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Welcome speech by Ms. Villa Kulild, Director General, Norad
Director General of Norad (Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation), Villa Kulild, welcomes everyone to the annual Norad Conference 2014. The topic is human rights and democracy. More information about the conference in Norwegian: http://www.norad.no/norad-konferansen
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How to Give Welcome Remarks
Like these Public Speaking Tips !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1NFC9eC Watch more Public Speaking Tips videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/425729-How-to-Give-Welcome-Remarks If you've been chosen to give welcome remarks at an event, it's because people trust you. Show that you deserve that trust by honoring the guests without getting in the way. Step 1: Make introductions Introduce yourself and start your remarks by thanking everyone for coming. Be cordial, humble, and speak for a couple minutes at the most. Give your welcome remarks genuinely, as if welcoming people into your home. Step 2: Say names correctly Refer to each special guest, having prepared by writing down their names, including how to pronounce them. Pay tribute to their successes, linking these to the event as you introduce them. Tip Double check that all your facts are correct before sharing the information. Step 3: Thanks contributors Thank those who have made the day possible, from the organizers of the event to the wait staff working the floor. Step 4: Review topics Reinforce the purpose or goal of the event. Offer a lead-in to the speech topics or events to follow. Tip You might want to tease the featured speaker with a light anecdote that gently pokes fun at them. Make sure to ask their permission first -- you want it to be funny for them as well as their future audience. Step 5: Share your hopes Share your personal hopes, ideas, or plans about the topic of the day. Step 6: End with good wishes End your speech by wishing all, and especially the guests, an interesting day. Introduce the first speaker, and get out of the way. You are their guide, not the reason they came. Did You Know? Though President Eisenhower originally welcomed Fidel Castro to power in public comments, in 1959 he snubbed the Cuban dictator, who had requested a meeting.
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Infosys Analyst Meet 2016 – Welcome speech by MC
Watch the welcome speech by MC at the Infosys Analyst Meet held on August 26, 2016 at Pune.
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Conference Introduction and Welcome: 2013, Pavillion
Presented By: Mikhail Melnik & Jane Datinguinoo Adela de la Torre, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, University of California, Davis Linda Katehi, Ph.D., Chancellor, University of California, Davis Ken Burtis, Ph.D., Faculty Adviser to the Chancellor and Provost, University of California, Davis Sunday, October 13th, 2013. 11th Annual UC Davis Pre-Health & Pre-Medical National Conference Copyrighted UC Davis Pre-Health Student Alliance 2013 VISIT US AT OUR MAIN WEBSITE: http://www.ucdprehealth.org Comment, Like, and Subscribe! Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/UCDPreHealth Like our Page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UCDPreHealth
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Example of a Welcome Speech
Example of a Welcome Speech. Part of the series: How to Give a Welcome Speech. Watch an example of a welcome speech. Get an actual sample of a welcome speech from a communications expert in this free public speaking video. Read more: http://www.ehow.com/video_4440516_example-welcome-speech.html
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Inspire your Team! Ultimate Leadership Speech. Give Great Powerpoint Presentations - Keynote
http://www.globalchange.com Great leadership speeches - connect with audience passion. How to give world-class powerpoint presentations using Powerpoint 2007, Powerpoint 2011, on PC or Mac. How to wow your audience as CEO or Chairman at an annual corporate event. How to win customers and communicate vision at corporate events. How to structure your presentation, using embedded videos, images, multimedia content. Common powerpoint mistakes. Death by Powerpoint. How to lose audience attention. How to make a speech and how to give a world-class lecture. How to prepare a talk. How to communicate with an audience. How to overcome stage fright and stage nerves before giving a speech. Customer + team passion, change management - leadership styles to change teams, structures, processes, organisations, businesses. Take hold of your future: emotions. Lessons from the past in trends analysis, growth strategies, leadership training, motivational speaker. Patrick Dixon biography, bio, cv - ranked one of world's 20 most influential business thinkers alive today (Thinkers 50 2005) Great events change people: 4,500 event organisers(MPI. Keynote conference speaker (MPI).Future corporate events: motivational leadership programmes, executive