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Hi Guys its Dizzy I haven't been uploading videos for a very long time so this is a video how I show you guys how to download Assetto Corsa Download Links:https://mega.nz/#!ygARjYjB!ocKkeWamipTNB03sIZsvItFBl6dUglV_n1DVukv3lXY Torrent Download Link:https://crotorrents.com/assetto-corsa-torrent-download/ password is crohasit.com
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Text Comments (135)
Luda Panda :D (12 days ago)
i have a problem when its installing at 80% to 70% just say uninstaling assetto corsa, when i try to open game there is no asseto corsa exe. please search for program !!!!!!!!!! HELP PLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elias The Great (16 days ago)
Works. Thank you
Need Speed Sweden (21 days ago)
Får man virus
Need Speed Sweden (21 days ago)
DiZzYHD kan man köra online ? Med andra ?
Need Speed Sweden (21 days ago)
DiZzYHD ok då ska jag ladda ner
DiZzYHD (21 days ago)
Need Speed Sweden i min kanal så får man aldrig vurus
at_lexus (25 days ago)
Man tackar för hjälpen! En fråga kan man ladda ner mods?
내일시티 (1 month ago)
Is there troi?
GTA V (1 month ago)
its fit girl repack and i downloaded gta v and worked so ai am downloading asseto corsa
Banger26 (1 month ago)
mods working?
Panos Tsak (1 month ago)
Why 10fbs?
Noor qureshi (1 month ago)
What's your school pc specs??
Kacper ! (1 month ago)
can you tell me winrar password?
Velum (2 months ago)
tackar tackar :D
DiZzYHD (2 months ago)
Velum inga problem
Lylo Kitty (2 months ago)
pasword no work
DiZzYHD (2 months ago)
Lylo Kitty the password is crohasit.com
RoyalGamer YT (2 months ago)
serve STEAM?
yaesuvx7 (2 months ago)
virus ;)
Cheese Man (2 months ago)
Lol Fucking Website
Rachan Rachan (3 months ago)
I tried it's very intersting..........It's good to play racing games bro
DiZzYHD (3 months ago)
Rachan Rachan I am happy for you soon am gona make far cry 5 video
Darren Saddnagim (3 months ago)
Hi, the online mode isn't working Please Help
Tito Fesadianto (2 months ago)
STOPPED WORKING AT 82,4% *fixed -run administator
Tito Fesadianto (1 month ago)
DBase LV just run administator and work
DBase LV (1 month ago)
what exactly do you run as administrator? i need help on the same problem. Did you also have some error messages?
Giorgos Anstk (3 months ago)
How am i suppose to put mods in the game?
TheDarNightV bc (4 months ago)
You have my like,Good Job <3
DiZzYHD (4 months ago)
Thanks men much love :D
Gunalco kiazimov (4 months ago)
michał Kowal (4 months ago)
I downloaded from torrent and its all ok but it is not working while i clikc start engine. Its loading and back to main menu please can you help me?
EGIL IZM (4 months ago)
#svengelska XD
markblader balangatan (4 months ago)
nice :)
michał Kowal (4 months ago)
its not fake?
markblader balangatan (4 months ago)
nice video
Martin Bilec (4 months ago)
Zdravím je to někdo kdo píše v češtine potřeboval bych heslo abych si to mohl přetáhnout na plochu
Martin Bilec (4 months ago)
už to mám heslo je crohasit.com nekopírovat ale napsat :D
raul9011 (5 months ago)
Can you still mod it like the original?
Giorgos Anstk (3 months ago)
Maestro (5 months ago)
Vilken version av spelet?
Mr.PrO (5 months ago)
Assetto Corsa fit girl not gril :D
DatoGamer HD (5 months ago)
DiZzYHD (5 months ago)
u asked online i sad nope its not online
DatoGamer HD (5 months ago)
what nope
DiZzYHD (5 months ago)
DatoGamer HD nope
Battle Potat0 (5 months ago)
Does it have Multiplayer?
