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SAIL - AWOLNATION (Unofficial Video)

1891378 ratings | 303307739 views
WATCH THE BLOOPERS HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5vfAJ... WATCH RESPONDING TO SAIL COMMENTS HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwV0BmX8tTQ&list=UUS3hX9ajO9p8BVro5O5mLNA&index=2 My Patreon: https://patreon.com/nanalew Shawna: Hey, do you think we could make rain using a hose duct taped to a pole? Tessa: I don't know. Let's try it. Featuring Jabba The Hutt: http://youtube.com/meekakitty COME MAKE SPEAKS WITH ME http://facebook.com/nanalew http://twitter.com/nanalew http://instagram.com/nanalew Song: Sail Artist: Awolnation Kit: Canon 60D Tamron 90mm 2.8 lens Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens Steadycam Tripod Duct tape Hose

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Text Comments (143930)
NTZ 48 (7 hours ago)
Bu kadar cirkinlesmeye gerek var mıydı
J Dog (9 hours ago)
That chick is hottee!
Mitchell M (12 hours ago)
@ Carlene Louisa...yeah i remember this vid cute stuff...303+ mil views...fuck me that's a lot!
Bob McKenzie (12 hours ago)
I feel better after hearing this = like this.
kalashkiv17 (15 hours ago)
Тесса наша царица! Слава РНГ!
Lucia Pertiñez (20 hours ago)
What the fuck is going on here
KaHn_HabYs (20 hours ago)
TAFii Speaks (22 hours ago)
Wow . I thought this video was official this whole damn time 😂😂 it looked legit
Justin Shepherd (1 day ago)
walklikeAlibrarian (1 day ago)
Your2TiminEx (1 day ago)
If you look very carefully you can tell she is lip syncing
Vigilante606 (1 day ago)
3:20 best face ever.
oli vierlol (1 day ago)
Somone in 2019
Rxbin WtS (1 day ago)
1:33 *DAFUG😂😂*
Mylifeis funny (1 day ago)
I wanna get wet
GAFFYR GADGET (1 day ago)
Boxing day... SALE!
sarah bouzaglou (1 day ago)
complétement dingue mais j'adoooooore
Adrian Niemiec (1 day ago)
do u renember ? :D
(2 days ago)
That took a bit of a turn.
Megan White (2 days ago)
Have not watched this video in 6 years i completely forgot how it went... omygosh HAHAH
Vitoria B_Baby (2 days ago)
Obsi Gam3r (2 days ago)
AEK.ZA3GAMING (2 days ago)
Best song ever 😉
Anduin (2 days ago)
still funny as shit
Alpine Glass (2 days ago)
Nanalew, you are beautiful!!! Love this song even more now after watching you pull off a great milli vanilli!!
Sam Gunn (3 days ago)
imissNICK PLUR (3 days ago)
maybe i'm an NPC baby
Shonda B. (3 days ago)
I see why this video has a lot of LIKES😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏🗣 you guys did a great job!...👍
Milda Mockūnaitė (3 days ago)
I wonder why there's no memes from this video. Damn, there's so much good material here...
Darkzone Project (3 days ago)
i love the jeb corliss grinding the crack version the most ... it s all of this in 1
Darkzone Project (3 days ago)
i love those borderline babes more than the add guys :D
Megar_ Potato (3 days ago)
Probably one of the dumbest reasons to get killed.
Sharook Cr (3 days ago)
I luv her
Samuel Blondahl (3 days ago)
Still one of the best parts of the interweb
This songs makes me feels like imagine dragons....
MYKOLAS PLAYZ (4 days ago)
Like who listening i 2019
stephane crep (4 days ago)
Graviti Eddings (4 days ago)
so this took a dramatic turn 😂
Danny kunstmann (4 days ago)
Good songs but the video clip is a piace of shit
Marco julio Miranda (4 days ago)
Kara Leigh Lakusta (5 days ago)
Love this song
wolf777 wulf (5 days ago)
ha haha ah
Kuba Dżejkob (5 days ago)
That murderer girl's face after the kill - does she look more like a werewolf or a colour skinned vampire? The murdered girl looks like a cow when she's been strangled.
Lubos Tesar (5 days ago)
Good Job !!! SUPER
k jones (5 days ago)
MAD Mike ...!!!!
Miguel M (5 days ago)
I didn't undertand well... by the way I'm fapping now :v
Claude Berthiaume (5 days ago)
