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Childish Gambino - Feels Like Summer (Official Music Video)

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“Feels Like Summer” by Childish Gambino http://smarturl.it/n3g9db8 tour tickets and merchandise available at http://www.childishgambino.com/ Directed by Donald Glover, Ivan Dixon & Greg Sharp Character Design by Justin Richburg Co-Produced by Fam Rothstein for Wolf + Rothstein #ChildishGambino #FeelsLikeSummer #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo
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Text Comments (129648)
Kelvin Brontoh (1 hour ago)
Am the only one reading comments while watching?? More love from Kenya 🇰🇪🇰🇪👊
super shazam (1 hour ago)
My vibe when im walking to the beach lit asf good song 👏👏👏✊
King Benny Garcia (1 hour ago)
rap rewind 2018
l3afy the Hedgehog (3 hours ago)
Damn this is good
ThatGuyTg (3 hours ago)
This is missing AirPods
Kyle (7 hours ago)
Lol trash
Kyle (7 hours ago)
The most overrated artist of our generation
Saroj Xhettri (7 hours ago)
Enitan Photography (8 hours ago)
Paper St. (9 hours ago)
Yeah. Just a little, flush of flavors. Love this.
Debbie K (9 hours ago)
1st time watching this video
Paper St. (9 hours ago)
Can I just play this...close my eyes...and slide back into being a child For real. 70's...
SenCP9 (9 hours ago)
Good song
Stay Hydrated (9 hours ago)
It took me hearing it in my brother’s car to appreciate it if that’s any consolation to anyone
Xombie Onizuka (9 hours ago)
Kinda feels like if Pharrell collaborated with Gorillaz. I love it!!
Ciel Phantom (9 hours ago)
*No R.Kelly* lol
PaigeJ TV (10 hours ago)
This song speaks so much volume, it's FIRE!
Camelle Brown (11 hours ago)
I see big draco..soulja boy schooling them youngins
Kaylynn Austin (11 hours ago)
Feels like winter
Warren Archibald (11 hours ago)
Gone but not forgotten ... xxx Michael Whitney
Rumulo Medrano (12 hours ago)
The Only good SONG on FIFA 19
KNICKLES BR (13 hours ago)
it feels like..... *america*
Mike Silva (13 hours ago)
esse som é daora pdp
Daniel Garcia (13 hours ago)
This is a song Im going to listen to year round despite the title
Peter Kaplan (13 hours ago)
• Lil Pump and Trippie Redd (00:46) (New generation of rap) • 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’ (00:48) (21 savage had his biggest hits (like hitting the blunt) with metro) • Kodak Black (00:57) (recently got arrested for drugs and weapons and don’t want any parts cause he’s trying to change) • Migos (1:00) (Played a lot of basketball this summer, quavo is even featured in NBA2k19) • Chance the Rapper, Jaden Smith, and Birdman (1:20) (All of them are icons and Jaden has a song named icon) • Will Smith (1:25) (Has a song called summertime and quotes “when 6’oclock rolls around and you just finished wiping your car down”) • Azealia Banks (1:28) (Is above most artists as far as talent but feels alone because she’s only being supported by a “limb” of people) • Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott (1:29) (Nicki built up her castle and Travis tore it down by having the #1 album over her) • The Weeknd, Ty Dolla $ign, and Frank Ocean (1:35) (Artist who are hipster but more mainstream) VS • A$AP Rocky, Solange, and Willow Smith (1:39) (Artists who are mainstream but more hipster) • Soulja Boy, Lil pump, Trippie Redd (1:41) (Soulja is telling stories to trippie and lil pump as for Soulja inspired the new generation of rap) • Drake and Future (1:46) (Drake and future were a dynamic duo for a while then future went on to do other duos) • Kid Cudi (1:59) (dealing with mental health) • Kanye West and Michelle Obama (2:06) (Kanye’s support for Donald vs his hate for the Obama’s) • Beyoncé (2:15) (Remember the loss of Fredo Santana) • OJ Simpson and XXXTENTACION’s hair in ice cream (2:25) (OJ was accused of murder