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Download tor rent on any iPhone/iPad 100% Working

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Links: Tu tu helper: http://j.gs/BYPE The pir ate bay: http://destyy.com/qK119x For Business contact: techbook92@gmail.com How to get tor rent on iPhone/iPad any iOS no Jailbreak/PC is needed NOTE: If you want to HD MOVIES for FREE go here: http://j.gs/BZpQ If you want to Get EBOOKS for free on iOS/Android go here: http://j.gs/BZpU For any questions message me on whatsapp I would be happy to help :) +923174088650 Links: Tutuhelper: http://j.gs/BYPE Thepiratebay: http://destyy.com/qK119x Thanks for watching :)

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Text Comments (84)
Bib Flin (27 days ago)
k . also, for more features, google "ZillaTube".. works great
Мария Мария (1 month ago)
Supeeer))) thanks
Max Power (4 months ago)
What a load of bullshit. Just buy android.
Mark Angelo Balauag (4 months ago)
It says Safari cannot open the page because the adrdress is invalid What would I do?
salman sohail (5 months ago)
Doesn’t work.
akash achu (6 months ago)
When ever I add torrent file to iTransmission in iPhone, it’s coming “torrent metadata needed” How do I fix this please let net know asap pls
ravindran e (7 months ago)
I am unable to play the video what to do
Zak Attack (7 months ago)
will the music i download go to my music library on apple music?
Ayesha Naweed (7 months ago)
Its not working!!
Muzz The beta orbiter (8 months ago)
Worked for me make sure you give the app trusted option else it will stay at 0 when you download btw.
Hs Turzo (8 months ago)
I am downloading a movie.bt how I open the movie??
Roman Thapa (8 months ago)
I need metadata what can I do?
Nabin Kc (8 months ago)
I got up to get torrent bt when I click I find safari doesn’t open this page .. invalid address
Bhuwan Magar (9 months ago)
Now I downloaded the tutu app also and I went inside to download itransmission and try to download it but could not . When I download itransmission it suddenly minimized n stoped download
Astro Mec (4 months ago)
Bhuwan Magar You need to go to the settings and change the maximum number of peers.
Bhuwan Magar (9 months ago)
This tutu app is not supporting on my iOS 11.3. What can I do for another option plz
Cedric Johan Pagapong (10 months ago)
what should you do to save the videos to camera roll?
allndadoe510 (10 months ago)
It's not downloading, its at 0 %. What to do?
ASHWIN DAS (10 months ago)
How do I watch the video? How to transfers the video to VLC? Plsssss can any one tell
revdoc ken (10 months ago)
Frigging Apple won’t let me open the app on my iPad. They say “developer not trusted” and won’t open until they are! How do I get around that? Help me people. I’ve put off using apple for years for reasons like this. Control freaks!
Michael Edge (4 months ago)
revdoc ken - go into the settings and change it to trust this app like it tells you in the vid..
Vinod Mhaske (10 months ago)
Hey brother your guineas
MR Haq (10 months ago)
Kindly reply..does it support background downloading or in lock screen downloading?
karan singh (10 months ago)
thumbs up
Nagy Tj (11 months ago)
It won't downloads.. it gives 0 peers on every file. How can i fix this?
dil karki (11 months ago)
Thks for guiding us,but where do we get the downloaded videos??? I downloaded a movie but couldn’t find anywhere to play. Guide us plz
Tech Book (11 months ago)
Download vlc player from appstore then goto your downloaded file in torrent and open it in vlc player. Thanks for watching
هند الشمري (11 months ago)
Thhhhhank you it works !!!!
aasir cool (11 months ago)
successfully downloaded but it’s not playing 😭 on ios 11.2.5 anyone knows how to play this??
trippycap fun (11 months ago)
How you get the Cydia app
PEMGUIM BOLADO (11 months ago)
How do I watch a downloaded film ?
ben mimoun mouheb (11 months ago)
Can i share the downloaded files on pc ??
Danish Asif (1 year ago)
bro how to watch movie where it will come
Tech Book (1 year ago)
You can download vlc player from AppStore and open it in that from itransmission
MOHAN REDDY (1 year ago)
For me the movie is downloaded where would it come
With iOS 11.0.3 here - how do I view the file ???
Franca Fiduccio Buongiovanni vlc
tushar dhiman (1 year ago)
How the hell can i play the movie
deepu chmr (1 year ago)
How can i play the downloaded video??
Nikon Legend (1 year ago)
Very nice our company would like to have you