education, team development, innovation seminars, strategy workshops, consumer groups, marketing forums, competitor analysis think tanks, team building exercises and motivational client events. Effective management depends on great communication of leadership vision, mission and strategy. Future of banks, banking, insurance, health, technology, social media, advertising, telecom, mobile phones, smartphones, e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, logistics, supply chain management, oil industry, energy, environment, green tech, pharmaceutical industry, education, government trends, regulation, compliance, human resources. Conference organisation and event planning. Great leadership speeches, motivational tools for team leadership, and how to communicate with large audiences. Change management, business transformation and vision building. Video by keynote conference speaker and Futurist Patrick Dixon. How to motivate business leaders for high performance, profitability and shareholder value. Industry trends for successful events in banking, banks, financial services, investments and fund management, insurance, retail, manufacturing, logistics, services, advertising brands, marketing, aviation, travel, transport, tourism, construction and real estate, government and non profit organisations, energy, sustainability, sustainable innovation, green technology, open innovation, crowdsourcing, outsourcing, food and drink / beverages, fast-moving goods (FMG), IT and communications, mobile phones, smart phones, satellite, entertainment industry, music industry, media, public relatiions, human resources, change management, strategy, risk management and other sectors. Secrets of successful corporate events, and how to give a great, inspiring, uplifting, encouraging, powerful CEO keynote speech. Effective executive education, programme development and manager training. Work-life balance and workplace motivation, leadership styles and team building. Staff retention, motivation, recruitment and talent development. University degree courses, MBAs and career progression. Why staging, lighting, theatre and performance really matter in successful corporate events. Videoconferencing, virtual teams, virtual working and virtual organisations why most people do not like videoconferencing and how to make video interviews or presentations work in conference programmes. How to create and deliver great lectures using powerpoint and other technology. Innovation and creativity in conference planning or business school programmes. Impact of global warming, climate change and energy prices on demand for corporate events, corporate travel and event location. Secrets of great event production, staging and use of multimedia. Presentation by keynote conference speaker, author and broadcaster Patrick Dixon author of Sustainagility, Building a Better Business and Futurewise.
The New Leader's First Team Meeting
I was asked, "What are some tips for communicating with my team as a new leader?" I'm framing it around the first time you meet with them. Learn more about Bud to Boss at: http://budtoboss.com/ Download our FREE Report, "The First Seven Things to Do When You Get Promoted": http://www.budtoboss.com/7-things-for-new-supervisors-free-report/ Subscribe to Bud to Boss: http://bit.ly/1PuTWLR Get more Kevin: Follow Kevin: http://twitter.com/kevineikenberry Like Kevin: http://facebook.com/kevineikenberryfanpage Get more Bud to Boss: Follow Bud to Boss: http://twitter.com/budtoboss Like Bud to Boss: https://www.facebook.com/FromBudtoBoss/ LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/company/bud-to-boss Visit: http://budtoboss.com/
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Welcome & Introduction of participants
Title: Global Consultation on "Innovative ICT and Knowledge Sharing Platforms for Revitalizing Agricultural Extension and Education: Opportunities and Challenges Speakers: Ms Radhika Infosys Platform Head -- Agriculture, Infosys, Electronics City, Bangalore Dr G Dileepkumar Global Leader, Knowledge Sharing & Innovation, ICRISAT, India Date: 3 December, 2012 Venue: Infosys, Hyderabad.
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2015 Sales Conference BELIEVE Opening Video
2015 Sales Conference BELIEVE Opening Video
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Welcome and Meeting Introduction
Introductory Remarks Kimberly Scott and Bridget Kelly, Institute of Medicine, Study Co-Directors
MC's Opening Remarks in #Bali for International Event
A clip of Nirmala's opening remarks at a gala dinner, that was held by Indonesia Financial Services Authority and The Asian Development Bank. The MC remarks must be updated half an hour before the event started, when the client informed that Governor of Bali cancelled his attendance, and requested the client to convey the message smoothly. This particular client has known MC Nirmala Trisna since 2007, and Nirmala also really understand the character and vision of this client. The event was held at Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Resort. Event Management by KITASATUBALI.