and abuse and got away with it. XXX was accused of abuse but was a victim of murder, when X was killed the case was unresolved and dropped, as OJ later admitted to it. X is Dead Oj is alive) • Lil Uzi Vert, Oprah Winfrey, Zendaya, and Tiffany Haddish (2:42) (Tiffany haddish and Oprah have a tight relationship, Zendaya got into some controversy over wearing dreads in 2015, uzi often styles his dreads as well) • Lil Yachty and Charlamagne (2:45) (Lil yachty and Charlemagne have had their differences over time but came together and now they’re cool like “pop cycles”) • Gucci Mane (2:49) (Is now living a more peaceful life as opposed to the trouble he used to get into) • Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Diddy, Wiz Khalifa and JAY-Z (2:51) (Have all been accused of cheating on their wives/fiancé) • Ball Brothers and Young Thug (2:58) (Young thug is number 4 in Lonzo’s Top 5 rappers) • Meek Mill, 2 Chainz, Pusha T, and Lil Wayne (3:01) (Meek mill and 2 Chainz have a song called my moment produced by DJ Drama. Lil Wayne and Pusha T have Drama) • Rae Sremmurd and J. Cole (3:03) (J cole is often disrespected by the younger generation of rappers so he has to let it be known he can still take over) • Janelle Monaé and SZA (3:11) (Two under appreciated artists who are rolling to the top of the game very fast) • Chris Brown (3:29) (Dealing with his past, and how people won’t let it go even though he’s a living legend/icon) • Outkast (3:39) (Living legends/icons) • Rihanna (3:47) (Living legend/icon) • Whitney Houston (3:54) (An icon) • Michael Jackson (4:04) (An icon) (copied from a buried post)
Billy (13 hours ago)
I’ve been waiting for a cold winter day where I’ve been down in the dumps dreaming about summer to watch this... today is that day, and this really made me happy
Christopher nauta (14 hours ago)
Almost 100 million views!!! Let's go 😋
Rick ;-; (14 hours ago)
2:28 XXXTENTACION? why a ice cream ?
talisson (14 hours ago)
lixo, sou melhor
Sophie Skeldon (15 hours ago)
hey hey hey is that supposed to be x smoking in the car
K3Y• (15 hours ago)
dough factory (16 hours ago)
Childish Gambino is a genius...both with the video which goes in one direction and the song in another. Much respect to him...👍🏾👍🏾
Nyahna Sanchez (16 hours ago)
I thing that the message that this song is trying to transmit to their audience is very deep and very important. Telling us to change and that we need to do something for our WORLD. And at the same time telling us his perspective of the situation. I love this song.
lewis parker (17 hours ago)
this give me good vibes
the data (17 hours ago)
Somebody should make a list of all rappers in the video
Patrick Tompkins (17 hours ago)
My cousin husband is black
Reaper el chido (17 hours ago)
Best crossover
kalvas (17 hours ago)
yuh yuh (18 hours ago)
Too many people think this is about summer. Guess nothing will change Bino.
Jeo Leyva (18 hours ago)
Love how Eminem is represented as a little kid @1:21
Eco Optic (18 hours ago)
Best music video of 2018
LemingSon (18 hours ago)
QuoVadis Gates (18 hours ago)
I appreciate this video... Fucking Classic...
Devendra Salvi (19 hours ago)
Can't believe this the same dude from Community! Absolutely amazing talent, acting and singing! And so politically subtle.
Aaron Lewis (20 hours ago)
Big Soulja
Stelio Mazoio (20 hours ago)
Soulja boy!!
Matias Mr.Mma-T Veliz (20 hours ago)
Where is kendrick?
Lee Hossain (20 hours ago)
Lot of ol skool musical ques in this and in that sense not very original. He has, like most black artists, nicked lots of different things from past masters. This is america is the only unique thing he has done, although some argue he has pinched things from another artist whos name i cant remember at mo.
Annie Pavlou (22 hours ago)
Does that confirm the conspiracy theories that Michael Jackson is still alive?
