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Torrent Anonymously Free With a VPN (Windows Working 2018 Setup)

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Video tutorial showing how to torrent anonymously, safely, securely, and privately using a free unlimited VPN for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. This VPN (Softether VPN + VPN Gate) will mask your IP Address and Encrypt your download so that it is harder to track who you are and a smaller chance of getting caught torrenting. One mistake I made, when choosing a VPN, make sure to choose the one with the highest line speed and the lowest ping. Not the one in your country. Big mistake on my part! Techlore Website: http://www.techlore.tech My Video Equipment (Affiliate Link): https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer20170928875 Instagram: @techlemur Discord: https://discord.gg/sdMv9Zj Minds: https://www.minds.com/Techlore DTube: https://d.tube/#!/c/techlore You should be using VPN's everyday since they improve your security and make you more anonymous on the web. A VPN will encrypt your web traffic so that no one can view what you are doing or who you are. You can use this casually or to torrent like in the video. Use this along Tor for casual browser to maximize your security. A VPN will also bypass regional restrictions such as China, and bypass wifi restrictions to access websites like YouTube, Netflix, or Reddit. VPN Gate Client Download: http://www.vpngate.net/en/download.aspx STOP Windows 10 From tracking and spying on you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgHXot-vQWE Hidden Windows 10 Dark Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gSmf44Np-Q

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Text Comments (238)
Jacob Parsons (6 days ago)
gotgot any faster free vpns?
Fred Rodriguez (12 days ago)
hey, don't you think it would be a good idea for us to use a vpn from another country that way it'd be hard for us companies to come after their logs?
Epameinondas Chrysikos (13 days ago)
Thank you very much
Techlore (11 days ago)
Vinh Dang (18 days ago)
Really appreciate it homie, quick question, not a tech person but do i need to have the application open when i torrent?
Xiro Nyakuya (1 month ago)
Thank you!, it works!
Techlore (1 month ago)
garture (1 month ago)
Can you redo the audios of these older videos please?
Techlore (1 month ago)
Yeah I may :)
Raj Pradhan (1 month ago)
My isp has throttled my torrent speed ,and this way I am able to change the ip address but cant increase my internet speed
Courtney Shaw (2 months ago)
Thank you man very helpful!!!
Awesome Gal2020 (2 months ago)
I've never heard of this free VPN. Thanks for the info! I'm still looking to invest in a VPN, but maybe I should try the free one first. I found this list here: https://www.router-reset.com/8-best-free-vpn-sites-torrenting/ How do you think about the VPNs listed here compared to the VPN you show in the video? Which one is really the best?
Stay Humble (2 months ago)
Thanks!, Here's my sub :).
Nexaster (2 months ago)
I need your help i got connected to the VPN but its still using my old Ethernet any suggestions?
MGTOW_Monk (2 months ago)
Free VPN's for torrenting? VPN gate keeps logs, this tutorial sucks.
Dan Harris (3 months ago)
everytime i select a server it says program not responding please help
Jedimasterken (3 months ago)
Thank you very much
Rosalie Buccellato (3 months ago)
I downloaded, when trying to connect to a tcp connection I get this error : Protocol error occurred. Error was returned from the destination server. on all USA connections.
Cry Forever (3 months ago)
Bruh ! I have an ask for you ! Is this VPN really safe for Anonymous Torrenting ? Is a free VPN and that don`t look pretty safe !
Techlore (3 months ago)
Personally I believe it’s better protection than nothing at all. It’ll make it harder for any torrenting claims to ever reach you. Security is good, but don’t count on strong privacy with free VPNs
otahu Rice (4 months ago)
I had to type in the address bar like on your screen.. other wise it took me to the Softether web site and it wasn't as easy to figure out. Thanks for your post. :)
Techlore (4 months ago)
No problem!
Kembrely Thompson (4 months ago)
does this stop my service provider from suspending my service? my provider alowes 2 warnings then they disconnect you for good
HIMANK TYAGI (4 months ago)
which country we can choose if ours is not there?
