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Perfect - Ed Sheeran (Lyrics)

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Learn how to sing in only 30 days with these easy, fun video lessons! https://www.30daysinger.com/a/8328/BFzaEvmu -- Perfect - Ed Sheeran (Lyrics) ▶️Check out Josh Michaels song ‘Dreams Come True’ on Spotify. It is gaining lots of popularity! Save & add it to your playlists! https://open.spotify.com/track/0CK4soIqiYiNbuN0G5WYhD?si=ojxLoFCxSuiM2xLkS2uWFA -- I do not own anything. All credits go to the right owners. No copyright intended. -- 🎧: https://ad.gt/yt-perfect 💰: https://atlanti.cr/yt-album Subscribe to Ed's channel: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToEdSheeran Follow Ed on... Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EdSheeranMusic Twitter: http://twitter.com/edsheeran Instagram: http://instagram.com/teddysphotos Official Website: http://edsheeran.com -- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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DopeLyrics (6 days ago)
*▶️Check out Josh Michaels song ‘Dreams Come True’ on Spotify. It is gaining lots of popularity! Save & add it to your playlists!* *https://open.spotify.com/track/0CK4soIqiYiNbuN0G5WYhD?si=ojxLoFCxSuiM2xLkS2uWFA*
Lucy Kush (9 hours ago)
Nedus Pedro (17 hours ago)
My cousin and his woman used this song for their marriage indeed <3 <3
Maizuddin Ahmed (1 day ago)
Dimas Danang (1 day ago)
Mona Moldon (1 hour ago)
Alif Jafar (1 hour ago)
Alif Jafar (1 hour ago)
Budi Astuti (2 hours ago)
this song ia very PERFECT
Y me encanta el cantante y como la canta
Amo la cancion
Jeevanjngm Nobi (3 hours ago)
Romy Najar Maulana (3 hours ago)
Austin Smith (3 hours ago)
He dosent write songs he writes stories with his lyrics
berny bastos (3 hours ago)
Jazmin my queen perfect queen lov her so much
I Love U 😍
mica Georges (4 hours ago)
I like your song
delia grande (5 hours ago)
Baby’s song
october 2018??
Adriana Aceves (6 hours ago)
LEO angels (7 hours ago)
Jonah Leyva (7 hours ago)
I just lov this song
Reese Zimmerman (7 hours ago)
This is a perfect wedding song
Julyana Surya (7 hours ago)
Zachary 3851 (7 hours ago)
Is song makes me like trains going in snow because I listen to is when trains where go in snow
Andrea Benavides (8 hours ago)
I love you 😍
Hero Greninja (8 hours ago)
Play this at my future prom. I don't care if I don't meet the girl of my dreams by then. I don't care if this song will be outdated by then. This song will *always* keep me company, and it will *never* get old.
Ahlana Saturria (8 hours ago)
should i do your song in my talent show your the best
Arianna Rodriguez (9 hours ago)
This song remind me of someone
น้ํา ฝน (9 hours ago)
song Really.good.
Ibtissam Igrane (9 hours ago)
chaima tv (9 hours ago)
I wanna dance at this song with my husband in my wedding
Marcia Andrade (10 hours ago)
becksi chavarria (10 hours ago)
Me encanta ESA cancion
Antonio Carmona (10 hours ago)
Amo la canción 😍😍😍😍
Tracy Allen (10 hours ago)
123 is perfect to me and thats all I need PERIOD at this moment followed by reuniting with my family and his......
Samiitsu MX (10 hours ago)
I LOVE You Yo video!!!❤️
Martha Serna (11 hours ago)
La estoy ensayando porque en la clase de ingles me pidieron aprendermela
Elisa Piperno (12 hours ago)
This song is so beautiful and my aunt danced this song on her 💒 https://media.giphy.com/media/14urMYvFxIKEms/giphy.gif
Star Light (12 hours ago)
No no worries for me I won’t do without, they play like children I like grown ups that can go out and do what they want and not hide out and sneak around. That’s perfect
Christina Rae (12 hours ago)
I love this song but she has to go live in her house with her friends she said her name brand name is so she can go to check out the new
AzzyStudios (12 hours ago)
Barefoot on the grass... Listening to our favorite song Lol loved this song sine I was 7 Now I'm 9 <3
Michael Burgess (12 hours ago)
Greatest music in the world and great movies
Sunny Babar (12 hours ago)
October 2018 anyone???