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Great Openings and Closings
Too often, a speaker loses his audience before he even gets to the core of his speech. In this video, Deborah Grayson Riegel teaches viewers how to create terrific openings and closings to presentations.
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GEM/EDP Workshop - Day 1: Welcome Speech
Penny Lawrence, International Programmes Director at Oxfam GB, opens the GEM/EDP workshop in Oxford, May 2013. For more information, visit the Grow. Sell. Thrive. community at http://growsellthrive.org
How to Start a Meeting - Effective Meetings
Running an effective meeting starts with preparation and the Purpose Benefit Check (PBC). A PBC is a verbal skill and discipline that helps you set expectations for your meeting so all parties aligned for a more impactful meeting. Craig explains the importance of this skill and how to implement it. To view Effective Meetings in it's entirety check out http://www.snapclass.com/classes/effective-meetings-how-to-run-high-impact-meetings/lessons/how-to-start-a-meeting
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Study Group XVI Kickoff Meeting: Welcome & Opening Remarks
Study Group XVI Kickoff Meeting - October 21, 2015 Welcome and Opening Remarks Study Group Rationale, Structure, and Narrative
Opening Speech - An Emcee Guide to writing a great opening
How to write a great Master of Ceremony Opening Speech ExpertMC.com presents our Step by Step guide to writing a Great Opening Speech. We explain exactly what you need to find out, what you need to include and how to put it all together. We include the Exact 3 Phase process that Timothy uses in his MC work around the world and the 5 Step Structure for each speech. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Recommended Resources - Best Book for Beginner MC https://expertmc.com/books Best Book for Intermediate MC https://expertmc.com/resource ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ https://www.ExpertMC.com Tips and Advice on becoming a Better Emcee and Growing your MC Business - Masters of Ceremonies, Emcees, MC's & Event Hosts This video series is a guide to being an Expert MC. A host at corporate events, Master of Ceremonies at a Wedding, introducing a Keynote speaker or being a Toastmaster. We explain - The meaning of MC , Emcee meaning and the Duties of an MC. We even give you an Emcee script. Each video will focus on a specific topic, so subscribe to the channel. Other Videos include - How To run a successful Panel Discussion! The MC's Secret Weapon Master of Ceremony Opening Speech Master of Ceremony Introduction Master of Ceremony Script How to keep Speakers On Time How to keep Events On Time Getting Names Right 7 Secrets to grow your Emcee Business Best Books for an MC to Read - Our Top Ten What should an MC wear How to get work as an MC Where to get work as an MC The Voice of God introduction Should I use Emcee or MC How to write a Great Master of Ceremony Opening Speech ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Be sure to Subscribe to the channel to be informed when the next episode is published. Coming up every 2 weeks - more Tips for MC's & Emcees. Be sure to hit the BELL to be notified when each episode comes out! Visit our Resource site at http://www.ExpertMC.com and grab a free copy of our tutorial pack including eBooks and Reviews. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are some of our most popular videos... Should I use Emcee or MC? https://youtu.be/I4MZehpBTzY The "Voice of God" Introduction https://youtu.be/8cT0leh5If0 Where to get work as an MC https://youtu.be/umLpwu8hSMY How to get work as an MC https://youtu.be/0CTjulj5kyk What should an MC Wear? https://youtu.be/E33nT_zGRaM How to run a speed Networking Event https://youtu.be/_8BlDoBy_qw How to deliver a great Introduction https://youtu.be/MqILZtknjmc Hilarious Wedding MC Jokes https://youtu.be/QMqO9svkTv4 Best Books for an MC to Read https://youtu.be/MS4D-WvsXjE Grow your MC Business https://youtu.be/zIpOp__x7OU Be an MC - Your Questions Answered https://youtu.be/ob0Rkj-JqAo Getting Names Right https://youtu.be/uMI4h3EdnUQ How to run a Panel Discussion https://youtu.be/MTCE1KDRkBY How to keep an event running to time https://youtu.be/L7U7ZH44seI How To keep Speakers on Time https://youtu.be/v8ZMzfJKwAQ The MC Resource Book https://youtu.be/_Hv_L_RUSpc Secrets to a great Introduction https://youtu.be/k3-zx-HKCV8 How to write a Great Opening Speech https://youtu.be/wbl7TgacF04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Timothy Hyde - ExpertMC Site - https://ExpertMC.com Timothy Hyde website - http://www.timothyhyde.com Timothy Hyde Wikipedia Page - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Hyde Timothy Hyde - LinkedIn Profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/timothyhyde/
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HILT Conference 2014 – Opening remarks
WELCOMING REMARKS Featuring: Drew Faust, President, Harvard University; Erin Driver-Linn, Director, Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching The Annual HILT Conference 2014 was held on September 16 in Wasserstein Hall. See more multimedia from the conference at http://hilt.harvard.edu/multimedia.
