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[K-POP] How Great Is Your Love by Girls' Generation

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Title: How Great Is Your Love Artist: Girls' Generation Sing along sing along sing along the k-pop you love and give us some feedback guys! Program: M Countdown Channel: Mnet Company: CJ E&M
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Text Comments (98)
carina haben (6 months ago)
Jessica ❤️
Norilyn Boras (7 months ago)
What a great song.... JANG!!! SOOYOUNG
Azka dalyla (7 months ago)
jessica's voice oh my God 😍😍😍
Jojo Aja (1 year ago)
who watch this on 2017 and still mesmerize 😊 .. sooyoung look so feminime and lovely... thanks for this lovely song
Riela KOKORO (2 years ago)
it will never be the same withouth Jessica ....
teyhah manja (2 years ago)
Daebak jessica eunie voice.....but she left in gg group right. .《ㅠ_ㅠ》
아이슴ISM (3 years ago)
I really miss them like this (complete T.T). Really love the lyrics, great work Sooyoung eonnie =)
Jinki (3 years ago)
Mary Grace Cabasug (4 years ago)
Sica eonnie's voice ♥
Trieu Nguyen (4 years ago)
aigoo, GG is great
angelXOcupcakes123 (5 years ago)
Angelic, but isn't one of them missing?
Matt Muirhead (5 years ago)
Misaki Ayusawa (5 years ago)
Yeah jessicaahhhhhhh~
Misaki Ayusawa (5 years ago)
where is yoona?
Misaki Ayusawa (5 years ago)
Jessica (Angel voice) Taeyeon (Rock voice) tiffany (husy voice but cool) sooyoung,yoona,Sunny,yuri (cute voice) Seoyhun (cool voice) Hyo (Great voice )
Misaki Ayusawa (5 years ago)
Aw Sica voice i love the part when she say How great is your love Sica saranghae
Thynra Soo (5 years ago)
I like jessica... Saranghae eonni...
tingchi hon (5 years ago)
O3Osc (5 years ago)
This outfit is amazing!!!!
Stalkerfan1000 (5 years ago)
Es como estar en el paraíso, con un coro de ángeles cantándote al oído. :3
NEWtoHSJnofan (5 years ago)
jessica just shone in this performance
Kiwii Keny (5 years ago)
Singing ranking 1. Taeyeon (experts even put her as part of the top5 of the best singingdols) 2. Jessica 3. Tiffany (she keeps improving its amazing she is a great singer now) 4. Seohyun (this girl is such a hardworking person, and look at her now) 5. Sunny (her voice is sooooo nice) 6. Sooyoung -Yuri-Yoona-Hyoyeon ( i think they are all alright singers with the same level but they keep improving since their debut days)
hisone (5 years ago)
Ok, so I love Sica (if you haven't seen interviews of her, it's worth looking them up), but I can't be the only one who heard her pitchy moments. Sunny is probably one of the more underrated singers in the group, even if her voice is a bit thin, it's still beautiful, strong and well controlled. Ballads like this do prove that the girls are very talented. Oh, and Yay for Hyo at 2:00! I think she does deserve a bigger singing role. Her raspy voice is quite sexy.
leebaemi88 (5 years ago)
TaeSicSun <3 Taeyeon: The power belter Jessica: The Amazing one Sunny: The angelic voice ... I love them three :)
Cyshix (5 years ago)
She mesmerized me in Oh!
Kwai Sheng See (5 years ago)
But snsd is the g in korea ... best
Kwai Sheng See (5 years ago)
Sry snsd.. but i love kang min hyuk very much! Really
ShiroiWhite1 (5 years ago)
where is yoona? this perform not perfect without her... :(
Bella Shawol (5 years ago)
Sooyoung wrote such a good song ! Jessica's voice is an angels. *o*
Ellen Abellona (5 years ago)
I love the 5 main vocals voice :> Tae, Sunny and Sica did so well
bittermelonleaf (5 years ago)
Filming love rain?
sutuo tuo (5 years ago)
<3 KimTaeyeon .....muacchhhchchch
Chandrashaz Shaz (5 years ago)
jessica vocal.. i love it..>.<.. sound like in heaven..
fara Azzahra (5 years ago)
younanya gk ada
Rebecca S (5 years ago)
Taeyeon's voice is just heaven to my ear <3
WhiteShadow0708 (5 years ago)
BethyRevenge (5 years ago)
deadelvhi (5 years ago)
I love this even before I know Sooyoung wrote this song... And now, after I know it I love this song even more...
Mike Hwang (5 years ago)
i like jessie voice
Yalitza García (6 years ago)
Once again... I failed trying to sing this with the romanized lyrics. ;---; They're voices are just too much. So much beauty. <3
Mae XM (6 years ago)
Sooyounggie hwaiting !!!!! U wrote this song!!!! U MUST BE PROUD OF YOURSELF!!!!!!
