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25 Korean actresses who are gorgeous without makeup

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This Is 25 Korean actresses who are gorgeous without makeup --------------------------- All Korean actresses seem to have glowing skin, but some are known better than others for their natural glow. Take a look at these 25 Korean actress who are gorgeous without makeup, and hear about their skincare secrets! 1.Actress Park Shin Hye was the variety show Three Meals A Day members' favorite guest this summer. Park Shin Hye was courteous and cooked delicious food for the team. No wonder Ok Taec Yeon was in love with her! 2.Song Ji Hyo strives for the basics and feels better with no makeup than a lot of makeup. Song Ji Hyo stresses importance of cleansing throughly to postpone skin from aging. Her favorite cleanser is Banila Co.'s Clean It Zero. Song Ji Hyo carries sample sized products because she works in multiple locations (even abroad) throughout the week. 3.Mrs. Cop actress Kim Hee Ae is popular for her flawless skin that she's been the official face of SK-II, Shiseido line skincare brand, for many years. 4.Hani's skin was estimated to be that of a teenager's at the KBS health series Vitamin. Hani stays away from heaters to keep her skin moist, and always washes her hands before cleansing her face. 5.The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days actress Ha Ji Won is a fan of healthy looking skin. After washing her face, Ha Ji Won puts on J.ONE Jelly Pack, Chic and Chick Sunblock Star, and Giorgio Armani fluid sheer BB cream. Ha Ji Won stresses the importance of finding a few products that work and sticking to them. 6.Makeup artists who've worked with Jeon Ji Hyun say her skin is soft to the touch and seamless in texture. Jeon Ji Hyun is known to care for her looks. She doesn't drink, exercises hard and drinks a lot of water. 7.Girls' Generation member Yoona cares a lot about her skin's texture and wears a lot of moisturizing cream. She enjoys simple makeup comprised of blusher, mascara, and foundation. 8.Lee Ha Nui, the former Miss Korea and Get It Beauty host, swears by mayoo (horse oil) cream. Horse oil contains a lot of unsaturated fat, which is similar in structure to human fat. Skin absorbs horse oil fast, and it keeps skin moisturized long. 9.Moon Geun Young applies sunblock for outdoor as well as indoor shoots because her skin is often exposed to the studios' strong lights. 10.Han Ga In loves using moisturizing face masks five minutes before going to sleep, especially during the days she's busy filming dramas. 11.Suzy preaches 424 cleansing, where the numbers refer to minutes spent to cleanse with oil, cleanse with foam and rinse. "When I have acne because of strong makeup, I use this method and the acne seems to disappear quickly," Suzy says. 12.On the SBS variety show Law of the Jungle, Park Bo Young came out of the cave with her bare face and disheveled hair in the morning and complained to the staff, "You guys came too early!" 13.Go Ah Ra models for skincare brand Lirikos and adores its anti-aging cream. 14.Sung Yoo Ri drinks 8 cups of water a day and applies moisturizer within 3 minutes of washing her face. Sung Yoo Ri never wears makeup when she's not filming. For those days, only makeup she applies is BB cream or foundation to smooth skin's texture. 15.My Beautiful Bride actress Lee Si Young is a popular amateur boxer, and whenever she has games, she appears with no makeup. 16.Actress Go Hyun Jung moisturizes skin right after washing. She also makes sure hot air from the heater never directly blows at her face. 17.Lee Young Ae was spotted with minimal makeup in the lobby of a theater on Dec. 2014. She showed up to watch a musical Space Thunder Kids with her twin children Jung Seung Kwon and Jung Seung Bin. 18.Song Hye Gyo started taking care of her skin when she turned 30 and saw acnes on the face. Song Hye Gyo doesn't receive a professional's help but does little things she can do at home, such as moisturizing facial masks and cleansing her face twice to eliminate makeup residue. 19.Yoon Eun Hye puts three times the usual amount of moisturizing cream before going to sleep, which keeps her skin soft and dewy. 20.Actress Lee Na Young carries a water bottle and barely wears makeup when she's not filming. 21.When Kim Tae Hee washes her face, she tries not to use her hands too much. She says rubbing your face with your hands increases wrinkles! 22.A Moment to Remember actress Son Ye Jin loves to massage her skin on top of eating well and exercising. Son Ye Jin massages the light zones with her fingers, which are the areas of the face that shine when lighted: brow lines, cheekbones and jaw line. 23.Erasing makeup with organic cleansing towelettes is the first thing Kim Ah Joong does when she returns home from work. She washes her face with cream-type cleanser and wears serum before night cream. ------------- thanks you watch my videos ------------------------ please subscribe my channel ::https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZn_iB6zAc6tuJrZsF10LTg ---------------------

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