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KPOP Sexy Girl Club Drops Vol. III Sep 2015 (AOA SNSD) Trance Electro House Trap Korea

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Spreading the Korean culture and love to the world! 100% original music by Areia Creations production team http://www.areiacreations.com Vocal Recording, Lyrics, Music Video Copyright©2015 to respective companies Remix Arrangements Copyright©2015 Areia Creations Global Entertainment LTD Arrangement and Production by Areia Creations Team Mixing & Mastering @ Areia Creations Global Entertainment Seoul, Korea & Areia West, Corfu, Greece Areia Remix is a 100% fan-funded brand. Help us improve Areia Remix and in return gain actual profits from our original artists! Learn more http://www.patreon.com/areiacreations -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=­-=- Areia Creations is a global k-style entertainment company. We specialize in song productions and artist development. Join the wave! http://www.areiacreations.com http://www.facebook.com/areiacreations http://www.twitter.com/areiacreations http://www.soundcloud.com/areiacreations -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=­-=-
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Text Comments (767)
Areia Creations (2 years ago)
Brand new Kpop Drops Vol.V is now out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcJcYsSUf3U
James Brown (3 days ago)
Areia Creations I don't like Asian people
Andri Mandagi (1 month ago)
Rinto h
syafiq aisar (8 months ago)
Areia Creations
Suwannee Gisselbach (1 year ago)
Areia Creations M
ronal nal (1 hour ago)
ghkbcf gk (14 hours ago)
Gio Barz (16 hours ago)
This shows y asian woman are the shizzznic yea buddy!!😄
very nice 😍💖🔥👙
Ichibayo Gaming (3 days ago)
Yg dari Indonesia mana nih wkwkwkwk
fanessa pratiwi (3 days ago)
So sexy dance girl 😍😍😍
Techno Freak55 (3 days ago)
Ottoman Mapper (3 days ago)
Tam sikmelikkkk
정세한 (6 days ago)
sindonaga (7 days ago)
2015 kog udah ada yg pake baju gambar pisang menit 9:20
TheChillout1984 (8 days ago)
2:45 damn that is FLAT
Dener iRak Dub. (8 days ago)
Lindas d+/ ....
Mie Zue (9 days ago)
I love it
Wan redzuan Lesbian (9 days ago)
박은규 (9 days ago)
전 달샤벳의 좆까가. 제일 좋았어요
AKIRA WATANABE (9 days ago)
許睿娟 (9 days ago)
Alexis Carter (9 days ago)
C’mon guys, It’s HAPPY TIME💦🔫
Iskander Krida (10 days ago)
U should be a worldwide famous dj!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍
윤주호 (10 days ago)
다 만지고빨고키스하고박고싶다
SYK Channel (10 days ago)
2018 ❤
T-ara SNSD
XxNinjaStarz (11 days ago)
Try Not To Fap Challenge
B2ST (11 days ago)
Gabrielito Tecco (11 days ago)
The sexier these girls try to be, the more innocent they look like. That's why I love asian girls.
mdw 77 (11 days ago)
티아라는 진짜 거지같은 멤버한뇬이 망가뜨린 비운의 걸그룹이야 진심 안타깝다
Trung Do (12 days ago)
Đm nhìn mông vs vếu này k nứng ms lạ
sarid sadzalu (12 days ago)
Anjirrrrrrrrrrrr....... Lirik apaan tu "coli coli" gileeeee
盘子煜 (12 days ago)
black bear (12 days ago)
Quang Dang (13 days ago)
Có thằng nào vn ko
rin kagamine (7 days ago)
Bố ây :)))
Henrry Phạm (8 days ago)
선비 (13 days ago)
이런거보면 성상품화 맞는듯ㄷㄷ
Mr Picker (13 days ago)
유행석 (14 days ago)
이게 나라다
양현모 (15 days ago)
발기부전도 치료될듯
이상익 (15 days ago)
170 03363 (16 days ago)
절벽일텐데 뽕실화냐ㅎ
지훈이 (16 days ago)
노래ㅋㅋㅋㅋ쫄깃쫄깃목소리 이상해
Paul von Tarsus (16 days ago)
Never knew the Joker had so many fangirls.
