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Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts [Official Music Video]

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© 2010 WMG Check out more Christina Perri: http://facebook.com/christinaperrimusic http://christinaperri.com http://christinaperriblogs.tumblr.com/ http://twitter.com/christinaperri http://myspace.com/christinaperri my album lovestrong. is available now! http://smarturl.it/lovestrong download the "jar of hearts" music video on itunes! http://bit.ly/JOHvideoDL Follow Christina Perri on Spotify: http://bit.ly/HRJrB7 AHHHH ITS HERE!!! please enjoy the heart + soul + guts in my official music video for jar of hearts!!!!!!! special thanks to atlantic records, stacey tookey, allison holker, kathryn mccormick, keltie colleen, chantel aguirre, eboni adams, chelsea thedinga, peter chu, jay martin, jill kaplan, + the whole crew + DNA.
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Text Comments (115809)
DJ BenjE (2 hours ago)
Fabulous song. Hits home. Simple yet poignant message. Can't believe it took 8 years to get airplay.
Naseen Martin (4 hours ago)
Um did I just cry...? Am I even a man anymore wow Music..fuck
Hairunisa Tuzzahra (4 hours ago)
October, 2018!?
Sergio Contreras (4 hours ago)
Sergio Contreras (4 hours ago)
I love the song
TheSongOfNightFɑll (5 hours ago)
JULIO RODRIGUEZ (7 hours ago)
GRECIA MEDINA (9 hours ago)
Why is this depressing
NorthernLaw (11 hours ago)
Co Co (11 hours ago)
How do you think you are? Raynner? Blupp!
k k (11 hours ago)
this song is iconic
Mariam !!! (13 hours ago)
2019 ? Love this song sm
DarthQueen OfBeauty (17 hours ago)
Cookies Cookie (19 hours ago)
Reminds me of my dad for some reason no idea why tho R.i.p Dad Feb 5 ps beautiful song
Gabriel Mañalac (1 day ago)
its sad to think that shes dead!😢😞😖
Xx_StevenT2002_xX (4 hours ago)
No she's not. Christina grimmie is the one who died. This is Christina Perri
Korre Moeke (1 day ago)
Has anyone seen the tik Tok when someone's playing fortnite literally leaving and dropping scars? Hahaha
Jocelyn NIcole (1 day ago)
who listening in the end of 2k18
John Snake (1 day ago)
45K people are collecting jars of hearts and tearing love apart.
*walks out of car, in a wedding dress, but some minging boots* oh god, ok, i wont come back *runs*
Creepyx TV (1 day ago)
2:16 My Favorite Part.
aiman zafri (1 day ago)
october 2018 hehe
ShahMarvel (1 day ago)
lol lunox from mlbb
razak osman (1 day ago)
O K T O B E R 2018
putra Jogja501 (1 day ago)
Koploin dong
Lisa Bergang (1 day ago)
this really is voldemort and his dementors (the dementors do the same thing the people do in the videoclip)
still listening this music, ti'll rght now. Really love it.
Thatdiygirl Addy (2 days ago)
I remember this when I was 2
alenaakli (2 days ago)
I JUST FOUND OUT MY FRIEND IS HER COUSIN WTFFF i knew her last name was perri but never thought she was related to her i’m shook
Gummy Smile (2 days ago)
Bagus Sudarmanto (2 days ago)
My love song
Dannie Jay (2 days ago)
why your love song?? isn't this more of a break up song? lol
TheBlueMew Lol (2 days ago)
2018 anyone?! 🙌
Tanner Smith (2 days ago)
this is so deep. like im seriously cryingright now. is anyone else feeling like thisw>??
Gloria Tagudin (2 days ago)
chrismas song
2018? 👍
Elisabeth Ellen (2 days ago)
2018 and im still crying
Depressio n (2 days ago)
Did she stop making music?
Imogen Shaw (2 days ago)
Added this to my shower playlist good banger
Lindsay Taflin (2 days ago)
I've lived half alive now you want me one more time
Lindsay Taflin (2 days ago)
my mom left me when I was young and now she thinks she can have me back
Lindsay Taflin (2 days ago)
she left me as a child as in my family so no I don't and frankly I don't
zain (2 days ago)
Lindsay Taflin what do you mean? You don’t live your mom anymore?
Nekita Agridulce (2 days ago)
Who is listening this en pleno 2019?
rose arelip tacing (2 days ago)
lagu pedih bawa saya ke sini..
Ipi Kun (2 days ago)
hadi ❤️ farah
Lopa (3 days ago)
Am I the only one with like over 9000 flashbacks from that time???? THIS IS BRINGING SO MANY MEMORIES!!!!
victoria bradshaw (3 days ago)
I'm my own ghost
victoria bradshaw (3 days ago)
I learned to live running around catching the cold soul of ICE ,,,who do they think they are leading and leaving scars
Fried Men (3 days ago)
La felicità dura troppo poco per me...
NikaNuNu (3 days ago)
"Collecting your jar of farts"
Chubbys modz (3 days ago)
I love you my idol
gracefulfly (3 days ago)
today anyone????
