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Teens React to Overly Attached Girlfriend (Ft. Cimorelli)

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Text Comments (5502)
Floymin (3 years ago)
"They'd be a lot better if she, like, was 'in key'." Better, yes... but they would no longer be FUNNY, because normal people NEVER sing well!
Frost Fire (3 years ago)
She doesnt blink??? We need her on our weaping angel team stat
FroZenGaming (3 years ago)
That girl didn't blink once!!!!!
BlameJosh Gaming (3 years ago)
I dont know whats scarier her or the girls who are actually that way
Katelyn Hutchings (3 years ago)
I love that song
Slendermans Proxy Axel (3 years ago)
My aunt had so many boyfriends that had a restraining order on them because after she breaks up with them they went insane
Slendermans Proxy Axel (3 years ago)
Lily Henneman (3 years ago)
Honeytailia (3 years ago)
"Neigh neigh"! XD
Courtney Murphy (3 years ago)
If this is a parody I would totally hang out with her because her sense of humour is hilarious
RyanKmetz (3 years ago)
She kinda looks like a Ferbee (IDK how to spell it) Best line of the whole video.
SuperLiss24 (3 years ago)
the irony of Overly Attached Girlfriend is that she has soooo many guys commenting on her youtube videos saying they would totally date her
Gabrielle Sainnoval (3 years ago)
She nevered blinked
Palpatine (3 years ago)
I wish I had someone who loved me that much
Iara :3 (3 years ago)
Me dio miedo cuando se paro la imagen me cague toda
Cat Hoody (3 years ago)
I've seen that girl in Jeff the Killer memes, she looks just like him XDDD
gibson6206 (3 years ago)
She only blinks 3 times in the whole video
Saiko Kurosu (3 years ago)
*Squeals like the crazy fangirl I am.* I love Laina-chwaaaaaan~! She rocks~
Ashley Canela (3 years ago)
It's so,funny
Maya Vines (3 years ago)
I thought it was HILARIOUS when after the video, Sam just sits there with his arms crossed and says it was the stupidest parody he's ever seen XD
Une Pomme de Terre (3 years ago)
I'm pretty sure she could win a staring contest with a weeping angel...(all my fellow Whovians will get that reference)
Brooklyn Nichols (3 years ago)
Jon Strkgryn (3 years ago)
she 's actually very pretty :)
Tiffany Ann (3 years ago)
I just found out that the overly attached girlfriend has a YouTube account and has a million subscribers. *slow claps*
Molculer (3 years ago)
Temmie (3 years ago)
Cass Casper (3 years ago)
ha ha!
SimplyMEHHH (4 years ago)
Lolol omg xD
Darwin Reyes (4 years ago)
This video is creepy and funny at the same time.
FBE (4 years ago)
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∆Spooky Jim∆ (4 years ago)
'a month from now no one will remember her' - watches in 2015
mr jama (4 years ago)
Cocoa Puff (4 years ago)
OMG a teacher in my school looks like that
Alex-Zander Browne (4 years ago)
Eyes, it's her eyes. 😨
PerTehDoh (4 years ago)
Now im glad ive never dated...
Kinch Kinski (4 years ago)
"I'm a smooth dude, so it happens"
WNyrakW (4 years ago)
Neh neh! Hahahhaa
Lumdrit Xhmaeil (4 years ago)
Andrew Hackett (4 years ago)
It's not even funny how many girls that are like that in my school
SlayerRiku (4 years ago)
maybe I'm a weird guy but I actually like her and her crazy smile and eyes
Laura Parrish (4 years ago)
the little "nieu nieu" omg im dying
Gotcha Gotcha (4 years ago)
did she even blink?
Anastasia A (4 years ago)
Viet Le (4 years ago)
At the end I laughed so hard.
LadyVenom Way (4 years ago)
2012 "A month from now no one will remember it"... 2years later we still love her!
