska vi dra en lina med Tina?
Supgamer (2 months ago)
1:40 "I actually can listen to this"
Safwan Shah (2 months ago)
12:54 Racist piece of shit. KYS.
Sauce V23 (2 months ago)
No matter how many times I rewatch this it’s still funny every single time
sephjnr (2 months ago)
First one was the best
Piccolo (2 months ago)
Video @ 10:00 ?
Kartonghs (2 months ago)
too loud sound =/= funny
Gary Oak (2 months ago)
y does this video have 4 million views. im prety sure this is just a stream vod
BrandMuffin (2 months ago)
what's the anime at 13:00?
ShadyCatGames (2 months ago)
Tyler1 will beat yo dumbass up soda
The iron man shit almost made me choke on my food
Chessislive (2 months ago)
Most beautiful video start ever
Metal Frame (2 months ago)
12:57 what anime is that ?
PippTheKid (2 months ago)
6:45 is lie to me by carnifex lol
J. M. (2 months ago)
The shit that people make and find on the internet dude😂
kitariki (2 months ago)
im gonna say this. for league of legends females and males yes males are better. but females. well some of them. are diamond. so yeah. some females are better. but i doubt any male team would take a female rather than a guy. for real, if a guy knows how to play lol, then there is no point in taking a female. a female can have to many balls and say fuck it, ill do what i want and you cant do anything about it, but a guy if he does that, well the "leader" will whoop your ass later. you cant do that to a female, its called sexual harassment or abuse. thats the main reason. if a male team took a female, then you are retarded.
Tyler Cottingham (2 months ago)
whoever edits these videos is gold lol the zoom in to what happened and then to his face is priceless
Camper Gaming (2 months ago)
Which racing game is in the bg?
christoffer steffensen (2 months ago)
10:17 it is not norway its fucking danish plz learn langue
Barney = Commie Fucker MATH GENIUS!!!
Illusion Kira (2 months ago)
What’s the video at 7:27?
Jasper Frank (2 months ago)
pilav russian? omg
ِ (2 months ago)
8:45 original song name?
kab hes (2 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-QSmNReDyI i found it.
library of dragons (3 months ago)
Joel Guzman (3 months ago)
Can someone explain that penguin one to me
try hard rex (3 months ago)
8-bit pepe (3 months ago)
Danish song starts playing: "Norway"
Hawk Earrape (3 months ago)
1:16 Are you apart of the three some that I ordered? “No?!?”
PO3 Torres (3 months ago)
I died on the aliens have autism meme
Crytalix (3 months ago)
Guys if you have any question about what video is playing, just look at the bottom right corner of the screen. The video names are there :) Have a nice day!
Zelvo (3 months ago)
Wait wtf does Norway have to do with this

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