Carla Barbosa (3 days ago)
Lordezia (3 days ago)
2018?? i used to listen to this when was young ;(
jennifer ruiz-nunez (3 days ago)
I love this song it kind of sad
sharafaldin (3 days ago)
R.I.P 😭
spam Er (3 days ago)
who wrote this
JohnDaH4x0r (3 days ago)
"And who do you think you are, running around leaving SCARs?" I don't want any 12-year-olds telling me about the Fortnite reference.
Kawaii LGBTQ PRIDE (3 days ago)
My friend said when I sing it sounds like she is singing it because I memorized the lyrics
Xx_StevenT2002_xX (3 hours ago)
Remembering lyrics isn't really that difficult to do...
Andreea Cubasa (4 days ago)
since we first listened to this song, more precisely his interpretation (impeccable)- >Ayoub - Jar Of Hearts (The Voice Kids: The Blind Auditions) I realized that it resembles many songs, for exe. Halo - Beyonce, and we would be more song (rock- Europe, jon bon jovi), but I'm not coming to my mind now. please analyze. I do not want to criticize, but this song has scores from other songs, it is just my opinon.
Jagroop Singh (4 days ago)
You shouldn't cheat on your love cez the other person might be serious about it. Love is not a feeling only but a emotion too. It hurts so much 😢😢😢😢
Tamara Long (4 days ago)
This is the best song to whistle
ich bin incompetent (4 days ago)
torge ist dumm
ich bin incompetent (4 days ago)
ich bin incompetent (4 days ago)
is toll
Anti Calamari (4 days ago)
CoolKat Xox (4 days ago)
🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 she's so pretty
Olivershyam Zomi (4 days ago)
October 💜
Joshua Bridges (4 days ago)
c: XD XP :( :) :C SO MUCH MORE
Joshua Bridges (4 days ago)
Joshua Bridges (4 days ago)
love this song
Roz Basedow (4 days ago)
Sums my ex husbnd up in 1!!!!
Russ Hawkins (5 days ago)
I DIDN’T know - how could I. Who looks the same after 12 years? I didn’t recognise you. Get real. Time to Live a FULL Life! Still searching.
Rease (5 days ago)
Nostalgia ._.
elpin sombo (4 days ago)
Julija Bauer (5 days ago)
reply why
P0TAT0A1M (5 days ago)
anYoNe iN 2018??111
Hendrianjayyy (5 days ago)
2039 here 🙌
Deku _Chan (5 days ago)
I like her dress👗
Raisha Aurora (5 days ago)
Love Is the song💖💖💖💖
lintangend (5 days ago)
huaaaaaaaaaa :""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
Spottedleaf (6 days ago)
3:11 dabz on dem haterz yeah... sorry I'll leave now
_Ishaq_official_ (6 days ago)
0:40 0:43
Sofie Hussain (6 days ago)
2k18 still listening
Nancy Baronian (6 days ago)
love this song!!!
xXkiller foxXx (6 days ago)
so cool and sad
Jason Burchard (6 days ago)
You music and lyrics bring strength to the soul. STAY STRONG
angiesvlog (6 days ago)
every single time i see this video, i cry
Herbalattraction3000 (6 days ago)
Beautiful song what a talent. And I have to say she's just my type. Extremely beautiful with a twist of, something I can't describe. Just beautiful.
Tasha Msp (6 days ago)
Is it just me or does christina perri remind anyone of melanie martinez? I LOVE THEM BOTH!
Ed Hyke (6 days ago)
Love voice
Deborah Watson (6 days ago)
Regrets n memories.trails left n wake of storms left from loss n paths of destruction but the old is new when under construction.
Angelica Ortiz (6 days ago)
2010 was the year man. I remember waking up early in the morning to watch Vh1 and their song countdowns just to hear my favorites and sing along. Those were the good years.
trần mạnh (6 days ago)
Who do you think you are?
Manuela Alvarez (6 days ago)
Manuela Alvarez (6 days ago)
Giovanna Melendez (6 days ago)
Have you watched human?
Giovanna Melendez (6 days ago)
Ha 😍😂
kiel tem (6 days ago)
I really should not like this to be honest I love it even though it's not really good.
Hyoroemon Meto (7 days ago)
Half life
Kingdom Of Simba (7 days ago)
Anyone listening in 2043?
Vincent Celentano (3 days ago)
No maybe no!
Barry Woodford (7 days ago)
I'm bing listening to all of your songs
Victoria Stanley (7 days ago)
This just became my fav song today 10/9/18
Volta Kid (7 days ago)
I've got a jar of dirt I've got a jar of dirt I've got a jar of dirt and its missile guided
rory McBride (7 days ago)
I love this song I'm still listening to it 2018 it makes me happy
Syd Haynes (7 days ago)
Ralph Garrett (7 days ago)
God has truly greater things in store for you in Jesus Christ name!!!
laura freinhofer (7 days ago)
old but gold💐
2050 ???

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