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Women's Suffrage: Crash Course US History #31
You can directly support Crash Course at https://www.patreon.com/crashcourse Subscribe for as little as $0 to keep up with everything we're doing. Free is nice, but if you can afford to pay a little every month, it really helps us to continue producing this content. In which John Green teaches you about American women in the Progressive Era and, well, the progress they made. So the big deal is, of course, the right to vote women gained when the 19th amendment was passed and ratified. But women made a lot of other gains in the 30 years between 1890 and 1920. More women joined the workforce, they acquired lots of other legal rights related to property, and they also became key consumers in the industrial economy. Women also continued to play a vital role in reform movements. Sadly, they got Prohibition enacted in the US, but they did a lot of good stuff, too. The field of social work emerged as women like Jane Addams created settlement houses to assist immigrants in their integration into the United States. Women also began to work to make birth control widely available. You'll learn about famous reformers and activists like Alice Paul, Margaret Sanger, and Emma Goldman, among others. Hey teachers and students - Check out CommonLit's free collection of reading passages and curriculum resources to learn more about the events of this episode. Suffragists faced a decades-long debate on women’s right to vote: https://www.commonlit.org/texts/address-to-congress-on-women-s-suffrage While it was a hard fight to get the vote, women eventually received suffrage in 1920: https://www.commonlit.org/texts/was-hard-fight-to-get-vote ***SUBBABLE MESSAGE*** Thank you Edwin for being my best friend. Love, Dee Follow Us! @thecrashcourse @realjohngreen @crashcoursestan @raoulmeyer @thoughtbubbler @br8ybrunch
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Women's Suffrage - Progressive Era
This video is about Progressive Era Women's Suffrage
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The Progressive Era: Crash Course US History #27
You can directly support Crash Course at https://www.patreon.com/crashcourse Subscribe for as little as $0 to keep up with everything we're doing. Also, if you can afford to pay a little every month, it really helps keep the channel producing great content. In which John Green teaches you about the Progressive Era in the United States. In the late 19th and early 20th century in America, there was a sense that things could be improved upon. A sense that reforms should be enacted. A sense that progress should be made. As a result, we got the Progressive Era, which has very little to do with automobile insurance, but a little to do with automobiles. All this overlapped with the Gilded Age, and is a little confusing, but here we have it. Basically, people were trying to solve some of the social problems that came with the benefits of industrial capitalism. To oversimplify, there was a competition between the corporations' desire to keep wages low and workers' desire to have a decent life. Improving food safety, reducing child labor, and unions were all on the agenda in the Progressive Era. While progress was being made, and people were becoming more free, these gains were not equally distributed. Jim Crow laws were put in place in the south, and immigrant rights were restricted as well. So once again on Crash Course, things aren't so simple. Hey teachers and students - Check out CommonLit's free collection of reading passages and curriculum resources to learn more about the events of this episode. The Progressive Era was marked by rapid reactions to the Gilded Age: https://www.commonlit.org/texts/the-progressive-era Literature such as The Jungle revealed the horrifying conditions of factory industries, one of several which were overhauled with new progressive regulations: https://www.commonlit.org/texts/excerpt-from-the-jungle
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The Progressive Era: Politics, Women, and Reform
In this lecture we enter the Progressive Era, which is way funner than it sounds. We've got Constitutional amendments (17th amendment) dead rats being passed off as potted ham (thanks, Upton Sinclair), and women going crazy in reforming our nation (I guess they were tired of making everyone's sandwiches).
