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SNSD - I love you (Nuhreul Saranghae) S.E.S @ FM Inkigayo Aug13.2007 GIRLS' GENERATION Live

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소녀시대 유리 태연 티파니 서현 제시카 - 너를사랑해 에스이에스 K-pop girls'generation snsd yuri taeyeon tiffany seohyun jessica sonyuhshidae soshi

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Text Comments (92)
Rosé Chaeng (1 month ago)
Can someone bring me back in this era😭💔
Luke Park (2 months ago)
보컬들 다서서 제대로 부르려고하는데 보컬라인도 아닌 유리혼자 앉아있는거 별로다
배바밤바 (26 days ago)
스탠드 마이크 개수가 부족했던거 같은데
Nga Nguyễn (3 months ago)
Jessica no1
Agape Montefalco (4 months ago)
How I wish SM create this SUB GROUP! :*
Agape Montefalco (4 months ago)
2018 :*
Honco To (4 months ago)
Sica voice at 1:50 OMGGGGG 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Muhammad Fasya (5 months ago)
I see taengsic omg so good
Reb Reb (5 months ago)
Tiffany's pitch and vibrato is always onpoint! 👑
이원기 (6 months ago)
Jennifer Santos (9 months ago)
I think Jessica's voice suits SES songs very well.
Agape (1 year ago)
4 powerful vocals, Why sm didn't think about them 4. 😢
Riasyah Alwaja (1 year ago)
sh choi (1 year ago)
1:50 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ고음 너무 좋아ㅠㅠ
Mien Flores (1 year ago)
where can i find this full?
봌겸랼루 (1 year ago)
이거 보니까 왤케 슬프지 갑자기.....
Fiorella Mucha (2 years ago)
SNSD is the best harmonizing ♥
shinhawk (2 years ago)
Sica's voice is really suited to cover Shoo and Eugene's portions.
Missinvisibleful (2 years ago)
참 달콤한의 노래 ,달콤한의 목소리 ❤️ 소녀시대 짱!
kaonashi 2391 (2 years ago)
Those harmony literally kills me. Really miss the old days soshi and me being a hardcore sone. Jessica is no doubt the queen of harmony. Hope they all do well in their own path.
Gx_C Happiness (3 years ago)
Seohyun ❤️ SNSD😍
qnnana .s (3 years ago)
I'm here 2016!!! I miss Jessica so much😭😭😭
youngoh kim (1 year ago)
qnnana .s ㅣㅣ
Jeff Phatcharawat (2 years ago)
Same here 😯
박초롱리더 (3 years ago)
The best rendition of this song for me... Probably I am bought by the harmonization... This group is truly gold... Not only Seohyun is queen of harmonization, Jessica and Taeyeon are, as well.
양나영 (3 years ago)
이거 좀 강제 mr 제거인 듯ㅋㅋㅋㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Kekeke Ro (3 years ago)
jessica's voice really suits this song
hezekiah baker (3 years ago)
Fany Nuhreul Saranghae <3
Tita Herlita (3 years ago)
Snsd,,,,is the best!!!!!!!!!!
JS L (4 years ago)
메인보컬 차이 많이 심하네 ;;;;
두산 (2 years ago)
+JS L 아.. 여자 그룹 보컬른 바다를 이길 사람은 없는거 같아요 ㅎ..
JS L (2 years ago)
ses바다와 차이가 심하단거죠
두산 (2 years ago)
? 태연과 제시카 차이가 심하다는 건가요..? 이해를 못해가지고..
Fiona Gail Ponan (4 years ago)
Seohyunie queen of harmonizing :) 
Zoe Fortez (2 years ago)
+Seo TaengSINK Yeah, it was clearly Jessica
Irene's Tunes (3 years ago)
i think jessica was harmonizing here
Sand Sue (4 years ago)
Gosh I miss You...
yulsawa81 (4 years ago)
walkiria frias (4 years ago)
An-Rou Gong (5 years ago)
Yul was sitting there in pink LOL so cute~
Yanny Ko (5 years ago)
yuri sica
2cute2luvable (5 years ago)
taengsic harmonization <3 i miss it
MrJuzlove102 (5 years ago)
I'm a bit surprised when Yuri sang, I did try to find her :))
aimland (5 years ago)
Then go away to your bigbang oppas's clips. Why bother listen to snsd here? No offense, but really.... why bother?
r-faisal (5 years ago)
big bang did it better ^^
bevSoshified (5 years ago)
yuri so cute..
TheFatKid128 (5 years ago)
i miss tiffany and her accent she used to have, i thought it was sooo cute
Jibjib Patt (5 years ago)
Sica's voice AHHHH love it
jad f (6 years ago)
omg taeyeon
박홍수 (6 years ago)
Taeyeon ♥♥♥♥♥
caramel coffee (6 years ago)
Huh. It IS rare to hear Sica harmonize. I notice that Seobaby is in charge of doing the high harmonisation most of the time. She has a very stable falsetto
Gaming101 (6 years ago)
좋은 노래! 당신에게 예쁜 여자의 신용을!
Minh Thu Nguyen (6 years ago)
Jennifer Chau (6 years ago)
that would be Miss lovely Jessica's voice haha
Ohimesama1f (6 years ago)
You know that might be Jessica's voice IDK XDD
Ohimesama1f (6 years ago)
Well this is debut so she wasn't as good at it as she is now.
TyTimeIsAwesome (6 years ago)
Are you sure? Lol, she's usually good at harmonizing.
Ohimesama1f (6 years ago)
That is SeoHyun's voice.
Ohimesama1f (6 years ago)
Sunny isn't there.
Nares Anindya (6 years ago)