Meder Aidaraliev (17 days ago)
Блять сигип эле жата бергин келетгоо турбай
yasmin Avina (21 days ago)
😍😍 butts
Bernard Ekpere (24 days ago)
Too flat😂
Rod999 (26 days ago)
Cute girls, but flat ass! Solution...get more PLASTIC surgery - Lol.
dark miku (27 days ago)
ayaya clap
4:03 Best my subwoofer kick the ass :D :D
serigne mbaye (1 month ago)
bishap global86 (1 month ago)
This is like europop
Coolz Theoren (1 month ago)
먼데이키즈카페 (1 month ago)
Pixalleted Glitch (1 month ago)
Typed with one hand
Pedro Lopez (1 month ago)
Voy al baño ya vuelvo :v
Philcaso Gonzo (1 month ago)
Omg omg omg kpop is life! ♥️♥️🔥🔥
Viper Slayer (1 month ago)
I really like these beats! Just need a little bit more bass. This one is a good one especially 5:21
efrain padilla (1 month ago)
Yo le merme todo el sonido y me la jale xdxďddd
Tyrone González (1 month ago)
Faltan culos latinos papi
Monkey D. Luffy (1 month ago)
Coli Coli :v
Fiqri party (1 month ago)
K-popmu tak sesexy dangdut koplo wkwjwkwkw 👍
Diyar (1 month ago)
David Salisbury (1 month ago)
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Jack Simth (2 months ago)
MIN ĐAO Họ park (2 months ago)
T ara i love u
john m (2 months ago)
can I get in trouble for watching this??
Halima Koroma (2 months ago)
Were are the asses supposed to be at
Thiago ThiagoGramacho (2 months ago)
SCHRODINGER’S CAT (2 months ago)
Sadly, they all are my girlfriends and there is simply nothing you can do about it :\
Carlitos AP (2 months ago)
Didn't come for the music ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Dante Neponcio (2 months ago)
Te la taramamaste
Bambang Aja (2 months ago)
Apaain sih anjing
Belas coreana kawaii
Firdause Mangun (2 months ago)
Girls Generation, they have the best dancers since 8 years back. Just my thought.
Pushpak Rao (3 months ago)
They got some nerve there
Mike Brink (3 months ago)
This video make me very happy in pants
Нойз Ривер (3 months ago)
доски плоские
Nhon Huu (3 months ago)
chich di
Fajar Handika Pratama770 (3 months ago)
Medureh hadir
Marydancer33 (3 months ago)
They are so pretty and sexy! 😍❤️
Nature Probs (3 months ago)
Kpop ❤
Amanda Beauty (3 months ago)
兵衛悟 (3 months ago)
Amanda Beauty (3 months ago)
ja ja ja
이이소룡 (3 months ago)
보지 잘벌리네 클리토리스 이빨로 잡아 뜯어버리고 싶다 김치 씨발련들
jm new (2 months ago)
짱게 아님 북한놈이냐.. 왜 굳이 한글로 욕하고 디랄이냐..
이이소룡 (3 months ago)
김치창년들 세계 1위의 창녀 수출 김치창녀
Marcio nakamatsu (3 months ago)
Amanda Beauty (3 months ago)
J Ken (3 months ago)
so where's the booty at????? ✌😂
Amanda Beauty (3 months ago)
hahahaha,))) cool
Класс😊 кросотки 👍
Leader Fc (4 months ago)
Hot for men cool for girl
Amanda Beauty (3 months ago)
Cameron Kim (4 months ago)
0:28 when my girlfriend and i are having to much fun
Torin Sievers (4 months ago)
There are to many horny people in this world 😂
Amanda Beauty (3 months ago)
hahahaha,)))))) right
loan Hoàng thị (4 months ago)
the tara
Ganster Game (4 months ago)
девочки супер:)) конечно и треки классные
Naeun Kim (4 months ago)
tuan le minh tuan (4 months ago)
đẹp thật
discovery greats (4 months ago)
All are sexy
Amanda Beauty (3 months ago)
haha,)) YES
Sammi89 Slimani (4 months ago)
Ring my bell wtf 🤣
Amanda Beauty (3 months ago)
hahaha,, YESSSSS

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