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New Mystery Wheel of Fortnite Dance Challenge! https://youtu.be/kdGKeg3mJAI Check out Mr Bee's Channel ►http://youtube.com/mrbee Click Here To Join The Family! ► http://bit.ly/ehbeefamily Buy Our Merch ► https://shop.spreadshirt.com/ehbee/ Check us out at http://www.EhBeeFamily.com *******Follow Us******* TWITTER - http://twitter.com/EhBeeFamily FACEBOOK - http://facebook.com/EhBeeFamily INSTAGRAM - http://instagram.com/EhBeeFamily YOUTUBE - http://YouTube.com/EhBeeFamily SNAPCHAT - EhBeeFamily TWITCH - http://twitch.tv/ehbeefamily Intro and graphics by Andrew Adame: http://Twitter.com/ChicoEsLoco ------------------------------------- The Eh Bee Family is a family of 4 starring Mama Bee, Papa Bee, Mr. Monkey and Miss Monkey! We post new videos 4-5 times a week! We love posting family friendly comedy skits, compilation videos, pancake challenges, squishy videos, slime videos, house vlogs, Amazing Vacations and Road Trips! We also post funny baking and cooking videos. In the past we've made play-doh videos, unboxing videos and even cosplay videos. We love spending time together as a family and our goal is to make as many people as possible....smile. Please subscribe to our channel and we promise you'll have a great time with us!

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Text Comments (161305)
Eh Bee Family (5 months ago)
Thanks for watching Bee Fam!! Who won today's dance challenge? #MrBee #MissBee or dad the 3 Time dance champion!
Miss bee win
Jdjjd Mfkf (1 month ago)
Eh Bee Family pouty
Carlos Lopez (2 months ago)
The girl won
B a p o r W a v e (2 months ago)
Eh Bee Family this is bad
blacky venner (2 months ago)
Dylan Baxter (2 hours ago)
Mis b
Ellie Grace Chester (3 hours ago)
# Mrs bee
Bossbaby813 (3 hours ago)
I think the dad an-actually all of the them were awesome
Oscar Rosas (6 hours ago)
At the Orange justice is me
Joseph Oehlke (6 hours ago)
Win an girl 👍👍👍😀
Cheezits 2.0 (7 hours ago)
The boy is the worst at dancing
Whitney Williams (7 hours ago)
WAIT YOUR 80!!!!!
Victoria Mccrary (8 hours ago)
Miss B
Kaylee Maldonado (9 hours ago)
Mrs monkey won the whole thing😊
Morena Biragnet (9 hours ago)
Less falto El Bailey que todos conosen😂
Katie Stirlen (9 hours ago)
Miss Bee
shi shi (10 hours ago)
The boy can't dance
shi shi (10 hours ago)
The girl
Alejandra Mendez (10 hours ago)
the girl she is the winner
Arianna Gonzales (10 hours ago)
The girl won all them and the boy's lose
Zachary Lipovitch (10 hours ago)
lets be honest here the boy is trash
selene sanches (10 hours ago)
ItsGiova si hablan espanol
selene sanches (10 hours ago)
Katy Tlem (10 hours ago)
Mrs. Bee and to be honest Mr Bee is the worst dancer at the hype and he is worser than me
O pordios ovi gano la besha niña por dios lik so cres lo mimo
Tina Black (11 hours ago)
Imyia Duncan (11 hours ago)
The girl had won all the challenges
John Doe (13 hours ago)
The dad is rubbish
John Doe (13 hours ago)
The girl snapped it to peices
catherine bell (13 hours ago)
4 Mrs bee
catherine bell (13 hours ago)
3 Mrs bee
catherine bell (13 hours ago)
2 Mrs bee
catherine bell (13 hours ago)
1 Mrs bee
BXT Gaming (15 hours ago)
The gril is always winning
kelly walshy (15 hours ago)
The fortnite champion is miss bee she better the all of you
kelly walshy (15 hours ago)
Miss be
iFoXx Breier : Foxy37 (15 hours ago)
The dad win all round's
i am the best (17 hours ago)
Miss bee
James Van Heerden (18 hours ago)
mis B won each and every one !
