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Ellie and the Pink Princess Pageant!

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Ellie and Princess Selfie enter a Pageant to become the next Pink Princess Pageant Queen! They both compete in two rounds- Round one where they show some interesting facts about themselves, Round Two where they show off their finest talents and finally, Round Three where they show their very own Pink Princess Outfits! But who will the winner be? Or will the whole pageant be a complete fail?! Watch and Find out! Thanks for watching! ~Ellie xo Music Credits: Kevin Macleod- Rainbows, Chipper Doodle v2, Fretless, Marty Gots a Plan, Carpe Diem, Hidden Agenda, Lobby Time, Sneaky Adventure, Heartwarming, Sneaky Snitch

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Text Comments (5714)
Melon Tube (2 days ago)
My fav color is turquoise and my second fav Is rose gold
Sophia Carreno (8 days ago)
hi hey!
Mymuna Mia (11 days ago)
📍 pink and purple ♡♡♡☆☆☆♢♢♢
Jagatnarayan Purohit (13 days ago)
Blue is my
Kevin Qiu (13 days ago)
PURPLE! PINK! BLUE! From: Tiffany (Kevin's little sister) <3
Gerardo Villagomez (15 days ago)
I love unicorns🦄🦄 by Camila
daniel robinson (17 days ago)
Penny put p
My little pony Lyra (17 days ago)
Amy favrit culer is pinc
CD: Gaming12 (20 days ago)
meenu chugh (21 days ago)
My Nick name is Ellie
Maha Farhan (22 days ago)
Pink purple blue
Hilborn Family (23 days ago)
pink and blue
Mya Guthrie (25 days ago)
Comment if u think princess selfie won. Like if u think Ellie won i think they were both amazing if i jade to choose one thought it would be Ellie😄😄
Mya Guthrie (25 days ago)
Love life
Kadie Galloway (28 days ago)
The dres is actually peach
Kadie Galloway (28 days ago)
Kadie Galloway (28 days ago)
Galaxy is good
Erin Stone (29 days ago)
Diane Todd (30 days ago)
pink for shure
Lisa Norman (1 month ago)
Ellie: If it isn't talent, tell me what it is... Me: A fail
Deima Skultinaite (1 month ago)
Who won?
AinsleyFox 567 (1 month ago)
My fav color is green!!!
Leonore Puguon (1 month ago)
And your outfits
Leonore Puguon (1 month ago)
Were do you get your heels ellie
my favourites colour is turquise
Aaron Pelkey (1 month ago)
Pink blue and black and teal
style arts (1 month ago)
Epic Avenger9 (1 month ago)
Who won
Hannah Lucy (1 month ago)
My favourite colours are blue and rose gold
Planet of Everything (1 month ago)
My favourite colours are golden black and purple as 100 and rest of them as 99
Maria Rizwan (1 month ago)
Who won?
Sitara Chowdhury (1 month ago)
Fatmata Barry (1 month ago)
I love this show
I Love you seven super girl 🥰💐🌷🌹🌺🌸🌼🌻🌈🍓❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗🖤
Paige Wwe (1 month ago)
That did not look like pink to me at all
Penny Parish (1 month ago)
Anna Eades (1 month ago)
I like aqua blue Like if you agree
I love gymnastics to ellie * gymnastics rocks*
My favorite colors 🎨 are: Pink 💗, Rose gold, 🌟 Black, gold , purple... Every color of the rainbow ❤💛💜💙💗💋💋. And who won the Pink Princess 👸 Pageant Elie
Divyanshaa Sabharwal (2 months ago)
I love you. I love unicorns toooooooooo
Divyanshaa Sabharwal (2 months ago)
You're looking amazing Ellie. Sorry I got your name wrong.
Divyanshaa Sabharwal (2 months ago)
Who is watching this video in 2018
Ami Vlogs (2 months ago)
Rose gold
Wonder woman dylan (2 months ago)
Ellie won
Anura Srivastava (2 months ago)
Do more!!!!!!😀