LOL Yuri sang? But why? She's not even the main vocalist Sunny should
tifffanyT (6 years ago)
cool, i was just clarifying
Pierce Hunter (6 years ago)
well i was answering ur question :)
tifffanyT (6 years ago)
well, of course...she was JUST 16 in here, she's 21 now
Pierce Hunter (6 years ago)
she matured
tifffanyT (6 years ago)
how changed??
TyTimeIsAwesome (6 years ago)
lol whos high pitch voice happens when they are harmonizing? lol...
Jennifer Santos (18 days ago)
It's Jessica's voice, the one at the right wearing gray sweater :)
Aries_ET (6 years ago)
SNSD, Nuhreal Saranghae! Please take care and keep healthy
payless09 (6 years ago)
good, but i'd still pefer SES over alot of the kpop groups these days
Kagamine Rin (6 years ago)
Jessica >3< You Pretty I like you Jessica Jung
halotango3 (7 years ago)
I like big bangs version better xD
shellajay09 (7 years ago)
Seohyun's voice change a lot now a days. Her voice is not like this .. i think .
enesjei (7 years ago)
jessica <3 but she kinda off at being 2nd sound... too dominate (2nd sound should be a bit quieter right?)... she should sang this as 1st vocal!!
Yohanes Verchelino (7 years ago)
saranghae SNSD ♥SoNyeoShiDae♥
mashrumfany07 (7 years ago)
@vip21sone I agree Yul is really important but every single member is IMPORTANT also because we cannot call them SNSD (Girls Generation) without them being 9 =)
Iman Sofia (2 years ago)
Yeah.....but now they're 8.....
Amelia Rose (7 years ago)
@mashrumfany07 Because Tiffany has a loud voice while Jessica has a soft voice, either way they are good singers.
lovejessica (7 years ago)
@Heart2Heartization listen to this first before you say her voice got weaker watch?v=d_qdeZ_E2TY&feature=results_video&playnext=1&list=PLD3DD186AE0BF4E20 the reason her voice got weaker was because during her blonde hair she have her musical going on and because of snsd busy schedule
vip21sone (7 years ago)
@xsecret93 You shouldn't judge Yuri's voice just based off of this video though. She is no where near the 5 main vocalists in SNSD, but she has improved LOADS since their debut(impressive considering members such as Jessica got weaker). But from this video and factoring in how she's using a different mic than the rest, I understand completely where you're coming from. But, Yuri's really important to SNSD because she's their second best dancer.
cube (7 years ago)
I love the part where Taeyeon harmonizes for Jessica. Their voices are just love :)
mashrumfany07 (7 years ago)
TaengooSeulGi KimKang (7 years ago)
TAE YEON's voice was so amazing in this song....I SO LOVE HER AND HER VOICE...^_^ TAENYHYUNSIC JJANG!!!...SNSD JJANG!!!...TAE YEON JJANG!!!...^_^
obs11122 (7 years ago)
perfect live
Hoho Mi (7 years ago)
@12zuzus i dont think that made her voice sounds like that...if u listen to the original song,,,it is really sounds like that..maybe sica want to make it sound same as the original..she is really talented,,her voice always sound great in every song!!! <3
Bee Bee (7 years ago)
Why don't they get these kinds of songs for their own singles. They certainly can handle the little more complex arrangement. This is fantastic!
ONCEfineapplinus (7 years ago)
@clarabell94 wait she wasn't the host?
Hien Trang Le (8 years ago)
I can recognize Jessi's voice easily.....So unique Love Jessi forever
Hebe_TY_Wheein0215 (8 years ago)
0:51 is Taeyeon 1:47 is Jessica. They sing same part!! but I think Tae is better.
Ba Bae (8 months ago)
Soneful no. Thats how the song should really be sung. Thats the original key. Bada used her chest voice in doing tae's part but a softer one, not as strong as the 2nd. I really miss this boldness from Jessica. Hope she can be this confident again. 😭 Tiff did well here too. Am i the only one who prefers Tiff's voice before getting her nodules out?
ugh, your mind (8 months ago)
Ba Bae its because jess used her chest voice by an accident clearly bc she realized the note was too short to belt it out completely. taeng used her head voice. both sounded great, but the original version, the chest voice was used at that part.
Ba Bae (8 months ago)
Hebe_TY_Wheein0215 Jess' part was harder tho. She had to belt till the end while Taeyeon used her head voice after she hit the note.
EnemySoldier (8 years ago)
they nailed it - almost as good as the original.

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