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Passenger Seat by Stephen Speaks with lyrics onscreen

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:) Enjoy the first video I've ever made in my entire life! FOLLOW STEPHEN SPEAKS ON TWITTER! : https://twitter.com/stephenspeaks *Check out my cover of "Dare you to move by Switchfoot" and original song, "Once Again"* Follow me on https://twitter.com/#!/ArianaQueano26... Ty! :D Ask me : http://ask.fm/ArianaQ26
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Text Comments (4605)
Gwen Quiño (18 hours ago)
I'm so inlove to this song! 😍😍💞
elke banes (18 hours ago)
NCBB AlexC (19 hours ago)
*'and i can' t keep my eyes on the road, knowing that she's inches from me'* tHAT'S TOO CUTE FOR MY WEAK HEART
Had a chance to meet him when he's in Davao! He's a great musician and person as well. I love how he share his lovely moments with his family especially with his wife. Such a sweet man! His singing was so damn good. It was pretty simple that has everything. I couldn't ask for more. I love his songs. Avid fan here.
Lovely Emotion (1 day ago)
Sean Relox (1 day ago)
Oct 2018 🎧😌
Jhel Ali (2 days ago)
October 2018? anyone?😊
Brenjake Lasafin (2 days ago)
Masmaganda..pa ang mga...kanta...nuon kesa...ngayon.....sa tutuo...lang...
Brenjake Lasafin (2 days ago)
Masmaganda..pa ang mga...kanta...nuon kesa...ngayon.....sa tutuo...lang...
Brenjake Lasafin (2 days ago)
...paboreto...ku na..kanta.....
October 2018 🙋‍♀️♥️
Girl Gamer (2 days ago)
Who's till listening in Oct. 2018 leave a thumbs up guys 😊👍
KristelMay V. (2 days ago)
October 14,anyone?
Jan Phillip Ordinario (2 days ago)
Hazaki (2 days ago)
October 13, 2018 ❤️
Mariz Escueta (3 days ago)
October 14 2018
Justine Pilan (3 days ago)
October 2018.💞💕👍
Edgar plaza (3 days ago)
Joice Bantolo (3 days ago)
alex ylanan (3 days ago)
Andrei John Manalang (4 days ago)
October 2018
Brian Sum (4 days ago)
thumbs up philippines
Kaji Min (4 days ago)
Oct 2018?
Mi Amore (4 days ago)
Oct 13, 2018 5am
Fumie Sibala (4 days ago)
Jmark Pongautan (4 days ago)
October 2018!
october2018 but still listening to this song
family bondoc (5 days ago)
october 2018?
ONCE BLINK (5 days ago)
*Hell University* Brought me here. SUPREMOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Layan Aldosare (5 days ago)
October 11 2018.imiss the places that I'll been Ride in the Philippine's 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 yes I always thumb s up cuz I'm Filipino😥😥😁😁😁😁
Lorie Gabog (5 days ago)
My College life(2000),,, miss you my dear Michael❤
Gerry Nacion Jr. (6 days ago)
Date : October 11, 2018.. Time: 1:12 pm
Jill Jill (6 days ago)
Great lyrics that paint such beautiful picture to ride on an awesome melody! Love this song!
CM M (6 days ago)
October 2018
Thames Dequiroz (6 days ago)
One last before i sleep😃😍
Winsboro Borowins (6 days ago)
Cristher Badilles (7 days ago)
♥️♥️♥️ Parang Christian Bautista
Waren De lima (7 days ago)
My fav. Song 2018 still listening.. ❤
John Inojales (7 days ago)
Still so good
#WOW 😃
Lotis Key Ramirez (8 days ago)
October 09 2018
Joshua Robles (8 days ago)
oct 2018?? anyone??
Matt Alfred Marcelino (8 days ago)
Shandra. Estrada (9 days ago)
I like this song
Luvme Orillbegone (9 days ago)
october 2018...😚 still so loved this song...💗💗💗
Luvme Orillbegone (9 days ago)
october 2018...😚 still so loved this song...💗💗💗
Mark dave Sending (9 days ago)
Oct 2018🙃🙃
Jm Arrazola (9 days ago)
oct 7 2018?🙄😃
jeff ackerman (9 days ago)
Oct. 2018???