Adnan Yaqoob (2 months ago)
I love all the colors!!😀😇!!!!
Naira Sâyèd (2 months ago)
What a big show off
Deane Murray (2 months ago)
And fact number 6 is that that dress is not pink it’s peach
Ildiko Szalkai (2 months ago)
Who won
Ildiko Szalkai (2 months ago)
My favourite colour is the colour of a rainbow
Alana Midson (2 months ago)
Red, yellow, green, blue and purple Jessie louis
Arianna Genao (2 months ago)
My favorite color is pink
Izzy’s Life (2 months ago)
My favourite is pink
Jaanvi Sahni (2 months ago)
M fave are light blue and teal and turquoise
Isabella Alonzo (2 months ago)
My favorite color is black
Rhiann Hutchison (2 months ago)
But who won???????????
Jasmine Rojo (2 months ago)
My fav color is pink
Ada Torres (2 months ago)
London KR (2 months ago)
I love you ellie but Princess selfie Won.
Armine Avetisyan (2 months ago)
My favourite colour is blue
Brenda Mahoney (2 months ago)
My fave colors are pink and Neon green
Rubab Remtulla (2 months ago)
I think Ellie won
Vatsala Gowreesan (2 months ago)
mint blue
Trudi Nicolson (2 months ago)
who is watching this in 2018 lol i am
Mark Johnson (2 months ago)
Purple and rose gold
Gabz lyf (2 months ago)
My fav colour is pink and rose gold
Sofija Jana (2 months ago)
unicorn sis (2 months ago)
Yellow is my favorite colour I love it😍👌
Ruth Martinez (2 months ago)
My favorite color is pink
Savannah Hayat (2 months ago)
When they didn't announce the winner I said "UGGGGH SUUUUUUCH A RIP OFF!!!"
Mysha Hussain (2 months ago)
my fav colour is pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GalaxyTheUnicorn (2 months ago)
I thought it said “Pink princsess pregnant”
Samiya Anwar (2 months ago)
Please reply now Who even won
Alejandra Toledo (2 months ago)
Daisy McKennan (2 months ago)
Hannah Gordon (2 months ago)
1. Rosegold 2. Silver 3. Gold
Charanpreet Manak (2 months ago)
my fav colour pink omg so cool
Kayla Olmstead (2 months ago)
I love pink so much.
Gabriel Henderson (2 months ago)
did it shout out
kawaii unicorn (3 months ago)
My fave colour is electric blue and rose gold
Neveh Evangelista (3 months ago)
Blue 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
K Rambo (3 months ago)
I am a pink princess
Mehek Jhaveri (3 months ago)
who won
London KR (3 months ago)
My sister color is pink.l don’t have one
Diane Kriek (3 months ago)
Rose gold , turquoise & grey
Radlands (3 months ago)
Best woW
Florida Surpen (3 months ago)
all the colors except light blue
Hoosen Khan (3 months ago)
i liked this vidio & i like blue & rose gold
Marwa Moustafa (3 months ago)
Blue and pink and yellow
Marwa Moustafa (3 months ago)
You look really pretty
Ariel Carvelho (3 months ago)
My favorite colors are slime green and pink!! <3
ليلي محمد (3 months ago)
Purple always
Kawaii Panda (3 months ago)
My favorite color is Blue and Purple and Turquoise (however you spell that)
LPS Cute Kitties (3 months ago)
My fav colours are red,gold,silver and blue wait but who won
Pika Assasination (3 months ago)
Pink and mint green and rose gold
Stacey Katuuo (3 months ago)
My favorite color is pink so in this case I would win for sure 🏩🦄🍭
Dannette Taylor (3 months ago)
Who won her that pink thing
Genevieve Bettencourt (3 months ago)
my favorite color changes all the time! right now it is yellow
Marsha Alena (3 months ago)
Marsha Alena (3 months ago)
I love princess selfi

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