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【FULL ALBUM】Girls‘ Generation 소녀시대 少女時代 〖Girls&Peace〗

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少女時代の Girls&Peace FULL ALBUM です! !音量注意! GirlsGeneration Girls&Peace_FULL ALBUM_ Volume adjustment recommended!! 0:00 FLOWER POWER 3:18 Animal 6:26 I´m a Diamond 9:24 Reflection 13:14 Stay Girls 16:36 T.O.P 20:14 BOOMERANG 23:05 Oh! 26:16 ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU 30:00 PAPARAZZY 33:47 Girls&Peace 37:14 Not Alone 高評価、チャンネル登録よろしくお願いします!
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Text Comments (33)
doris b (3 months ago)
My favorite Japanese album
zacky (4 months ago)
'i am a diamond'🖤🖤🖤🖤
ぺー ぺー (4 months ago)
PICK ROSE' (5 months ago)
k y e e (6 months ago)
*Quando chega Not Alone, "Eita, agora a porra ficou séria"*
Moon Taeil (7 months ago)
My favourite song from this Album is Stay Girls, is one of my fav Soshi songs too! Is beautiful and have so precious lyrics ♡♡♡
Cecil caze (7 months ago)
N.C H.C (7 months ago)
;-; Saudades das rainhas
Claire Anderson (8 months ago)
Stay Girls is probably my favorite SNSD song ever
Olavo Ataíde (11 months ago)
waiting for sunny to come to rio for 6 years
GrooveItOrLoseIt (1 year ago)
their japanese discography is, in my opinion, even better than their korean releases - and that says a lot since they're my favorite group of all time!
astari karina (5 months ago)
I dare say, their Japan trilogy album is the best Korean gg ever produce, and they are not even my fav group. I mean, how come every track worth to be lead title? Them and f(x)'s Pink Tape & 4 walls are amazing.
Cuppy Cake (7 months ago)
Min I (7 months ago)
Andrés Cáceres (10 months ago)
You're so true!
elli jeon (1 year ago)
i listened to girls and peace again because i miss sjjd :(
ChrisBrengel (1 year ago)
Wikipedia: Girls' Generation II ~Girls & Peace~ is the second Japanese album (fifth overall) by South Korean girl group Girls' Generation. It was released on November 28, 2012 through Nayutawave Records. Girls & Peace is the first release by all the members since their third Korean studio album "The Boys" (2011), after the group entered a semi-hiatus to pursue solo activities in South Korea, in which time Girls' Generation-TTS, the group's first subunit, was created. Continuing the electro-influenced sound from their first Japanese album, Girls & Peace features a wide range of contribution from producers, including long-time collaborator, Kenzie, as well as multiple new producers such as Miles Walker, Deekay and Dapo Torimiro. The album sold over 116,000 copies in its first week, reaching the third spot on the Oricon Album chart, and has since received a *Platinum certification from the RIAJ* . Three singles were released prior to the release of the album: "Paparazzi" reached the top of the Japan Hot 100, with "Oh!" also peaking at the same spot as well as number-one on the Oricon chart. "Flower Power" peaked at number six on the Hot 100 and number five on the Oricon chart. The group promoted the album and its singles through various Japanese music and variety shows including Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ and Music Lovers, as well as promoting through their Second Japanese Tour throughout February and April 2013.
Beatriz Nobre (1 year ago)
Great album!! 💞
diego alaluna (1 year ago)
Tonteteトンてて (1 year ago)
osea hello I have not downloaded since I was in the PC from the beginning! If downloading clipbox is recommended!(Google Translation)
diego alaluna (1 year ago)
como lo descargaste?
Uma Kpopper Legal (1 year ago)
20:14 BOOMERANG ? SNSD - I GOT A BOY 4 - 말해봐 Talk Talk
bb kyul (1 year ago)
it's another version but the two songs are completely different
Uma Kpopper Legal (1 year ago)
Consuelo Solís oh thanks! ^^
Consuelo Solís (1 year ago)
Uma Kpoper Legal Boomerang=Japanese ver. Talk Talk =Korean ver.
Snow (1 year ago)
I always finish the album crying bc of Not Alone ;.;
Cuppy Cake (7 months ago)
Snow don't cry you're not alone💚💚💚💚💚
tiffany's wife (1 year ago)
Álbum impecável ❤️😭👏🏼
이종현 (1 year ago)
tiffany's wife soo tae tiff jiss yui se hyo seni yoona i LOVE YOU 잘 있는 거지 소녀시대의모든것?소속사 운운한건 좀 더 빨리 할일에 적응키 위함을 위한 내 맘이었으니 부담없기를 ....난 소녀시대가 영원히 열심이고 최선이고 적극적이길 바라는 사람이지..ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ또봐
kpoperᅳ (1 year ago)
T.O.P 😂
Uma Kpopper Legal (1 year ago)
entendi a referencia! > U <
Reggie Owens (1 year ago)
sooyoung. Tiffany sunny Jessica taeyon seohon hyoeon yoona yuri
Cuppy Cake (7 months ago)
Reggie Owens Yasss💋

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