Techlore (4 months ago)
Any nearby country with decent download and upload
John Terry (5 months ago)
What's the chances I get caught using this when torrenting? I'm aware they keep logs, but what does the vpn service do with these logs?
Techlore (5 months ago)
Great question! Obviously there’s no correct answer here, but here are my thoughts: There are millions of people torrenting, and some of it is illegal. I won’t promote that, but I address that it happens. Most people trying to crack down are looking for easy targets. Using ANY VPN is going to be so much more secure than using nothing. This VPN keeps logs for two weeks so they’d have to request their logs before the end of the 2 week period. So I’d recommend any VPN over no VPN any day for discouragement, but just know there are much more secure paid options available.
SnowCrust (6 months ago)
do the server have access to your pc and how do you know if your ip address is completely hided?
Keven McGarry (6 months ago)
works great simple thanks subbed
Techlore (6 months ago)
Yay thanks for the support!
FreddieToDie (6 months ago)
When I enable the vpn I get issues with internet connection. It doesn't give me access despite being connected but it works just fine when i disable the vpn. Any thoughts on the matter or should I just move along and try a different vpn?. I would like to mention that ProtonVPN worked perfectly but the free version does not allow torrenting or rather p2p.
LEECH SRL (7 months ago)
Time to torrent 10 gigs of hentai
Justin Black (7 months ago)
someone please help. The vpn was working perfectly when i tried it last night but now it wont connect. Am i doing something wrong?
Techlore (7 months ago)
Try connecting to a different server. They cycle servers a lot.
Justin Black (7 months ago)
Does this still work?
Techlore (7 months ago)
Meep VF (7 months ago)
Thank u bro
Techlore (7 months ago)
No worries!
Plague (8 months ago)
is it a virus???
Techlore (8 months ago)
Nope! It’s an open source program so all the code is publicly available to view.
Ricky (8 months ago)
can you disconnect the VPN?
Techlore (8 months ago)
No problem man!
Ricky (8 months ago)
Techlore (8 months ago)
Yep! Just right click the notification center and click disconnect, or open the program back up and disconnect the server from there.
It's Meaty (8 months ago)
Techlore (8 months ago)
Whoo whoo
It's Meaty (8 months ago)
Techlore I'm currently downloading Mario kart :)
Techlore (8 months ago)
YAY I’m glad everything worked out for you :)
zul secengko (8 months ago)
nice babe nice
Techlore (8 months ago)
You're niceee
Scott Loveless (8 months ago)
do you make any changes to the router settings?
Techlore (8 months ago)
+Scott Loveless Nope, you shouldn’t have to!
impokejon (8 months ago)
What's your thoughts on piratebay and other sites going down, I was thinking an app could be developed to share torrents in the same manner that torrents share files.
Techlore (8 months ago)
Okay lots of stuff to get to here :) First, Piratebay and other torrent sites go down literally...all the time. So another outage doesn't surprise me. There are dozens of mirrors online, and the main site will most likely be back up within a month. If the main site doesn't, a mirror will take a stand and decide to be the "next" variation of the website. As for the app, could you elaborate a bit more? You are essentially describing all of these torrent websites. They are central places to share torrent magnet links. They don't host any of their own content. For your second comment, I'm having trouble understanding what your question is. Could you rephrase it?
impokejon (8 months ago)
Also the last 3 anime that I've tried to get into on YouTube that weren't completely on YouTube we're also not on anime websites as well as piratebay was down. It happened again now and that's why I want to get your thoughts.
Fung Zian (9 months ago)
sad no singapore server
محمد العوضي (9 months ago)
God thanks a lot months searching for this thanks god
Techlore (9 months ago)
Glad you enjoyed it! +محمد العوضي
Ahmed Balochi (10 months ago)
there is not pakistan country option
Fahad Naqvi (10 months ago)
torrents are not downloading otherwise it works on browsing but its useless if torrents are not downloading on it.
Techlore (10 months ago)
+Fahad Naqvi Could it be the server you’re trying to download the torrent from?
