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Taeyeon & Tiffany (SNSD) - 유리아이 / Lost In Love (Hangul & Romanization & Eng Sub)

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Credits: Hangul - Daum Music Translation - escapetoeden@wordpress
Category: Музыка

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Text Comments (256)
Shaneera Guruluwana (13 hours ago)
Anyone here in 2019 other than ya boy?
Belle Nuez (17 days ago)
2019? Anyone?
Arif Hazwan (25 days ago)
Every time I listen to this song, i will cry 😭😭. The best song ever ♥️♥️
Brittney Reimers (1 month ago)
2019 😘💘💖💔
azza A (1 month ago)
MAKMARK MARK'K (1 month ago)
Taeny miss you
Fryderyk Lim (2 months ago)
Now we can say TaeNy shippers aren't delusional :))
RasiMelody (4 months ago)
I'm so glad they got a duet together. They sound great together.
renjie delavega (4 months ago)
wow nice voice i dont know whats the story about but i can feel so much sadness
accelworldfan (5 months ago)
Even though TaeNy are singing, the lyrics are screaming TaengSic.
Richard Lionheart (6 months ago)
I know I have said it a lot of times but I am going to say this again. Taeyeon & Tiffany loves each other and they really want to get married in the future... SONE and TaeNy shipper since 2007 and trust me. The day will come!
Minaaa Minaa (7 months ago)
Who’s here 2018?
Aeri Ellavvyou (7 months ago)
Ive been listening to this song the day it was released and i only looked up the english translation today. This was really such a sad song 😢😢😢 No wonder I can feel the emotions through TaeNy's singing without understanding its meaning for the past 5 years
J O (7 months ago)
<3 TaeNy <3
mai kuriyama (8 months ago)
My ex and I broke up recently and I can relate to this song so much 😿💔
Grace Wood (8 months ago)
yrs passed, yet still the most emotional song for me in SNSD. Taeny never disappoints me!
Liya Tawil (9 months ago)
Wow~ teany songs ... 🤗🤗
im darae (9 months ago)
SMRookies covered this song. I really love this song, it holds so much emotion
Bir Bintang (11 months ago)
TaeNy National Anthem!
Evi Sri wulandari (11 months ago)
Ya ampunnnnn 😣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ahmad Faris (1 year ago)
Oh my TaeNy someone save me... I'm crying...i miss them so much😭😭😭😍😍😍
imen0312 Inspirit (1 year ago)
I just love this song so much... 😭❤
D.E.B. B (1 year ago)
Best version was on Sketchbook....
Siti Mariam (1 year ago)
It's sad now taeyeon at korea and tiffany at los angeles
Quynh Anh Pham (1 year ago)
Taeyeon and Tiffany singing are great but I'd love to hear Taengsic version:))
Shanederella (1 year ago)
I'm crying because of this. Damn. What happen taeny? #Believeintaeny i believe that you will be together again. Saranghae Taeny.
My fucking heart is ripped to pieces now...
Mimi Lux (1 year ago)
This has so much meaning now after recent events 😥❤️
Tiffany Hwang (1 year ago)
And now, what will happen to TaeNy? 💔
jaFEWAEF bFAEWFEWA (1 year ago)
Beautiful makes me feel peaceful
Colour M (1 year ago)
Still in love with this song, its 2017 now!
Quynh Anh Pham (1 year ago)
Love it ❤️
REX CHOW (1 year ago)
taeyeon sound is so prefect😭😭😭
zienab saber (1 year ago)
taeyeon's high note at the end....I can't hold it any more
Fany and Khun </3
Alya sone (1 year ago)
Hands up one of the best ballad song I've ever heard
Taekookie Fakeu lob (1 year ago)
OMG my TaeNy heart broke into pieces.Why do I feel as if they're literally singing to each other?😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Mee Hee Cho (1 year ago)
소녀시대 파이팅♡♡ 십주년 컴백 기대할게용
aidama nikku (1 year ago)
유리아이 = yuri ai ; ) ; ) ; ) ; )
鸧 鸧 (1 year ago)
Almost perfect. Would be perfect if it was a Taengsic duet.
鸧 鸧 (1 year ago)
Yenoh Neyoh Did I say it wasn't good?
鸧 鸧 (1 year ago)
Alexia Dawn Lol.
Bangtanseonyeon DAWN (1 year ago)
鸧 鸧 why wouldnt you replace SM then tell them that it was be Taengsic not taeny duhh.
