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KJ Apa Responds to Riverdale's Absurd Fan Theories | ELLE

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Riverdale is a red-hot show... and it's not just because of KJ Apa's crimson coif. Archie landed at ELLE to vet some of Riverdale's absurd fan theories. Fans beware — you might not like some of his answers. SUBSCRIBE to ELLE http://bit.ly/SubscribeToELLE Read more about Riverdale on ELLE.com: http://www.elle.com/culture/movies-tv/a12833333/riverdale-season-2-episode-1-recap/

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Text Comments (2186)
rip archie.
Po Po (2 days ago)
K I’m sad cuz literally all of the core 4 have done this except Cole 😪😪
charro (3 days ago)
"archie is going to pull away from veronica watch" 1 year later archie breaks up with her
Thea Reid (3 days ago)
Does anyone realize that KJ Apa talks wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy different on Riverdale than off Riverdale!!!!!
Rozealinda Schultz (4 days ago)
Jason and Archie can’t be twins because Jason is older
Marion D. (5 days ago)
is it his stomach growling that we can hear at the beginning ? ;)
Barn Budds 2521 (6 days ago)
I’m sorry but I don’t want it to become supernatural lemme know if you feel the same
Yuji • (9 days ago)
What if Riverdale every season on episode one they have another person, and Archie falls in love with them like what happened to him and Ronnie!😮
Smamallamas Adventure (9 days ago)
What if Jason isn’t cherels twin but archi is.....AWWW😂😂😂😂
Taylor Uhlman (10 days ago)
Sucks at catching airplanes but sounds amazing
Nevaeh Reyes (10 days ago)
What if cheryl Jason and Archie are actually triplets
Annika Berman (10 days ago)
Eliana Gordon (10 days ago)
OBSESSED WITH KJS NZ ACCENT ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗 EDIT: for every like I’ll add a 🍟
Britny is weird (11 days ago)
is it just me or does he spund different here than in riverdale?or am i just dumb and deaf?
SashDaMeme (9 days ago)
He puts on an American accent for the show
Popescu Emma (11 days ago)
Who else likes Archie's accent?
Eve Dooley (12 days ago)
Now in 2019, Choni is a thing and varchie is gone😥
Luna Lps (12 days ago)
Is there going to be a session 4 of riverdale?
Gacha Videos (13 days ago)
Wait he has a accent irl but in riverdale he doesn't
Jasper Meow (16 days ago)
Ok, I get not seeing Scream.. but STRANGER THINGS?!?!?! How?! Oh well, I suppose it’s because he’s from New Zealand, home of the free, and the non-hygienic people who don’t know about he newest lates greatest. No offense to them though.
Marshia Erisha (16 days ago)
If Choni doesn't happen.. *YEET THAT SHOW BISH*
Skyl-A- Clock (16 days ago)
00:10 u wanna shoot ur tv father wow
peter pan (17 days ago)
Well, His accent is really different here
Amani Clocks (17 days ago)
0:22 it got stuck in Archie’s hair!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Eloann M (20 days ago)
KJ apa didn't see Stranger things i'm gonna kill myself bye 😂
Mary Darie (21 days ago)
That fp and scream thing was in all of the fan theories of riverdale cast
Makenzie Harmon (21 days ago)
why are all the fan theories the exact same
Sonias World (22 days ago)
En español porfis
Shaye (23 days ago)
Hans? Hello, is that you?
Brittany Hernandez (25 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that Archie has an accent?
Alexandra Popescu (26 days ago)
His accent. 😍
Emma Bughead (26 days ago)
Here’s what I think happened... We know Penelope was adopted to marry Clifford. I think Claudius and Clifford are really brothers but it was 2 sons and Claudius didn’t want to marry his brother so they adopted a sister. So the parents were going to kill him because they had no use for him. But penelope and him had a forbidden love so he ran away telling her one day he would come back when Clifford was dead. I believe the same happened with Jason he didn’t want to marry Cheryl. His father killed him and hired the serpents to clean it up then put him in the lake. ~ Emma a
Galaxy Unicorn (28 days ago)
what, um what? why is this video only 2 minutes??! I-
Katia Kuzikyan (29 days ago)
1:28???? Who hasn’t seen stranger things!!! But Riverdale doesn’t have gross stuff all over it except Hiram and what he’s doing to Riverdale.😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂
Cassandra Lauziere (1 month ago)
Well they did break up also kj she won’t be pissed they kissed lol 😂😂😂
Vanessa Kimball (1 month ago)
what if cheryl , jason and archie triplets
Keira and Giuliana (1 month ago)
What if in S/3 Jason comes back and we find out that the body was a twin that the blossom family hid all there life and Jason ran away because he found the other twin and the twin told him he had to leave
Vanessa Aguirre (1 month ago)
Kj is perfect
Vanessa Aguirre (1 month ago)
Love Kj
Natalie Carmen (1 month ago)
Keeping secrets must be a natural talent. Wow Archiekens.