Sunny Babar (12 hours ago)
I just cant explain how beautiful it is.....love it soo much
Krassi Kostova (13 hours ago)
I love 💕 the song!!!
katiusca valdez (13 hours ago)
Hanna Troscianko (13 hours ago)
YASMINA yasgaz78 (13 hours ago)
Kaio Cesar (13 hours ago)
Baby, i'm dancing in the dark with you between my arms barefoot on the grass listening to our favorite song i have faith in what i see now i know i have met an angel in in person, and she looks perfect i don't deserve this you look perfect tonight ❤🎵🎶
Fatma Aktas (14 hours ago)
Guerra__Sayayin 001 (14 hours ago)
*ME ENCANTA!!!Es super tierna la canción :3*
Art Line (14 hours ago)
Ashlei Haselberger (14 hours ago)
love this song
shah nizan (15 hours ago)
a good song
Mark Harvey Obaña (16 hours ago)
I lovw this song thank for the lyrics
Gaming Yt (16 hours ago)
Nobodys perfect But God Is Always Perfect
Gaming Yt (16 hours ago)
This song is my favorite PERFERCT
Gaming Yt (17 hours ago)
What a nice song
jean vernaula (17 hours ago)
My favorite song😊
Kasiyanto Kasiyanto (17 hours ago)
Good job
Faz Iskandar (17 hours ago)
straight thinking my husband..
Olinasu Olin (17 hours ago)
Joey Cambra (17 hours ago)
Great song
Kelly Mapanga (18 hours ago)
Ed sheeran is a good singer
Nirmala Katuwal (16 hours ago)
No he is a great singer😎💕
Nirmala Katuwal (16 hours ago)
No he is a great singer😎💕
Kamaldeep Brar (18 hours ago)
This song make me cry But this is the PERFECT song
Luisma Ricardo (18 hours ago)
This song is wonderfull, i love this song so much.
chu ฅ'ω'ฅ (19 hours ago)
chu ฅ'ω'ฅ (19 hours ago)
Obaidullah Safi (20 hours ago)
I like also this music because I am fall in love ❤❤❤❤
Rome Wahlang (20 hours ago)
nice song
Eden Hatfield (20 hours ago)
This is a beautiful song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sitti NurCaya (20 hours ago)
The feri good
kawai squishy cookies (21 hours ago)
Kylie Smith (21 hours ago)
When they play this at homecoming but the only guy you'd ever dance with lives far away. 😪
Léa PIPPINATO (22 hours ago)
Always thinking of my girlfriend when I listen to this music <3
Taks Orogo (23 hours ago)
I love this song. I play again ang again
Cindy Burgan (23 hours ago)
Even though I know that our loved doesn't have future but I'm happy and I'm enjoying it right now..... love you much babe...."
Donata Mantovani (1 day ago)
Canzone meravigliosa
Liv Ravin (1 day ago)
Amazing sound : https://youtu.be/HA1FhMY0LIA
Shanny Cuevas (1 day ago)
La canción más hermosa q ya escuche en mi vida .. !! 😉😍😍😍😍😍
Brenda E (1 day ago)
Canción perfecta para la persona que mas amas y A la cual sabes que amarás por siempre💘😍😭😭
sarai vivas (1 day ago)
perfect 🎵💕🎵
Elizabeth Medina (1 day ago)
michael kent (1 day ago)
please listen, like, and share... thx God Bless... https://youtu.be/obgx42CfH-s
Mya Rose (1 day ago)
Sumera Rachel (1 day ago)
october 2018?? but is anyone still going to be still listing in 2019??? like if u will
Yes 🤗😭😭
Gabriel Chavez (1 day ago)
Salvador Jimenez (1 day ago)
Like si te gustaria que te dedicaran algo asi 😄😊😍😚😢
Salvador Jimenez (1 day ago)
Like si te gu
AsianViolaPlayer (1 day ago)
whos watching in 2020
RAHEL 08 (1 day ago)
Ed sheeran looks dantdm
poop gamer (1 day ago)
Not really
Viridiana Islas (1 day ago)
Brandon Wane (1 day ago)
His face looks he flushed the toilet and it clogged and is about to spill
laura lanesra (1 day ago)
Can't wait to meet him.... You perfect in my life😘
Gilea Mariano (1 day ago)
my best idol Ed Sheeran👍💖👏👏👏thank u for sharing ur great and amazing voice to us!!!we love you💖💕
Ban XD (1 day ago)
XtremeEvan 3 (1 day ago)
I was trying to sing the song and he doesn't say some words on the thing that tells you the words
Francesca Piccioli (1 day ago)
Big emotion !!!! 💖💕💖

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