Yenoh Neyoh (1 year ago)
I know the fact that taengsic blends well but is it really that hard to enjoy the music without comparing who suits who? They chose taeny to sing this song not taengsic. If you're really into taengsic thingy then go find yourself a taengsic duet. if you dont like their duet then at least respect their efforts.
rahaf alhoori (1 year ago)
Can someone give names of songs that sound the same like this ? I love this type of songs !
Claudia Polo (1 year ago)
This is live.10/10
Emily Cao (1 year ago)
Ryeont (1 year ago)
they are married couple like taeyeon said :D ♥
Ava Fox (1 year ago)
ChrisBrengel (1 year ago)
2:22 where their voices come together beautifully is the best part of the song. Sweet.
Ss Sd (2 years ago)
Julie Ann Tampus (2 years ago)
Omo ! Love them both <3
Coco Glam (2 years ago)
Sadly I've been in such unhealthy relationship I felt like sh!t all the time
Alya sone (2 years ago)
Coco Glam its okay, you can do it 😊😊😊😊😊 you must be such a strong person
AHHH (2 years ago)
I mean----my BaekYeon feels. Dont hurt me but---my gut feeling is always right .__.
Izzah Allinoor (2 years ago)
the lyrics tho, "i love you, its alright even if i have to wait forever. i'll be smiling when you come back to me again." it describe the current situation between SONES and Tiffany. T_T #bringtiffanyhwangbacktomylife
quinoa_giraffe (2 years ago)
this is such a hard song to sing :x loveee the melody and their duet!!!!!
Soso Aix (2 years ago)
I hope the lyrics won't become true one day for Taeyeon and Tiffany :(
Ryeont (1 year ago)
my fellow shippers 😭❤ love you
Valerie Wgner (1 year ago)
Soso Aix dunno what to think about right now. My taeny feels 💔
Dat Tran (2 years ago)
I love Tiffany, her voice is so sweet
Belle Nuez (17 days ago)
trueee <3
Ruiqi lee (2 years ago)
both of their voices sounds so perfect!!! <3
Ankhesepaaten (2 years ago)
it's almost like none of y'all understand taeyeon and tiffany's relationship. stop saying "oh seohyun should sing this oh jessica would sound better with this", it's not about how sounds BETTER for the song, it's about taeyeon and tiffany singing together bc they've been best friends since 2006
un happy. (1 year ago)
dhanzpucil (2 years ago)
it's older than 2006 actually. they lived with each other 3 years before debuting.
LT LT (2 years ago)
is very perfect song.
Breanna Lee (2 years ago)
this song describes exactly what I am going through...
Rayane Boukhary (2 years ago)
We're in 2016 now, and this song still breaks my heart into pieces whenever I listen to it T_T
yeyen may (1 month ago)
Kim Taeyeon TaeNy (8 months ago)
It's already 2018😢
Ryeont (1 year ago)
it's 2017 but still breakes me entirely 😭
Still in 2017
Iamme he (2 years ago)
SeoJinnn (2 years ago)
The chorus part sounds similar to another korean song sung by a male artist anyone know what I'm talking about ;_; it's stuck in my head now but idr the title
E.t (2 years ago)
the song is called "passing by" by yiruma
Rose Anderson (2 years ago)
exo angel i guess
Renae (2 years ago)
Omg, you're right! I forgot the title of the song.
Kenny Dao (2 years ago)
I don't know but every time I listen to this song. My heart is in pain. Even though, I don't understand the song both of them have definitely break the language barrier and bring out the emotion of the song which is one of the reason why this is one of my favorite K-pop song of all time. It will always stand the test of time.
Leo_Mascarenhas (2 years ago)
I did a cover of this music ^^
XxKarrysLovexX (2 years ago)
TaeNy <3
뽀뽀혼니 (2 years ago)
I am pretty sure SM made TaeNy do this so the ship seems more believable and it's working. For me, it sounds like they are singing it to each other lmao!
Ryeont (11 months ago)
damn! you're right :D it's the same feeling for me too
Yoong Chan (2 years ago)
People should just shut the fuck up and enjoy this song without any criticism
Jane Blancada (2 years ago)
Yoong Chan yes you right I love very much this song, for taeny😍😍😍
thane5001 (2 years ago)
even in the U.S. that's technically not true
Wai Chung Cheung (2 years ago)
people have freedom to say anything .
JSol (2 years ago)
i like tiffany voice
Racquel Manzano (2 years ago)
Stop Criticizing Tiffany saying This Suits More To The Other Members! If You Don't Like It Then Sing It Your Self!
