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Ballad songs Girls' Generation

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Kind of music make you smile, make you cry... 1. 00:00 All my love is for you 2. 03:40 Back hug 3. 07:45 Born to be a lady 4. 11:41 Complete 5. 15:31 Danny boy 6. 19:15 Divine 7. 23:23 Everyday love 8. 26:47 Forever 9. 31:12 Girls 10. 35:04 How great is your love 11. 38:55 Indestructible 12. 42:29 Into the new world (Ballad ver) 13. 46:50 Love sick 14. 50:11 Merry christmas 15. 53:51 Not alone 16. 57:17 Promise 17. 1:00:30 Stay girls 18. 1:03:47 Time machine
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Text Comments (6)
Rhoda Portez (18 hours ago)
Almira Mira (10 months ago)
Miss you girls generation I like you song
Nkauj Hmoob Moua (1 year ago)
Love snsd songs so much
Arien Galang (1 year ago)
I love u snsd
Claris Rose (1 year ago)
For the into the new world, you should put the one with jessica instead.
Paige Gonzales (1 year ago)
Divine makes me sob so hard, I can only think of Sica and how much we all miss her. I hear Into The New World and miss Sica's voice, and I just know even the girls feel the missing piece of the legendary group.

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