Jayden8 (10 months ago)
so is this safe for torrenting in germany? and wont they do anything with the logs, because i really tryna not get caught
Freddie Jonsson (10 months ago)
Do i need to turn this on every time i download? Or is it enough 1 time?
Techlore (10 months ago)
You can set it up to automatically startup and connect when windows boots up.
monique1962 (10 months ago)
If its so good why is it free...........nothings free
Techlore (10 months ago)
It's an open-sourced project. I wouldn't trust them with your privacy, but I would trust them for security. It's going to encrypt you and protect you from WiFi snoopers, and allow you to bypass wifi restrictions and ISP spying. But I wouldn't trust them to keep your privacy safe. You are right, it's free and there are going to be handoffs. If you want full security and privacy, then you have to pay for a VPN. But this will work for people just wanting to do something quick.
Gary Maibeth (11 months ago)
Thank you, it helped alot
Techlore (11 months ago)
Of course! Thanks for watching.
monkey in the lamborgini (11 months ago)
you r the man the best vpn tutorial out there i subbed and turned on notifications hey notification squad were you at !!!!!!!
Techlore (11 months ago)
No problem man! Glad it worked for you and thanks for watching :)
Craig Nelson (11 months ago)
Good video, but check your sound volume before you post
Techlore (11 months ago)
Thanks man. And yes I finally got my audio down in newer videos :)
Craig Nelson (11 months ago)
Ok, I admit it, I'm a newby. What does "Now you can Torrent anonymously" mean? Does that me using Tor browser anonymously?
Techlore (11 months ago)
Torrenting is different from Tor. Torrenting is when you're downloading a torrent file and Tor is when you are using the Tor browser.
MrVlaDy G (11 months ago)
Your are amazing
Techlore (11 months ago)
Glad you think so :) Thanks for watching!
Footage Spot (11 months ago)
Why you need vpn for torrent?for it to download fast??
Techlore (11 months ago)
To hide who's downloading the torrent. More privacy and security.
harrynof O (11 months ago)
so much time wasted trying to get a vpn without paying. Thank you so much. Easy to set up and use!
Techlore (11 months ago)
Of course! It's why I made the video. Too much garbage and scams online.
Riz P (1 year ago)
It really slowed my internet. Can i turn it off while i am not torrenting?
Techlore (1 year ago)
Yes! Just disconnect from the server.
GamingLoadown101 (1 year ago)
It doesn't have a region anywhere near me.
Techlore (1 year ago)
Just find a country with high download and low ping.
Nafees Ahmad (1 year ago)
Techlore (1 year ago)
Yeah of course! THanks for watching :)
TorontoFCVideos HD (1 year ago)
Thanks man but sometimes it shows connected but no internet do you know why?
israel hayalsew (1 year ago)
what is the vpn name
Fred Rodriguez (12 days ago)
he probably doesn't remember if he did since he posted that comment a year ago
Itz_Goldfish (23 days ago)
Did you watch more then 3 seconds of the video?
Techlore (1 year ago)
Softether VPN
Eriando Dhembi (1 year ago)
I've tried everything and this is the only video that worked. Thank you so much!
Techlore (1 year ago)
Of course! Thanks for watching!
Thank's man 👌🏻😬💪🏻
Anne VAN JAARSVELD (1 year ago)
sorry verynew to this.. im in south africa... i used a japanese vpn to connect but everything is now so slow... not sure if i did it correctly. so once i have now connected can i just launch the chrome browser or my vuze downloader and look for torrents or is there a specific place i must look?
Techlore (1 year ago)
Don't use the japan server. Try a different country, I have had bad experience with Japan.
Liz Sim (1 year ago)
as far as speed goes which one should I prioritise distance of the IP or the line speed? I live in Canada and the IP's for Canada only have around 14mbp line speed while japan's IP's have line speed ranging from 60-90mbps.
