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Let Her Go Passenger - ASTERINO and Colt Kucker

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This song is a collaboration that we did with Colt Kucker. Unfortunately we could not get together for this video, so we added some pictures of him! We hope that you enjoy our version of the song "Let Her Go" by Passenger We would love if you would SUBSCRIBE to us! Also please LIKE and SHARE! Follow us: Twitter: https://twitter.com/AsterinoSisters @asterinosisters Youtube: https://www.youtube.com//AsterinoSisters Facebook.com/asterinosisters Tumblr: http://www.tumblr.com.asterinosisters Blog: http://www.blogger.com/asterinosisters

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Text Comments (32)
SirThomasCr (4 years ago)
Marius M (4 years ago)
The way you sing girls is beautifull ,the way you smile is sweet and i know cause your hearts are the same special ,just like you too .Keep it up and just try to ignore thouse who dislike your beautifull work you do all the time .
Camaro American Pride (4 years ago)
ASTERINO (4 years ago)
hahahaha thanks for visiting :)
ASTERINO (4 years ago)
her name is Brooklyn :D
ASTERINO (4 years ago)
hi adam:) how have you been?
beckster Love (4 years ago)
What is the little girl called ? X
Adam Jewett (4 years ago)
hi long time no see how have you been doing in school
Aylla Cloud (4 years ago)
Are you guys famous now?
Adam Kaczanowski (4 years ago)
Your Very Welcome xoxox Godbless... love you.
ASTERINO (4 years ago)
thank you for all of your nice comments adam:)
ASTERINO (4 years ago)
muchas gracias laura!
ASTERINO (4 years ago)
Thanks Tony!!
ASTERINO (4 years ago)
Hahaha! Thanks this made us laugh :)
ASTERINO (4 years ago)
Thanks Russell!!
ASTERINO (4 years ago)
Thank you Jenny!
ASTERINO (4 years ago)
Thank you Diane :D
ASTERINO (4 years ago)
well thank you for watching Judith!
ASTERINO (4 years ago)
thank you so much!! XOXO
ASTERINO (4 years ago)
thank you for all of your support!:)
ASTERINO (4 years ago)
haha! xo
Adam Kaczanowski (4 years ago)
Very Nice Work Ladys xo : )
Laura García (4 years ago)
cantais genial!!
Aido27 (4 years ago)
I love your thick Italian eyebrows lol
Russell Ockwell (4 years ago)
Another beautiful production, totally loved it. <3
You girls make a great team! :-)
DidiDiane12 (4 years ago)
Awesome cover! I love your voices<3
Jules L. (4 years ago)
Jules L. (4 years ago)
I Don't like Gold kucker
Margaret Jones (4 years ago)
I miss you guys <3
sfighter991 (4 years ago)
Just a great cover. You girls and Mr.Kucker really did a great job.
Durba (4 years ago)

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