demi serrano (19 hours ago)
First it wAs Mis bee
demi serrano (19 hours ago)
Stephanie Williams (21 hours ago)
Mis b mis b mis b
A M P gaming (21 hours ago)
miss bee won the 1 and 4 and last one.the man won 2nd one.the mister bee won all other, but the miss girl is the best
riku r (23 hours ago)
Vidya Ramsaran (23 hours ago)
Miss bee is a dance killer
Øozzy (1 day ago)
These dances aren’t that hard and mr bee makes them soooooooooooo cringeeeeeeeyy
the daddy wins
Jack Bailey (1 day ago)
Gholmiraz Tv (1 day ago)
VANESSA LUNA (1 day ago)
fue mejor la niña
Susan Pham (1 day ago)
Round two Mrs bee round three daddy bee round four Mr nee
Susan Pham (1 day ago)
First round Mrs bee
Kassandra Neal (1 day ago)
The sis
Hannah Riggs (1 day ago)
Miss bee
Emmanuel Acevedo (1 day ago)
YEET KID (1 day ago)
I like all the fortnite moose
Kaleb_T103 -Roblox (1 day ago)
1:33 Get of My lawn
Dante R (1 day ago)
The winner is!!!!!the girl yayyyyy ill spend money on u girl hash tag girl power
Dante R (1 day ago)
Nah u guys suck your daughter rocks ill spend money on her
Aon Khan (1 day ago)
Ms bee won all
Tyreek Brown (1 day ago)
Girl won
Nikki Pressley (1 day ago)
the girl one on every one of them
Maria Perez (1 day ago)
The girl won
Maliyah Harjo (1 day ago)
Ms bee
Stevie Boxer (1 day ago)
Pedro Ahumada (1 day ago)
the dance of hype is the same since they are both a fucking tables
Paula Simplício (1 day ago)
Paula Simplício (1 day ago)
Sabe nem dançar
Paula Simplício (1 day ago)
Os três burro
Miriam Correa (1 day ago)
Alguien mas habla español
Miguel Sanchez (1 day ago)
Miss b
Anie Ali (1 day ago)
The winner of this tournament is Ms.bee
madeleine (1 day ago)
When you try to be funny you really are just acting stupid.
partidarosalie (1 day ago)
Ms bee for number 1
Ali Amgad (1 day ago)
The girl is better
Ali Amgad (1 day ago)
I am sorry but I can do it better than you all
Rekha rani (1 day ago)
Ms bee wins
Mary ann Santos (1 day ago)
girl why you so good i bet she plays more fortnite and wat your father is 80 more like 85 burn in srispsss
ashok ghorpade (1 day ago)
The girl win
Bella Mevissen (2 days ago)
like of you think girl won all of them.
Bella Mevissen (2 days ago)
hype: girl won orange justice:girl won tidy:girl won again
Rayha Newell (2 days ago)
Sis wins the challenge of fortnite
Corey Clark (2 days ago)
Looks like a creepy mormon cult...
Amparo Acosta (2 days ago)
#3 time champion
Mónica Quiñones (2 days ago)
miss bee
Wyatt Whitaker (2 days ago)
Mis b
Mariane Poirier (2 days ago)
1: miss bee 2: miss bee 3: miss bee 4: miss bee 5: miss bee 6: miss bee
MaKaylin Jones (2 days ago)
The girl wion that 😏😱
Jasmin Ramirez (2 days ago)
the zany dance
Ramiro Cuba (2 days ago)
No le sale nada al niño le sale a la niña
Josh Pennington (2 days ago)
Girl won by a landslide
Girl she also hot and she won
Carla Samuels (2 days ago)
All rounds miss b
Vizual Hyper (2 days ago)
The Fortnite people we’er better
Benjamin T Eilbes (2 days ago)
miss bee won all of them
Kingston Brough (2 days ago)
All the brother
Kingston Brough (2 days ago)
The brother
Giovanni Perez (2 days ago)
Gaby's winning
SAMI LLORENS (2 days ago)
The girl is the bomb
YURI SOTO (2 days ago)
Favi Ruiz (2 days ago)
Girl wins all
Googler (2 days ago)
Dad was great😜

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