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GIRLS' GENERATION - Everyday Love (Line Distribution)

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Everyday, everyday love~ This is the 4/9 part of a joint project with a brazilian's SNSD fan page called One Generation. You can choose the next line distribution video of Girls' Generation there and follow all news of all 9 girls! — One Generation on Facebook: https://goo.gl/oyQwsl — Choose the next SNSD line distribution: https://goo.gl/991WRw Intro/Outro: Girls' Generation - LINGUAFRANCA Song: Girls' Generation - Everyday Love Album: Love & Peace (2013) I do NOT own anything. All rights reserved to SM Entertainment.
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Text Comments (191)
:v :3 (21 days ago)
:v :3 (21 days ago)
Tiffany Least no you are wrong
Jonathan Chung (1 month ago)
I actually hope that everyone knows they don't pick their lines
Green Light (1 month ago)
Cuando Tiffany no opaca :0
Amanda Piña (2 months ago)
Hyo ♥️
accelworldfan (5 months ago)
My favourite SNSD song. Who knew it would be good karma for the dance line who collectively got more lines than Tiffany, and Sooyoung even got more than Taeyeon. Now I see that adding little rap parts to songs and giving them to the dance line (and not Fany - a mistake SM keeps making - Save it for TTS please) makes line distributions more fair. Also, my bias Jessica gets number 1! This is such an amazing song.
Ten Hatter (10 months ago)
Tiffany in last place, wow 😨
Just wanted you (10 months ago)
1:20 -1:26 Hyoyeon is so cute
Tison Nie (10 months ago)
Laura Pinzon (1 year ago)
Sone Selenator (1 year ago)
Sone Selenator (1 year ago)
Love this song 😍😍
Aeon (1 year ago)
The world is ending!!!! Tiffany got the fewer lines OMG!!!! Lol
Love Princess (1 year ago)
Jessica's song.... love this song so much
KPOP TRASH (1 year ago)
Of Course Jessica SLAYED
John Christopher See (1 year ago)
YES JESSICA YOU DESERVE YOUR 27.9 SECONDS OF SLAYING But I feel bad for Sunny and Tiffany (my bias wrecker) they are lead vocalists yet they get little lines and Hyoyeon? Let's say she slayed better than Sunny and Tiffany but still a fair line distribution
Lisa V. (1 year ago)
Does anyone know which tour this was at?
John Christopher See (1 year ago)
When SM mistakes Sooyoung for Tiffany
Presley Petrus (1 year ago)
Sometimes Sooyoung's voice sound like Tiffany.
Arkaan Rizq Dzakwan (1 year ago)
jessica always be no. 1 in japanese song💕
Sunjjang (1 year ago)
please make the line ditstribution for "how great is your love" thank you^^
Fajrul Falah (1 year ago)
are you guys for real a sone? i'm not fany bias but reading hate comments toward tiffany is just make me angry..she got alot of hates even from sones..cant believe it what the hell she has done for make peoples hate her?
Halena Dyas (16 days ago)
I agree.
K-Generation / K세대 (7 months ago)
Annung un Rama becuz people are jealous
Ah Sigh He (10 months ago)
Fajrul Falah If you're a sone you already know the answer to your question why Stephanie gets a lot of hate.
Na Snoopy (1 year ago)
張雅茜 (1 year ago)
eyesmiletrash (2 years ago)
There were instances where the girls said they wanted more lines, but they also said their way of giving out lines is who fits it the most. SO tired of people hating on Tiff's distribution u g h
tuan m (2 years ago)
frick i loved this song so much<3
Luciano Sobral (2 years ago)
Jéssica arrasa!!
Diego Silva (2 years ago)
Hyoyeon more than Tiffany? OMG
Clan PureAngelz (2 years ago)
Funny last three pictures were top three in line distribution.