Taeyeon is the greatest voice:)
Kim Yoohie (6 years ago)
sao thiếu mất Yoona rồi?
mysoshi111 (6 years ago)
EL choi (6 years ago)
when I know that sooyoung wrote this song...I search for this song...right now this song is my favourite...because sooyoung wrote it...I like her when the first time I saw her in run devil run MV...for me she was the most beautiful member...please don't stop support her...SOOYOUNGSTER!!!...HWAITING!
nbatrisyia123s (6 years ago)
Jessica's voice sounds like in heaven. Same goes with Taeyeon's and Tiffany's voice.
firsttocomment (6 years ago)
Taeyeon, Seohyun, Jessica so cute OMFG
Yoonalyn Pastrana (6 years ago)
hey where is yoona? the snsd is not complete :(
Azalea SG8904 (6 years ago)
Where is Yoona?
22A10A1991 (6 years ago)
right now SNSD forever SNSD
soapoh (6 years ago)
my snsd is so beautiful :)
Hà Tú (6 years ago)
Look Jessica, Seo Hyun, Yu Ri & Hyo Yeon is very beautiful. The voices is the greatest
Sony Erlangga (6 years ago)
Taeyeon the kids leader, nice voice and Tiffany really really sweet Taeny you're the best :*
Jonalyn Palencia (6 years ago)
yeah right :)
Jonalyn Palencia (6 years ago)
i Like Sunny's Voice ! ^.^
Hyunae Kim (6 years ago)
Best voice is Sooyoung ; not the most beautiful (even though she have a wonderful voice) but my favourite ♥♥
PrimeMinister3 (6 years ago)
I really like Seohyun's voice in this. :)
Jasmine Tan (6 years ago)
Jessica voice is so amazing, melt my heart.
nickza3005 (6 years ago)
all of godness snsd XD
nur farizah (6 years ago)
where is YoonA??????
hyun erynn (6 years ago)
Yoon A?
Ellen Abellona (6 years ago)
Soo's so amazing to create this song for snsd. I feel that this song is way perfect for snsd to sing. Fantastic job girls! :')
Ellen Abellona (6 years ago)
For this song, I feel that Sunny and Sica did so well and perfect!!!!
Van Le (6 years ago)
sica is so pretty :)
dive up (6 years ago)
love taeyeon
nickza3005 (6 years ago)
jessica too
Chandrashaz Shaz (6 years ago)
i love jessica voice.. so sweet and unique.. but poor to sooyoung, she write this song but she just get one line in the song.
Kibo Ai (6 years ago)
God damn it! I'm all depressed now! TT^TT But nice song! :)
Thanh Ngan (6 years ago)
Izan Islam (6 years ago)
0:51 cute kwon yuri is singging and i love it :)
vanpak20 (6 years ago)
ohh.. thank you
sevenrandomthoughts (6 years ago)
Love Rain filming most probably.
vanpak20 (6 years ago)
where's yoona?
ifishy hae (6 years ago)
I like their earphones =)) I want one~!
Jackson Hew (6 years ago)
galaxytwice (6 years ago)
OMO!!! I LOVE THEY´RE VOICES IN THIS SONG :') HYOYEON <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Yuyu Hokashu (6 years ago)
mahal ko kayu!
Shannyne Jade (6 years ago)
hyoyeon's voice :-) really love her! fighting !
love it soOyOung wrote this wonderful song!!
Kappa Ross (6 years ago)
yoona <3
BowDash111 (6 years ago)
Sooyoung wrote this. Not some random person named Sooyong ;).
beatrice lorensia (6 years ago)
sooyoung eonnie!!!! <3 <3 <3 thanks for wrote this song... <3 you, soo
Tung Jin (6 years ago)
need eng translate :)
Frd Bhr (6 years ago)
i love sooyoung :)
stephaniecee88 (6 years ago)
sooyoung's voice is sooooo nice, better than most of the girls. wonder why she doesn't get much lines :(
Christy Cheung (6 years ago)
Jessica <3
dBager (6 years ago)
Beautiful song! Great job Sooyoung! : )) Tiffany sings along with Taeyeon : )
Alva Vuong (6 years ago)
Jessica's Voice <3
Iqi wiratama (6 years ago)
oh my god... awesome voice!!! i love them all
Chan Kanny (6 years ago)
hehe! i love jessica to more~^^ very nice and beauty:-) forever support to girl's generation!!!
where is yoona
ilovetwilight250 (6 years ago)
Salsabila Putri (6 years ago)
i ♥ kwon yoori
Nyoman Putri (6 years ago)
Taeyeon have a beautiful voice ♥
music-to-my-ears (7 years ago)
btw! keep up with the sing along lyrics. it helps alot. thanks
music-to-my-ears (7 years ago)
why dont i see yoona?!
D Da (7 years ago)
love SNSD
Hussien Abu Zaid (7 years ago)
Soshi 3

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