Justin Gutierrez (1 year ago)
Yo, This works amazingly! I dont know if im seeing stuff but my connection feels so much faster! Just subscribed and liked! Keep up the good work, bro
Techlore (1 year ago)
That's awesome!! Thanks for the support! Glad it worked for you!
Mr Pepper (1 year ago)
Total Capacity (1 year ago)
how do you know if it works
alpha yun (1 year ago)
is this vpn legal im looking for a vpn just to download not torrent
Techlore (1 year ago)
+alpha yun Yes. VPNs are legal.
Kevin Mabry II (1 year ago)
It's giving a connection error message, what should I do?
Phantom (1 year ago)
Phantom (1 year ago)
Это точно VPN для торрентов?
Logic (1 year ago)
It works but every server I've tried is so insanely slow it might as well not work at all, unfortunately.
Scott Bourque (1 year ago)
Wow u did that th ass backwards way noob.
Solar Panel (1 year ago)
and i downloaded this VPN, it ended up shutting off my internet i could barely access anything except maybe a google search.... am i using a bad connection? do the connections just vary? Is this THAT big of a difference if you PAY for a Faster VPN? Thanks in advance
Techlore (1 year ago)
Try using different servers from different countries. It shouldn't be that slow.
Solar Panel (1 year ago)
Is there a reason why when I turn on my VPN my files stop downloading? All of them. The VPN I used was tunnelbear. Im going to try this one....
Techlore (1 year ago)
I am guessing you are using the free version of Tunnelbear. They most likely do not allow you to download torrents using their free service, most VPN providers do this. The one in the video will not block torrents.
Jaypee Garay (1 year ago)
Why is it that i could not connect my vpn in any country?
App Vampire (1 year ago)
i am india but there is not any option of india what i do
App Vampire (1 year ago)
abe fer kya hua nakli ip to hide hi rhega. chahe same country me kar ya chahe koi or country me. main purpose ip hide karne ka ar govt blocks site kholne ka hain nkli
Bhavya Bhatia (1 year ago)
are noobde same country me karega to fayeda kya vpn ka -_-
Techlore (1 year ago)
+InDiAn RoAdWaYs The server you connect to doesn't have to be in the same country you're in. You can connect to any server you want to!
kneedeep185 (1 year ago)
So if I'm always connected to the VPN, does that mean all of my internet traffic is filtered through it? Streaming services, regular light internet use, downloading torrents, etc are filtered and by extension slowed? Or does my torrenting client only get filtered through?
Techlore (1 year ago)
Everything will! Not just your client.
OO7 (1 year ago)
It's a bad idea to use this or any free VPN for torrenting. They no doubt maintain logs. That's why it's free. Your privacy is of no concern to them. They stand to lose nothing if they turn over your ip address because you're not paying them anyway.
T Xae (16 days ago)
yeah :(
Fatima Jahaf (2 months ago)
lol indeed
OO7 (1 year ago)
Techlore it's true that only a small handful of copyright owners take the trouble to actually sue anyone. But the ones that do do it by getting a court order forcing the VPN or Internet provider to give them your information. I can think of only a few cases: Malibu media, hurt locker, Dallas buyers club. All of these copyright owners did do exactly that.
Techlore (1 year ago)
It is true companies can take this extra step. But they frequently do not. Why would they put time and money into chasing people using a VPN when they can hit the people who have absolutely no protection? Although it is true paid VPN's are far superior to any free VPN, the protection of a free VPN is still greater than not using one at all.
OO7 (1 year ago)
Techlore it'll keep you from being harassed by ceg-tek but the companies that actually sue will go the extra mile and get a court order to get your real IP address.
Not Awake Gaming (1 year ago)
this sent me to a trojan landing page
Army Planet (1 year ago)
Techlore (1 year ago)
I had my links routed beforehand and I have now removed them. You will not get a bad landing page again because of the complaints. Sorry for any inconvenience, it is now fixed.
Saad Maqsood (1 year ago)
Bro is its possible to connect disconnect this Vpn Anytime anywhere?
Techlore (1 year ago)
i cant install the network adapter, is it bcose i already have a vpn from cyberghost?
