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JungKook (BTS) - "IF YOU" Cover [The King of Mask Singer Ep 72]

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Text Comments (5077)
박 지민 (1 hour ago)
GGhaddd saranghaeyo jungkook babe💜
little cute in5an (15 hours ago)
Angel voice
little cute in5an (15 hours ago)
His voice I fall in love with Jungkook Jungkook♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Rachel Domingo (16 hours ago)
I love you baby ko 😂❤
nur iffani (16 hours ago)
like 👍
Bí mật (18 hours ago)
YI GU (19 hours ago)
Gamts Channel (19 hours ago)
A.R.M.Y bơi vào đây 😍😍😍😘😘
just passing by (20 hours ago)
Gosh, I just realized that he is wearing fencing clothes 😂
Isabel Moreira (23 hours ago)
Só pela voz da para saber que é o Jungkook ninguém tem essa voz de anjinho igual a dele
Cosplay fanny (1 day ago)
Who's INDONESIA??????
Nur Qaisara (1 day ago)
Who is watching this on 2018??
Love As It Is (1 day ago)
Healing 😭💗💗 Big Hit. Music for healing. Jungkookie 💗 Prince, you heal my soul and heart 🌙🌼
Potato Jams (1 day ago)
loucas por BTS (1 day ago)
Alguma br
Mint (1 day ago)
my baby boy
Freign Stewart (1 day ago)
Before.. the first person i know in bts is only jungkook ... until.now.. he is the only one I know...
+Freign Stewart svt notamment their music?
Freign Stewart (1 day ago)
I like them as KPOP artist but not their music... and i liked them more coz they like BigBang... I saw them often singing bigbang songs before...
okay hun, here are the other members ya need to KNOW Jungkook ( Jeon Jungkook ) jimin ( park jimin ) v ( kim taehyung ) rm, rapmon, rapmonster ( kim namjoon ) suga ( min yoongi ) j-hope ( Jung hoseok) Jin ( kim seokjin ) 👍✌
Rahma Eka Handhita (1 day ago)
So I'm here while waiting for Fake Love Japanese MV y'all... 💜👍 It's always good to listen his beautiful voice 💜🐰
hisoka (1 day ago)
beautiful voice
BTS Gives Me Life (1 day ago)
I know jungkook's voice well so I knew it was him
FLOWERS GAMING (1 day ago)
M H (1 day ago)
jin the banana (2 days ago)
Omg I’m getting goosebumps. I’m sweating his voice is amazing!
Lightray Heart (2 days ago)
I'm gonna cry it's to beautiful
Lightray Heart (2 days ago)
I'm ded pls heeeyyylllppp
Vin Diether (2 days ago)
At the end of the show. *Me:* Can I have his mask?
Que bonito te amo mi bb
åesthetic chånel (2 days ago)
In the thumbnail he looked like taehyung
åesthetic chånel (2 days ago)
No offence but when jungkook wore that bodysuit he look kinda funny
Loyal ARMY (2 days ago)
This is why he's the main vocalist of BTS! Jungkook is so talented. Everyone I watch this I feel a little emotional. His is so soothing and my ears love it! 😂😊
Jungkook 😍😍
Bij Grace (2 days ago)
His vibrato mayn. His vibrato is dayyum fine
Lisa Blackpink (2 days ago)
i'm from VIP. i miss YOU ♡BIGBANG Thank you JungKook😍😍😍
Nadia5665b Butlee (2 days ago)
Wowwwwwww 😘😘😘
Lala Hlui (2 days ago)
Watch, 2019 and I’ll still end up here
Я будто один занимаюсь фехтованием !!!! Он в фехтовальном костюмчике
Eunice Martinez (2 days ago)
Jungkook Breaths Me: "ofcourse its Jungkook" You know why?? *LOOK AT THE TITLE LOL*
hwbsm KING (2 days ago)
yah and that's our main vocalist the king of everything main vocalist lead dancer sub rapper center/ face of d grp best body calm n composed best at sports so basically a golden maknae
Bts a.R.M.y (2 days ago)
It is Jungkook😍😍😍😍
Texury 25 (3 days ago)
#The FluffyPanda (2 days ago)
Mary Koch (3 days ago)
Simplemente, ME ENCANTA!
Magda (3 days ago)
D&JUNGKOOK CUDLLY (3 days ago)
voice beautiful , i love you Jung kook
asdaf dfa (3 days ago)
00:32 "ay chuta" :v
SeokJinSky Kim (3 days ago)
My baby kookie kyeopta😍😘i m so proud of you baby😘😍
first time i heard this and for the first time I knew jungkook and BTS. so angelic voice
V Kook Stans (3 days ago)
soft...rose pink... stable..
rashida oh (3 days ago)
hay jungkook i so inlove to you i not fun of bts
kmbtrzz 13 (3 days ago)
Bagus bat anjy❤️
BTS I- Lovelies (3 days ago)
Jasmine Aguete (4 days ago)
This will never gets old.
