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Fastest Utorrent Download Settings - Updated February 2017

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Hi guys in this video i'll show you how to increase your utorrent speed. Follow me on twitter : https://twitter.com/VipulM_1 Donations via paytm: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jwfc56pnpm9skrr/Image-1.png?dl=0 (Just scan the QR code and pay ;) Every tip is appreciated thankyou :) Donation through stream: https://youtube.streamlabs.com/killswitch2 Fastest Utorrent Download Settings - Updated September 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZ4ZVs-OsEU (HAVING A TORRENT WITH GREATER SEEDS & LEECHERS IS THE FIRST PRIORITY) It may take sometime to increase your utorrent speed. try these ports if the port from the video doesnt work- 11136 15987 11132 18368 make utorrent downlaod Faster more down up speed in utorrent how to speed up utorrent how to speed up utorrent 3.3.2 how to make utorrent faster how to make utorrent download faster utorrent best settings how to increase utorrent download speed how to increase utorrent speed best settings for utorrent utorrent fastest settings utorrent 3.4.2 utorrent 3.4.2 speed up utorrent speed increase utorrent best settings utorrent latest settings utorrent 2014 utorrent fastest settings utorrent download utorrent 3.3 utorrent 3.2 download utorrent utorrent free download utorent utorrent search utorrent.com utorrent download free utorrents www.torrentz.com www.torrentz2.eu free download utorrent utorrent free microtorrent u torent utorrent 3.3 download utorrent free utorrnet mutorrent u torrents utorrent downloader utorrent software utorre μtorrent download utorrrent mtorent utorrent 3.0 utorrnt utorrent software download free utorrent download free utorrent utoreent utorremt utorrent.exe download utorrent for free utorrent latest version improve download speed utorrent make utorrent downlaod Faster more down up speed in utorrent how to speed up utorrent how to speed up utorrent 3.3.2 how to make utorrent faster how to make utorrent download faster how to increase utorrent download speed how to increase utorrent speed best settings for utorrent How To Speedup utorrent by 100% - 2014 speedup utorrent make download speed fast make internet speed fast how to make utorrent fast how to download torrents faster speed up bittorrent best bittorrent settings how to
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Text Comments (864)
KillSwitch (1 year ago)
Can we get 500 likes?
FredbareMSPGameplay (4 months ago)
Fuck head
Ali Records (6 months ago)
it didnt worked
Luka K (10 months ago)
Josiah Lallan (27 days ago)
ILOVEPINK (1 month ago)
brom 9 hors to infinite
dfg dfsg (1 month ago)
help my wont go higher than 2 kbs plz help
Devina o.p. (2 months ago)
what the best port for indonesia?
Arrow Games (2 months ago)
???????? I went from 1.5mb to 82kb
technical guy (2 months ago)
Fuck you. blume
jeff soiy1 (2 months ago)
3 hours to 8 hours ?
Jadon Cadiz (3 months ago)
Thank you so much bro you're helping me !!
sinarain yovesh (3 months ago)
thanks man (from 100kb to 10 kb) lol
jehad al-hasan (3 months ago)
nothing changed
karthi rockers (3 months ago)
3mbs super video
Mine Is 700+kbps and sometimes it goes up to 1mb :) thanks i subscribed!
Golden PH (4 months ago)
it really worked 76kb to 1.2mb
Elite Gamer (4 months ago)
Manzoor Ghori_Official (4 months ago)
Fuck youuuu crashed my utorrent gta v downloaded 50% in 3 days and you crashed my utorrent
EduPark Krupesh (5 months ago)
Its working, thanks! you got a like from me :)
yehia 321321 (5 months ago)
Thanks you saved me from having to download gta v 64 gb in 2 months and made it just 2 weeks
samiullah saeed (5 months ago)
we could leave it as it is instead of using your way jerk
Azeemurrehman Mirza (5 months ago)
Genius, thank you Bro !!
luckycoady (6 months ago)
It works at 10 or 11mbs for about 30 seconds and then reduces to 3kbs. Is there a way for this to stay stable?
khant khantminn (6 months ago)
Is really working???
Sowrav Hs (6 months ago)
Adel Ouls (6 months ago)
It worked ! Tnx bro
Ariff Aiman (7 months ago)
Thank you so much killswitch 😁
ScorpionXoXGT (7 months ago)
GUYS THIS VIDEO SUCKS DICKS Check this one out https://youtu.be/Td9zdrr7jvs
Jonsku (7 months ago)
Omg in dumbnail 4.0/smb i have 366kt/s
SIDAHMED HIMOUR (7 months ago)
nik mok nik jedatek nikhom ga3 weld 9ahba
Nekoz (8 months ago)
mj or dj (8 months ago)
omg it works thanks for the help
mj or dj (8 months ago)
omg it works thanks for the help
mj or dj (8 months ago)
omg it works thanks for the help
TSM Craft (8 months ago)
Not work's :(((
andrei avenido (8 months ago)
IT WORKED THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 60 kbps max to 2.5MB
Itz 3duard0 (8 months ago)
This bruh this actually worked thank man it was 340.23kb to 1.8 mb
VNCE gamer (8 months ago)
really worked...thanks...ehehe
xTytaa (8 months ago)
3.2 kbps to 5.2 kpbs I don't know if it helped me..
ThatOne Gamer (8 months ago)
Thank you so much...Subscribed
iiNero Redx (8 months ago)
it didn't work but thx good work bro
Jayniee Arduo (8 months ago)
guys try this port 18318 if u have slow net ex: 34.1kbps to 189-389kbps
Icy Frost (9 months ago)
WORST THING I EVER HAD IS FROM 5 5.0 kb/s to 1 kb
tidy everytime (9 months ago)
Thank alot bro!
