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RiceGum - God Church ( Official Music Video )

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DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES: https://itun.es/us/Sm9slb GO LISTEN ON SPOTIFY [Lyrics] I was broke but I'm living in the hills now I was crazy but this ice made me chill out No 20s I need blue on my bills I'm not like Kylie Jenner everything I got is real now When I'm out you be starin like a sight see-er I will not call her my baby I'm not like Bieber I don't ever give a f like a nice teacher F*** it I'm just keeping it 100 like a high fever Thought I told you that you need to go and wash your face Youre 17 Shes 21 you trynna catch a case DM after DM you was trynna take me on a date Go vlog stop rapping trynna ride the f***in wave (Splash) They used to hate tell me that I wasn't going far Look at me now I be pullin up in foreign cars Which one? B***h I cannot pick one He said it's the rari or the range or the big one (Aye) Y'all ain't, really doing much Nah y'all ain't cool with us Hate on me you f**ked up in the head, like Supercuts I'm in the hills just Uber up I'm not paying I do enough Your girl like blac chyna, cuz all she wanna do is f*** [Hook] Ouu Your girl on the track she sound better than you Someone dissed me I don't know I'm like who said I cashed out from last song it's true And yeah I just spent your whole rent on some shoes I hit the club and I'm leaving with two Verified cuz all these checks that I blue Your girl on the track she sound better than you Someone dissed me I don't know I'm like who [Verse 2] Shut yo a** up Go and get your cash up She done got ran through Magcon smashed up Your man gave you followers don't know why you gassed up I'm running with the subs and the views you can't catch up Used to be a big fan I'm your f**in idol Hit me up tried to link but I'm not a bio Can't rap like those blonde brothers from Ohio Now I got em all doing songs trynna take my style (Aye) Money talks yeah my money gets annoying (Aye!) Juice digger chase the clout from your boyfriend (Aye!) B**ch I got more plugs than modem (Aye!) I got carrots in my ice like a snowman (Aye!) How you gonna let your girl have a better verse That's your girl? She a stick, she ain't got curves She a h** yeah You fell into the th*t curse Dropped merch and it's selling like a god church ↓ FOLLOW ME! I will 100% FOLLOW BACK ↓ ► Instagram: http://instagram.com/rice ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/ricegum ► Snapchat: RiceGums Thank you for everyone that HELP MAKE THIS VIDEO POSSIBLE IN 1 DAY! Filmed/Edited- https://www.instagram.com/gioespino/ Cars- @Wasta , @Richyrobb Thank you - Sommerray, Alissa Violet, Banks, Lenatheplug, saxonpaigesharbino, adam, Mitch Art/LV Gucci Statue- @jay.v.art
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Text Comments (311916)
MrBoBoTom (41 minutes ago)
A homeless man with nothing has more dignity.
Joseph Campos (1 hour ago)
Ricegum you are the most bad YouTuber in the world
Fortnite LOVER (1 hour ago)
0:16 and that how she blew up Kind of
- KaOss - (2 hours ago)
I love you .
jimmyguns5 (3 hours ago)
You 17 she 21 u tryna catch a case🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
tahseen b (4 hours ago)
Oh yea yea
Sam Kaplan (6 hours ago)
NIC0L3 .78 (6 hours ago)
hommedumonde86 (7 hours ago)
You're fucking trash.
ToastedAndButter (7 hours ago)
He sounds like he has a cold. Blow yah nose cunt.
Callum Elliott (7 hours ago)
Anyone still watching this in 2019 like if you are
Thicc Minion (8 hours ago)
Who’s listening in 2019
Ben Becic (8 hours ago)
can tell he didnt write it with how much trouble hes having spitting it lol awks
kassy pulgino (9 hours ago)
you said his girls don't have any curves then showed alissa violet bitch she aint got no curves even with those tight ass clothes on
ruru b. (9 hours ago)
bruh it’s 2019 and i’m still listening to this shit
Sean (10 hours ago)
why do you always sound congested? you may be rich but you're probably empty on the inside
Jose Rodriguez (10 hours ago)
Jake Paul got achol car
Jose Rodriguez (10 hours ago)
Rented cars
Ahmed Alhidami (10 hours ago)
Lauren Cooney (11 hours ago)
U sound like a broken mic😑
SKULL Insanity (10 hours ago)
Elijah Mcghee (12 hours ago)
Bloc boy
Elijah Mcghee (13 hours ago)
2019 anyone
DatPantherBoi O (13 hours ago)
Rice Chill On That Kid He's Only 17
Yaaabae (13 hours ago)
1:28 sommers nipples hard
宫缘乾 (13 hours ago)
you fucking yellow trash loser
yrn_ alpha (13 hours ago)
I don’t like ricegum but dis fire
Sii Mee (14 hours ago)
Didn't know that's all
Sii Mee (14 hours ago)
Since wen did ma boi rice realese
ARAF DHAKA (14 hours ago)
This song is like Ricegum dissed his self
Yousif Azeez (16 hours ago)
Saige James (16 hours ago)
2019 anyone 🤷
ɴᴀᴍᴀɴ (20 hours ago)
2019 gang gang we out here
EmEe ZedAy (20 hours ago)
Who here's after watching little boi by ksi again then came to rewatch this
Oh Yeah Yeah
Itz YaBoi (1 day ago)
People say this is fire I’m like I agreed
historical gaming (1 day ago)
All his songs are the same. FUCKING. Songs
Cypher Music (1 day ago)
Get me a 1000 dislikes boi
Clifton Pablo (1 day ago)
Ricegum is stupid
I'm (1 day ago)
yeah he is dumb rich now
New Bosnian Mapper (1 day ago)
Damn haven’t listened in a while!
