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Upgrade Old Computer to Chrome OS for FREE

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Upgrade Old Computer to Chrome OS for FREE Got an old netbook or laptop that needs a new lease of life? why not install this lightweight Chrome OS and turn your old laptop into a Chromebook. So dust off that old laptop and install Chrome OS CloudReady by Neverware you will be surprised how fast it is. Just follow my step by step installation guide. You can also use this method to How to Install Chrome OS on Vmware and How to Install Chrome OS on VirtualBox https://guide.neverware.com/critical-requirements/
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Text Comments (519)
BOO5T (1 day ago)
The sites changed, can your help me please?
Thanks bro!
xadam2dudex (11 days ago)
Why would you want to install Chrome OS ? It's not and upgrade ... it basicly hands everything you have and do on your computer to Google ... that's not safe the corporations and government already spy on you 24/7
David John (16 days ago)
Another well demonstrated tute video. Food for thought re my older laptop. Just wondering can that be installed on the laptop hard drive and then use that as main OS?
PKTV (23 days ago)
why would anyone be stupid enough to install that rubbish OS lol, stick with a REAL OS like Windows, Mac OS or Linus, Google stick with Android and mobiles because you SUCK AT DESKTOP OS'S!!
Michael Kaufman (24 days ago)
it is chromium os built by neverware
Jeong-hun Sin (1 month ago)
Why Chrome, when you can install Linux?
Hasain Irfan (1 month ago)
Tell me how to install play store also
Mystique Darkholme (1 month ago)
Will this work for a 2007 Acer Aspire?
Mohamed Atef (1 month ago)
العربية 💕
Lance McGrew (1 month ago)
Does this support Enterprise Enrollment for Educational use?
DotCom Payworthiest (1 month ago)
Chrome os is just cia's os.
Viesto1980 (1 month ago)
My old Dell Latitude c640 is booting from pendrive with CloudReady using Plop Boot Manager. Screen with logo is appearing and then computer reboots.
Roman Sionis (1 month ago)
does this work on desktops?
Zane Brown (2 months ago)
Do not download
Anonymous Anonymous (2 months ago)
Computers are more for creators of content than for consumers of content really.
Magic Computer (2 months ago)
You mean downgrade?
WellBeSerious12 (2 months ago)
Hey Brian, it's your long lost cousin Billy from Norway. How's the family business?
VacancyJB (3 months ago)
it's a downgrade.
Maniac Mower (3 months ago)
thanks im going to try this
Erik Rounds (3 months ago)
Thanks for this video! I've got an old laptop that I'm gonna try this on.
Laith Smadi (3 months ago)
Chrome OS is a downgrade
Jesus is flat (3 months ago)
“Upgrade” LoL!
LOGIN Noticias (3 months ago)
Yeah. I want more ALPHABET INC crap.
Justin Case (3 months ago)
disappointing, I for one don't play around with cloud or bin files, it all looks a little too complicated for this poor old boy, so it's not for me.
Sebastian Lind (3 months ago)
Chrome OS is a downgrade...
tivon smart (3 months ago)
Will you get the Google Assistant as well?
Bartosz Olszewski (3 months ago)
Until it runs Linux applications, there's no advantages to that
shailendra aswal (3 months ago)
Thanks man.. i had 4 year old intel atom laptop having 2 gigs of ram...I tried linux mint xfce...Bodhi linux...puppy linux(quite ugly) but the experience wasn't that great..chrome os is beautiful and smooth at the same time....I would recommend all guys to change their stable channels to beta channel to get latest updates.....though it would might be a little bit buggy..FOR OFFICE , download office online extension..
shailendra aswal (3 months ago)
though its in reality the free open source version of chrome os-CHROMIUM OS
Guy Tero (3 months ago)
Are you crazy? Google doesn't give you free software because they are nice people. They want all your information. Go ahead if you want to share all your docs and pics with Big Brother. Now there's a good sheeple. Backup to Big Brothers server. Good idea sheep.
Tobias Donald Westphal (3 months ago)
Is the Google Play Store aviliable for latest build?
JubbLaTV (3 months ago)
Remix OS is better than this shit. You are even able to play android games.
