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Gorillaz - Humility (Official Video)

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‘Humility' feat. George Benson is taken from the brand new album THE NOW NOW. Listen/buy now: http://gorill.az/thenownow Follow Gorillaz: http://gorillaz.com http://facebook.com/gorillaz http://twitter.com/gorillaz http://instagram.com/gorillaz Director: Jamie Hewlett Co-directors: Tim McCourt, Max Taylor, Evan Silver Executive Producer: Bart Yates Producers: Ryan Ennis, Georgina Fillmore, Franzi Nicolaus Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Management. Cast: Jack Black: as himself Bodybuilders: Alex Okafor Basketball Players: Dexter Homan, Brent Martin Chess Player: Remi Kabaka Bad Skater: Will Dewitt Roller Skater stand-in: Edgar Khatchatrian Production Company: Blinkink Production Company: The Line Production Company: Ruffian Animation: The Line Animation Directors: Tim McCourt & Max Taylor Executive Producer: James Duveen Editor: Robert Rafalat Animators: Marlène Beaube, Léonard Bismuth, Maxime Delalande, Tim Dillnutt, Sarah Dhorne, Wesley Louise, Venla Linna, Xavier Ramonède, Pierre Rütz, Alvise Zennaro Background Artist: Bjorn Erik-Aschim Lead Compositor: Bernardo Varela Compositors: Valentina Bartiromo, Guillaume Cassuto, Kye Dorricott, Fiona Lu, Courtney Pryce Clean Up Artists: Aude Carpentier, Denise Dean, Angelina De Silva, Michael Douglas, Gerald Gallego, Venla Linna, Toby Parry, Setareh Seto, Isobel Stenhouse Production Manager: Max Ross Production Assistants: Samia Ahmed, Leana Mae Felipe Tech Support: Jack Straw Additional Clean Up: Amix Rotoscoping: Trace VFX Live Production: Ruffian Director: Evan Silver Executive Producer: Robert Herman Head of Production: Sheila Eisenstein Production Supervisor: Joshua Hummel Director Of Photography: Carlos Veron 1st AC: Rod Horwitz, Eric Aguilar 2nd AC: Alan Certeza, Brian Austin B-Cam Operator: Joseph Messier DIT: JJ Osbourne 1st AD: Chuck Connors 2nd AD: Erid Topp, Brent Martin Gaffer: Red Hickman Key Grip: Michael Koepke Grips: Ryan Sparling, Danny Carillo, Adam Flore Production Designer: Chris Yager Wardrobe: Scott Ludden Hair/Make-Up: Amy Hanlin Grading Facilities: Time Based Arts Colourist: Simone Grattarola Executive Producer Colour: Tom Jones Location Manager: Scott Ludden Sound Design: Offset Audio Engineer: Claire Bilyard
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Text Comments (91712)
Jay R. - The Meme Boi (20 minutes ago)
1:38 S O R R Y
saturnshadow (1 hour ago)
Okay, are we just going to completely ignore the fact that Noodle cheated in the chess match?
MemeGod 124 (3 hours ago)
What the hell is Ace doing here
mr. thyamz (4 hours ago)
Early 2000s is not dead
David Leos (4 hours ago)
nacho libre camtando en ingles :o
David Leos (4 hours ago)
nacho libre cantando
David Leos (4 hours ago)
ooo por dios nacho libre
Sly Carl (6 hours ago)
I want to see a music collab between tenacious D and Gorillaz! like this comment to make it happen
Enrique (6 hours ago)
Damn I just got a wave of that almost-out-of-school nostalgia
Paige Wilson (7 hours ago)
*No More Unicorns Anymore*
JOSHUA THE 13TH (7 hours ago)
is that jack black
a like dis song
midnight blaze (7 hours ago)
2-D looked so gay and so cute, I LOVE IT
Enzo Soares (7 hours ago)
ele não é gay
midnight Redpaw (9 hours ago)
Notice me 2d SEMPI 😍😍😘😗😙😚❤❤❤❤❤💓💘❤💗💙💗💟💜💚💗💙💗💟🖤💚💖💘
JNJ Stormtrooper (10 hours ago)
Has there been beef between Russel and 2-D?
