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#1 Highest Download Speed! Best Utorrent Setting! (2018 Updated)

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In this video, I'm going to how to make faster your Utorrent's Download Speed. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ NOTE: *****DOWNLOAD TORRENTS WHICH ARE HAVING MAXIMUM SEEDERS AND HIGHEST HEALTH***** LATEST BEST PORTS (2017) - CHOOSE ANYONE: 11136 15987 11132 18368 18318 15387 18318 16391 45682 53906 (Test all of them to see which works best for you) IN CASE YOU ARE GETTING VERY LOW DOWNLOAD SPEED, RESET THE SETTINGS. To reset the updated Utorrent settings to default, go to this site: http://sh.st/yoRvk _ _ _ _ _ _ _ *** IF THIS VIDEO DIDN'T HELP YOU, WATCH MY SECOND VIDEO *** http://sh.st/oGEtT ***FIRST FOLLOW ALL THE STEPS WHICH ARE SHOWN IN THE VIDEO. AFTER DOING EVERYTHING IF THIS WON'T WORK, WATCH THE PART 2*** _ _ _ _ _ _ _ SOME IMPORTANT TIPS: 1. Download files one by one. Don't download everything at once, it will slow your download speed. 2. Stop seeding while you're downloading. 3. Close all apps and software which are using internet connection except Utorrent. 4. Close the unnecessary tasks which are running in the background of your PC. I hope the above tips will help you. If not, contact your ISP. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Music: Crimson Fly - Huma-Huma (YouTube Audio Library) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Thanks for watching! Like the Video, Comment & Don't forget to Subscribe.
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Text Comments (6477)
Usman Khan (1 hour ago)
Bhan chod phalay english bolna to sek la
Elion Marku (6 hours ago)
bruh.. down speed went from ~700kbps to ~50 how do i restore my previous settings?
chayan roy (6 hours ago)
it really worked 5mbps thanks!
Sasuke Uchiha (1 day ago)
You know what? I've got the fastest internet speed on my utorrent. From 600kb/s to 200kb/s. Wow that's a lot. THANK YOU SO MUCH BITCH.
ainars delle (1 day ago)
u can't make higher speed of your provided internet speed!Provider make rules first of all. these "settings" maybe boos your net speed +2Mbs/s if u have 10Mbs/s net (20mbit/s 100mbit/s)
Peter Paul Biscaro (1 day ago)
Thank you ! It works! :))
Anndrew (1 day ago)
Thanks man for your tutorial
Angelo del Rosario (2 days ago)
why are the majority of these How to's are made by indians?
Taha Jamshaid (2 days ago)
it helped a little bit
Furry Shaman (3 days ago)
i was freaking out at first it was at 8 mB/s but after 10 seconds it is know at 0.8 kB/s
Aqil Abbas Khan (3 days ago)
Thank you for making it 800kb/s to 12 kb/s. it sucks
Keylor Swift (3 days ago)
my torrent speed is 0.4 just tell me what can i do
t0udy (4 days ago)
I hate to say this, but this is actually works! Thanks man
t0udy (4 days ago)
From 400KBps to 1.1MBps
Windows XP (4 days ago)
It Works On Windows XP!
Windows XP (4 days ago)
Thank You So Much! My Dowland Speed has gone up a little bit. BUT MY SENDING SPEED HAS GONE CRAZY
ULTIMATE COW TV (4 days ago)
omg it fucking worked
My Bro And I (5 days ago)
Not Working!............?
Vikas Singh (5 days ago)
thanks bro it worked....:D
Anastazia Dalesandro (5 days ago)
thank you, awesome!
Behroz Asghar (5 days ago)
Wow from 300 kbps to 0.3mbps😮
Ranjan Tamang (6 days ago)
really helpful. thankyou
Mary am (6 days ago)
Nope..made it worst 😾
EOTO Tech (3 days ago)
You can reset the settings by following the link in description.
_AruN Zzam_ (6 days ago)
thanks bro......watching in (june 2018).............thank u so much bro.....:-)
Faissal El Bouanani (7 days ago)
holy moly it worked i was 200kb/s and now im at 3-5Mb/s Edit: Next day went from 5mbs to 35mbs im dying
bat man (7 days ago)
thanks man
karleiljefrimari (8 days ago)
it worked
Ran Ran (8 days ago)
thx u made it longer
Tiju mr (8 days ago)
tnx dude you are awesome!
IceBerG (9 days ago)
Worked for me bro :D Thanks a lot. I moved from 50 kbps to 300 kbps
TamikaLovesSlimeGamer (9 days ago)
Donnot try this, I tried it and it was like upgrading it saying 1 week and something hours please dont try this IT DOES NOT WORK!1
EOTO Tech (3 days ago)
You can reset the settings by following the link in the description
GAMINGwithRAI Laur (9 days ago)
from 6kb/s to 10mb lol
What It Sounds Like (10 days ago)
thank you it works <3
DSD Movies (10 days ago)
50kb/s to 1.5mb/ps
DSD Movies (10 days ago)
Hats off to you it just take 2 sec only you are awesome
alekceee (10 days ago)
I downoload normal like 1 hour and whit you 9 hours and 30 min
Marc Lenray Magdaraog (11 days ago)
nice mine is 427-500 <3
Game tech (11 days ago)
its not working
TheCharchar Vlogs (11 days ago)
Wow instead of going up one at a time it goes up 2
PigJam (11 days ago)
went from 2mb to 4kb
EOTO Tech (3 days ago)
You can reset the settings by visiting a link mentioned in the description of this video.
noodle juice (11 days ago)
Guys this worked however with these settings your service provider can see what you are downloading, my service provider contacted me so be careful
MAXIMIZER (11 days ago)
i bet you didn't even new which setting does what, although some of values are well selected but this settings are less secure anyone can grab your ip because you set the value of ip filer to false which means any malecious ip can connect as a peer and like this many other setting were also vulnurable............................but good video afterall
xEakkYx (12 days ago)
it worked for me.