Tippa-chan (2 years ago)
WTF with the people happy Tiffany is last. It's seriously annoying. Can you guys just be happy for your bias without dragging Tiffany. What if everytime your bias get the least lines I start boasting about Tiffany's lines and started to put down your bias? You wouldn't like that, yet you do it to Tiffany.
Ah Sigh He (9 months ago)
If you're that annoyed then don't read too much. They're just happy that at least their biases have more vocal input that your bias. You should be grateful that Tiff has become a pseudo main vocal even though she strains her vocals at times.
Fajrul Falah (1 year ago)
i'm not fany biased..but seeing many sones hates her just bcs a fucking lines make me feel so mad and sad at the same time
Fajrul Falah (1 year ago)
Ariiq Akbar so? seohyun also have more lines than fany in many songs..everybody deserve to have more lines right? they r not trained for years for nothing
John Christopher See (1 year ago)
Ariiq Akbar i think they're happy because they don't like her
Ariiq Akbar (1 year ago)
John Christopher See why we're happy? Cause tiffany always get lot of line... tbh seohyun is better then tiffany in singing
Andreea C (2 years ago)
sooyoung having more lines than taeyeon omfg. good job girl ♡ plus..i love seeing seo always on top3.
Nate Sparda (2 years ago)
Yessss sooyoung my girl
Lyli Garcia (2 years ago)
Now I know why this song is one of my favorites
G Bsh (2 years ago)
I wish YoonA's talk part had done other member....
Royette Sarmen (2 years ago)
sicaaaaaa the best
Sohani Cridland (2 years ago)
If Jessica had her hair in pigtails 🐷 then she would look almost like a teenager. At least to me 🙂
The fact that Fany is last for the first time in SNSD's songs lol. Sooyoung killed this song. She would of been the main actor if it were an mv. But Seohyun voice stuck out to me the most in this song.
Eirasya Sones (2 years ago)
Wow I'm shocked. Dance line has more lines than Tiffany. Is this the only song that Tiffany has least line?
Rivera Lime (2 years ago)
Yoona let's go
Lianne Yonson (2 years ago)
yes jessss ❤❤❤
Obliviate (2 years ago)
Yes, love this distribution..
Show girls
Taeng Sic (2 years ago)
Stay Girls Please!!!!
Jonathan STAR (2 years ago)
finalmente !! Eu estou feliz , Can you do SNSD Chain Reaction OT9 ?
Alfiyah Atika (2 years ago)
Jessica's voice always nice for Japanese song
time machine (2 years ago)
Love it the most SICAAAAA!
Magnificent Vocalist (2 years ago)
Jessica is like "Get out Seohyun, I deserves to be 1st" at the end xDD Jessica & Seobaby slay here !
Andy Ong (2 years ago)
when jessica was still around they always sang the chorus together, they rarely do it anymore now :( the sad truth
aina zainudin (7 months ago)
Andy Ong what do u mean by that ? 😅😅😛
M Riesman R (2 years ago)
2:43 Taeyeon still the least one until her last part saved her to be the top 4 lol
sh_Garrison 개리슨 (2 years ago)
What was the song at the very start anyone?
Kathy M (2 years ago)
Lingua Franca
Bunnieuna (2 years ago)
thanks for making this video
Holy Raspberry (2 years ago)
Sooyoung slayed😉
Richie Tuioti (2 years ago)
JesSeo !!!
igot7-lu (2 years ago)
weirdest distributionxD i knew the sub vocals would have alot of lines but its like..lead and main first and lead and main last
igot7-lu (2 years ago)
+Presley Petrus i didn't say she was i said lead. jessica and taeyeon is. im a sone too i know>.> i just wrote lead and main but i didnt say sunny and tiffany were mains i meant to leads in general who usually get alot of lines, has the least in this
Presley Petrus (2 years ago)
Tiffany is not SNSD'S main vocalist. just Taeyeon and Jessica but now Jessica wasn't SNSD anymore, it's just Taeyeon.
Benjamin Sam (2 years ago)
What live performance was this?
