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Eminem - Stan (Long Version) ft. Dido

1317587 ratings | 226776095 views
Music video by Eminem performing Stan. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 3,965,564. (C) 2002 Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records
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Text Comments (97802)
Sebastian Olsen (15 minutes ago)
nice song
Jr.Officials (17 minutes ago)
@ 7:58 Do ya'll see Stan at the window?
Fantomx9 Tyreal (1 hour ago)
jessica pires da rosa (1 hour ago)
alguém vendo esse video 2019??
Sarah G6 (4 hours ago)
Stan; one of the #best things about 2000 & 2001.👌🏼👌🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
miskat förster (6 hours ago)
where the stan culture begun,,
Wheat (8 hours ago)
When music videos weren’t riddled with satanic symbolism constantly ..
Lesliee Dubois (10 hours ago)
2019 ?? 😁😊
Paul Vanders (11 hours ago)
The best ever Eminem Song ever makes perfect song ever. I understand it all and it makes me feel better in my self, that there is someone worse off the me.
Renato Silva (11 hours ago)
Eu tive a sorte a honra em ir em seu show lollapaloza Brasil fã BR escutando em 2019
Madhu Bala Sharma (12 hours ago)
Better than toilet (twilight).......😂🤣
Dernilsinger (13 hours ago)
i genuinely don't understand why some of this is censored. but still - iconic, f*cking beautiful song
Dt F (13 hours ago)
I've been a hip hop fan since I was born the way Eminem change this voices up a little bit to play both characters was genius this song is genius
V.R. JAYSAV17 (13 hours ago)
Elizabeth Tikoisuva (14 hours ago)
This is where stan culture came from
Markus Zunich (15 hours ago)
Be together
Markus Zunich (15 hours ago)
It bleeps shut up
Markus Zunich (15 hours ago)
So overly censored
Markus Zunich (15 hours ago)
Bleeps out vodka
Wyatt Oleff’s Dimples (15 hours ago)
damn this song is deep I got feels now
dato gegeshidze (16 hours ago)
real geezer
Mayra Hernandez (13 hours ago)
Gehry t hno que
Mayra Hernandez (14 hours ago)
Echan un ING tu y Igual te
Mayra Hernandez (14 hours ago)
Deepansh bandlish (16 hours ago)
literally one of my most favourite music videos of all time
Oof Alert (16 hours ago)
Christiana Uwadi Ndukwe (16 hours ago)
Eminem boss
Edward Lynch (16 hours ago)
I had a perfect engagement I mean pregnancy test v.i.p thanks so much btw it's me
Danny Huang (17 hours ago)
7:58 the window
teamsatan 666 (17 hours ago)
I' from Triple X :D
JacksonWallerBm05 _ (17 hours ago)
Bro the words cut and bleed is bleeped out how
Gabriel Verdana (18 hours ago)
Guilherme Diniz (18 hours ago)
instrumental rap?
heyitsjusttom (18 hours ago)
He should've said "Stan" at the end instead of "Damn"
kt1pl2 (19 hours ago)
If I wouldn't have read the lyrics I wouldn't have known that his girlfriend was in the trunk. Everyone that said they edited the hell out of this was right.
emo aboy (22 hours ago)
Bitches I wrote Stan!
Darin Dial (23 hours ago)
The icing on the cake for this video would be if Em wraps up his letter and leaves it on Stan's grave.
DYBENKO SQUADRON (23 hours ago)
а где фит с роектом? ???
Ultramarine Ushanka (23 hours ago)
Goosebump overdose
Chingon Vergas (23 hours ago)
Like 2019
Nick Velz (23 hours ago)
It gets worst (1 day ago)
she is so annoying
Saad Rhounaim (1 day ago)
2019 Anyone??🤔
Vinay Palankar (1 day ago)
Dido had such a pleasant voice. Wish we had more from her.
Beasty (1 day ago)
wow this song got me sensitive wow best song ive ever heard of
Ann Hubert (1 day ago)
Calud E (1 day ago)
7:58 and pause
Leon Hager (1 day ago)
Stan Stan son listen man dad isn't mad
acid_x:x_blocks (1 day ago)
2100 ? Anyone ?
