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Meet the Dancing 'Backpack Kid' Who Stole Katy Perry's Spotlight on 'SNL'

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During this weekend's star-studded 'SNL,' one unknown teenager wearing a backpack stole the show. During Katy Perry's performance of her new song 'Swish Swish,' 15-year-old Russell Horning became a social media sensation as his dancing skills were given center stage. "It was really nerve-wracking because half of the country was watching me," he told Inside Edition. "You can't mess up on live TV." Horning was contacted by Perry earlier in the week after his Instagram page was recommended to her.

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Text Comments (21143)
Yunus Emre HD (5 hours ago)
orospu çocugu
Othman Lahlou (10 hours ago)
Now....WE forgot it
Thicc Dogo123 (11 hours ago)
*i be flossiiiiiin*
Thicc Dogo123 (11 hours ago)
*lmao they made the floss from fortnite a real thing* 😂😂
Hulk the USA Rivera (12 hours ago)
Joel romero is right he stole it from fortnite
Hulk the USA Rivera (12 hours ago)
🎓👓 im like a kid that figurs out everything
Hulk the USA Rivera (12 hours ago)
His did not created the floss
Lluk Ukuk (12 hours ago)
Lluk Ukuk (12 hours ago)
Lluk Ukuk (12 hours ago)
He stole
Lluk Ukuk (12 hours ago)
Sydney Grenkow (12 hours ago)
I should be studying for exams right now, literally have my text book in front of me 😑 what am I doin
Kevin Johnson (12 hours ago)
I never liked the wiered bastard
Steel Nerves (13 hours ago)
In 5 or 10 years he’s gna regret this pretty bad. Unless he makes enough money to retire off it.
Casey Brose (13 hours ago)
Back pack kid stole morejstu´s dance
Siena D (14 hours ago)
i Be FLosSiN
stunt509 (15 hours ago)
Yeah he might of took the dance but come on guys he was only 15. Let the little kid live his dreams lmao.
Bae Irene (15 hours ago)
BTS :- Gogo "Yolo Yolo Yolo Yo" 😂
Rjthelion623 (16 hours ago)
Katy Perry’s looking like a zebra
dan hemmerling (18 hours ago)
I only heard about this the other day on Mock the Week. This kid didn't invent it. I saw a vid from 2014 of this dance and people already knew it?
michael wenning (18 hours ago)
I hate you
Maddie Lucas (19 hours ago)
Mik D (19 hours ago)
They say the camera adds 10lbs, I'd hate to see him in real life. He'd turn sideways and disappear!
Caleb Whitfield (19 hours ago)
My manz comes from Georgia I respect that
Marc Gallant (19 hours ago)
Who’s here after his mom tried to sue Fortnite
vlad and floanonim (19 hours ago)
Is very drugged
EnigMa AGODAMi (21 hours ago)
**Non-rhyThMiC boRinG ass fLavoRlesS maYo eaTinG basTaRd.!!** #CuLTuReVuLTuRe 🚮🔫
ISuckAtGames (23 hours ago)
This is gay
FireRedz (1 day ago)
His hair style look bad
Chethan Mark (1 day ago)
*tHe ViDeO iS sPeD uP*
Martina Kolaric (1 day ago)
But he is just flossin☺☺☺
BlackRider (1 day ago)
SHK_ Turner (1 day ago)
I be flossing I be flossing I be flossing I be flossing I be flossing
Speedy Clax (1 day ago)
E.T. x Slim shady
Ali Koksal (1 day ago)
Why's the kid got a head shaped like that of a frog?
Tank Slapper (1 day ago)
Can you administer him with a lethal dose of arsenic?
Noah Life (1 day ago)
this kid is so gay
Noah Life (1 day ago)
so cringy
Morgan's Animals (1 day ago)
I'm scared
black Ghost (1 day ago)
Dang his balls haven’t dropped at 15
Thorbelinho TV (1 day ago)
I be flossin!!!^+^&×
Sarah Cuadrado (1 day ago)
can you describe- I be flossin,
Lincoln Conrad (1 day ago)
Do you mean sml
superman (1 day ago)
demon kid
XChronicHash (1 day ago)
Why does he look so weird
XxIllsionsxX (1 day ago)
