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Die Young (Kesha) - Fan Animated Music Video - VivziePop

651866 ratings | 43994554 views
This is a fan animated music video for Die Young by Kesha. Animation by VivziePop. VivziePop is an independent animator, graduated from SVA in NYC! I am a huge fan of musicals, and animating colorful and unique characters! When I'm not animating, i'm working on a number of other art related projects including a webcomic entitled "Zoophobia" where most of my animated characters come from! I hope you enjoy my silly style of animation! This story follows JJ, the spunky werewolf gal, as she excites a party of literal animals! What better time to release the beast then before Halloween? Buy the song and check out the album! http://smarturl.it/34g9bk As well as support the Becky G remix I also involved in this film! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5u3eE6NHPQQ This film is 100% fan made, nothing about this is official or related to Kesha or RCA records. I am simply an enormous fan of Kesha's music, and animating bouncy colorful animal characters. Guest Animators http://kyrakupetsky.tumblr.com http://sleepersanonymous.tumblr.com Colorist http://mishacakes.tumblr.com Additional BG Character Design http://faustisse.tumblr.com Additional Coloring Assistance http://mbt1991.tumblr.com Animated with Tv Paint! Enormous thanks to all the fans who supported the making of this film, and all the characters involved in the crowd pan belong to their respective owners!