Techlore (1 year ago)
+Littlecrazywolf spirit That might be the cause. That is a very specific situation so I'm not very sure, but that could definitely be the cause.
Lord Sigler (1 year ago)
Will this work for Google Fiber?
Techlore (1 year ago)
benis (1 year ago)
Is there anything I should change in utorrent? (under preferences>connection there are a few settings for proxies... Thanks in advance!
Techlore (1 year ago)
No that would be to setup a proxy. The VPN is already working in the background so there is really no need for a proxy setup unless you want more security.
Erick Cortez (1 year ago)
ok so might need a second pc just for vpn... cus then download willl be xtremly slow. so just let your download work at night or use a 2nd pc
Techlore (1 year ago)
Try difference servers. But yes, this is a free VPN and you will not get the world's best speeds on a free VPN.
isabella (1 year ago)
how do i turn it off?
Techlore (1 year ago)
No problem at all!
isabella (1 year ago)
+Techlore Tutorials okay thanks:)
Techlore (1 year ago)
This will make it much harder to track you. Nothing fully protects you, but this will help for sure!
isabella (1 year ago)
+Techlore Tutorials i figured it out thanks though:)) Are you sure this will protect me from torrenting? I use utorrent
Techlore (1 year ago)
Right click the icon in the notifications center and hit disconnect. Or open the program, right click the disconnection ,and disconnect.
omg that make down speed in our cuntre even more slower than usual . Dx .
birdym8 (1 year ago)
My download doesn't show as the books its a zipped up folder which makes it unable to open the new folder. I don't know if this is just me but i'm learning.
Samuel Melendez (1 year ago)
I tried this but my torrent downloads are snails pace in the low kb/s. I have the fastest service throught comcast. Any ideas how to fix this?
Techlore (1 year ago)
Besides trying different servers no. VPN's will always slow down your download speeds to a certain extent.
Binoy Robert (1 year ago)
THnaks Brother.....
Techlore (1 year ago)
Of course!!
chaba72 (2 years ago)
how do i pick a different server? i picked a USA 1 and its slow , and everything is in chinese
Techlore (2 years ago)
Just got back to the Relay servers and select a different server. It will connect to the new one.
Trumpet (2 years ago)
How do I know if this VPN client is really safe? The VPN servers in this client looks like they are set up by random people so their might not be much encryption when it comes to anonymity within the client.
Techlore (2 years ago)
The actual program is safe. It is open-sourced and from a reliable company. But yes, there isn't much information given on the specific servers. To be perfectly honest, just having a VPN for torrenting will keep you safe. No one wants to go through the trouble of tracing you through a VPN server if there are millions of people completely unprotected torrenting. You also have to remember that this is a free VPN and that comes with a price (ironically LOL). If you need maximum security with a VPN, you need to either make your own and pay for a very secure VPN provider.
KuPo (2 years ago)
Right after the process it takes about 2 minutes to connect to anything.
Techlore (2 years ago)
2 minutes to connect to the Tor network or to load a website?
Abegail (2 years ago)
Will this slow down my internet download speed?
Techlore (2 years ago)
Yes it will. Depending on your connection and the server you use though it might not be too significant. But it depends on the server.
brent camarin (2 years ago)
I'm using Japan's line. I'm in the U.S, is it okay?
Justin Regef (1 year ago)
Techlore oh ok
Techlore (1 year ago)
I changed my channel's name, and when you do that it removes your comments :( so no but it looks like it XD
Justin Regef (1 year ago)
brent camarin did you just have a conversation with yourself?
brent camarin (2 years ago)
thanks! youre the best :)
brent camarin (2 years ago)
I tried Japan's line coz its the one that is fastest, but my torrents arent going nowhere. lol. so I switched back to united states and it seems to be working fine. any suggestions? :)
Abdul Jabar (2 years ago)
I love you man! It works! I feel like a badboy superhacker now! Thanks!
Jesse Lam (2 years ago)
Will it slow down my torrenting speed while using a vpn?