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Doris Kearns Goodwin on The Women of the Progressive Era
Learn more about The Bully Pulpit at http://books.simonandschuster.com/Bully-Pulpit/Doris-Kearns-Goodwin/9781451673791?mcd=vd_youtube_book Pulitzer Prize winner and bestselling author of The Bully Pulpit, Doris Kearns Goodwin describes three fascinating women of the Progressive Era. CONNECT WITH SIMON & SCHUSTER Web: http://books.simonandschuster.com/Bully-Pulpit/Doris-Kearns-Goodwin/9781451673791 Twitter: https://twitter.com/simonschuster Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/simonandschuster Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Simonandschuster/ Simon & Schuster Studio 4: Twitter: https://twitter.com/SimonStudio4 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/simonschuster_studio4/ Want to stay connected with Simon & Schuster? Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/SimonSchusterVideos
Progressive Era Review ("Thinking Out Loud" Parody) - @MrBettsClass
Let's belt out a ballad and review the need-to-know people, concepts, and Amendments of the Progressive Era. New videos every Tuesday (sometimes Monday!) Follow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/MrBettsClass Instagram: http://instagram.com/MrBettsClass Tumblr: http://http://mrbettsclass.tumblr.com/ Like on FaceBook: http://facebook.com/MrBettsClass "En la Brisa" Music by Dan-O at http://DanoSongs.com When the Gilded Age left it worse than before, And you feel you must raise the alarm, And you agree with many Populist reforms, Though you're urban and not from a farm, Teddy Roosevelt Square Dealing the 3 C's, Conserving Nature, protecting Consumers, fighting Corporate greed, And President Taft busting all the trusts whether good or bad, Makes Teddy a Bull Moose again, Wilson wins election and then cuts tariffs, Reforms the bank system we had, The country now pays graduated tax on income, Chooses its senators by direct election, No drinking 'cause Prohibition, But women can vote because It's the Progressive Era, When Jacob Riis shows How the Other Half Lives, And The Jungle grosses us out, Ida Tarbell writes about the oil biz, Steffens shows what cities are about, Civil rights for black don't advance during these decades, Plessy v. Ferguson made it legal to segregate, And Booker T. says cast your bucket down and go learn a trade, Before you go fight for your rights, Du Bois calls him out and starts throwing shade, Says that Jim Crow laws just ain't right, The AFL became the biggest union, Though the Wooblies accepted everyone, A bit too linked to socialism, To carry on because, It's the Progressive Era!
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Women and Prohibition in the Progressive Era
Module 3.4 History 151 Matt Aldrich
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Women in the Progressive Era
I made this video for American Government. None of this content belongs to me
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Gilded Age & Progressive Era -- Women In History by karen pinkston
A project for my women in history class at ASU...
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Women During  the Progressive Era
Song: Christina Aguilera's "Can't Hold Us Down"
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Women of the Progressive Era
Song: On Planets - Cure
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Women’s Rights in the Progressive Era
RTHS American History II
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Progressive Era
Overview of the Progressive Era with a summary of the women's suffrage movement
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The progressive Era
A short video About the Progress era for U.S. History. It includes -The Muckrakers -Jane Addams and the Hull house -WEB du Bois and Booker T. Washington -Immigrants and their stuggles -The women's suffrage movement -Ida B Welles and Southern Lynching -Niagra Movement -John Muir/ Roosevelt and the Conservation Movement -Anti trust Movement
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The Progressive Era: Women Suffrage
it was for 20th America Century...my teacher called it 'perfect' :D
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The Progressive Era (Rihanna's "Umbrella" Parody) - @MrBettsClass
The Progressive Era changed society and politics and this song will forever change how you hear the song "Umbrella." Support MrBettsClass at http://patreon.com/MrBettsClass MrBettsClass T-Shirt: http://www.redbubble.com/people/mrbettsclass/works/24037958-mr-betts-class-official-t-shirt?asc=u New Schedule: Why Matters on Tuesdays, Historical Parody/Skits on Thursday Follow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/MrBettsClass Instagram: http://instagram.com/MrBettsClass Tumblr: http://http://mrbettsclass.tumblr.com/ Like on FaceBook: http://facebook.com/MrBettsClass There was a rage coming off of the Gilded Age The people wanted change, someone to regulate To fix society, one plagued by pain and greed And to make government fair. The Progressive Era Here’s the Muckrakers exposing corruption The Shame of Cities by Steffens How the Other Half Lives Shows conditions of life you won’t believe Sinclair’s The Jungle’s disgusting Ida Tarbell got us discussing Shady tactics of Rockefeller Welcome to the Progressive Era Era-era-eh-eh-eh It’s the Progressive Era Era-era-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh Three Presidents, starting with Roosevelt Square Dealing for the 3 C’s, busting up corporate greed But Taft wants to bust them all, good or bad, they all must fall Bull Moose decides to run, Wilson wins the election Meanwhile,16th Amendment taxing income 17th makes direct election Of the Senators at last Prohibition is 18, how did it pass Women are finally granted suffrage Voting rights no longer abridged 19th Amendment is another Triumph of the Progressive Era Era-era-eh-eh-eh It’s the Progressive Era Era-era-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh Civil rights, they don’t advance for African Americans In these decades Washington and Du Bois can’t agree Ida B. Wells implores for the anti-lynching cause Unions, if you’re white, male, and skilled, AFL The Wobblies were for everyone else Limiting child labor Better working conditions for him and her You’d think that we’d learn a lesson In the 20s, there’s regression Still the U.S. was made the better By gains of the Progressive Era
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Women's Roles in the Progressive Era (1890-1920)
An APUSH group project, styled like a news report. Greenscreening everything took FOREVER.
