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I'm Gonna Show You Crazy 💔MEME💔 [Read description/Leer Descripción] (Cuphead Oc) (OLD)

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Original: https://youtu.be/l0PLCekBJYE I know it's CRINGE XDDDD Cuphead and Mugman © Studio MDHR Queen Cindy (cuphead oc mine) Pls..i don't ship my oc x cuphead or mugman well queen cindy (my cuphead oc) flirts with the 2 players she makes hearts with her lips just like sally stageplay if you touch those heart you are under her control she just want you to not grab her contract and then 2 round she gets obbsessed with the players 3 round the players broken queen cindy heart and than means she kills the players for not loving her Español: Porfavor..yo no shipeo mi oc con cuphead o mugman bueno queen cindy (mi cuphead oc) coquetea con los jugadores y hace corazones con sus labios igual que sally stageplay si tocas los corazones estas bajo su control ella sólo quiere que no agarres su contrato en el ronda 2 se obsesiona con los jugadores 3 los jugadores rompe el corazón de queen cindy eso significa que ahora matara los jugadores por no amarla
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