It is your girl _j (1 month ago)
My fan theory is that the town of Riverdale is in the state of Vermont because Veromont is known for their maple syrup
Sunset Slimes (1 month ago)
I love his laugh💖😂💖💖
Taylor Krenick (1 month ago)
I have a theory. What if cheryl and Archie are twins and Jason had a twin brother. Penelope and cliff gave Jason's twin up and fred and mary gave cheryl up. Penelope and cliff adopted cheryl and they sent jasons twin to the sisters of quiet mercy. Jasons twin was trying to find jason and stole his ring. Cliff killed the twin and jason is alive somewhere needing help
Kawaii_ Potato (1 month ago)
Ia no one going to talk about the paper airoplane in his hair at 0:22
#kittylover (1 month ago)
Yeah I was wondering if Ethel was Barb that lost her innocence
sisi x (1 month ago)
He looks so good in here
Alana DiMarzo (1 month ago)
Wow. Theory 2 is correct
marasexual (1 month ago)
omg I love his accent
Kylieitsmez (1 month ago)
WAIT what if Lydia Martin is Cheryl Blossom Twin?
Kylieitsmez (1 month ago)
wHaT iF ChErYl HaD A MoRe ExTrEmEly eViL TwIn And ThE tWiN iS tHe GaRgOyLE kiNg (MaYbE QuEen) FoR REVENGE!!!!! Because Penelope left the twin in The Sisters Of Quiet Mercy because Penelope didn't want another kid and now the gargoyle king (possibly Cheryl Evil Twin) is making all of the midnight club members think it's Penelope since she was a Game Master like Daryl Doyle. THEN Daryl Doyle knew the truth about the gargoyle king and maybe told Penelope since he maybe liked her alot and Penelope did not like him like at all so she killed him. Also remember when one of the Midnight Club members said one of them was meant to die , maybe Penelope was meant to drink it. But she wasn't the one who drank it!!!!! So the gargoyle king is back again to continue its revenge on Penelope Blossom. And yes I know how could Penelope possibly got pregnant at a young age? well maybe Penelope is the one with the Evil Twin! Maybe Penelope's evil twin is a boy and he is so jealous because Penelope was the one chosen for the blossom family and not HIM! so HE is the one out for REVENGE!! And he is making a new gang with people who hate the BLOSSOMS because they probably suffered because of Clifford and Penelope! Or maybe CHERYL!
the strangersolano (1 month ago)
the second theory was right...archie did pull away from veronica😭😭
Gaming With Betty (1 month ago)
Ok so I heard some theories that I already heard from the other video
HelloLoloXD (1 month ago)
Betty Cooper (1 month ago)
I got something (Spoiler alert) In season 3 episode 4 Alice Cooper said she was pregnant with Fp’s Baby. But what happened to the baby.....cause i know damn right that baby is NOT betty. 😱 tell me what you think about that
Annalise Olivares (1 month ago)
...have you not seen season 2?