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Women In Progressive Era
Second semester project for women in Progressive Era.
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Night Classes: Women Reformers of the Progressive Era
The Progressive era looked to solve some social, economic and political problems that were created by the other wise positive changes in our country. Women played a vital role in bringing unaddressed problems in our society to the forefront. #edutuber #teachertube Other videos on women reformers: https://youtu.be/fM1czS_VYDI https://youtu.be/gdE5LaDY0Lk https://youtu.be/_oxKa37P0ko Other Great MMM Content: https://youtu.be/ze0zaGWsgdU https://youtu.be/vDiUPE2FcjA https://youtu.be/R14nALvyAmg https://youtu.be/Ofor3TkDcY4 https://youtu.be/s6Sr7r9-6Uk
Women and Public Life in the Progressive Era
For 2018 3rd Period Hist108 Class
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The Progressive Era (1890 to 1920)
The origins of the Progressive Era
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The Progressive Era - Roots of American Bureaucracy (Myth20c - Ep86)
Following the Civil War, the notion of unity in the United States was more than just wishful thinking. As Reconstruction came to an informal close in the 1870s, the excesses of the Gilded Age with the increasing power of the banking and industrial classes created the political climate for the Progressive Era in the 1890s. Running on the platform of scientific management, temperance, anti-corruption, and reforms in treatment of workers and women, progressive politicians sought to address some of the problems of a rapidly urbanizing society and consolidate the diverse populations and territories of the Union. Industrialists, for their part, began sponsoring universities and academic professions such as economics in an attempt to steer public discourse and pass legislation such as the Sherman Antitrust Act which while on the surface decreased the power of the big business but in effect allowed it to create more indirect cartels with backdoor relationships with the very government which ostensibly sought to control it. -- Brought to you by -- Hans Lander, Adam Smith, Nick Mason and Hank Oslo - https://myth20c.wordpress.com/2018/09/05/the-progressive-era-roots-of-american-bureaucracy/ ~~-- Donations: https://www.patreon.com/MYTH20 --~~ BTC: 16UQ6ukmTjz4Z7Ce4n23bN6tKGnU7XkPeQ - http://twitter.com/myth20c - http://thermidormag.com - myth20c@tutanota.com - http://gab.ai/myth20c -- References -- - The Jungle, Sinclair (1906) - The Principles of Scientific Management, Taylor (1911) - The Worldly Philosophers, Heilbroner (1955) - The Triumph of Conservatism, Kolko (1977) - Eugenics - A Reassessment, Lynn (2001) - http://emilkirkegaard.dk/en/wp-content/uploads/Richard-Lynn-Eugenics.pdf - The Underground History of American Education, Gatto (2003) - A Patriot's History of the United States, Allen and Schweikart (2004) - The Fate Of Progress, Eisenach (2004) https://www.claremont.org/crb/article/the-fate-of-progress/ - The Roots of American Bureaucracy, 1830-1900, Nelson (2006) - The Progressive Movement and the Transformation of American Politics, Schambra and West (2007) - https://www.heritage.org/political-process/report/the-progressive-movement-and-the-transformation-american-politics - The Cross of War: Christian Nationalism and U.S. Expansion in the Spanish-American War, McCullough (2014) - Illiberal Reformers: Race, Eugenics, and American Economics in the Progressive Era, Leonard (2017) - The Gilded Age: 1876–1912: Overture to the American Century, Axelrod (2017) - How the Gilded Age Got That Way, Bordewich (2017) - https://www.wsj.com/articles/how-the-gilded-age-got-that-way-1503683705 - Problem Reaction Solution: Internet Censorship Edition, Corbett Report (2018) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqC82zmHccU - Old Populism and the New Ideas of Michał Kalecki, Toporowski (2018) - https://americanaffairsjournal.org/2018/05/old-populism-and-the-new-ideas-of-michal-kalecki/ - Leninism and Bioleninism, Spandrell (2018) - https://bloodyshovel.wordpress.com/2018/01/21/leninism-and-bioleninism/ -- Timeline -- 1865 - The Civil War ends with a total victory by the Union, resulting in national empowerment of the American Northeast. 1883 - The Pendleton CIvil Service Act is passed, creating the foundations for the modern bureaucratic institutions that exist within the American federal government. 1885 - The American Economics Association (AEA) is established, thereby strengthening the economics profession in the United States. Professional economists begin to network and attain jobs in the American government. 