Fret less (7 months ago)
Stone Lematheux (1 year ago)
it works on my iphone 6s plus with iOS 11.1.1. thanks a lot guys
Zowhwayne Eroy (1 year ago)
I cant find the profile and device management anymore when i updated the ios
Eric Baniaga (1 year ago)
doesn't want to download still o peers
shehraiz ahmed (1 year ago)
It never starts from 0% downloading metadeta in ios 11.1
Wisnu Wardhana (1 year ago)
Got the torrent listed in iTransmission, but downloaded position always at 0%. Not sure why. May be apple has disable it in iOS 11.1. 😩
Tharindu Sandaruwan (1 year ago)
I have iOS 11.3 Always at 0%
Tharindu Sandaruwan (1 year ago)
Is it work?
Wisnu Wardhana (1 year ago)
Scratch that!! It’s now downloading!! Needs about 10 minutes to start. Great!! Thanks a lot!
Bu .Khalifa (1 year ago)
Doesn’t work on ios 11.0.3 anymore:(
Adnan Parkar (1 year ago)
How much does it take to start downloading once you are done adding to itransmission?
oclicks arome (1 year ago)
Never mind I figured it out
oclicks arome (1 year ago)
Install VLC player,go to the menu in itransmission,locate the file you have downloaded and copy to VLC player.Video file will be available in VLC player.
King Wills (1 year ago)
oclicks arome how'd you get it to play?
oclicks arome (1 year ago)
How do i play the downloaded files?
Kent Larsen (8 months ago)
oclicks arome o
Max.4.u (11 months ago)
Dev Thampi what about videos?
afzal siddiqui (1 year ago)
I don't know what is this it's telling torrent metadata needed
Talha Cheema (1 year ago)
Plz help me
Talha Cheema (1 year ago)
Download ni ho rai movie
Talha Cheema (1 year ago)
Ni download ho rai
Mads Sabroe (1 year ago)
I cannot find itransmission in the TutuApp. Is someone else experience this?
AoD_Xionic (1 year ago)
Mads Sabroe i did
Alex Chhundeng (1 year ago)
How can I transfer the movies that I download from iphone ios 10.3 to my windows pc?
Tech Book (1 year ago)
+Alex Chhundeng get iTunes on your PC connect your phone and you will see turbodl and transfer it from there
kevin morrison (1 year ago)
Bro This I transmissions app not running background ..what a do bro .. I can't on always my display bro..but I did swift on background..but not working bro.. Plz help me bro
Rockin Redstone (1 year ago)
I knew tutu had the pokemon go++ but didn't know it had itransmission. The question I have is how does this work as a long term solution. I know that I had to redo the pokemon go++ hack after 14 days. Does this method give a 1 year timeframe on the developer profile or is it still temporary like if I was to side load the ipa with Cydia impactor? Impactor at least signs the ipa with my own Apple ID.
Adil Shaikh (1 year ago)
Hey brother i just want to say you made my day thanks alot😘👍🏻
Danish Asif (1 year ago)
Adil Shaikh bhai ye tou btao k movie kaha se dekhen gy kis jaga jakar
Tech Book (1 year ago)
+The Boss the server gets down sometimes it will work just wait a little
Adil Shaikh (1 year ago)
Tech Book brother thats a problem of downloading i have download a app or movie anything download nahi hota but i cant tell you about that because u have teach how to use and all downloding its all upto the app but all the way thanks alot
Tech Book (1 year ago)
+The Boss Your Welcome ☺️
GlitchyBrosNX (1 year ago)
If I download a movie then how do I watch it?
Michael Edge (4 months ago)
Upload to YouTube!
Tech Book (1 year ago)
+GlitchyBrosNX I made a really easy video to download and watch movies on ios/Iphone. U can check that video.... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GPhw5cgtRwc
DobrijDog (1 year ago)
Спасибо, посодействовало.
Thiago Louvain (1 year ago)
Thanks 👍🏻
infamousjuan (1 year ago)
wont work
boxpig playsROBLOX (1 year ago)
I need. A screen recorder for iPad think you can help?
Michael Edge (4 months ago)
Tech Book can’t you get it from a torrent?
boxpig playsROBLOX (1 year ago)
ok thanks
Tech Book (1 year ago)
I dont have a mac so i dont know but the other three they works for iPad too I am sure try them or if you want very smooth recording buy elgato
boxpig playsROBLOX (1 year ago)
I need it for iPad tho the windows will help and mac I already know
Tech Book (1 year ago)
There are 3 best screen recorders for Windows but not free Reflector 2 Airserver ApowerMirror (you can get this one for a year by making a video for them) For mac you have a builtin iOS screen recorder for free just google it

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