Kitty S (3 months ago)
Google is such a savage! It's never too much data for a tech-giant, such as, Google. Chrome, Free OS? More like a cloud service with a few products(apps) combined to give it a feel of an OS. A mean to collect larger, but more organized data by its individual user. All well-funnelled into their hub for cherry-picking(running queries). Clevuh girl! 🌚 Imma still give it a try on my old HP Mini-110-1000 for fun sake. This and Lubuntu 14, vs. XP Home ☺️
Steven Peterson (3 months ago)
This is a great video, keep it up. Another method to make an ancient computer run fast enough to use is to install a lightweight distro of Linux. There are distros as small as 35mb. However, even though Linux has gotten a lot more user friendly these days, it's still not as easy to use as Chrome
EZRA (4 months ago)
aye i installed this on my laptop and now it got no sound how to fix
RyanWake bradtelle (4 months ago)
Will I get Android app support if my processor is powerful enough?
RyanWake bradtelle (4 months ago)
Di you think I will get better performance if I put this on my laptop it's a dual-core Celeron from early 2017 that cost $200, it couldn't even run League of Legends because of the hard drive size it was only 28 GB
Steven Kim (4 months ago)
Omg I'm going to try to repurpose my super old netbook that has been sitting in the closet so I can compute forever. Thank you.
Chuck Stevenson (4 months ago)
Thanks for a great video.
thihal123 (4 months ago)
Does this work for macs?
John Turner (4 months ago)
I did this install on my old Dell D620, but found that it does not support an external, such as connecting it to a TV?! Is this the case or do I need to do something to make this happen? Otherwise I will go back and install Linus Mint. I enjoy the videos thanks.
Andrew Lilya (4 months ago)
Good guide, Brian. Thanks!
Michael O'Leary (4 months ago)
Xubuntu way better nothing that chrome can't plus way more plus more stable unlike crome os missing most drivers no real support tried it before.
xadam2dudex (4 months ago)
I wouldn't class Chrome OS an upgrade
Pawan Saini (4 months ago)
Please give intro template link.
Mud Mower gaming (4 months ago)
Do I need a ssd
gnumetal (4 months ago)
personally i think installing a linux distro instead would be way better more and better apps and you don't have big brother google watching you.
Angel Simms (5 months ago)
would that work for window 7 in 2008.?
hiephoi058 (5 months ago)
Prem Pawar (5 months ago)
I use asus eeepc...Can i use crime os on my laptop.. Actually i tried it,but when i boot and select pendrive,the cloudready page is come and stop there...No other any type of window is open..Or it doesn't start setup...What can i do..Plz help me..
Mrs Croft (5 months ago)
It appeared to install it but once i restarted the laptop it opened windows again? How do I remove the windows OS?
Tom Mater (5 months ago)
hey, do you got a video on how to install it on VMware?
CalculatinGenius (5 months ago)
Mike Lascelle (5 months ago)
Do we get a chance to format the partions before installing to os so I can clean it completely first and open up all the space
Toxík (5 months ago)
u sound like korg from thor ragnarok lol
yb gninreh (5 months ago)
Paul Potter (5 months ago)
Great guide
One Eyed Lemon (5 months ago)
So Google can spy on me too? Yeah, no... sticking with Linux.
Mohammad Kamil (5 months ago)
no not british. i have no idea what he is saying.
MrBender (5 months ago)
Chrome OS is so limited in usability. Why would you install it on purpose?
Frank Burcham (5 months ago)
Bill Vin Ord (5 months ago)
I went there and for Windows it only shows to download the USB maker. Are you showing those 32bit and 64nit versions for Macs and Chromebooks?
onanidaily (5 months ago)
Upgrade ??
Regis (5 months ago)
No drivers don't bother
Seymor Onion (6 months ago)
Great video for people who don't have hundreds, or thousands, of dollars already invested in software and games that are incompatible with Chrome OS.
Juan E. López (6 months ago)
This is CHROMIUM please say the true
Rob Baker (6 months ago)
I'm hoping this works to bring my old netbook back to life. Running windows 10 on it is a slow dreadful experience. All I need it for is editing documents anyway.