Enzo Soares (7 hours ago)
e quando o Russel pois o pé pro 2d cai o olho de fica preto
Those Adidas are fire bro
sᴍᴏʟ ᴊᴀᴅᴇ (11 hours ago)
bart_pol_mmk (11 hours ago)
ou in my birthday you created that song*Funny*
Quabilot Neka (12 hours ago)
Cameron Sellers (12 hours ago)
Holy crap just realized that Rockit vid also has 2D with white eyes. Not possessed and not happy (I think). We have to rethink our theory about white-eyed 2D. Maybe his eyes just healed and were hurt again after a while?
Z00ZY Q (12 hours ago)
hello kinky
Swimming Trunks (12 hours ago)
50 million views for those pants
cutsey cat (13 hours ago)
Calling the world from isolation 'Cause right now, that's the ball where we be chained And if you're coming back to find me You'd better have good aim Shoot it true I need you in the picture  That's why I'm calling you (calling you) I'm the lonely twin, the left hand Reset myself and get back on track I don't want this isolation See the state I'm in now? Callin' the hunter with a rifle 'Cause right now that's the ball where we be chained Shoot it true I want you in the picture  That's why I'm calling you (calling you) I'm the lonely twin, the left hand Reset myself and get back on track I don't want this isolation See the state I'm in now? If I pick it up when I know that it's broken Do I put it back? Or do I head out on to the lonesome track and let you go? I'm the lonely twin, the left hand I don't want this isolation See the state I'm in now? If I pick it up when I know that it's broken Do I put it back? Or do I head out on to the lonesome track and let you go?
Juegapaulof :D (14 hours ago)
Me preguntó por qué quitaron a murdoc
Baeleigh Ruder (14 hours ago)
WiLO :3 (14 hours ago)
0:56 that guy was like "EW! I'M NOT GAY!!!" and 2D was like "whatevs" and just carried on his day. then afterwards karma struck the guy
Slacker Engi 2 (14 hours ago)
Gorillaz Masters of putting depressing lyrics in up beat songs Never change
Slacker Engi 2 (14 hours ago)
I love how noodle has more accurate guitar skills (playing the right notes) than jack black Similar to the Dare video, her lip syncing was more accurate too I love animation
UóᴥòU (15 hours ago)
british twink trying to survive the california sun
THE DIAMOND SHEEP (16 hours ago)
im playing this in class tomorrow
saturnshadow (1 hour ago)
THE DIAMOND SHEEP Did you do it?
Tiago Francelino Macedo (17 hours ago)
2:50 é esse tipo de amigo que eu normalmente tenho
CubickGamerTCT (17 hours ago)
I like how 2D says control
Jelo Mercado (19 hours ago)
you used to call me on my cellphone...
Vinvan Artsy (19 hours ago)
2-D- blu boi noodle- beautful qween russel- EEL ace- best power puff girl murdoc- DE BAFF
James Walkden (19 hours ago)
I love the energy in this video
PurpleMustache0 (22 hours ago)
WOW dick move russel
I'm Tony Sceptical (1 day ago)
Can 2-D put on some like longer sleeved pants? Like my guy I ain't trying to see that.
leilan.y (1 day ago)
the one time 2D is actually happy russels gotta ruin it
Frank Portes (1 day ago)
Its funny how finally gets an Album/Phase he is the "protagonist" to Phase 1 = Russel and his ghost Phase 2 = Noodle and her deals with Murdoc let her to her "death" Phase 3 = Murdoc, his deal with the boogieman and his escape to plastic beach (he made the whole Plastic Beach Album( Phase 4 = 2D gets some relevancy, now hes the leader and the main brain in te band
I like Milk (1 day ago)
Does jack black even know how to play the guitar?
Krisby Gamer (1 day ago)
Ummm I like noodles nails lmao 🤣 like if you agree!!!
Juanita Godwin (1 day ago)
no more unicorns anymore :')
audio :P (1 day ago)
EndorKing629 (1 day ago)
Ace is awesome
ramiro cordoba (1 day ago)
ramiro cordoba (1 day ago)
Tipico quieres leer los comentarios y estan en ingles
gold demon (1 day ago)
la verdad que si
TerryYT (1 day ago)
si we 0.o
Jason Voorhees (1 day ago)
Are you happy you finally found THOSE LEGS
Jackson Sfx (1 day ago)
How much you wanna bet they didn’t even plan to have jack black in this video he just popped in on his own and they were like “ok..why not..”
