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Reacting to bendy fan girls cringe (and animation)

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if you want to see the video for yourself here the link https://youtu.be/uroiOVQaOXo hope you enjoy the video and be sure to like commet and subscribe for more reaction and im trying to reach 100 sub and let get this video to 1000 likes and tell you friend to subscribe to kitty428!

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Text Comments (57)
•Konnyo• (1 year ago)
#BorisIsAHero ;lkwijewhfewgfnqkwhjGghfaBvxhugFDHDAGgHB
Mugzinha- san OωO (7 months ago)
Мила/Mila oi sou sua inscrita
Xanaina Gacha (8 months ago)
Kill me
Bendy (10 months ago)
Elemental 206411 (9 months ago)
Bendy Boris....
ImAChickenNugget (9 months ago)
I hate ships D:<
Shadow Bendys girlfriend (9 months ago)
HOI Bendy
kitty 428 (10 months ago)
Bendy I'm so sorry for you
Bendy (10 months ago)
someone end me pls
Bendy (10 months ago)
kill me
Someone Lazy (9 months ago)
Bendy demons can't die !
Lola W (10 months ago)
the hot milk meme was copying someone else who did something like that I just exactly like that but it was way more smooth and it was amazing
kitty 428 (10 months ago)
Oh yeah I look it up and my god it was amazing
Bendygaming YT (10 months ago)
Sure guys I will take toxic bleach!
Lola W (10 months ago)
you know I would just toxic right well if you drink it at least
noorul suhada sabri (11 months ago)
I don't ship Sans x Bendy.....
kitty 428 (10 months ago)
Good anitbendyxsans
Lola W (10 months ago)
wait people ship them
9:51 Greedy meme?
kitty 428 (1 year ago)
Kayla Syring yeah I remember
jaqueiln larios (1 year ago)
Fan girls are bad
toothpick animation (1 year ago)
I'm dead inside
GemLuckyCookie (1 year ago)
#savebendy Lol no seriesly save him
Bendygaming YT (10 months ago)
kitty 428 (1 year ago)
Lucky cookie save bendy he dieing from cringe
Samuel Pastel (1 year ago)
hi i'm samuel =)
Samuel Pastel (10 months ago)
Kit Kat [female] [11 or 14] [Neko] hey
Gay Pancake (10 months ago)
Samuel Pastel Hi I'm Jeff :P
Nova (1 year ago)
Hes having a segure :D
Nova (1 year ago)
I laughed
Nova (1 year ago)
Amanda Fields (1 year ago)
Just saying
Amanda Fields (1 year ago)
Ever thought of shiping game characters
Lola W (10 months ago)
I do too I don't do it as often
Amanda Fields (1 year ago)
Zoe and Eeli (1 year ago)
Get your bleach ready reactors
kitty 428 (1 year ago)
StarDraw (1 year ago)
999 views.. I feel special to be the 999th viewer
Bendygaming YT (10 months ago)
StarDraw r u the devil xd
MoonLight Spark (1 year ago)
Kitty : someone End me Me: OK * kills kitty * Sorry if u think I'm a hater But I will never hate u
kitty 428 (1 year ago)
MoonLight Spark*** ded**/((I understand I know it just a joke ))
Scellie Bones (1 year ago)
You remind me of me. -sorry this is off topic-
GalactiCacti (1 year ago)
hey kitty could you draw this dude for me heres the link, http://slimber.com/gallery/image/even*:u565006.html
Kaito Kirisame (1 year ago)
Can u draw me , it's on my channel
GalactiCacti (1 year ago)
thanks kitty :)
kitty 428 (1 year ago)
Wolfiepaws sure
OwO Chan (1 year ago)
Hey kitty it's me chara dreemmur
OwO Chan (11 months ago)
Chara Plays erm chara dreemmurr was my old acc
Barb's Animations (1 year ago)
Your not chara my real name is chara idk why i just saw undertale and i was like "OMG MY NAME IS IN THEREEE!!" Btw your name thing says Lily Dreemmurr
MoonLight Spark (1 year ago)
kitty 428 how to do links
Frisk Dreemur (1 year ago)
Asriel Dreemmur hi :3
kitty 428 (1 year ago)
Asriel Dreemmur hello chara
mr. spacefox studios (1 year ago)
LOSTCATTO (1 year ago)
omg lmao 4:16 wtf
I'm not great like you
Hackergamergirl _ (1 year ago)

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