The quality of this video is absolutely stunning. Light, colors, actors, location, wow. Very great job you did. Thanks for this very fun moment.
oneduality (6 days ago)
Ok.. i don't know you or what the hell is going on .. but I already love you =) I went from thinking WTF to this is genius .. kudos.. whomever you are
Captain Algeria (6 days ago)
Bein Sport?
NaRkotik (6 days ago)
больше лайков чем у оригинала
Léon Lacirie (6 days ago)
fandom_ot (6 days ago)
what does ADD mean?
elguaje2 (6 days ago)
Like Jai Paul music.
ThePink Panda (6 days ago)
Jared (6 days ago)
justa nutherklonename (6 days ago)
Pitiful. In all aspects.
Nathan McDaniel (6 days ago)
Awesome video omg hits home
Mateusz Przybyła (6 days ago)
kornelia pytko
Tokyo (6 days ago)
Tokyo (19 hours ago)
jordan healy SAIL
martin george (4 days ago)
Emma Valdettaro (4 days ago)
jordan healy (4 days ago)
Zephyroth Reborn (7 days ago)
Unironically a better video than the official
Like music sail
Anna Grady (7 days ago)
Shae Sutherland (7 days ago)
Hey dudes, I have a question in finding a YouTube who was somehow related to this video? I remember in 2013 I found a YouTube, and he was a male. The only description I can give is that he had tattoos on his forearms and I’m pretty sure he said one that was shaped like a triangle on his left forearm. After all these years, it still itches in the back of my mind that I’m not able to find out who he is. :-(
Totsuya Live4Kill (7 days ago)
2011 foi um dos melhores Anos da minha vida, e acredito que pra de muitos tambem <3
The Whest (7 days ago)
Italo Raposo (7 days ago)
Alguém em 2019?
hds181 (7 days ago)
Good. But next time don't lip sync
Go Ni (7 days ago)
Hhhhhhh good job
Brian Volk (7 days ago)
Jacopo Canino (7 days ago)
Gemitaiz- Giro Di Notte❤👽
Agomir Adanedhel (7 days ago)
Red is awesome 😂😂😂😂
Dillion T (8 days ago)
Are we all just going to act like these bitches chins didn’t just disappear into their necks?
Marry channel (8 days ago)
ฉีดน้ำใส่หน้านี่คืิอต้องฆ่าเลยหรอ ตาย่านแถะ ❤❤❤
Probably Jesus (8 days ago)
andyknight1 (8 days ago)
Love this song. This video is way better than the official video. Those facial expressions cracked me up.
xIKraveTwinki (8 days ago)
2019 anyone!
jer bear (8 days ago)
yooooo...lets make a music video....meet me in the back yard in 20 minutes.... grab the hoes...ill bring my itunes
Oscar Emilio Argeñal (8 days ago)
Gavin Bodey (8 days ago)
I love this song
Larrell Lewis (8 days ago)
This video has three times the views of the actual music video...think about that
MJT Reviews (8 days ago)
i sware if i hear this crap one more ill kill the dj its not sail its SHITE !!!! end off
Rodrigo Batista (8 days ago)
Cadê os BR?
Bruna guerra (4 days ago)
Nunca nem vi
Raquel Lourenço (6 days ago)
Rodrigo Batista euuuuuu
B Truj (8 days ago)
Where are they now (2019)?
Junior Santana (8 days ago)
Christian León (8 days ago)
Ésta chica es bipolar o qué... Excelente!¡
XATAGE0779 (8 days ago)
I remember those good old days,when as 7th grader i was in love with the girl in the video. :'D First youtube crush.
Is she man or girl? 🤔
RKT FanDybala (9 days ago)
1,25 x
Bianca Gray (9 days ago)
Silly - ha ha ha ha ha ha
Open Ротик (9 days ago)
Я б вдул
matt the mechanic (9 days ago)
very good and the photographer is very good as well! P.S. really motivates me to be a better photographer
•Elizabeth • (9 days ago)
Hella cute girls
Blue Gaming (9 days ago)
We get it shes wet.
Keiza Tulop (9 days ago)
Still the best song ever 💘 Watching this now still cracks me tf up 💀💀
MPC (9 days ago)
industrial machines bull riding How to make https://youtu.be/WDaOqN_YeqU
Robert Merritt (9 days ago)
This is the best video on YouTube
Whitlee Halen (9 days ago)
Lol this has more views than the original.
Jay Daniel (9 days ago)
Wth this vid is 3x the views as the official that’s crazy

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