TriggermeSimba (1 day ago)
This is what 2-d does when Murdock isn't abusing him like a trapped house wife 👌
Alanel PLOX (1 day ago)
Quien habla español ? :v
cecilia ghys (1 day ago)
Amo 2D
cecilia ghys (1 day ago)
Gorillaz es piola
fajka1k (1 day ago)
Thats cool that JB is on this one...to me.
Ethan James (1 day ago)
1:45 who else just noticed the noodle mural on the wall
Poppy Peridot (1 day ago)
Also damn 2D is thicc
Poppy Peridot (1 day ago)
JACK BLACK??:??;?:.!&×,!,# OMG
FC The Best (1 day ago)
Jack Black :D!!
KaPowProduction (2 days ago)
Anyone knows where is this location?
KaPowProduction (2 hours ago)
Thank you sir
Alexjandro GD (1 day ago)
Venice Beach
MulberryPeak 379 (2 days ago)
Limonada :3
Sarcasm (2 days ago)
3:09 2D's eyes turned from white to black. What? Is there something I'm missing? ;-;
ToXiC Mighty (2 days ago)
lol he lost his music juice as soon he saw jack black
Asumi 10 (2 days ago)
soy la única que vio el mural de Noodle(portada de Humanz)?
Asumi 10 (2 days ago)
1:28 2D wtf XD
Blue X (2 days ago)
Primer video que vi de gorillaz
taihlagamer AUS (2 days ago)
jack black at 1:05
taihlagamer AUS (2 days ago)
how did 2D get his eyes back? and why are they white what happend to his black eyes
username7395 (2 days ago)
This song is so good omg...
Thomas González (2 days ago)
Alguno que hable español
Nunukii Jiaco (2 days ago)
liking only cause of Jack Black
Harvey pops (2 days ago)
the thing am happy about it where jackblack in it
leilan.y (2 days ago)
2ds shorts give me anxiety
Sakura Haruno :v (2 days ago)
Jack black no habia muerto? 0-0
Miles Hopkins (2 days ago)
Russel salty cause he wanted to be the only guy with white eyes in the group
Miles Hopkins (2 days ago)
0:43 best acting of 2018
Shadowcaster_ 999 (2 days ago)
M101 2d
Victoria Niccals (2 days ago)
woah 50 m views, nice
JJackcallmefrank. (2 days ago)
50 mil viewa
White Fire (2 days ago)
2:14 I'd like to buy some of your super shitty advice
itz_ ya_boi (2 days ago)
Peep the product placement on 2-d
Sergio Boggio (2 days ago)
Listen to my new album MOUSTACHE here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu61RMmjqIL16NVNuVobcdfKLPcBm2MWX Buy it here: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/sergioboggio
MARZO MACARONI (2 days ago)
2:55 ouch
Crazy Carno Lady (2 days ago)
Dam 2D got them legs that go ALL the way up!!
Renanimations DBZ (2 days ago)
I jusr noticed...2-D gained one of his front tooth...
Zachary Bailey (2 days ago)
Hello Kinky
Jugdjay (2 days ago)
why is his eyes white now! what happened 2d? what on earth happened!
DK's Loot (3 days ago)
Black jack
Aru Yu (3 days ago)
IDK how someone couldn't be turned on by 2D in hotpants
emo potato (3 days ago)
Oh mah gerd jack black
Lily Patrelli (3 days ago)
Ismael Gaytan (3 days ago)
IS THAT JAVK BLACK? He is supposed to be getting ready for Goosebumps 2!
Tracy Martinez (3 days ago)
You know how everyone is saying they miss Murdock but they want to see 2-D happy I think that he is happy, when he's with Murdock I honestly think 2-D has Stockholm syndrome look at the lyrics and you will realize that it sounds like he is talking to someone and that someone is Murdock I'm just saying it's what I think
Tracy Martinez (3 days ago)
For the record I know Murdock came back
Phillip Dutcher (3 days ago)
Ah george benson 😀
Marina Minty (3 days ago)
The almighty video of the thicc 2d
Sai anime guy (3 days ago)
My fave band and a very funny actor in one song this is another good song by gorillaz
Aniyah Vital (3 days ago)
2d can skate but he trip on his own feet...? 😑
Huga (3 days ago)
Where tf can I buy those boots?
popushi 101 (3 days ago)
Why are 2-ds eyes white and not black
Casey Pye (3 days ago)
His eyes are white when he's experiencing PTSD, they're black when he's on painkillers
sebastian rojas (3 days ago)
Gorillaz - Humility el coro 2:06 ❤

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