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‘서울 토박이 소녀’ 한별, 시선강탈 댄스 무대! 《KPOP STAR 6》 K팝스타6 EP04

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"Maybe you will be the last one to become a KPOP STAR!" The last season of KPOP STAR, 'KPOP STAR 6 - The Last Chance' premiere in November 20th and airs every Sunday night at 9:15 PM! KPOP STAR 6 - The Last Chance K팝스타6 더 라스트찬스 EP04 20151204 SBS 10세 한별 양이 '이효리 보다 예쁜' 미소로 훌륭한 댄스 무대를 선보인다. ☞ Visit 'KPOP STAR 6' official website and get more information: goo.gl/kXH2K0 ☞ Enjoy watching other HOT stages of previous 'KPOP STAR' to follow: https://goo.gl/tv0Kpt

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Text Comments (9652)
Eva Slimes (3 hours ago)
Does anyone know the name of this song ? alguien sabe el nombre de esta canción?
mc mc (19 hours ago)
You all shouldn’t sexualize her clothes nor the dance. It ain’t like she’s stripping, or that you can see her ass from her shorts.
Chicken Adobo (1 day ago)
Too sexual for an 11 year old but she’s good at dancing and her face expressions are on point. Better than some girl idols tbh
sara jung kook (1 day ago)
Jeong Hee Mang (1 day ago)
whats the song
Kholii subs (1 day ago)
Burn it up by Janet Jackson
Rebeca Andreya (2 days ago)
Kholii subs (1 day ago)
Burn it up by Janet Jackson
Moon Luna (3 days ago)
........ why?...peoplez you be saying her outfit looks innapropite? GIRL NO HATE BUT HAVE U SEEN THE WORST CLOTHES THAT OTHER KIDS WEAR! and also I feel like people aren't focusing on her dancing..:(((( she's too good! I watched this video for like 100th time.
Agnes Bian (3 days ago)
Qual nome da musica?
Strawberry Lover (3 days ago)
Omg I know this girl In some episode I don’t remember the name
Bts is my oxygen (3 days ago)
She's good.. Also me: I am d-disg-gusted..
Sxeptical Serene (4 days ago)
The clothes make me feel uncomfortable, especially when Jyp looks like a total creep
Milagros Esquivel (4 days ago)
Alguien sabe el nombre de la musica ??
Hey it’s Mallory (5 days ago)
Cringy nine-year-olds trying to impress
ellah Chiefe (5 days ago)
shes like 11 and I'm 15 I mean even I wouldn't wear that outfit I wear crops tops but with high waisted shorts and plus I live in Hawaii I'll die if I don't wear breezy clothes, I mean she's a talented dancer but whoever chose the outfit needs to consider that she is pretty young, and I dance as well and I'm pretty thin naturally but me and the others I dance with never feel comfortable dancing in something that's practically a sports bra, and that dance is not the most age appropriate, it has a lot of flaunting. I've done a dance with a sorta sexy vibe to it but its mostly because in my dance class we are all like 15-17-year-olds so. she has very good dance skills and the charisma to go with it but she needs a dance that is age appropriate but will still give her an opportunity to display her skills
Hasan Teker (5 days ago)
Brendha Mendes (5 days ago)
Lily m
Grell Sutcliff (5 days ago)
I have always wanted to be a kpop idol but seeing her dance has made me realise what I would be up against. I think I will chage my mind. I have no hope!
Quien es ella?
Brendha Mendes (6 days ago)
Lily M
danna Angélica (8 days ago)
https://youtu.be/3QvdrmRphjc aquí está la canción
Bts Meleği (8 days ago)
Song? (Şarkının ismi ne bilen varmı şarkı süper bilen bana söylesin! )
Bts Meleği (8 days ago)
+danna Angélica thank you ♡♡♡
danna Angélica (8 days ago)
Rosana Army (9 days ago)
Apenas um palavra: CA-RA-LHO 😲😲😲😮😮
BuMin 001 (9 days ago)
Como se llama la canción? What is song? Se que también quieren saber;c
danna Angélica (8 days ago)
Rehana Begum (9 days ago)
She's beautiful
Huizhen Huang (9 days ago)
What song is it
Estou em todo lugar (10 days ago)
Me dizem aí qual é o asiático q nasce sem talento?