IceCrepeGG Sone (2 years ago)
its love&peace 3rd japan tour
Adriana Bravo (2 years ago)
2nd japan tour or the 3rd
grape yeri (2 years ago)
I actually thought Hyoyeon sang the least, guess I was wrong XD and this is such a JessSoo song💜💜
mulan4ever14 (2 years ago)
Joy&Seolong ''Always in my heart'' <3
Yossi Molli (2 years ago)
plss do woohoo of twice
chuka chuka (2 years ago)
1 of my fav song in gg's japan albums.. 😘
kaisoo_ 26 (2 years ago)
My biases slaying! 😍❤️😌 Jessica and Sooyoung 💚💙
あお (2 years ago)
Jessica yesss, but oh no Tiffany TT
Kiko소년 (2 years ago)
Prince Giordan (2 years ago)
I always thought that Jessica had lass and less lines in the L&P album, but as I see the line distributions I realize I was wrong
Prince Giordan (2 years ago)
True, but I was thinking that she got less or had the least in all of them
Matthew Yu (2 years ago)
Prince Giordan Well some of the songs she had a lot of lines like in Everyday Love, Karma Butterfly and Blue Jeans, but there are also songs that she got less lines like in Gossip Girls and Motorcycle
SWFS-KLAV-94 (2 years ago)
Could you maybe do f(x)'s new japanese single "Cowboy"? :))
Queen POTATO (2 years ago)
I can't explain how much they mean to me
Luke_SY (2 years ago)
Sooyoung ❤️
Rizki Pawitra (2 years ago)
Wow Taeyeon :O *shock* finally i can see Tiffany being last
Halena Dyas (16 days ago)
+K-Generation / K세대 he's a hater
The Young Vocalist (4 months ago)
Rizki Pawitra - Tiffany still slay 👑💕 and only in this song Tiffany let the others members shine ,, the others songs Tiffany always Top 4 🔥 #QueenTiffany
K-Generation / K세대 (7 months ago)
Rizki Pawitra why does it sound like you like it?
Presley Petrus (2 years ago)
she looks like she's not happy in this video.
kim alle (2 years ago)
Thankyouu, this is my request! ^^ As I said before the result will kinda shocked us. Keep going ultimatekpop!
Duncan Cheung (2 years ago)
Yay finally Yuri has got more lines😊😊
Victoria Rufino (2 years ago)
sooyoung <3
Daniel Lin (2 years ago)
It's probably because Tiffany has way more lines in other songs.
+The Young Vocalist Seriously? I think this is a joke
The Young Vocalist (4 months ago)
Daniel Lin - I think it because Tiffany is kind.. She let the others members shine in this song.
it’s Kinssu (1 year ago)
Daniel Lin true, but it's usually who's voice suits the song or concept
Bình Nguyễn (2 years ago)
seohyun love love love
shine 1234 (2 years ago)
I don't know but I think only sooyoung doesn't get any line distribution that she get first becoz the other member even have one song that they get first... yoona = gossip girls Hyoyeon = Oscar Yuri = t.o.p sunny = flower power
Butterfly Kiss (2 years ago)
So, Yul has more lines than Soo more often, and she has a lot of top 5, what was the last time Soo was ranked in 4th, 5th place in a song? I guess that when Soo has more than Yul, she only has more among the dancers.
Lee Aaron (2 years ago)
Mr ok yeah i know in talk talk too boomerang,xyz,look at me,paradise,fire alarm,honey, etc
Butterfly Kiss (2 years ago)
But Yul got first in t.o.p and blue jeans ot8, she has a lot in lips, lion heart and other songs (top 5), I don't remember when Soo got 2nd or 1st.