Rose (22 hours ago)
I love the beats! please do more songs!
g1nger00t (22 hours ago)
Where's the comment about the overall meaning of this video? Some guy broke the whole video down perfectly.
wiseguymrj productions (22 hours ago)
Yo! What's good! Music is fire
Primitive Wildlife kh (22 hours ago)
buceta cabeluda
flower Child (23 hours ago)
When there’s snow outside
Yungg Kngz (23 hours ago)
*Who else would watch this if it was a real cartoon.*
Yungg Kngz (23 hours ago)
*Little Did Yall Know This A Video About All The Rappers That Are Goin To Hell An Thats Why It Feels Like Summer.*
Yungg Kngz (15 hours ago)
TheBrizzle I Mean We Could Get Into Things Like The Illuminati And Things He Wont Admit But I Wont
TheBrizzle (15 hours ago)
+Yungg Kngz He confirmed that the songtext is about global warming
Yungg Kngz (16 hours ago)
TheBrizzle Its About Both To Be Honest The Other Meaning Is More Hidden But Its Whatever
TheBrizzle (18 hours ago)
No its about global warming
Constantine Pyccak (23 hours ago)
the best song
love4lifer (23 hours ago)
make more shit like this with powerfull meanings and visuals that say more then words GAMBINO the woke feel it strong and this is our anthem
Frozen Code (1 day ago)
This music is so soothing
Lord Kruszwil (1 day ago)
Jest zima ale czuję się jak latem
Julia Giles (1 day ago)
My daughter loves this song so much I love you princess I’m sorry for everything I put you thru. I wish we could be together as a family. But no matter what I love you m I will always care for you.
Bogdan Alin Daragiu (1 day ago)
i just fucking love how they depictured Janelle Monáe! This is a masterpiece!
ofosu enock (1 day ago)
Donald Glover👑
SAOBAN (1 day ago)
Once again childish gambino is looking at what is really happening. The whole video, he talks about climate change and that we will be the death of our own species. Seriously guys please look into the lyrics you'll know what I mean.
deszaras3 (1 day ago)
summer melancholy
HAASPT2 (1 day ago)
Awesome 👍
Baptiste Revert (1 day ago)
Does anyone have an idea which effects, plug in, preset did he use?
ARTUR A.P. (1 day ago)
Feels like life is good, and you know it!
tadhg ogorman (1 day ago)
this is a weird neighbourhood.
I like the part where the song plays
Magic Soul (1 day ago)
How nice is that thing....
Frederico Boavida (1 day ago)
Redbone and Feels like summer is tha best
lalo132 Juarez (1 day ago)
cesar verhoeven (1 day ago)
love it when j.cole sprays away lil pump and i think smokepurpp
cesar verhoeven (22 hours ago)
+Robert Taylor...fuck
Robert Taylor (22 hours ago)
cesar verhoeven lmao that’s Rae sremmurd
chris austin (1 day ago)
People who disliked this must not like summer
Observer Hornet (1 day ago)
Where is post or ski mask I’m thoroughly disappointed
Cesar Camacho (1 day ago)
Great summer 2018
Gustavo Fring (1 day ago)
Fifa19 guys
Mohtasim Alam (1 day ago)
i liek chocolate :p (16 hours ago)
TheLastK1tten (1 day ago)
my man
Julian Martinez (1 day ago)
No mames esta pinche rola esta con madres.. ya quiero que sea el pinche verano y andar en el cotorreo mamalon
Fifa 19 :D
Stay Bless (1 day ago)
50K dislikes? Y’all mad
RiboFlavin64 (1 day ago)
climate change
Lil Swanny-b (1 day ago)
This is gonna be the bop this summer
Anthony Cameron (1 day ago)
GREAT now I want winter over even more, thanks a lot, Gam!
Joker (1 day ago)
daymon knox (1 day ago)
So like no kendrick ?
Reginald T Brown (1 day ago)
Who be listening to this but not in summer? 😂😂😂
Nathan Reed (1 day ago)
internet user (1 day ago)
The Legend Num5987 (1 day ago)
1424 2097 (1 day ago)
Hey, Lando
Euro (1 day ago)
didn't even release it in summer :(
Ashley Vernon (1 day ago)
Peep deserved representation
Orangesnipez (1 day ago)
this is america
Hilary Cruise (1 day ago)
What kind of Human Nature is this(?
Vanessa Tronti (1 day ago)
Feels like summer❤❤❤😍 love this
Cornholio (1 day ago)
R.i.p Fredo Santana
James Johnson (1 day ago)
He should have added some Boondocks characters to this....

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