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Text Comments (106041)
Ази\ Jam (55 minutes ago)
Кто российский? :3
Kyla Daniels (3 hours ago)
This animation is super beautiful but I can’t ever imagine making it! It must have taken forever
yuri chan/kun (3 hours ago)
2019 anyone??
bakairy (7 hours ago)
20k dislikes? Maybe they’re jealous that they don’t have this kind of animation prowess.
Tigro (7 hours ago)
Thicc 😍 man this is such a cool project
dagamer991 (7 hours ago)
When watching vivzi I always feel obligated to watch it several times at slower speeds so I can appreciate each frame. There is SO MUCH going on and it's amazing
Pozzitif Kot (8 hours ago)
Pretty good!
This song makes me sad
Pavlov (9 hours ago)
20k people who disliked can suck my wiggly dicc.
Daniel Mcguire (11 hours ago)
This is awesome and I can never stop watching it Vivziepop did such a good job at this I love it
Paper Hat (13 hours ago)
I forgot this song existed and I saw *die young* and I thought.. This seems fun
McKenzie Fox (13 hours ago)
*A n d I c a n t d r a w a s t i c k m a n *
Cici Productions (13 hours ago)
this is the best video I had ever seen in 2k14
McKenzie Fox (13 hours ago)
*Diney left the chat*
quick lynx (15 hours ago)
2019 squad where you at?
Kid Animation (16 hours ago)
I love it!!!! I love to Animatet like you 😢
Samuel Felix (17 hours ago)
Ja furros.. Lo siento, fue lo primero que pense pero hey buen video
Xenomorph Yautja (17 hours ago)
Cool animation but are you a furry
conkernux (18 hours ago)
Pinches furros >:v
tiron drago (19 hours ago)
I was a furry but now I'm a gamer nothing going to make me a furry
Gabrielle Colquitt (20 hours ago)
Great animation!
GACHA BOY (21 hours ago)
OMG soooooo cute
Kotik TimTV (1 day ago)
заглавие умри юным
Repeat Arts (1 day ago)
I've got some full body goosebumps
Wow wow woooooooooooow!!!
Periwinkle Paws Tv (1 day ago)
Hey 20k that hated this video I think that I’m gonna have to make u rethink a few things
Periwinkle Paws Tv (1 day ago)
How did u do this ;-;
Sakti Nugroho (1 day ago)
wild berry (1 day ago)
A lot of comet are mean and why can't they just enjoy that the person who made worked hard on it and is very good and I love it
wild berry (1 day ago)
I love it I listen to it a lot and I loooooovvvveee the animation it's so cool!!!
Anahi cash (1 day ago)
Mikey XO (1 day ago)
I can't even animate 1 second and it's absolutely terrible yet you can make this!!!
Mariam Changezi (1 day ago)
This vid was so detailed.. I need a tutor..NOW
Music Tune 66 (1 day ago)
"Disney is the best animation studio" Vivziepop: Hold my sketchbook
Marytsa Stories (1 day ago)
Cadence Douglas (1 day ago)
Love it ! :) :› :D
Valeria Trejo (1 day ago)
JakeSpacePirate E (1 day ago)
Wow. Who else is here from the 4Chan post about this animation? I still don't understand why they hate it! Most of their 'criticisms' were total bullshit, "The comments were so autistic, basically just a bunch of people praising the Furry trash." ...and praising stuff that they like is now bad? Such sacrilege!! (Some of the criticisms were good, and legitimate, and not fuelled by Furry hate, but most were pretty poor.) /tv/, show your cheek, no. You're not even worth a slap.
Nuclear The Furfag (1 day ago)
Im not really much of a furry anymore but this is still the best video on youtube.
Nuclear The Furfag (1 day ago)
+JakeSpacePirate E It says furfag. Im in it for the memes.
JakeSpacePirate E (1 day ago)
Then why do you call yourself one?
Luany Soares (1 day ago)
Luany Soares (1 day ago)
+Ольга Кривенко oooohu rsrsrsrs
oreoemsa (1 day ago)
I loved this so much, still do!😍😍😩✨
BABFMF Jamie (1 day ago)
This animation is smooth as fuck. Makes you realize just how talented some people are, and how your only talent is something dumb like fighting.
Sarah Moreels (1 day ago)
fuck, guys I think I just became a furry
Call me Mrs. May (2 days ago)
It’s just incredible
Text Parodies (2 days ago)
This song feels different now that I know kesha was abused by the producer
Oximations (2 days ago)
Oximations (2 days ago)
Indigo Opposite (2 days ago)
What’s Kraken (2 days ago)
I know I’m late but if anti vacs kids had a theme song
juanx3019 (2 days ago)
This is the moment i want an "i love it" button on youtube.
Tabatha Christie (2 days ago)
This is my third time watching this. It's so unique, energetic, colorful and it just got me excited! I LOVE the style! It makes me think of a ton of old things that I loved to watch and do. The song itself brings up memories. :D There's something about this that just makes a connection with me. The energy is contagious, and it's so happy!! Good feels all the way!
Pred Ediciuis (2 days ago)
1.2 M Subscribers 43 M views Excuse me?
Natalie Moenning (2 days ago)
I like how the blue fox girl is like 2-3 times bigger than mostly all the other people
Tinkeregirl (1 day ago)
Jay jay is a werewolf, therefore she is around ten feet i believe?
Ryan Jimison (2 days ago)
Does anyone else get a chill when they like a song?
Dark Hybrid (2 days ago)
Tinkeregirl (1 day ago)
6 months i believe.
Cheese Boi (2 days ago)
This video got more views than the population of Canada
Påndå Expréss (2 days ago)
+juanx3019 I got a better one this Comment Thread is emptyer than Jake Paul's brain cells.
juanx3019 (2 days ago)
+Påndå Expréss This comment thread is more empty than the actual space.
Påndå Expréss (2 days ago)
This comment is more underated than Dried Mangos
PlayingWithLUKAS (2 days ago)
Even if i look like gacha someone... i am actually furry undercover but SHHHHH...
Ladakotik Kurik (2 days ago)
I love this song🎶
Heyit'sme UWU (2 days ago)
I can't even explain how much I love this animation it's just so good. I love how much effort was put into it and amazing backgrounds as well as the main focus. It's just so good help me
anonimo BR (2 days ago)
Fucking furries
SunsetDogs (2 days ago)
fucking normies 😔
sofia neko (2 days ago)
2019 0w0
Edina Kacsi (2 days ago)
Kindra York (3 days ago)
Nice work!! I love it
Sarah Huerta (3 days ago)
Lovin it
Creamexos (3 days ago)
640k people r gay
Heyit'sme UWU (56 minutes ago)
Creamexos (1 hour ago)
+Heyit'sme UWU ;—;
Heyit'sme UWU (2 days ago)
Maybe once you spell "are" correct you can say that without being gay yourself ;)
sofia cristal (3 days ago)
FurryFoxPlays Fox (3 days ago)
Yes qween
BossStone 88171 (3 days ago)
I've seen dis years ago and I still love it
Kitty Pink (3 days ago)
Анимация прекрасная! Но не желаю оскорбить мне будто что хвост очень ровный, а этак это попросту роскошной))) (Мне будто)
Reload Studios (3 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Yassmeen Emad (3 days ago)
Pure sugar (3 days ago)
I remember showing this to my grandma when I was 10 dbahdsnshjdhd
Dandy Boy (3 days ago)
I’m going to fucking shoot myself in the head and take whoever made this with me
SunsetDogs (2 days ago)
ok normie
Leticia Melendez (3 days ago)
JakeSpacePirate E (1 day ago)
Jared Klabenesh (3 days ago)
Anyone watching in 2019?!?!
A hairy little Fuck (3 days ago)
zootopia 2's trailer looks great
L3yKa0 (3 days ago)
*[This comment is blocked in your fursuit]*
JakeSpacePirate E (1 day ago)
I don't have one...what is this even supposed to mean??
Some Dude (3 days ago)
Walt Disney just choked
• Moon • (3 days ago)
Free replay buttons 00:01 00:01 00:01 00:01 00:01 00:01
Dat0n3 GuYD0uGH (3 days ago)
I don’t know what Youtube sent me, but I would be lying if I said the Animation wasn’t good
Michal Myers (3 days ago)
I look back at this and it is still amazing
too edgy (3 days ago)
this a no no
SunsetDogs (2 days ago)
... why?
Snivy4000 (3 days ago)
The power of furries flows into you
Snivy4000 (13 hours ago)
+WhyBeReaper it's called the feeling of feeling like a furry-
WhyBeReaper (13 hours ago)
Snivy4000 I think it just did, what is this feeling.
Elizabeth Bravo (3 days ago)
I love this song
Shanya Mayes (3 days ago)
On everything her hair is flawless.😎😎😎
Rainßøw ẞlue (3 days ago)
Aww this is so cute I love it
Florelia Montoya (3 days ago)
Maribel Hearn (3 days ago)
... sounds good... I wonder how the full version will sound like?
Tinkeregirl (1 day ago)
This isn't the full song?
anonimus lebiosus (3 days ago)
That's like hazbin hotel
Eve Selby (4 days ago)
Cidney Toxic (4 days ago)
And this is how we got zootopia
Joseph Edu (4 days ago)
And a thousand furries were born
테로밍 (4 days ago)
When I was 5 years old..
Sarah Ross (4 days ago)
I am so in love with the art style!
Doge Under a Towel (4 days ago)
Oh great now gamers and anti furries are coming...LEAVE OF THIS LAND THOTS

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