Turbo kiwi (6 months ago)
OMG DAT REally work boi like
Saxaki (6 months ago)
working 100% any change too play on line some day :P
brian simmons (6 months ago)
can u help
brian simmons (6 months ago)
i already downloaded it and tried it but its laggy
GTA V (1 month ago)
PattyIsBack radio (2 months ago)
get a better pc mate
brian simmons (6 months ago)
intel R hd graphics
brian simmons (6 months ago)
Can it work on 4gb ram intel R celeron R CPU 1000m 1.80GHz 64 bit
DiZzYHD (6 months ago)
not sure what graphic card do you have
brian simmons (6 months ago)
what is the password
DiZzYHD (6 months ago)
or crohasit.com
DiZzYHD (6 months ago)
logic gunner (6 months ago)
Lmaooo he lagging straight aahahahaha
DiZzYHD (3 months ago)
logic gunner ye it was on my school pc
CrewRiderz (6 months ago)
so when a new update is out, what can I do? and can i play online?? asking because I really wanted to play this game and post in my channel
CrewRiderz (6 months ago)
DiZzYHD (6 months ago)
I don't think that you are going to be available to play online
i want to fucking die (6 months ago)
does multiplayer work?
DiZzYHD (6 months ago)
Patrik Šaray (6 months ago)
It does not work. I still have that error with memory dump and log files. And when I trying to launch it as administrator, it still does not work
Game TV (7 months ago)
`Ja du är svensk
jahsh jahsh (2 months ago)
Är det lagligt i Sverige att få den här game gratis?
Ahmedlimods (4 months ago)
ja med
Lulle Kebabrulle (4 months ago)
Oskar Astrand (5 months ago)
DiZzYHD jaa med
DiZzYHD (7 months ago)
Game TV jao
Dokata Kidd (7 months ago)
need password
The Monster (6 months ago)
DiZzYHD (7 months ago)
crohaist.com is the password
frederick soh (7 months ago)
can I play Assetto Corsa on windows 8?????please help me.need it ASAP
DiZzYHD (7 months ago)
frederick soh i am not sure maby maby not i am vary bad att windows 8 never used it what is the problem
Tikory (8 months ago)
Hey man thanks you SO much! I wanted to play Assetto Corsa since it came out and i've never got a chance to play it and this video is very helpful! Thank you!
Thami 5.1.6 (5 months ago)
I trust u bitch
DiZzYHD (7 months ago)
Angel Kidoo np
Que Tips (8 months ago)
guys just literally type crohasit.com don't copy and paste into the thing bc its not gonna work
Waleed Wahidi (8 months ago)
the download from megaupload is 13gb not 6, also its the game files not setup files. every time i try to start a race the game crashes.
Waleed Wahidi (8 months ago)
alright ill give it a shot.
DiZzYHD (8 months ago)
Waleed Wahidi Try the torrent one
BlowDatEngine445 (8 months ago)
I have a error when i click start engine help
Ice Gaming (7 months ago)
i download it from torrent and the error is still there more help?
DiZzYHD (7 months ago)
BlowDatEngine445 IF you downloaded from mega dident work download from torrrnt
JoshTheGamer 1021 (8 months ago)
Why is my pc said its 16gb in yours its just 6gb.
DiZzYHD (7 months ago)
JoshTheGamer 1021 beacuse it have been updated the game
GangStyle (9 months ago)
thank bro suka bech
Stanced (4 months ago)
sad gipove XDDD
DiZzYHD (9 months ago)
GangStyle no problem enjiy
Stanced (9 months ago)
bro i trust u imma try it.
Bar Brothers Sweden (8 months ago)
ohh sweet
DiZzYHD (9 months ago)
Turbo Style remember u allways can trust my videos
DiZzYHD (9 months ago)
np enjoy
Marko mosTo (10 months ago)
Why my setup has stopped working? pls help me fast
DiZzYHD (9 months ago)
try to download it agian how is it going for you i am sorry i didnet aswear you that fast that they you send my the messege but its been 3 weaks now how is it going for you
DiZzYHD (9 months ago)
do by your risk this is the game meen i find it some how and here you go want to download it do it
CaZeN Production (9 months ago)
did it work for u it work for me
Marko mosTo (10 months ago)
windows 10, i will try on mega
DiZzYHD (10 months ago)
download the game on mega if you still have problems connect to my discord and lets talk about it what your problem is
ImFaisalTo (10 months ago)
what is WinRAR password ?
StarFlash PvP (7 months ago)
you can't copy it, you need to write it :D
Bryan Nguyen (8 months ago)
the password doesn;t work please help
DiZzYHD (10 months ago)
np bro enjoy ;D
ImFaisalTo (10 months ago)
ty <3
DiZzYHD (10 months ago)
password is crohasit.com

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