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SNSD (Girls' Generation) – All My Love Is For You – 3rd Japan Tour LIVE HD

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SNSD, All my Love is for You, live during the 3rd Japan Tour in 1080p. The best version!!:) I do not own any audio or video material.
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alluneesislve 95 (19 hours ago)
Now You Can See Many Entertaining Girlband, but in my opinion, i can't see a girlband can stable and great in voice and have a entertaining skills like Snsd. I swear where you can see A Voice Strong and Soft like Taeyeon and Jessica?
lutfi ayu (5 days ago)
2019 ? And who miss jessica ?
girls generation (5 days ago)
Miss you ot9 forever😢😢😢
princess sica (12 days ago)
God why i'm crying :'( it's 2019 and i still can't move on
Ghusty Wee (18 days ago)
That "yeah yeah yeah-eh" sounds like being lead by yuri
Aarya Hira (20 days ago)
3:23 sunny's oh~~
Hyo Unnie (21 days ago)
Hyo look like barbie with her blonde hair 😍 she's really beautifull here 😍
ADITYA LAKSONO (26 days ago)
The end of 2018, i miss them so much ❤😭
linlin twitwit (1 month ago)
정동호 (1 month ago)
수영 웨이브 진짜 잘 어울린다..
Alyasviel Palmer (1 month ago)
Oh my god real goosebumps! My queens! They're the best when they're 9😭
Terence Galland (1 month ago)
The women of GG have set a standard which may never be beaten they are true legends ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ainne Miguel (1 month ago)
This version is more beareable than the mv itself. I just enjoyed this video without crying my heart out and I loved it, at least I'm more focused on them and not on my tears.
ririn lestari (2 months ago)
I miss you Jung Jessica
yuri yk (2 months ago)
tea fany (2 months ago)
i still come back to this to admire soshi's best harmonization. like.... man. they really are deserving of the title "nation's girlgroup". they got everything. *vocals* (the main vocalist is one of the best vocalist in korea, and even the main dancer has her own color and is stable. watch this video man my heart always warm everytime i watched this), *dance* (there is no doubt, snsd's dancing line is altho may not be superior, are one of the best), *visual* (LOOK AT EVERYONE. THEIR BEAUTY SHINES ON EACH INDIVIDUAL's WAY. and let's not talk about the nation's visual whom is in this group also), *variety skill* (they admit it themselves they are the funniest gg yall), personality (kind-hearted ladies, always polite to everyone including hoobaes), and even their *bond* (let's not talk about jessica because it's a different case). they also got other skills like radio DJ, the club kind of DJ (lol s/o to HYO), acting, musical acting, etc etc
JKJ Cord (2 months ago)
Oh Man!!! This is so beautiful!!!! Not just their looks....smooth baby very smooth!!!!
Bby_ Bae (2 months ago)
I miss ot9😢😭😭
Maiza Rico (3 months ago)
2018? I miss them so much
Jeremy Loayza (3 months ago)
OT9 😭
Putri Latifa (3 months ago)
Kangen banget sama mereka 😂
Cars (3 months ago)
정동호 (3 months ago)
티파니 헤어스타일 넘넘 이뻐이뻐이뻐^^
Luhan’s Wifeu EXO-L (3 months ago)
I really love the blending of their voices💕
ysinine (3 months ago)
Jessica sound so delicate. I miss her. I miss SNSD.
Justin Araña (3 months ago)
(2:59) In the Music Video, I really thought it was Taeyeon who did that adlib. But it turns out to be Tiffany. Sooo beautiful voice, proud fan of Tiff 😍💕
Marika G (3 months ago)
That's why it's called legend
黄于绮 (4 months ago)
why didn't see jessica wearing headphone?
lily blossom (4 months ago)
Who still watch this?
Pyae Kyaw (4 months ago)
I think tae voice is strong, tiff is a little highpitch, seo is soft, sunny is cute and sexy and for jess idk
Callista safa (4 months ago)
jessica :((
현수. (4 months ago)
Sunny : oh my love is so you ...?????? 써니 미국출신아니었?
cla a (4 months ago)
Goosebumpss. Try to listen to this without watching. Just hear their voices. Miss them. Can't wait for the comeback which is real soon. 💕
Alfando Savant (5 months ago)
My queen taeyeon!
Thanawat Boss (5 months ago)
Thao Vu Thi (5 months ago)
4/7/2018 😭😭😭
Percy Jackson (5 months ago)
I live for JeTi All my love is for you <3 I miss Soshi! I miss OT9! <3 Love you Tippany <3
J O (5 months ago)
I miss Jessica.... I miss SNSD.... I miss TaeTiSeo... I miss JeTi TaeNy... I miss Tiffany... I miss them.... <3
YUKI IMAI (5 months ago)
So good
Jom Ning (5 months ago)
Tiffany so cute
Chau Kim (6 months ago)
Lại nhớ về s9 va khóc nữa rồi phải chi tui có 1 dieu uoc ước chi Jessica về với nhóm chỉ 1 lần thôi cũng dc nữa
h a z e l (6 months ago)
와 라이브 쩐다
Ra y (6 months ago)
Jeffrey (6 months ago)
HOLY SHIET ! I need OT9 now . Shiet im crying shiet . OT9 get your ass back to my world now shit. :(
Bee Yến (6 months ago)
Luv Tiffany :)))
Kaiserkoi (6 months ago)
Miss Sixa Miss OT9
pimpim choice (6 months ago)
Jessica,I miss you.
