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How To Install Whatsapp Messenger on iPod Touch and iPad

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Tweaks used : Vshare/Appcake 2 - WhatsPas Sources : http://repo.biteyourapple.net/ or http://repo.hackyouriphone.org/ - Big Boss Repo Vshare: -Intelligent : World’s first app download platform that is native & jailbroken compatible. -Massive : Top speed release everyday,Permanent free download. -New Experiences : A new flat design, simple atmosphere, a friendly user experience. WhatsPad: Enables WhatsApp to run on iPad & iPod. There are no settings or icons for this tweak, simply purchase and install WhatsApp. AppCake: AppCake (by iPhoneCake.com) is an active community where people share their IPA and APK files, so you can download and install them on your device.
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Text Comments (116)
Pappu Khan (19 days ago)
Richard Webster (1 month ago)
Alblogy (1 month ago)
So I need to Jailbreak my Ipod6? How to Killbreak my Ipod6 then? he not tell us in the video?
Zara Nabi (2 months ago)
Zara Nabi (2 months ago)
How do u download cydia because I’ve been looking for it everywhere in the App Store and I couldn’t find if
Gourav Kumar (2 months ago)
Han Bur (3 months ago)
abdul ahad ch (3 months ago)
Socoolbro 12 (5 months ago)
The thumbnail was an iphone.
Assariah Jason (6 months ago)
Thxs it worked *no it didn’t I just said that to make him proud LYING DID WORK*
DoubLe-TiMe (6 months ago)
i get and error
tasleem mohammad (7 months ago)
How to show battery percentage in ipod
iiSarah (4 months ago)
you will need the iOS 11 for that-
IKayla17 • (7 months ago)
There's a texting app on there
Ngọc Anh Thư Nguyễn (7 months ago)
are you mongolian?
Julioishype Cw (9 months ago)
Thats not an ipod
iiSarah (4 months ago)
it is
Rachel VanWinden (10 months ago)
What ipod is that 5th gen 6th
Luis C (10 months ago)
dude you need to practice more English I can't understand shit
SmarTutos (10 months ago)
Luis Skywalker Yeah I need to
Xbox Brothers Army (10 months ago)
rvincent roy (1 year ago)
you are very clear dude👦👦
Muhammad Assif (1 year ago)
I cant download please help me
Jensen Wong (1 year ago)
This not a ipod
ZESSKILL 7799 (2 months ago)
Jensen Wong it’s iPod 6
It s a iPod 6/5
dYno HaCkEr (1 year ago)
Pls can tell me how to download cydia on ipod 6
anirudh babu (1 year ago)
http://www.tutuapp.vip/index.php?r=shareAppVip/index&lang=en&type=zb&appId=2920662 Free Whatsapp .No Jailbreak.
MisterPen (1 year ago)
moroccan yeee
SmarTutos (1 year ago)
Yassine Boughaba merci khoya :)
MisterPen (1 year ago)
lah ykemel 3lik akhouya
SmarTutos (1 year ago)
Yassine Boughaba Yep :3
Kagaming Gaming (1 year ago)
But how to have cydia 😪😪😪
Abhimanyu Roy (3 months ago)
100k subscribers
Peterpangucciman (1 year ago)
that a iphone
ConstantMinecrafting (9 months ago)
Syed Muhammad Taha (1 year ago)
is this jailbreak?
Praveen Jadon (1 year ago)
Ashok Gupta (1 year ago)
Praveen Jadon to
YouTube Fan (1 year ago)
Does this actually work
ImMintyKittenZ (9 months ago)
YouTube Fan it used now it doesnt
Sarah Long (1 year ago)
Ich bekomme auch einen IPod in blau!