Rey The penguin (1 day ago)
Like if this was one of rices best disses
PJ mask Greg (1 day ago)
At lease Justin beiber is better than you AlsoJake Paul
I dont get it (1 day ago)
Shut your white ass up
I'm (1 day ago)
lol no
alken create (1 day ago)
Go fuck yourself Ricegum, your mother is a hoe, so born the shit things like you. Always find hoe just like you always find your mom.
I'm (1 day ago)
Speak English lol
Jordan Bautista (1 day ago)
Rice gum is ugly the girl only wants money 😂
I dont get it (1 day ago)
+I'm 😂😂👌👌
I'm (1 day ago)
https://yt3.ggpht.com/a-/AAuE7mC0OKZmq5630e2rk4HkM5O9TqzZCtUncIjhgw=s288-mo-c-c0xffffffff-rj-k-no lol 😂
Neva Neva (1 day ago)
Neva Neva (1 day ago)
This diss track is abodut LOGEN PAUL and JAKE PAUL.
Masta Pasta (1 day ago)
0:10 reminds me of lil tay
Neva Neva (1 day ago)
Abdul Ali (1 day ago)
Anyone in 2019? I'm like who!😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥
Your Mom (1 day ago)
Am I the only one that has this in my recommended?
It's Mel and its del (2 days ago)
Why does ricegum look so tucked cute
吴优 (2 days ago)
Son of Bitch, I translated it with an app, so can you read that I'm scolding you? I will not only scold you, if you I meet you in China I will hit you!!! You can't finish the ice cream for the Chinese to eat? Kind? Fuck your mother, your rudeness and arrogance are disgusting, maybe you are an HIV carrier, don't bring disgusting and dirty things to China, you garbage, I never think Americans are any great, but also do not discriminate against Americans, the Chinese have always been good to respect people to go well, but to you, I want to beat you , beat your mother can not recognize you!
Secelia Gillen (2 days ago)
2019 and still a bop
Maysa A (2 days ago)
“She a hoe ya you fell into the thot curse”. This ish fireeeeeeeee🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
TPORTRADE (2 days ago)
Its hard to believe a small asian guy can get more chicks than us
David Mckain (2 days ago)
Team ten is better
Abdul Ali (2 days ago)
Andrei T. (2 days ago)
Snoop (2 days ago)
pienkne polecam kto pl 2015 elo
Anubhav Bhattacharya (2 days ago)
My favourite RiceGum song, rate it slightly over Its Everynight Sis
Anubhav Bhattacharya (2 days ago)
"I will not call her baby I'm not like Beiber"..... Doesnt justify the latest Who's the better kisser that you made 😭
OROCHI (2 days ago)
he takes his shoes off when he stands on cars cuz the car is from his friend and they gon be pissed if it gets dirty
Anh Hoang (2 days ago)
Very very good anh ơi haha !
Kai Lu (2 days ago)
Katherine Davey (3 days ago)
no one cares what year or mouth your in....
Kei Kwan (3 days ago)
Junk American culture. Junk dickhead music
oopsissalty (3 days ago)
1:27 look at Sommer lmao
Joel Hicks (3 days ago)
Legend says Tanner hasn’t washed his face yet
Kasen Jett (3 days ago)
Don't insult Jake Paul and his brother Logan
Dank Orange (3 days ago)
Shut ur bitch ass up kid
Julio Aragon (3 days ago)
Stop be a big p***y and a big bitch
Antoniy Palamarchuk (3 days ago)
i mixed up rices and tanners song together and it sounds a little weird
None None (3 days ago)
wtf is this shit
Brazy_. (3 days ago)
Quick question do people really sit and jam to his music 🤔 ?
Anthony Baller (3 days ago)
He said everything he got or does it real but at 0:57 his voice ain’t real
Ur LIL TAY Cus she brags and u to but like the song
Shahmeer Faisal (3 days ago)
Like if this is ricegums best disstrack
Nice Boy (3 days ago)
Who’s still listening to this in 2019
VorteX _Mobile (3 days ago)
卫玠 (3 days ago)
Can treason dog's song be pleasant to hear
Jordan4RBLX (3 days ago)
johnny joined the chat papa joined the chat johnny saw papa in chat johhny left the chat
Internets Content (3 days ago)
I am ricegums son look at my channel
The Ghost (3 days ago)
2019 💯🤫🐺
Brian Chami (4 days ago)
Faye Buffas (4 days ago)
Oh my God who the hell cares that ur living in the hills
King Naz (4 days ago)
Ion get likes who still likes in 2019? If u do like:)
The Chef YT Gaming (4 days ago)
HAHAH in the caption “Follow I will 100% follow you back
Theking (4 days ago)
Anyone still watch this ?
LOUIS MOLINA (4 days ago)
2019 anyone 🔥🔥🔥
Neva Neva (4 days ago)
Neva Neva (4 days ago)
Neva Neva (4 days ago)
Thestreetzz (4 days ago)
Rice gum secret girlfriend is.. Read more
Thestreetzz (4 days ago)
You owe me a like
Thestreetzz (4 days ago)
Throwback quench youtube was actually good
King Abe (4 days ago)
1:19 Adam22
Steve Din (4 days ago)
stupid song
Andrew Alberto (4 days ago)
Tanner just died
Chase Buchanan (4 days ago)
Matthew Green (1 day ago)
its_xtremely (4 days ago)
Lolol hate it..
Chanseyha VENG (4 days ago)
Nearly 2 year already
Chanseyha VENG (4 days ago)
Time is flying man so fast
Daniel Hodgson (5 days ago)
why does it sound like you have a blocked nose when you talk Ricegum? Is it asthma?

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