Michel Rodrigues (9 months ago)
Tiffany Li Actually there's no better voice, but there's better technique. Color of voice is something that goes with your preference. I just love Tiffany tone, her voice (and Taeyeon's) was one the things that captured me the most when I first got to Snds. Jessica's tone is something I can't stand, but her technique is better than Tiffany's. One thing her stans will never admit is that Jessica wasn't that good of a vocalist l. She is, along with Seohyeon, an avarege to above a. vocalist (one can say Seohyeon is slightly better), however her fans will never, ever accpet that. People should just enjoy the music and stop nagging others over silly things.
熊团子 (1 year ago)
Racquel Manzano that's fine, thank you for support pany 😊
Racquel Manzano (1 year ago)
Okay... i'm sorry :) I misunderstand your claim. pardon
熊团子 (1 year ago)
Racquel Manzano you misunderstand me. I am saying the same thing as you I am supporting your comment
Racquel Manzano (1 year ago)
I'm not criticizing Panyyy! I'm telling the haters to back off :/
Eureka Shield The Ark (2 years ago)
What makes this song heartbreaking is because of the lyrics and because I know how close Taeyeon with Tiffany..People may think Seo/Jess suit this song with Tiffany, but I prefer Taeny because I really can feel their sincerity in this song.. the emotion in this song is so touching..
PastExpiryDotCom (1 year ago)
I don't know Korean, but I would take Taeyeon's music over anything by Beyonce and Mariah Carey ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. She also has CLASS.
Eureka Shield The Ark (2 years ago)
+D.E.B. B yes.. for me, eventhough u can sing as good as beyonce or mariah carey but u doesnt put emotion in it.. it just a plain song.. emotion come first when u singing.. because when u sing with heart, that is more sincere.. only heart can touch a heart..
D.E.B. B (2 years ago)
There's more to it. Even if you have no idea of what they're saying, you can feel the emotion in their voices. I don't speak Korean, but the first time I watched them perform this on sketchbook they had me in tears.
Mariam Yaroof (2 years ago)
Ugh sick , I was looking for this song and all what I was remembering is tiffany part Saranghae and gwarnchana TT^TT. but i don't think that i'v heard this song before !!
Ryeont (1 year ago)
Mariam Yaroof i feel you 😁
Katrina (2 years ago)
For some reason i felt like this would sound a lot better with taeyeon and jessica instead. Well, because their voices are quite suitable for ballad song and they harmonized a lot better (just like the intro in "into the new world" ballad ver). Though i personally like tiffany's voice especially for RNB genre (like the "Cater 2 u")... But still, THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST AND MY FAVE SONG OF SNSD!! I THINK IT WILL BE A GRAT OST FOR K-DRAMAS!! 💓💓💓
ghettohgroove (2 years ago)
Seohyun's voice would suit this track better than Tiffany's. I say that from a critical standpoint considering none of these girls are my bias. But Seo has a versatile voice tonal wise. She can be a powerhouse and logato when need be and this song seems to require a balance of both. Tiffany is a great singer but the nature of her voice is powerful and that isn't her fault. I just feel Seo would've been the better choice.
熊团子 (1 year ago)
ghettohgroove for this song, emotion is better than singing. Seo is good but this song is for taeny, their relationship, they sing this song with emotion which attract more people
D.E.B. B (2 years ago)
Nope, it's perfect as is. The sketchbook version is better than this.
Sera Kim (2 years ago)
Yesss, seo fits this song than tiff. I'm a sone too😄
R S (2 years ago)
I completely agree, though I really like Tiffany, vocally seohyun would have been a much better choice
Jenbui (2 years ago)
I'm surprised that this song isn't an ost
YOUniqu3Lov3 (2 years ago)
Having just gone through one of the most heart wrenching breakups, this song truly captures what I feel.
KATH (2 years ago)
TaeNy my ghaadd Who's the song writer
Ryeont (1 year ago)
ZEKE TAEYEON park changhyun
Fyfah Zahir (2 years ago)
does anyone know, who's the song writer?
loona snapped (2 years ago)
+Fyfah Zahir Park Changhyun (you can just look on wikipedia)
BN M. (2 years ago)
why did Tiffany add a wooo sound in the middle? I wish they can bleep that lol. But thank you Taeny for such a touching song.