[ase] chrxstxph (2 months ago)
Haha ich nicht
Jesus (1 year ago)
Können wir 100 Abos mit einem Video schaffen? Stop getting triggered lmao
Jesus (1 year ago)
Sarah Long nobody gives a shit shut the fuck up
Jokerface (1 year ago)
Yes he/she is
YouTube Fan (1 year ago)
Amanda Sigalas u German
Asma Aissaoui (1 year ago)
i dont like sorry 😑😑😑😄😄😲😲
Kenny (1 year ago)
Asma Aissaoui The song? Yea me neither
Asma Aissaoui (1 year ago)
sa prend du temps ta védeo😋😋😋
omggg marocain guy with ipad xD Mashallah greetings from the netherlands <3 Beslama
Sandra John (7 months ago)
Leerling Plusser Het Verloren Zoo the
Zainab Hassan (1 year ago)
I r u a muslim
djpac aka Don (1 year ago)
Leerling Plusser Het Verloren Zoontje Hij denkt dat je ik ben dat waarom hij zei Balhaj Hhahahha hij is mijn vriend uit marokko Hij woont nu in Frankrijk
windy gusti (1 year ago)
I Hаvе Acсessed My Desired Whatsapp Number, This https://twitter.com/fab64f596fc6a946f/status/754577466451046400 is Reeally Awesome, Bookmarked!!Enjоying :) How To Install Whatsapp Messenger on iPod Touch and iPad
ah to bad... you know if you come from the mosque and you drive past that taxi stop there is a way going up i live near there :)
MrKamarian (1 year ago)
thanks bro it helped a lot
Ubaid Khan (1 year ago)
so now go on a chocolate aeroplane and f***
Ubaid Khan (1 year ago)
so how did I write the message
Ubaid Khan (1 year ago)
so why don't you shoot your self or not I will find you and kill you
Ubaid Khan (1 year ago)
first of all can you speak English if not don't make YouTube videos
Ubaid Khan (1 year ago)
first of all can you speak English if not don't make YouTube videos
Ubaid Khan (1 year ago)
first of all can you speak English of not don't make YouTube videos
Kabita Nayak (3 months ago)
Ubaid Khan 0
Sir Savage (4 months ago)
TheEmearald Miner yh but this guy is trying to attempt to speak English and he can't talk for shit
Sir Savage (4 months ago)
TheEmearald Miner here is if
TheEmearald Miner (10 months ago)
Ubaid Khan you are talking u dumb shit you don't even know how to spell if Btw the second most subscribed YouTuber doesn't even speak English
Krissy (11 months ago)
Ubaid Khan "cockheaded butch"
Kesh_Dcftw (1 year ago)
Thanks for this :D
Farisya Ishak (1 year ago)
do i need to install back the whatsapp on my ipod once i reinstall cydia every 7 days?
kin law (1 year ago)
If I don have cydia can i download facebook we chat and line?
Abdelkrim AHARSAMS (1 year ago)
you are moroccan?
what was the source
Boshra Salhani (2 years ago)
every time you say cidya i think you are saying syria and im like i am not going back to syria right now 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ryzrz (1 year ago)
FasGoodGaming (2 years ago)
Blue are red red are green the title is inglish why arent you?
SmarTutos (2 years ago)
Bc U are and u don't know how to conjugate the verb to be?
Râńîa dz (2 years ago)
J'ai pas de cydia sur mon itouch
djpac aka Don (2 years ago)
واخا تكون جان من عام 400 تعرفه
ALEJANDRO RAYOS (2 years ago)
ok nice video but what about the contacts for the app plz answer.
Fredi Völk (2 years ago)
It worked perfectly but u cant use the same number on ur phone and ipod at the same time :(
Cochise Driver (2 years ago)
can u use it then in the iphone and the ipod at the same time?
Ayah Ahmed (2 years ago)
I do not want jail broken
Anas Abubacker (2 years ago)
Howtodownload cyida
just movies (2 years ago)
sat jailbreak 9.2
Dave Sykes (2 years ago)
Dude.. It Says "An error occured while installing Whatsapp Messenger (Code:-999) Help me please :/
Jose Sandoval (2 years ago)
Hola me gusta mucho
Tarek Aoun (2 years ago)
Ok broo thank you
Tarek Aoun (2 years ago)
Can u make a review about appcake, link store, how to download tweaks from cydia for free, how to download files from safari
Jghk Gjhj (2 months ago)
SmarTutos (2 years ago)
Okey i'll do them tomorrow :). It's 12pm where i live
Tarek Aoun (2 years ago)
Great video, great work
Jghk Gjhj (2 months ago)
The 04653869
Jghk Gjhj (2 months ago)
Oyattohamid 6711
SmarTutos (2 years ago)
Thanks. I'm happy i helped u out :)

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