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English lesson. Top five phrases for opening an international meeting in English.
If you have an international team, business contacts and clients, you may need to have your meetings in English. You need to start the meeting off right by using the correct business English term. In this business English video tip, I will tell you five phrases you can use to open a meeting. Hope you enjoy the video and find it useful. For more general English or business English tips, make sure to check out our other videos: Business English coaching tip- conflict management: http://youtu.be/Y0vXtsEcaOI Business English presentations tip- starting a presentation: http://youtu.be/FiAPCMBI1Ug Business English presentations tip- ending a presentation: http://youtu.be/RYpMfegATZo Business English grammar tip- uncountable nouns http://youtu.be/-GTYorZwtA8 Business English for negotiations tip- conflict situations http://youtu.be/sX1FzBnF8aQ Business English small talk- telling an anecdote http://youtu.be/oMnSsJfA-dM Business English coaching- storytelling Mehr Information auf http://www.neilcollins.de Neil Collins Business English Training & Coaching Senefelderstraße 15 Prenzlauer Berg 10437 Berlin
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Welcome Speech & Introduction to UNISEC - The 2nd UNISEC-Global Meeting
The Second UNISEC-Global Meeting - Welcome Speech & Introduction to UNISEC Presenters: Rei Kawashima, UNISEC The presentation was made in the 2nd UNISEC Global Meeting at Kyushu Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu, Japan, Nov. 18, 2014
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Opening Remarks From Outsourced Pharma Event 2016 - San Francisco.
Welcome and Conference Chair opening remarks by Louis Garguilo, Chief Editor of OutsourcedPharma.com & Conference Chair.
Funny Presentation openings
http://www.CreateYourKeynoteByNextWeek.com Looking for a funny presentation opening? What shouldn't you do for a funny presentation opening? Ask World Champion Speaker, Darren LaCroix. Join Darren LaCroix, Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking as he teaches you about how to write a speech opening. Looking to connect with your audience? Want to connect with your audience faster and deeper? Want to know how to give funny speeches? Learn from a former stand-up comedian who learned how to do it the hard way and now gives funny speeches everyday in the corporate and convention world. Why did Darren LaCroix become a comedian and professional Speaker? Hear the story when he had his ah ha and where it came from. speech evaluation, evaluate my speech, speech coaching, speech feedback, Darren LaCroix Inspirational stories, Inspiring journey, all done with humor and hope! Are you a speaker? Trying to build public speaking business? Do you focus on pleasing the event planner? A Public Speaking Business or Public Speaking Career is nothing without clients. Do you create Rapport with your customers? How can you stand out in their minds... Looking to start a public speaking business? Want to start a public speaking career? Darren LaCroix's first paid speech was in 1994 for $75. Now he gets paid more than 100 times that for a one hour speech. Learn from a guy who started his public speaking business from his childhood bedroom. This video will give you clues. It is a tip every speaker should hear and head! The work you do off stage will help you to look brilliant on stage, and help your message reach your audience. Get inside Darren's head and hear his secrets first-hand. These are highlights from his different public speaking courses. Want a public speaking career? Would you like to be a professional speaker? Get Darren's insights from over 16 years in the public speaking business. Are you looking for a public speaking course? World Champion Speaker, Darren LaCroix's tips and techniques are better than any public speaking class you could take. Enjoy! toastmasters public speaking Want to improve your public speaking skills? Want public speaking skills? Learn Presentation Skills from the Toastmaster International 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking. He started with severe stage fright and over came his fear of public speaking to outspeak 25,000 speaking contestants from 14 countries. If Public speaking is what you want to learn, why not learn from the Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking? 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren LaCroix will teach you presentation skills you've never seen before! Follow Darren LaCroix, Toastmasters World Champion: Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/StageTime Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/darrenlacroix Linked in - http://www.linkedin.com/in/darrenlacroix