Safiyya Khan (1 month ago)
I love his accent ❤️❤️😘😍♥️
NoneThe Less (1 month ago)
He looks like Jerome from Gotham here
Madd1 ! (1 month ago)
What is Sabrina is the Gargoyle King, I mean it would connect the two series and would explain why everything was so unexplainable🤷‍♀️
ävä ! (1 month ago)
I ship Reggie and Ronnie more than I do with Ronnie and Archie 😬😬😬
Claire Britton (1 month ago)
Sabrina plz
Red (1 month ago)
Hermione and Fred had a kid before Archie but they gave it to the sister of quiet mercy and it turned out to be Cheryl That was the stupidest thing I’ve ever typed
Cesar Acosta (1 month ago)
I wanna see sabrina
TIᑎᗩ ᙭ᑌ (1 month ago)
Juniper’s Space (1 month ago)
Lol toni was her love interest 😂👌🏻
hayley ortega (1 month ago)
Please Collide Riverdale and The chilling adventures of Sabrina please
hayley ortega (1 month ago)
You haven’t seen scream
grace (1 month ago)
how are his eyes ginger too
Jackie Stone (2 months ago)
Wait wait wait I was just watching Riverdale and they mentioned "Greendale." Greendale is the town that "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" takes place. What if that Hal Cooper's mom and dad were a witch, and then he went and married a mortal, A.K.A. Alice Cooper, and Betty is Sabrina?A.K.A. their daughter?ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR is Hal Cooper the son of Sabrina and she taught Hal that sinners deserve to die, and Hal Cooper thought he would do his part for his dead parents, even though his mom was technically a sinner for getting married to Harvey, but Hal never knew that Harvey was a mortal and he thought Harvey was a witch like Sabrina and Harvey didn't know that his son was a half-breed and that his wife was a witch? OML I have some weird thoughts in my head right now Edit: I just looked up when KJ Apa was born and it's 2 days after mine I'm so happy for some weird reason
Angelina Grisafi (2 months ago)
If Jason is Archie's twin then JASON AND CHERYL'S RELATIONSHIP ISN'T INCEST ( Found this out in the second latest episode btw)
Isabella Maser (2 months ago)
*KJ Apa giving away Riverdales future episodes for 2 minutes and 17 seconds straight.*
Flor Ferro Rodrigues (2 months ago)
1:00 what a lie kj
Gordon Christopher (2 months ago)
Am I the only one that is pretty sure that the visions that Cheryl has aren’t visions, they are probably just PTSD from when Jason died. That’s just my theory
Star dust (2 months ago)
can some one make kj watch scream
Paulina Hermann (2 months ago)
Haha Sabrina is on OMG 😂😂
Grace Anne06 (2 months ago)
Huh? Toni won’t be chryls love interest?????
Sophia Veliz (2 months ago)
1:33 WUAH THE - * Kj Apa has left the chat*
He’s so awkward god I love him
HolleysterGames (2 months ago)
Ok so why doesn’t kk have an accent on river dale? Or do I just not hear it?
Michaela Fay (2 months ago)
I think that the guy that did diltons body is the forgotten king that scared Betty and jug in the woods and his father is the one that scared alice because when she was in High school and they were stalking the cooper family the entire time because they were jealous of jug and Hal boom like if you agree please let them see this
Nena martina (2 months ago)
Why did he read the same stuff as the madeline
Kàtmakil 1912 (2 months ago)
0:26 Well. Wait.
axtumn_apples (2 months ago)
1:05 >:((
Ameek (2 months ago)
He's so cuteeee
Samantha Esthel (2 months ago)
Kenneti James Fitzgerald Apa IS A GOD (he should play Hercules in the live action film or something)
KawaiiQveen ! (2 months ago)
No ones commenting that some of these questions were asked in a different interview
Maggie Knowles (2 months ago)
I love that first theory
eetee weetee squad (2 months ago)
4 of fan theories were used on other Riverdale actors too.👀
Gameplays CCXXI (2 months ago)
I loooooove his accent "Ahchie" AAAAAAAAA
Gameplays CCXXI (2 months ago)
Who else died of cuteness overdose?
Ella Grace (2 months ago)
Like= Stranger Things Reply to this comment= Riverdale Both= can't choose love them both
Asena Birgul (2 months ago)
Some theories are the same as the one that mad and skeet did
Alva Ek (2 months ago)
Whoa this was before Choni even was a thing
Marissa White (2 months ago)
he is so cute ❤️
Kaiata Kaitao (2 months ago)
Does nobody realise that KJ says that we are going to be pissed because he's absolutely wrong? A good old case of reverse psychology, people.
coldemort (2 months ago)
He’s never seen Scream? He’s never seen Stranger Things? What the hell is he doing in his free time?!
Isabella Tramontin (2 months ago)
His eyes are GORGEOUS
JuSt AnOtHeR Hümäñ (2 months ago)
A Ab Abs Absu Absur Absurd Absurd f Absurd fa Absurd fan Absurd fan t Absurd fan th Absurd fan the Absurd fan theo Absurd fan theor Absurd fan theory Absurd fan theor Absurd fan theo Absurd fan the Absurd fan th Absurd fan t Absurd fan Absurd fa Absurd f Absurd Absur Absu Abs Ab A
Emma Martin (2 months ago)
I got so triggered when he said he hasn’t watched stranger things
Prerna Bhat (2 months ago)
Im living for his laugh
Twinkle Slimes (2 months ago)
“I think your gonna be BLEEP” nope 👎
The Davis Dimension (2 months ago)
I don't like him non,-Archie
Hannah Cunningham (2 months ago)
Everyone is freaking out because he hasn’t seen stranger things but tbh I don’t blame him it’s an ok show but the fandom ruined it for me

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