Ethan Pike (7 days ago)
Jesse Lam yes it will it will take around 1 third of your speed but you will be undetectable not with this VPN most likely though because most of the free vpns take and give your info
RandomAir BGM (3 months ago)
It will not, or it will, depending on the given line speed your server is at.
killerpot. stuclaire (1 year ago)
yes what you think
Jesse Lam (2 years ago)
+Techlore O okay thanks
Laur Laidna (2 years ago)
Ty very much ! now i can use hax again :)
Itay Oz (8 months ago)
AtlasGaming (2 years ago)
Thank you so much I love you!
Carl Henry (2 years ago)
is it suppose to change your wirless connection to something different and then turn it back to your regular wifi?
Tyrus White (2 years ago)
how can i switch between my current ip and the one i want to use for torrents
It's Meaty (8 months ago)
Close the program or restart computer
LurkerDood (2 years ago)
+Tyrus White Just install this vpn software & I'll do it for you, you just select which ip you want to use
stephencarlsbad (2 years ago)
Great video! A friend of mine said he was using a proxy server and even though the proxy hid or changed his IP adress he had to stop downloading because he got his second warning notice for a movie or file that he downloaded. Apparently the movie/music industry got around the proxy somehow. How is that possible and how is a VPN safer? And since it's not completely foolproof, how does the movie/music industry get around VPNs also? Just trying to understand how they work their slick magic. Thanks!
LurkerDood (2 years ago)
+stephencarlsbad Hmm, I dunno Try again, once that blue ball disappears your real ip should've changed
stephencarlsbad (2 years ago)
+LurkerDood thats the thing. He was connected. it said he was online through the icon. he opened a browser after getting connected to a US server and then we looked up his ip address and it was unchanged. he uses the cable companies modem but im not sure if its failing to give him a new ip address because of that...?
LurkerDood (2 years ago)
Then he wasn't connected to the VPN Once you get connected to that IP, you see that little computer icon with the little blue ball next to the volume control at the bottom? Once you get connected that blue ball disappears
stephencarlsbad (2 years ago)
+LurkerDood My friend downloaded this to check it out and we could clearly see that his ip address was still the same when he looked it up on the net. Any idea why his ip was unchanged?
LurkerDood (2 years ago)
+stephencarlsbad Since using this VPN software, I've gotten 0 copywrite notices from Verizon I used to get 3-4 notices every couple weeks! =)
robin s (2 years ago)
Thanks man, i tried everything but nothing fuck did work, but you added new life to my torrent..
Subash Hamal (7 months ago)
Techlore can you give me the websites..i tried like almost every website but all i was disappointed
Techlore (7 months ago)
Try different servers, some servers are better with P2P than others
Subash Hamal (7 months ago)
how bro... i tired it ..it did changed my ip address but torrent speed is worse than i had before... help me bro. i m sooo fucked up
Delow (2 years ago)
i have subbed and liked!
Delow (2 years ago)
haha, i tried 3 countries with really high line speed really low ping and none of them worked (japan, korea, and one other i cant remember...) the only one that actually worked for me and that in using rn is Hong Kong! thanks all; you Hong Kongians! the only helpfull thing youve ever done for me!:] nice vid, thanks for the help!
Green Archer (2 years ago)
Btw, I think this doesn't really "hide" you because when I tried going to dnsleaktest.com, it will show your ISP servers.
Green Archer (2 years ago)
Will this really work when I'm downloading torrents? Because Comcast has alerted me with the Copy Alert System and I don't want to get any alerts in the future. Thanks
LurkerDood (2 years ago)
+Green Archer I haven't gotten anymore copywrite notices from Verizon since using this VPN =)
Viktor Vyncke (2 years ago)
This might sound stupid, but do you get fines if you use a vpn server from Japan, because for me it's the fastest one.
+Techlore The TCP option never showed up. It just connected automatically looking for a DHCP and presto; however, like half the skeptics on here, I also only see my original IP, Techlore. Come on man, what's up with that?

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