laboredo frincas (1 day ago)
This is cancer in it's true form.
elliott Dick (1 day ago)
Boven SSF (1 day ago)
I wonder how much they bully him at school
Sylvia Torres (1 day ago)
I’m suing Katy for emotional distress
What a legend !
Al Testic (1 day ago)
That was so funny when he got booed off stage he thought he would be cool and do his little dance nice try buddy..
Xxnoob_CrAig:/ (1 day ago)
Fortnite Fortnite lets go
Ella Johns (1 day ago)
Why him arms so long
JAM Fam (2 days ago)
How on earth did he get famous 😂
Travis Quintero (2 days ago)
It's believable that some people believe that this is something great..... you will never go broke by under estimating the stupidity of the American public
Tofu Boy (2 days ago)
Inside edition search up Ryan Mayall.
Alana Musical (2 days ago)
I seriously thought she said ‘Russel Horny’
CandiiKat Gam3r (2 days ago)
He stole the dance from JstuStudios/MoreJStu
Brookiecookies Cookie (2 days ago)
He stole someone's dance
Travis V (2 days ago)
Lol now he stealing spotlights instead of dance moves?
Faker's brother (2 days ago)
He is on crack
Hi Hi (2 days ago)
He didn’t create the floss!! ITS CALLED THE SQWEGEE!!
Rainbow Pancakes (2 days ago)
i be flossin’
Blake Cole (2 days ago)
What’s wrong with his voice
Sean Burnett (2 days ago)
If only it was actually his dance... I hope he gets laughed out of court or counter sued by those who came before him... Deserves no less
reee exe (2 days ago)
he also stole the dance
Jorge Resendiz (2 days ago)
I regret buying the season 2 battle pass from fortnite just cause of his floss
ASMR Digital (2 days ago)
Pliva _23 (2 days ago)
simona horáková (2 days ago)
this is easy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jacob Nagg (2 days ago)
its not his dance soooooooooooooo.
Mr. Magnificent (2 days ago)
ET phone home
Mariusz K (2 days ago)
HE MAN (3 days ago)
Someone already invented this
planet3arth 8 (3 days ago)
IM A GENUIS Read more
planet3arth 8 (3 days ago)
Ein Gläubiger (3 days ago)
Willow Lawton (3 days ago)
All this behavior in the comments absolutely disgusts me. Stop all this abusive language, stop aiming it at backpack kid. Let the kid live his life. For one second, just think about how hurt he is.
Midnight Dusk (3 days ago)
*Drinks a bottle of bleach*
WARREN ELLIS (3 days ago)
Lol any video of him the top comment is about him stealing the dance from somebody else
tryhard 007 (3 days ago)
Damien INSANE-O (3 days ago)
snl is so stupid now
huzar237 (3 days ago)
This kid looks like he’ll be a serial killer...no expressions or emotions its so disturbing
ellena (3 days ago)
so he gets viral bcs of this.
lemonz (3 days ago)
I bE fLoSsin I bE fLoSsin I bE fLoSsin I bE fLoSsin I bE fLoSsin
Rudolph Reindeer (3 days ago)
The stupidest move ever. Not even a dance.
Chris Hernandez (3 days ago)
He did not make it
Jack Attack (3 days ago)
And the floss was born
Rahul Chib (3 days ago)
i be flossin
Nicky King (3 days ago)
ya this needs more dislikes (sorry katy)
Joelaine J (3 days ago)
*_hE bE fLoSsIn_*
Joseph Juliano (3 days ago)
Gamer Dan 07 (3 days ago)
*sues fortnite for using a dance he likes because he doesn’t want to share* Like boiiiiiiiiii nooo
M3M3 (4 days ago)
I be flosSiNn
Omaha Joe (4 days ago)
The song alone is cringy af lol
OnkelBaut Langsam (4 days ago)
ℍ𝕖 𝕚𝕤 𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪 𝕟𝕚𝕔𝕖+
martinz1540 (4 days ago)
The stupidity that plagues our country!
OnkelBaut Langsam (4 days ago)
Du hast recht aber keine Ahnung was ich schreibe :P
haha er rubbelt sich einen hahahaha

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