Izul Karnain (7 months ago)
jesica love
Andy Chikun (7 months ago)
Jessica and Tiffany... ❤️
Kim Jungli (7 months ago)
i'm crying 😭😭😭
Aqiila Tsaabita (7 months ago)
Miss ot9 :((((
april sychele selerio (7 months ago)
Here again and still crying..
Mael Navillera (7 months ago)
Jeeey men (7 months ago)
2018 and still watching. I miss OT9 😢💖
SNSD OT9 LIVES WITHIN (7 months ago)
0:42 TJS 💖
nina 926 (7 months ago)
all of love all the cute very nice in my mind 💗 MI'ss ..
nina 926 (7 months ago)
taeyeon so cute & baby face she is voice in the best and cute I love u I like u I miss u snsd 💗 sone
althea smith (7 months ago)
Taeyeon is smiling 2:44-2:45 when Jessica start to sing her part. #taengsic! 😁😊
CJ-309 (7 months ago)
Taeyeon's prettiest era omg I miss her
武書虫 (7 months ago)
Your Name (7 months ago)
*_[cries in 2018]_*
MeeMJoo (3 months ago)
Your Name Mee 2222 😭
Iloy Anas (7 months ago)
many girls group recognized..all because of snsd, suju..
i'm Yoonaddict (7 months ago)
Nhớ quá :((((
Riana Wati (7 months ago)
I love snsd 😊💜💖💗
Riana Wati (7 months ago)
accelworldfan (7 months ago)
Fany 3:38-3:40 Love love love. Strong voice but still harmonized.
Hayet fany (7 months ago)
Tiffany ad lips are to die for
Oki Putra (7 months ago)
Jessica - Taeyeon - Seohyun on center!! The real sub unit of snsd? Hahahahaha
Afhi Fie (7 months ago)
Yoona So Beautiful.... 💘💘💘😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘💖💖💖
Ngô Thanh Trà (7 months ago)
24/05/2018 I miss my OT9... so much...
Neocrackhead X (7 months ago)
Missing this angels to much . Can't wait for their 2019 comeback . I wanna see them to perform like the old time . Please stay until 20th anniversary . SONES LOVE YOU , SNSD ! HOPING THE BEST FOR YOU GUYS
Danny's Universe (7 months ago)
this will always be my favorite japanese snsd song
Allie Caulfield (8 months ago)
i miss them as ot9, their ballads are the best, sobs.
aisyah anasia apriani (8 months ago)
Miss u Ot9 😭😭😭
佐藤将斗 (8 months ago)
Nazura Ainaa (8 months ago)
they look like 9 Thumbellinas i miss Jess performing in SNSD!
koko fahim (8 months ago)
Ballad song Jessica is no 1
xolove cel (8 months ago)
SOshi + Sone =F❤REVER
Pratyush Pavan Saikia (8 months ago)
3:40 was the best part, the part that makes me watch the video again and again. It even sounds better than the recorded one
Puangsubin (8 months ago)
I miss😭
R.M.R C.o.o.L (8 months ago)
JKJ Cord (8 months ago)
The harmony in this is off the Chizzam!!!! Wow!!! Beautiful!!!!
JKJ Cord (8 months ago)
Oh, goodness, this is the song that wakes me up every morning, but this version is just magical! Gawd they were/are something to behold!!! Still the best entertainment out there!
Arlene (8 months ago)
look how bitter tiffany was, coz she was not beside taeyeon, jessica was the one who beside taeyeon who made the harmony bitch
literally (8 months ago)
Tiffany ruins everything
Amber Do (8 months ago)
Tiffany’s part at 2:59 was beautiful. I thought for the longest time Seohyun sang that part
iyounan an (8 months ago)
It is impossible to find a group that has 9 people whose 5 of them has great vocals and 4 of them are queen of dancers. They are legends
Ngọc Linh (8 months ago)
i love yoona
Tae Taeyeon (8 months ago)
What is music at the end of the video? at 4:37
kachi meehan (8 months ago)
kachi meehan (8 months ago)
All Sone's love just for Girls Generation
Paulibean Hwang (9 months ago)
Was crying after DIVING, I need you sica.
ฟสก. (9 months ago)
so miss all member my love T^T
andi gesti widya (9 months ago)
Yoona jessica
Hardiyanti Maida (9 months ago)
KKORNWIKA koy (9 months ago)
i miss you 9snsd T_T
Love you
Jason hong (9 months ago)
좋은 노래 일본에서 참 많이 불렀어
Abdi Shicibukai (9 months ago)
Kapan pun saya melihat ini..., saya selalu terpesona....selalu. The Best performance Ever. My Opinion.

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