ᅮᅮ레몬 (1 year ago)
Taeyeon I heard it on some of other songs she sang, as well
oOLemonzOo (1 year ago)
they probably told her to
aCKapella Reese (2 years ago)
If you listen to some American soloist, you'll hear them put some adlibs like that to make the song kind of livelier or maybe to breathe
iErmax (2 years ago)
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAENY SINGING TO EACH OTHER ^^
kyunso 1990 (2 years ago)
Wong CW (2 years ago)
Red Panda (2 years ago)
vanillagalaxy (2 years ago)
May I ask what program did you use in editing this video? Please!
redeuvelvet (2 years ago)
the lyrics were so sad:(
Rizki Adinda (3 years ago)
I think I listen to this song at least once a day since last month
Erika Delos Reyes (3 years ago)
Damn Taeny feels!!! <3 i want moreeee T_T
Flor Ygnacio (3 years ago)
taeNy always together
NoMercy (3 years ago)
TaeNy ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Najima Muse (3 years ago)
what programme did you make this with? I want to know please I need to use a new one by now ;(
Evelyn Flores (3 years ago)
Las voses Taeyeon y Tyffani es ermosa
Evelyn Flores (3 years ago)
Esta cancion tan tan ermosa
lana14446 (3 years ago)
tiffanys voice is AMAZING !!
mad sone (3 years ago)
If Baekhyun doesn't marry Taeyeon I will, christ,
Chtaibi Hasnae (3 days ago)
+Yllana Federico lol thenks god he breack up whit our beautiful girl taeyeon deserve a better men
Taehyung's (10 months ago)
Excuse you, Taeyeon is for Tiffany
zienab saber (1 year ago)
I love them so much baekyeon for ever♥♥♥
S_young K (1 year ago)
아니쓰벌여기댓끌왤케또라이가마나 너무어이업써서댓끌단다.. 너네인새엥이나 신경쓰라아고이노무자슥들아 별이상한망상에찌드러가꼬는 ㅉ
Yllana Federico (1 year ago)
sorry baek will marry chanyeol. you can marry taeyeon now
Neo ́s World (3 years ago)
its so wunderful, i love this song
Angelo Arciaga (3 years ago)
The TaeNy feels!!
fanyfany tiffany (3 years ago)
taeny <3
Nos Helder (3 years ago)
gosh, if you hear the song and think in jessica's coming out... its so sad... i almost.cried
Nos Helder (3 years ago)
gosh, if you hear the song and think in jessica's coming out... its so sad... i almost.cried
Juffali Mac (2 years ago)
i hoped taengsic released their own duet too :( too bad jessica is not part of snsd anymore
Automotoguy1921 (3 years ago)
"nareul nadebwa" what does that means? #AnyKoreansHere?
Kate Le (7 months ago)
Miranda Watersea only look at me is “나만바라봐, naman barabwa” i think
Automotoguy1921 (3 years ago)
+Miranda Watters Ok :) Thanks
Miranda Watters (3 years ago)
+WendyLover 27 not a korean but im pretty sure it means only look at me but i can be wrong haha
roundwhisker (3 years ago)
if you read these lyrics as two girls singing to each other about how they can't be together, this is a really fucking raw song. i have no idea if this was the intent of whoever wrote it, but especially with tae and tiff's voices it perfectly captures the feeling of loving someone you're not 'supposed' to, and trying to force your feelings to defer to expectations. god damn my little lesbian heart hurts
Techou Videos (28 days ago)
They're not lesbians but it might be written like that. Asian countries aren't really friendly about that as we like to believe. I think it's really up to interpretation really.
Kim Taeyeon TaeNy (9 months ago)
TaeNy😍 So sad our eyesmile queen left😭
Skylar Nguyen (9 months ago)
I mean same sex marriage is legal now man, go ahead!
i ship taengsic more than taeny even though i know taengsic hasnt been seen together for years but... cant get away from it
Ryeont (1 year ago)
fuck it ! both Tiff and Jess are perfect for Tae lol how blind can you be not to ship one of them at least lol
jvoyc22 888 (3 years ago)
i love this song !
T&J's Epic Insiders (3 years ago)
This song is like about a breakup-ish like how Taeyeon and Baekhyun and Tiffany and Nickhyun broke up with their love relationship. This is one of my fav song of Taeny it just so perfect.
Kenya Shorty (2 years ago)
+Lovely Name SM, never confirmed it.
Lovely Name (2 years ago)
+Cliffostanza Baekhyun and Taeyeon broke up
Angelo Arciaga (3 years ago)
+Cliffostanza BUT Taeyeon and Baekhyun broked up now
Cliffostanza (3 years ago)
+T&J's Epic Insiders Taeyeon and Baekhyun are still together only Fany and Nickhun broke up

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