Mona Liezl Armasa (10 days ago)
jhurick capucao (10 days ago)
october 2018..
Ray Arzaga (10 days ago)
October 2018 hahahahah
Jahil Villas (10 days ago)
2018 hmm
Nesa Adelette Dayangco (10 days ago)
Revs Barquilla (11 days ago)
Oct 2018 🙂.. Whos listening to this song again. Raise your hands 👋
Menma Hepburn (11 days ago)
Oct 2018. Huhu
Mi Amore (4 days ago)
October 13, 2018. 💛
Khadija El Kortbi (12 days ago)
All these feels surfacing, overwhelming :(
LQ Reuyan (12 days ago)
John Benchard (13 days ago)
October 💓
roan rocks (13 days ago)
October of 2018............
Anthony Fernandez (14 days ago)
listening October 3, 2018
MARK LEIGH (14 days ago)
Pls stop ruining the comment section with “2018” or whatever date it is, have respect for the song
Natsu4Fairytail Flame (14 days ago)
Arnel Soriano (14 days ago)
October 2018😅
Hobi's Wifeu (16 days ago)
It still has an effect on me. What a strong kind of spell.
Louie Gaming (16 days ago)
2018 octber
Ryan Espino (2 days ago)
perfect in bisaya
Shin Tensei (16 days ago)
ahhhh so gooood
John Rey (16 days ago)
classic calms my body and soul.... everytime I go through hard times.. I just play classic songs...
LAZYPALS PH. (17 days ago)
JOSEPH BOADO (17 days ago)
September 2018??
deyn kluwis kabo (17 days ago)
Rai Usman (17 days ago)
2018 😭❤️🙌🏻
CJ Holmes (18 days ago)
Serenade by Stephen in September 2018. 💞 This can't be forgotten.
Nesa Adelette Dayangco (18 days ago)
Ken Ken (18 days ago)
Sep.28, 2018 😍
Rhina Ponce (19 days ago)
September 2018 and still loving this song..♡♡♡
Joyce A. (20 days ago)
All I can remember in this song is my "childhood"
Joyce A. (20 days ago)
All I can remember in this song is my "childhood"
namjoon's hoe (3 days ago)
He loves this song 💔 It hurts. It's been months, and it's just summer love-- no, I think I'm the only one who is loving you because since the first time I saw you, I feel that you will have a big impact on me, like now that I'm listening to this song, and how you sang this to me and hell yes you sound exactly like the singer 😢 I hate you for hurting me this much even though you don't have a single idea that you did. I STILL LOVE YOU TYRON.
Paulo Juliano (21 days ago)
Kent Acuna (21 days ago)
Sept 2018? Anyone
maxX kinomoto (22 days ago)
love it😍
Nesa Adelette Dayangco (22 days ago)
Edgar Nieva Jr (23 days ago)
Roundish lyric (23 days ago)
Hell university anyone? (Mga pinoy diyan)
jayson eugenio (23 days ago)
its a beautipul song of, 80s
Jon Roflo (23 days ago)
September Whos Watch 2k18?
cj pancho (24 days ago)
Sept 2018?
Hasmin Polanes (24 days ago)
September 23, 2018 who's still with me and this song? 😊
Jaira Galupo (24 days ago)
2018💙 still my fav 💙
2 0 1 8 ?
Saida Gua (24 days ago)
(Sept.22 2018) still listening❤❤😥😢
chimmy (24 days ago)
I miss the old songs :(
lazy mofo (24 days ago)
Met Stephen Speaks here in Iloilo last January and he was so nice he let us have a photo together. and he's so tall. lol
hazelnutsie (24 days ago)
My all time favorite since 2013 😊🎶 Still in my playlist 😍 #Sept2018
Angela Torbolento (25 days ago)
it's 2018 and the feelings are still the same
Nesa Adelette Dayangco (25 days ago)
Miggy Kirigaya Yuuki (26 days ago)
Classics 😍 ber months na nang 2018 pero maganda pa rin.😍
em em aco (26 days ago)
Sep 2018 😍😍😍

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