Gergely Ozsvár (12 days ago)
I'm REALLY thank you this video! :D
omg this vid is great legit went from a week to 16 hour. thank youuuu
Crabbiestclown (12 days ago)
idk that this is correct for me. went from 6.0 to 1.5 lmfao fml
EOTO Tech (3 days ago)
You can reset the settings by visiting a link mentioned in the description of this video.
Bloxer Boy (12 days ago)
does it work?
noodle juice (13 days ago)
Thank you it worked
Random MC (13 days ago)
Thanks i spent 6min watching this video and now my torrent downloads 6min faster ty
Mirko Gatti (14 days ago)
Works , thx
KingJB TV (14 days ago)
Aaron Caprio (14 days ago)
bro it took 1 sec still working in 2018 ty bro
Carl Carreon (14 days ago)
What is the best port for Philippines? 😭
Dark Knight (15 days ago)
Thanks worked ! Before 12 kbps now 1mbps download speed
eslam solom (16 days ago)
How to back to default settings , please ?
EOTO Tech (15 days ago)
There's a method mentioned in the description.
Dinaël Ouokam (16 days ago)
I can't believe it still work. Thank you so much
Sahar Rdwan (17 days ago)
thank you so much it worked i wish i can click the like 1000000 times
My first work video on YouTube. Thank you. its work . speed 128 kb to 1.5 - 2.00 mb
Nidhi GARG (17 days ago)
Nidhi GARG (17 days ago)
Damn!!!! from 2 kb to 255 and rising...... Thanks dude u the best
Darshan prasad (17 days ago)
good going dude ....worked well for me ;D
Gio (18 days ago)
Ashish J (18 days ago)
Ok guys here is some clarification it works more only when your isp is capping your speed it worked for me as I have a actual down speed of 10mbps but only get 100 kbps now it is at 5 Mbps it is better then before.
tushar annadate (19 days ago)
ohhhhhh myy godd woowwww what a speed 13 mbps to..........direct 2kbps........!!! : (
Keshav Kumar (19 days ago)
Bro my Utorrent search bar not working , I have used crack for pro version, can you help?? BTW Helpful video liked it.
MusicMakerLV (19 days ago)
From 100kb to 5mb thanks! :D
pranjal.sharma7692 (19 days ago)
700kb ki speed thi 90kb ki rha
pranjal.sharma7692 (19 days ago)
chuteya bana rha ha
Foxy PlayZ (19 days ago)
i hate those indians
Samiran Baruah (20 days ago)
Man this is *DANG*
BioGrams Gaming (21 days ago)
you Save my life
BioGrams Gaming (21 days ago)
THX on 100kbs now 1Mbps
Game Show (21 days ago)
aaddiPlayz - Minecraft (21 days ago)
it really works in india
Pranaya Adhikari (21 days ago)
didn't work for me the download speed is still the same
Unknownguy - (21 days ago)
download went from 25% to 60% in like 10 seconds thank u x
Hans Tiamson (22 days ago)
From 2 kbs to 16 kbs! Thanks men it works Keep doing good videos
Ronaldo Klarinette (22 days ago)
omfg i love you from 500kb to 5-10mb !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lorenzo lee Knoop (22 days ago)
I'm going to try it later 2night......and if it doesn't work will unistalling and reinstalling it put my settings 2 defAult? ??????
KnowTheReal (23 days ago)
You are fake.....................
Joseph Sarfo Tabi (23 days ago)
awesome.....worked perfectly
Sanaa Ashour (23 days ago)
Nihal Narayanan (23 days ago)
rahul chanda (24 days ago)
HardyMvZ ! (24 days ago)
Doesn't work for me
Irfan Khan (24 days ago)
You are mantel
Mr. Wall (24 days ago)
thanks went from 100kbps to 1mpps
Ákos Tóth (24 days ago)
it's worse
himanshu sharma (25 days ago)
himanshu sharma (25 days ago)
yar ase video aur banana
Aravind CJ (25 days ago)
It works!... thanks man
Star (25 days ago)
20kb/s 3.4 mb/s Thanks :D
M7m4dX3z (25 days ago)
wow good job from 304 kb to 10 kb
Zayyan Awan (26 days ago)
Thx Bro
Sheriff Herobrine (26 days ago)
100kb/s to 1.4MB/s wow thx
my download speed went from 3 to 4 mbps thanks a lot man love you
TamikaLovesSlimeGamer (9 days ago)
it doesnt WORK DONT TRY IT!
saitaha (13 days ago)
Lorenzo lee Knoop so.. did it work?
Lorenzo lee Knoop (22 days ago)
So this actually works.....hope work by me 2night
Vaibhav Patel (26 days ago)
Works really good.... boosted from 300kbps to 4mbps
Hasnain Syed (26 days ago)
i trusted on u but u broke heart
NFS KING (27 days ago)
Wew in the title says 2018 but it id published on 2014. U really did not go yo school didn't u?
Abdellbari Alemdar (27 days ago)
Thank U broo you save my life

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