Aashi Mohun (4 days ago)
So beautiful tears rolled down my cheeks Forever an Army 💕🔥
Kathy Bagamasbad (4 days ago)
JungKook I Love You
Lets Get Crackin (4 days ago)
Bro he breathed and I knew it was Jungkook
Jam Jam Plays (4 days ago)
Damn puberty! (Breathes the air) Me: (breathes in) IT'S JUNGKOOKIE OPPPAAAAAAAAAA
I'm ARMY I love BTS (4 days ago)
Golden makne
FarhanaWaheeda (4 days ago)
Im here again
Riya ten (4 days ago)
I was moved in 0:47 his voice is like an angel, so soft, so pure and amazing Kookie💞😘 Army: so pleased by his voice 😘
Iffat Nurshad (5 days ago)
I love Jungkook voice
golden rose (5 days ago)
i'll spead his honey voice to my bread for breakfast
Black Knight (5 days ago)
BTS jungkook 😎
Bella Sky (5 days ago)
The part 'IF YOU' reminds me to Jongkook's part in Buffterfly. It sounds the same 😆😆😆
thiare montecino (5 days ago)
Que hermosa vos 😍😍😍
Honestly, Jungkook have a pretty and nice voice... But that's all. His voice is really good on this music but... His voice is not original or unique for a singer. If in the title we don't see that it's him, i'd never going to know who is this boy who singing. This is sad that all people won't see the truth...
bbb 23 (3 days ago)
Daniel/Lizzie/Iso Hofst oh I appreciate your opinion, but imho I think his voice is unique.. And I'm sure people who have listened to his voice can guess that its him by keeping attention to his vocal colour and his way of singing.. But yeah maybe we have different opinion, its ok 😊
ting vie vie (5 days ago)
Love you jung kook Fans suport
Jeon Jungkook lover (5 days ago)
ARMY #1 (5 days ago)
Wtf I had a big hit ad serendipity
Bigdaddy Leonard (5 days ago)
His voice is literally perfection. He's not the main vocalist of BTS for nothing.💖💖💖💖
Diem Thuy Do (5 days ago)
Nkaøhøm mmm (6 days ago)
KoreanlyDramatic (6 days ago)
Y'all could already tell its Jungkook.
Maggie Wang (6 days ago)
Who else comes back every so often because Jungkooks vocals are so FRICKING mesmerizing ❤️
I'm Fine - R (6 days ago)
I love jungkook's voice
Smeraldo BTS (6 days ago)
The voice from angel, I love you Jungkook 💜💜💜
Ha Hoang (6 days ago)
My Jungkook 😍
I love CNCO (6 days ago)
Omg ....jungkook
Aditi S Govind (6 days ago)
Jin should participate in this show. Like if you agree
gamma gamma (6 days ago)
это когда было?
Jungkookie Chimchim (6 days ago)
Jungkook: *stands there* Me: that’s jungkook
Jungkookie Chimchim (6 days ago)
castillo fam (6 days ago)
fatin fatiha (6 days ago)
I recognise jungkook voice anywhere in a heartbeat
Mai Nguyễn (7 days ago)
My JK is the best !!!
No Jams For Jimin (7 days ago)
*overused comment* Jk: -breathes- Me: it’s jungkookie
Muero Yo : respiracion de boca a boca Jungkook: ................. Okno😜
ARMY BTS (7 days ago)
How can u people not recognize jeon kookies voice? YAAA
KawaiiPinkCheeks (7 days ago)
When my sister watched this and said come here to see if I could guess who it is When I heard the voice I said "that's junkook it's so obvious" her jaw dropped
panda pop lier (7 days ago)
JK so sweet voice im 24 but I feel 16yr old I feel in love again 😂😍😍😍😍😍😍 watching from Philippines
FATIN MZLN (7 days ago)
I keep coming here and watch this video again and again 😍
Mitsuha Taki (7 days ago)
Thee voice is to lovely and sweet
I got no jams! (7 days ago)
I want to hear his voice because i'm feeling down.
Risna Hanna (7 days ago)
Cidreal (7 days ago)
Unknown Man : *breathes* ARMYS: THAT’S JUNGKOOKIE MA DUDES!
Alliya Suferdian (8 days ago)
Omg he’s wearing fencing mask!!!!!!!!! Im army and im a fencerrr 💓💓💓
MIN YOONGI (8 days ago)
Beautiful 💙💙💙💜💞
Izzy Woods (8 days ago)
J RV (8 days ago)
Sobb sobb crying so bad beautiful voice
Demon Wolf (8 days ago)
I am not even an army but I have to say this, Jungkook has to be the best male vocalist, and Rosé from BLACKPINK is the best female vocalist. If u don’t agree well... idk. It’s just my VERY strong opinion
Iskandar Abdullah99 (1 day ago)
Yuju Wendy johyo said hye
Demon Wolf (2 days ago)
nico sqeauler I know but it’s my opinion
nico sqeauler (3 days ago)
Demon Wolf that’s so wrong

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