1887 - The Interstate Commerce Act is passed, allowing the government to regulate nearly all cross-border economic activity across the USA. 1890 - The Sherman-Antitrust Act is passed. American corporate trusts and horizontally-integrated firms are placed under direct political pressure, although economic fallout is counter-intuitive and strengthens the oligarchic class. 1898 - The Spanish-American War swiftly begins and ends, resulting in the codification of progressive foreign policy in military adventurism, nominally known as 'humanitarian interventionism'. 1901 - The Industrial Commission, established in 1898, delivers a report to Theodore Roosevelt detailing the interplay between key corporate monopolies/trusts and capital market manipulation. 1906 - Meat and drug inspection becomes the responsibility of the Federal Government. 1913 - The tenor of American society irrevocably changed with the passing of the 16th and 17th Amendments. These allowed for direct, progressive scales of taxation on personal income, and the direct elections of American Senators by the populaces of the constituent states. 1920 - After decades of Progressive efforts through legal, cultural and academic institutions, women are granted the right to vote and Prohibition is ratified by the US Congress. Majority of the American population now lives in urban areas, and United States has the largest, most complex economy in the world.
Women in the progressive era
Fun history project we did to show the women's suffrage movement in the progressive era! Stay classy america!
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Women's Suffrage in Progressive Era
This is something I had to do for American Studies, so enjoy!
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Ch. 18 - The Progressive Era, 1900-1916 (3)
Ch. 18 - The Progressive Era, 1900-1916 Question #3: "In what ways did Progressivism include both democratic and anti-democratic impulses?" - political machines - public monopolies - public facilities - 17th Amendment - initiative - referendum - recall - settlement house movement - Jane Addams - Hull House - women's suffrage - National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) - indifference to African American civil rights - focus on social control
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Women's March On Washington: A 'Revival' Of The Progressive Movement | MSNBC
Jonathan Lovitz of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce joins NBC's Richard Lui to discuss a weekend of demonstrations and what it means for progressive values and minority rights. » Subscribe to MSNBC: http://on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc About: MSNBC is the premier destination for in-depth analysis of daily headlines, insightful political commentary and informed perspectives. Reaching more than 95 million households worldwide, MSNBC offers a full schedule of live news coverage, political opinions and award-winning documentary programming -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Connect with MSNBC Online Visit msnbc.com: http://on.msnbc.com/Readmsnbc Find MSNBC on Facebook: http://on.msnbc.com/Likemsnbc Follow MSNBC on Twitter: http://on.msnbc.com/Followmsnbc Follow MSNBC on Google+: http://on.msnbc.com/Plusmsnbc Follow MSNBC on Instagram: http://on.msnbc.com/Instamsnbc Follow MSNBC on Tumblr: http://on.msnbc.com/LeanWithmsnbc Women's March On Washington: A 'Revival' Of The Progressive Movement | MSNBC
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Women in the Progressive Era- APUSH video
2011 APUSH final project
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This is Part Three of six segments comprising an overview of labor union history in the United States. Covering the first three decades of the twentieth century, this segment examines how the Progressive Era changed America and how the labor movement fared during this period. (Length 16:54) Topics include: The Muckrakers Progressive Legislation The Shirtwaist Factory Fire The International Workers of the World The Lawrence Textile Strike The Ludlow Massacre The exposure of child labor abuses The impact of WWI on labor Matawan and the Battle of Blair Mountain The "Roaring 20s" and the decline of union membership
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Progressive Era Women's Activism and the WILPF
Group 3 - Amy, Anthony, Faith, and Marcus.
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Progressive Era: Social Reforms
The last online lesson of our Progressive Era unit.
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Introduction to the Progressive Era
An overview of the Progressive impulse, Social Gospel, and club women