Nicole Arana (10 days ago)
Digo que el baile es inapropiado por que hay señores viéndola creo que Corea no es tan reservada como dicen 😂❤
《 Pendejadelorto 》 (10 days ago)
Unas caras de pajeros los tipos ayuda
soulfree • (11 days ago)
ela ainda está na JYP ?
Jaynugget (11 days ago)
Their faces tho...
Reddy Fox- official (11 days ago)
i want fuck
How old is she again?
Jungson1015 02 (12 days ago)
At her age..... i looked like a potato. Im not kidding.
Mark Lee (12 days ago)
In her age I was playing with cars and dolls, OMG were are here parents.....🙄😑😮😡🤯😨
chim chims (12 days ago)
*why do I feel like the cops will be at my door any second now*
MILENA Rosa (12 days ago)
Alquem do brasil?
Dinara Alizalova (12 days ago)
Pronto nace una nueva idol😁
Abril Corome (13 days ago)
Cómo se llama esa canción? :0
Cata aluna (13 days ago)
I’m a little bit bad now but she looks more sexier than BlackPink hirls 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
Yanka TV (13 days ago)
She cool!
Letícia Brand (13 days ago)
omg wow
Zhanel Akberdi (13 days ago)
Small woman
jawhwaa k (13 days ago)
if she’s too young to be wearing these clothes then she’s also too young to be sexualised. guys seriously some of you need to stop
zjsbs fmfnddk (13 days ago)
Педофилия какой-то
Neelam Kumari (14 days ago)
Bad dance no efforts !
BAiEL ILM (14 days ago)
Meh Christofer (14 days ago)
She's probably my wife.. So be careful commenters ..⚔️🔫🗡⚰️🚬🕶
la esposa de jimin (14 days ago)
Alguien sabe el nombre esta canción? :'v
Lizbeth Zamudio (14 days ago)
Janet Jackson - Burn it up
mah kpoper (14 days ago)
Lovely Life (14 days ago)
Superb 😚
TennisSports YT (14 days ago)
Ce amuzant
Kiara Brinkley (15 days ago)
Ha 😂 just no. Where is yo mom
Meruert Serikbolat (15 days ago)
Song s name
AngelaVPM (15 days ago)
She dance very well but I don’t mean this is a dance for a children you can dance like this in your bedroom
theunderdog102 (15 days ago)
hah so many haters commenting what they used to wear at her age or how inappropriate it is to wear what she's wearing, listen up retards, nobody cares what you used to wear at her age and nobody gives a shit about your opinions, moreover, shes not even wearing anything revealing in the slightest, she has a sports bra/tank top and black shorts/boxers underneath her clothes so there was no possibility of having a wardrobe malfunction of any kind...
Önemli Değil (15 days ago)
Bunu benim dedem de yapar ne var bunda ooo diyosunuz
Maria Victoria (16 days ago)
Honestamente, el baile me gusto No le veo lo pervertido como tuerking etc Los latino Americanos ya estamos acostumbrados x2 :v
Richard Grey (16 days ago)
idk men (16 days ago)
Onu: hello?
태형긴 (16 days ago)
What kind of clothes is that..?
Jimiel 95 (16 days ago)
Como será que essa menina está hoje em dia???