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How To Begin Your Presentation with Simon Sinek
Watch the entire class on Skillshare.com! http://skl.sh/YT-simon-sinek Simon Sinek (https://www.startwithwhy.com/) is an author best known for popularizing the concept of "the golden circle" and to "Start With Why", described by TED as "a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with a golden circle and the question "Why?". He began his career at Euro/RSCG, an ad agency no known as Havas Worldwide, where he worked on accounts for Oppenheimer Funds, MCI, NASDAQ and DISH Network. In 2002, he started his own company, Sinek Partners. As of January 2015, his talk "How Great Leaders Inspire Action" was number three on the list of the twenty most popular TED talks of all time. In October 2009, he released his book “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action”, and in December 2011, the book topped the list of best sellers for corporate America. He lives in New York and teaches a graduate-level class in strategic communication at Columbia University Subscribe to Skillshare’s Youtube Channel: http://skl.sh/yt-subscribe Check out all of Skillshare’s classes: http://skl.sh/youtube Like Skillshare on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skillshare Follow Skillshare on Twitter: https://twitter.com/skillshare Follow Skillshare on Instagram: http://instagram.com/Skillshare
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15 Ways to Start a Speech or Presentation | Brian Tracy
Watch this video to learn more about 15 unique ways to start a speech or presentation. Want to learn more? How about my personal 5 minute speech formula? http://ow.ly/R3l9E Read full blog post on the topic here: http://ow.ly/R3qLH . Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel here to get notified whenever I have a new video released: http://ow.ly/R3lvC
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ENOG 5: Opening, Welcome speeches (EN)
ENOG 5 / RIPE NCC Regional Meeting took place at the Corinthia Hotel in St Petersburg from 27-28 May 2013.
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Opening Ceremony and Welcome Speech
Thai SPE 2009 - Opening Ceremony and Welcome Speech
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Conference Opening & Welcome Address by Carlos Fonseca.mp4
2012 Consultant & System Integrators Interchange India
Views: 124 India CSII 2013
Welcome Address - Hyderabad Partners' Meet
Welcome address by Anand Joshua - Sr. Director, Resource Mobilisation, and Sony Thomas, Group Director, Resource Mobilisation and Public Engagement, during the Partners' Meet held at Hyderabad.
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Welcome to sales meeting Oct 5 2011
First KW Cambridge video in our new kwcambridgerealty account!
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Wolf of Wall Street - Sales Motivation
Can you feel it Michael and the Jackson 5 amazon ad - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L814D5wTbk
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How to start a speech in hindi ?
How to start a speech in hindi ? 1. Start with a question 2. Start with statistics 3. Start with a change ------------------------------------ Call us to inquire about our Public Speaking Training Program: 95 8683 5484
Annual Conference 2011 opening speech
Chartered Accountants Ireland President Paul O'Connor makes his opening address at the 2011 Annual Conference.
Welcome to Annual Sales Meeting
Provided to YouTube by TuneCore Welcome to Annual Sales Meeting · Worldwide Talent Group Voiceovers & Announcements ℗ 2014 Clayton Studios Released on: 2014-11-13 Auto-generated by YouTube.