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My Pageant Dresses!

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I am still ordering some in the mail but there are the two that I got already. :) Very short video, I know! But it's just a quick look at my two dresses.

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bekah L (5 years ago)
oh yeah so natural is your natural no make up no hair pieces no flipper nothing that is fake so thare is your answer :)
bekah L (5 years ago)
the different between glitz and natural is in glitz you wear a lot of make up you wear hair pieces a flipper wich is fake teeth and you wear a lot of rine stones. and in natural you wear no makeup no hair pieces and no rine stones
bekah L (5 years ago)
that is not a pageant dress that is a church dress I should know I do pageants oh by the way they look really cheap
GlitzandGlitter100 (5 years ago)
In the pageants that I have been in the judges would say that the first dress is too short.
Madison Elizabeth (5 years ago)
I really want to do pagents but my parents won't let me who do I get them to help me to do pagents !! I really want to do them
Audrey Moyer (5 years ago)
Those wont win they are really quite tacky especially the pink polka dot one. Ew.
lindy victoria (5 years ago)
i do glitz pageant the most cause i love the flowy dresses! and the bigger the pageant gets the bigger the crown get! and the moneyyyy
Shelby Rae (6 years ago)
i do both :)
Mallory Durham :) (6 years ago)
Do you do natural or glitz?I do glitz and i love it!
sfgc (7 years ago)
do you do natural or glitz?

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