Lennon tejero (1 day ago)
Kyle Tanking (1 day ago)
Irony at its finest
Bharath R (1 day ago)
Back when everything was better
Ivana Djuric (1 day ago)
Najbolnija i najemotivnija pesma u mom zivotu, ali mrtvi se jos uvek ne mogu vratiti nazad... .💔💔💔💔
Lil KRAZY100 (1 day ago)
I came to listen to stan and the best part censored wtf youtube
Ricardo Gonsalves (1 day ago)
Top canta muito .
stan YT (1 day ago)
Paul Derrick (1 day ago)
anyone know what kinda coat slim’s wearing at 3:40 ??
Nicholas Stulga (1 day ago)
The security pulled me away. Not ems fault he didn’t talk to him
Nicholas Stulga (1 day ago)
I was crying when the letter dropped out of the bin
Danilo Rios (1 day ago)
2019 quien lo escucha en MEDELLIN COLOMBIA
junior Sanchez (1 day ago)
Un like los q aun en el 2019 escuchan estos temas 💪
ishaan846 (1 day ago)
autograph on a starter cap..wow! fucking chills man
Federico Mussatti (1 day ago)
WTF Stan is Casper the friendly gosht!!!😱😱
Tristen The Emperor (1 day ago)
They censored the word die but not the word damn. wtf
Daniel Maraboli (1 day ago)
Iike si viniste acá por la rima de dominike
RAUL MIRUT (1 day ago)
Eminem - Bad guy is the sequel!!!
Rodrigo Fuentes (1 day ago)
Cameron harris (1 day ago)
In my opinion, I think this is in the top 5 greatest songs of all time... just saying
AZMODgaimgin (1 day ago)
Vice Lord (1 day ago)
Yup mgk is a stan
Valeria Londoño (1 day ago)
La canción que envidio anuel
Blues Or Bliss™ (1 day ago)
Diego Albarracin (1 day ago)
nicole albors (2 days ago)
This song is sick 2019 and still a awesome song and bet love it this is awesome but way cut the word this is a deep song they should keep it the real way to bad they cut words out
Aman (2 days ago)
Sven van Gasteren (2 days ago)
Anyone saw Stan in the window? (7:58)
Gee Bo (2 days ago)
"Looks At the music video" *"When Music Was Simple"*
Ramon Albuquerque (2 days ago)
único Br aqui msm
Sinan islam (2 days ago)
2019 January anyone???
Helen Torrens (2 days ago)
Lemper Gaming (2 days ago)
This music is good, but the censorship make it crazy
Manu Sharma (2 days ago)
Stan died, MGK survived.
Pepe Ortiz (2 days ago)
Latinoamérica???? Music perfec ,song my heart...❤️❤️🎵🎵😎😎😎😎😎
Justin Carballo (2 days ago)
2019 🔥🔥🔥💯
Angel Solis (2 days ago)
Slavik Preach (2 days ago)
Stanley sklala from 1-10 Im a 10 biggest fan.
Alex Mayhay (2 days ago)
F the post office
Darin Dial (2 days ago)
Did they always have this censored?
Phoenix Divine (2 days ago)
I’m Glad Mathew came back for that ass
iki riski (2 days ago)
i like stan dido...😙
Louis Cypher (2 days ago)
that s it s not so bad
Lorenzo Giambattista (2 days ago)
Yes, this is called poetry
no_Osound 08 (2 days ago)
I love how at the end Eminem looks really fucking sad 👌 and who else seen stand reflection in the window I love Eminem and it’s awesome that he truly loves his fans
GUCCI GUCCI (2 days ago)
How could you do this you monster all he wanted was a lousy letter or a call i hope you know he still had them pictures on the wall
Buckart (2 days ago)
old s2
Rayhanne Mendes (2 days ago)
2019 ♥
Mahdijawhar Mahdi (2 days ago)
2019 im sure no body still hear. 👌
teresa olan naranjo (2 days ago)
excelente. 😘
Kostya Petrov (2 days ago)
Arjan Myftari (2 days ago)
6:14 mgk career when eminem released killshot

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