John Ehmer (6 months ago)
will this be an good upgrade over Vista?
George Zaharia (6 months ago)
im guessing installing chrome os is free yet the cloudflare is not ....
Adamay Uniti (6 months ago)
For a really old PC it's not working. For example I'm writing this from a computer that has a Pentium M
Jake Riches (6 months ago)
The suggestion you make in the description sounds like an idea that just may be worthwhile trying out. Thanks also for a good tutorial.
Patrick McDonald (6 months ago)
Hi Bri Just done this for a 94 year old lady on her old dell pentium 2 laptop with 2 gigs of ram and a 250 gig hard drive that she never used as it was a real slug to use now it boots in under 15 seconds and runs smoothly for her modest needs, email, Facebook, skype, and uses google notes when needed she has been attending an I.T. Class I run for the last two years and liked windows on our win 7 and win 1 laptops but hated going home to her old slow laptop and could not afford to upgrade it she now really likes her chrome dell
Sascha Kuhn (6 months ago)
Very interesting and good video.I´ll try it on an old laptop maybe
Darius John Genon (6 months ago)
Can I still use my flashdrive on other stuff?
Eer Lijk (6 months ago)
buy an chrone book so nsa and google have total controle over your files😂😂 everything works with cloud
Kevin Collins (6 months ago)
I have recently successfully converted an old Dell laptop to a Chromebook with CloudReady Chromium software... I like to use the built-in DVD (re-write) to view DVDs so I was wondering if you had any recommendations..?
Sajid Basha (6 months ago)
thank you sir
kurnool channel (6 months ago)
good to learn more, thanks Brian sir
CooperNinjaGaming (6 months ago)
If you do this to a laptop that has windows, does it delete windows? Or dual boot?
Tech And Revel (7 months ago)
woww nice.. brooo how to install it actually in the system? it only works when usb is pluuged in..
Ariq Nizar (7 months ago)
Wow, what a good downgrade tutorial.
Sample Text (7 months ago)
Try Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB or something like Linux Mint, Chrome OS is more like a downgrade.
Ottawo Tech. (7 months ago)
my laptop is old but he is 64 bits
Luciano Rios (7 months ago)
Thank u is required 2 gb of ram? i will be receiving some problems?
Music Life (7 months ago)
that literally installs it on the usb drive not the laptop
Devvrath x86 (7 months ago)
I'm having some problems with building the installer. I don't have a Windows PC for using the USB installer and Chromebook Recovery Utility doesn't run on my Linux PC. It says Linux is unsupported. Please help.
Nolan Gaming (7 months ago)
one question Can You Change It BAck To Your Normal Computer
ToothPick Films (7 months ago)
Can I do this without a removeable storage device like straight to the computer Im on and reset it if so how?
Random CLIPZ (7 months ago)
wheres the chromOS image file?
fake name (8 months ago)
Anthony Mercado (8 months ago)
Thanks world of help
Sp Mj (8 months ago)
Enjoyed the vid! Wont upgrade mine, but will make note of this tut😺
MemeMeme (8 months ago)
first 3 letters after the watch?v=
MANOU SAADIA (8 months ago)
Hi I have installed chrome on my old MacBook using neverware Now I would like to Install linux Ubuntu as well dual boot How to go Into recovery mode or developer mode Or boot from a USB? Any idea?
Cees Timmerman (8 months ago)
Or simply install Xubuntu from a bootable USB drive. Older computers do fail to boot from huge USB drive, so 16 GB is probably the max.
NERV Technologies (9 months ago)
Hey I Have A 4GB How Can I Do This??
goog le (9 months ago)
this os runs off a cloud(internet connection)or off local hard drive?
Devvrath x86 (7 months ago)
It will run off your HDD if you install it on your computer
subedi_ jr (9 months ago)
Fuck this shit I wait an day to install it then turned into a fucking vlc
nightspeed98 (9 months ago)
Tried this and works, but it remains on the USB drive. is there a way to install it on the PC harddrive?
Devvrath x86 (7 months ago)
You can install it on your PC by clicking the time displayed on the right of your screen and choosing Install CloudReady
MOHD AADIL Hussain (9 months ago)
google store too available or not

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