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How to free download google chrome for windows xp

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download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/9mu95a3h6z7qhp4/ChromeStandaloneSetup.rar
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Win 7/10 Me Chalega
R A (7 months ago)
it is working on my ten year old Windows xp
MarioSonic4Life (10 months ago)
im confused... you say the download is for windows xp, but the link doesnt even work on windows xp
I . P. S. Hacks (10 months ago)
but don't worry I will add a new link of google drive
I . P. S. Hacks (10 months ago)
MarioSonic4Life but it works for me
I . P. S. Hacks (1 year ago)
it works trust me
Oussama Hossi (1 year ago)
I . P. S. Hacks (1 year ago)
Oussama Hossi (1 year ago)
thx :

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