Nathalie Ruiz (4 years ago)
so creepy
Zara suto (4 years ago)
the girl is creepy specially her eyes O_O
Tyler Parker (4 years ago)
If I Dont Care Her Name Changed On Roblox You Can Still Type Up PeerPants FOR A REASON (Loool)
SELMA (4 years ago)
But she is only acting.
BloodyCrazyGamer (4 years ago)
"No one is going to remember her in a month" almost 2 years later. 
Raayz (4 years ago)
SHE IS SO SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jay (4 years ago)
i love cimorrelli!!!!!!
Moonie -san (4 years ago)
oh my god this is so creepy
Yarsef Ram-help. (4 years ago)
I cant sleep now!
Gigi_habs (4 years ago)
Matty Bond (4 years ago)
this vid has 10 mil views :O
Bite me (4 years ago)
so creepy....i'm not going to be able to walk out my house again....
d3vil20 (4 years ago)
thanks so much now i don't want a girlfriend because of those videos!!
Alexander Bayley (4 years ago)
OMG i Love 'Overly attached Girlfriend"!!! she's so freakin' awesome!!!!!!! i would actually date her if possible haha xD
Saba Hilal (4 years ago)
lol so funny XD
wes.tree (4 years ago)
"a month from now no one will remembers it" well it's been almost two years now and she's still around
Rainbow Dashy (4 years ago)
Simone Miles (4 years ago)
It automatically becomes a staring contest....
katrina esqueda (4 years ago)
but funny
vanessa ferreira (4 years ago)
Ahh soo creepy x3
Filth Parade (4 years ago)
I love Laina She has the best videos ever!
Nameless Gamer (5 years ago)
how creepy
lordrakster (5 years ago)
soooo... I never knew the meme was a video. I'll just turn in my nerd license *hands it over*
ghostriderrrr100 (5 years ago)
lmao I will be your girlfriend I will be your girlfriend I WILL BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND O.O
Robert ReyesR (5 years ago)
Mia Rose (5 years ago)
who's that?
Ryland QCox (5 years ago)
Don't look away or you'll die
David (5 years ago)
and here we are a year later and people still watch it
philip johnson (5 years ago)
CrazyPressure (5 years ago)
the second video they showed i jumped OMG that jumpscare T.T
Toni Vids (5 years ago)
TWICE she blinks TWICE!!!!!
NN Phan (5 years ago)
she really is phsyco
Todoka Chan (5 years ago)
She is so creepy just like Yuno Gasai!! Those Yandere eyes >_<
Lara. (5 years ago)
Lara. (5 years ago)
I Won!!
marie müller (5 years ago)
2:00 lol
Meta Morphosis (5 years ago)
im not stalking you but you're out of milk
Ragersgottagame (5 years ago)
Teddy AK (5 years ago)
so true x] :0
xreaperx (5 years ago)
this is y computers wernt made bac in the dday
sixstar goku (5 years ago)
this is killing me lol
Rachel Maria (5 years ago)
I want her to be my girlfriend :D Then there would be some as devoted as me!!!!
Rebalscum101 (5 years ago)
I lost......
Niels Mulvad (5 years ago)
and thus it began...
mango nengo (5 years ago)
Oh my goodness I love Laina! xD
Carly Zarate (5 years ago)
her eyes...
FBE (5 years ago)
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FBE (5 years ago)
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Anna Harawa (5 years ago)
hey, do us a favour and BLINK!
Shadywinters (5 years ago)
I found out, that she went to the same college as me, UNT. IDK if she still goes here though.
Khalid Quqandi (5 years ago)
she is my GIRLFRIEND
Saric (5 years ago)
Why do people hate her? It's so obvious she's not serious.
Nicolas Bled (5 years ago)
kaven1998 (5 years ago)
have a game on this !
OhhMyGawdItsAshley (5 years ago)
wait what? I thought she was a random girl in memes i didn't know she was real o.o
John Woolley (5 years ago)
still a better love story than twilight
GuardianKiyoshi (5 years ago)
I'd marry her.

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