Lee Aaron (2 years ago)
Mr ok yuri rarely get first if she gets a lot of lines she gets 2nd
Ami Sakamoto (2 years ago)
Sempre escuto errado "anata no oshiri ittai" (algo como "sua bunda dói") na primeira parte da Taeyeon kkk
Butterfly Kiss (2 years ago)
Can we change this to Sooyoung's song? I love this
gucciseok (2 years ago)
Holy Raspberry (2 years ago)
Bình Nguyễn (2 years ago)
Flyers please and many songs
shine 1234 (2 years ago)
please do some song that sooyoung get first...
DoBong GG (1 year ago)
In snowy Wish but without yoona
Jam (2 years ago)
현우 actually i thought of that when they sang the line "we are the gossip girls"
gucciseok (2 years ago)
she has the most lines in gossip girls since she leads all the choruses but noone recognizes it :(
Jam (2 years ago)
I believe that Sooyoung has the most line in TOP. But let's see coz it is really hard to recognize who sang most of the lines there most especially the chorus part
grape yeri (2 years ago)
Mr ok Gossip Girls is the only song where the dance line (Yoona) has the most lines
Sooyoung slayed !! one of My favorite of their Japan song ❤
tyt rir (2 years ago)
snowy wish ot9 please
KUSH ARASYAD (2 years ago)
SNSD should have this kind of distribution for quite a few so Tiffany can rest her vocal.
Look if y'all snakes have to say something just say it without attacking the SNSD members and SONEs..stop trying to look as if you're concerned..rant at the agency or someone who chooses concepts and actual line distribution..dumb fucks
what's wrong in this comment replying section?
K-Generation / K세대 (7 months ago)
KUSH ARASYAD you are soop fake
Tickle my Minhoe (1 year ago)
KUSH ARASYAD I agree, but only on the part about letting her rest, not on all of your degrading comments about her 'wanting to hog all lines' when the girls don't even have a say in what lines they get.
John Christopher See (1 year ago)
KUSH ARASYAD and Taeyeon
SoneXArmy97 (2 years ago)
I'm shocked that Hyo yeon has more lines than Sunny and Tiffany 😱
Ariiq Akbar 21 (10 months ago)
Cokkie Bunny fake sone.. theyre shining like your ass
Ah Sigh He (10 months ago)
Cokkie Bunny Shining my ass
ycm am (11 months ago)
Cokkie Bunny We love sunny and tiffany but what you have said was so disrespectful.
Cokkie Bunny (1 year ago)
but Sunny and Tiffany shining more than Hyo
Ariiq Akbar (2 years ago)
Sonelovekookie Fawn watch oscar line distribution Hyoyeon line much than taeyeon and the other member
yoon now (2 years ago)
oooohhh its a miracle tiffany is the last one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not yonna or hyoyeon OMG
Halena Dyas (16 days ago)
Yeah i know
K-Generation / K세대 (6 months ago)
francisco benedicto abiera she literally said its a miracle tiff is last. Miracle means something good
She means that its rare to see lead vocal being last and a miracle that non vocal members gets more lines
K-Generation / K세대 (7 months ago)
Miracle? Why? I hate you kind of sones.. so fake
Rahmad Tri Purwanto (2 years ago)
snsd show girls korean ver
snsd kim (2 years ago)
tiffany 😲
Wing Ki Yeung (2 years ago)
Sooyoung slay~
Eon Love (2 years ago)
Can you do 1 to 10 by TWICE? Please :)
Ashley Chi (2 years ago)
Missing Jessica 😢😢
Leanne Batulan (2 years ago)
I miss our Sica 😭😓😪
snsd kim (2 years ago)
me too 😢😭
ultimatekpop (2 years ago)
*(CLOSED) Hey guys, you can choose the next SNSD's line distribution right here: (CLOSED), you just need to mention the song or like the comment if it has already been mentioned. Which SNSD's song you want to see next? ^^*
AS. (2 years ago)
only you tts
KPOP Galaxy (2 years ago)
not alone
Bunnieuna (2 years ago)
Phan Pham thanks
IceCrepeGG Sone (2 years ago)
sinta r (2 years ago)
I'm first :3

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