Ally Park (14 days ago)
Também quero saber
Angélica Ferreira (16 days ago)
Para mi se los quiere ganar por su cuerpo porque no olvidemos que ellos (los jueces) son hombres y humanos
Ulzzang Aesthetics (16 days ago)
Has someone been cooking eggs on her hair? Greasy af! Lol
Average teen girl (1 day ago)
Ulzzang Aesthetics bruh
Jaynugget (11 days ago)
It's called sweat
Carlos Alves (16 days ago)
Robert P (16 days ago)
Korean eyes are the smallest compare to other Asians
Yasmin H (16 days ago)
Damn she's good. I like her 💪🔥
Beatriz Alvares (16 days ago)
Alguém sabe o nome dessa musica? Does anyone know the name of this song?
samianti pede (16 days ago)
Diluni Senaya Peiris (16 days ago)
pls if u know the song let me know
Diluni Senaya Peiris (16 days ago)
+Sneha Jha thanks
Sneha Jha (16 days ago)
Burn it up by Janet Jackson
Stephanie Luu (17 days ago)
Fight me on this and know I won’t reply back but industries will give halfies lots of love and attention at first, as if it was real in the first place and if they flop corporate leaves them to fend for themselves... ex. Shannon Williams. There is still lots to be brought to attention in Korea’s music industry with full born Koreans being more desirable than foreigners. My opinion. And excluding other Asian foreigners, just talking about half Koreans mixed with some type of European. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Average teen girl (7 days ago)
Frass Tvhs I don't understand your comment
Frass Tvhs (7 days ago)
fault Nancy's
Average teen girl (16 days ago)
Stephanie Luu Koreans don't care about half Koreans. You can count the halfies in the k industry on one hand. Asian countries like the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore is where the fethisization of Eurasians really is. In Japan, they mostly have fully Japanese celebrities but a lot of their models are either mixed or just white
May Tautu (17 days ago)
Somebody please come get this child. Moves were awesome, but clothes were unnecessary. Much love though..fighting
Nicole Vélz (17 days ago)
0:40 la chica se parece a JINICHANNEL
lika love (17 days ago)
Thank you to all the people who immediately felt uncomfortable we can not normalize the over sexualization of young children period! This outfit was inappropriate for her age and some of the moves were too sexual. Parents we have to do better there are soooooo many years to be an adult let children enjoy being a kid.
Pretty Er (17 days ago)
Sujana Nayak (17 days ago)
She is just 10 years old and people are commenting about her cloth lol😷🙂...
Akhil Sharma (17 days ago)
I've seen her in kdrama named "something about 1% "
paul suiqa (18 days ago)
dis girl lit
Isabelzinha Bagtan (18 days ago)
Ate q fim o YU me recomendou algo bom!😍
Yasmim Costa (17 days ago)
jime army (18 days ago)
Me parecio inapropropiada la ropa pera baila muy bien ^-^
Omg so lovely
park lennie (18 days ago)
Which song is that
Mahya.elvis Asgari (18 days ago)
Why these man laughing at the girl? what's wrong with her?😐
Nada Ebrahim (17 days ago)
they just admire of her laughing is way to express about your admire
•gacha Selena • (19 days ago)
Como que tiene un parecido con suga ;-;
*Cutie lovers* (19 days ago)
Quien sabe Como se llama la cansion
yoongi wife (19 days ago)
Look for her in a few years on a stripe pole .this is so awful for a young child .she should be entering a spelling B .Im sixteen and I dress sometimes as mom would say slutty.You dont to dress like this to show off skills .if you have. skills it will show thru.no matter what..It seem like she trying to look sexy and truly she is not.dont grow up to fast there is plenty of time to dress classy sexy .
E D I T H M O R A (19 days ago)
E D I T H M O R A (19 days ago)
Katyplays (19 days ago)
blackpink Manager is here
sara sorce (19 days ago)
Song ??????💗👌
Are you happy now YouTube? I've finally watched the video. Nice dance btw. Not a big fan of clothes she uses tho.
Lina Nguyen (19 days ago)
Who is she ?
ღNina Lifeღ (20 days ago)
Puta xD
Jyoyi Basumatary (20 days ago)
Oh nice
Welp, i've lost most of my brain cells
K-popper Iniciante (20 days ago)
Ela é estranheira?
Brayan Paz (20 days ago)
Melissa 7w7 (20 days ago)

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