Barry Allen (9 months ago)
What's the best port right now?
Paritosh Mohite (9 months ago)
cool bro my speed increased from 39 kbps to 400kbps
I Get High Sometimes (9 months ago)
i didnt do it but my download speed was 5mb/s i downloaded gta 5 for only 7 minute lol
Pelesit Messi (9 months ago)
thank you very very much
IsHMaM Abdullah (9 months ago)
Does it works on android utorrent???
Om Khedekar (9 months ago)
Working!!!!plz try
Fireghost911 (9 months ago)
mine went to 200 to 500 good improvement
Suresh Shrestha0920 (9 months ago)
tysm it worked 45 kb/s to 227kb/s
Ks (9 months ago)
thanks, it worked, 02/10/2017
Alopex Wolf (9 months ago)
I am still connected with the peers :(((
Alopex Wolf (9 months ago)
Anilaj 10 (9 months ago)
i got 1mb tanx bro
RABBANI MUHAMMAD (9 months ago)
didn't work for me always stuck in 400 kb
sai krishna (9 months ago)
wt the fuck ? its not working
Diamond Cake (9 months ago)
OMG WTF.....! from,30kbps to 8mbps OMG
VTeaMWolFV (9 months ago)
thanks a lot. It worked a lot more than I thought
Shaunak Das (10 months ago)
My internet speed is faster than yours !!!!!!
ITZFUZIONBOY (10 months ago)
i sub and liked
JACK RAIDER (10 months ago)
wow its work! tnx man.... here get a like & sub!
Stewart (10 months ago)
@KillSwitch What sorcery is this?! I have never knew torrenting at this level. Big up, mate.
KillSwitch (10 months ago)
Stewart thanks mate :)
Mine Get 70kbs to 5kbs ._.
d3xter xtn (10 months ago)
woow god damn it... what a great video went from 4.2mb/s to 10ko/s thanks a lot for you time i really appreciate that... keep it up lol :c
Nephilim Gabriel (10 months ago)
It will only use 10% of your maximum download speed no more then that... So if you have a crappy service package from your ISP like 10mbps or 20 mbps all you will get is 1-2MB download increase your package and pay more if you want faster speeds!
PowerCheese LoL (10 months ago)
Thanks! It went form 200kb/s to 4mb/s
KillSwitch (10 months ago)
+PowerCheese LoL welcome! Please don't forget to subscribe:)
andiano castino (10 months ago)
400.5 - 14.8 thanks you make it slower
gold box (10 months ago)
jest i sub
gold box (10 months ago)
i get more up speed not down speed lol
Hakar Hawar (10 months ago)
Deepankar Prasad (10 months ago)
not working
saud khanche (10 months ago)
it is not downloading in 1mps
ahmadoo __.1 (10 months ago)
my 59kb /to 663kb
ahmadoo __.1 (10 months ago)
my one is not working
Ali Williams (10 months ago)
That's crap I have 15mb a second lmao XD 😂
Chris M (10 months ago)
shalinikaur shah (10 months ago)
Nice 20 kbps to 100kbps
Roronoa Zoro (10 months ago)
didnt work for me :( feelsbadman
A T (11 months ago)
thanks a lot bro it works ... now my torrent is faster ...
KillSwitch (11 months ago)
Opurbo Balok your welcome.. please make sure you subscribe
ENTERTAIN WORLD (11 months ago)
I have 3.2( build 43916) 32 bit uTorrent, We save the same setting, i have 2mbps Internet package,, but my downloading speed is not increase, he is decrease,, solved my problems plzz,
ENTERTAIN WORLD (11 months ago)
KillSwitch so. And i want every mobile every screen unlocker software. Do you have any idea of this.
KillSwitch (11 months ago)
ENTERTAIN WORLD make sure your torrent has greater amount of seeds & leechers
samerabdullah king (11 months ago)
Wheatley (11 months ago)
omg it works
Black XP (11 months ago)
500kb to 1mb
thebad roadguy (11 months ago)
the fastest way if to get google fiber I got it and seed is over 11.6 mbpsfrom 11.6mbps it increases to 12 mbpsnot much speed but thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hit ur like buttondon't ask me to subscribe luv u guys!!!!!!!!!!(:
Burak Zor (11 months ago)
0.1 kb/s to 5.2 mb/s
KillSwitch (11 months ago)
Burak Zor omg ;)
Burak Zor (11 months ago)
Matheus Simas (11 months ago)
Vo reclamar que voce ganhou
Imagineon (11 months ago)
Nadia Oropeza (11 months ago)
it works 100% mine went from 56 to 500
Diamond Trials (11 months ago)
the sound is creepy
Ashwath Logesh (11 months ago)
my speed is still 120 kps can u help me to fix ks
Plague Angel (1 year ago)
from 10 kbs i when to 200 kbs thx!...
Kalyan Dbz (1 year ago)
Awesome videos now my utorrent speed is 5.8mb per second. Thank you @kill switch :)
KillSwitch (11 months ago)
Welcome :))
Rahul Ajmeria (1 year ago)
nothing improved
Haris Awan (1 year ago)
What will be the port in Pakistan?
DarkPlayz (1 year ago)
thx dude subbed
KillSwitch (11 months ago)
Welcome :))
Hunter Barkel (1 year ago)
My average is already 3.4 mb/s
thanks. 30 minute to 2 hours
Satyam Sahu (1 year ago)
thanks u very much first mine speed is 5mbps but now it goes 20mbps thanks u very much
KillSwitch (11 months ago)
Welcome :))
Ismar Muslić (1 year ago)
For Europe the best port is 27361
rhythm (1 year ago)
Hi I am not getting more than 500Kbps...

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