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IELTS Teaching Tips - Speed Dating
This activity is related to Part 3 of the Speaking test and aims to improve the fluency of your students. It’s enjoyable and at the same time helps students think about the kinds of questions they may be asked. To find out more about the IELTS Morgan Terry Memorial IATEFL Scholarship, including how to apply, please go here: https://www.ielts.org/teaching-and-research/iatefl-scholarship
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Speed dating in class 1
In our general English courses we focus one one topic for a week of study. There are usually one or two grammar points that accompany the vocabulary in focus. The Pre-intermediate class was discussing the subject of relationships not so long ago. The students learned and practised using expressions such as 'fall in love with someone' or 'split up with someone' (Oh, phrasal verbs! How we love them all! ;-). Taking advantage of the fact that there was the same number of girls as there were boys in the class, the teacher organised a little 'speed dating' role-play for the afternoon speaking class. Speed dating is a matchmaking event during which a person talks with as many partners as possible within a time limit and afterwards chooses the most compatible. Speed dating originated in Beverly Hills, California, the USA in the year 1998. However, our session was more suited to the present day and adopted to fit in with the English spoken in the pre-intermediate classroom. Prior to this activity, all the students had to come up with some information about the character they decided to role-play. They didn't have to use their real names or play themselves which allowed everybody a little bit of distance! The students filled in a worksheet to help them remember the information about themselves such as their fake names, personality traits, relationship status, etc. This proved to be a real success due to the enthusiasm of the students who all managed to interview the participants within a time slot of three minutes. And at the end, to everyone's surprise we managed to have a couple of matches! ;-) More stories on our school blog: www.cceb.edublogs.org. Subscribe to get email notifications!
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Intermediate English Speaking Class, speed dating
Intermediate English Speaking Class, speed dating
3 Very Basic Ideas for Getting Private English Lesson Clients Teaching ESL Abroad
"I want to teach private English lessons for cash, but I don't even know where to start." This is something I hear a lot. These are three ways to get clients for private English lessons abroad. These are not the only three, and these are of course very basic, but these are three that I have had success with in the past. As I always say, market research is absolutely crucial. Someone who thinks of this stuff in advance and plans accordingly is going to have a far easier time than someone who takes a Wednesday-Sunday split shift contract that doesn't allow privates in a less than ideal locale and then wakes up and smells the coffee once it's too late (the majority of new ESL teachers fall into this category unfortunately.) Most important: If you don't know what a bad contract looks like, how to structure, what to weed out, and what you're specifically looking for to maximize everything, it is going to be tough going no matter what. Don't try to turn Mom's minivan into a drag racer. Just go with the Dodge Charger. ******************************************** 🥇COACHING/MANUAL/RESUME SERVICE ▶︎http://www.benteachesenglishoverseas.com 📕 FREE BOOKLET "The Big 6" ▶︎http://www.benteachesenglishoverseas.com/blog 📰 BLOG: http://www.benteachesenglishoverseas.com/blog 🎥 YOUR PERSONALIZED SKYPE CONSULTATION http://www.rockstarESLteacher.com 🔻 FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA🔻 🔵 FACEBOOK | http://facbook.com/benteachesenglishoverseas ✅ INSTAGRAM | http://instagram.com/benteachesenglishoverseas 💙 TWITTER | http://twitter.com/benteachesESL
The Potato Icebreaker
https://www.ElearningSecrets.com Presents: The Potato Icebreaker By popular demand: The Potato Icebreaker! It all started with a blog post, Virtual Classroom Icebreakers - Over coming Adversity.
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ESL / EFL Teaching Tip: Dating Game Activity for the 2nd Conditional
This is Vai, a teacher here at Rennert, sharing a fun production activity for the 2nd conditional. Try it out in your class :).
20Time2017 Results Video
Want to bring project-based learning to your secondary classroom? Go here to grab a full packet of FREE materials that'll help clear your path: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/FREE-Project-Based-Learning-Materials-for-the-English-Classroom-20Time-Project-1918986
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Talking About Love in English ❤️ | Advanced Conversation and Listening Practice | Love Idioms
In this English lesson, you're going to listen to an advanced conversation in English about Valentine's Day and love. This will give you vital listening practice and you're going to learn new words and phrases. Before you read the vocabulary list, be sure to: 1. Subscribe if you're new 2. Get my free book: https://www.tofluency.com/book/ VOCABULARY AND PHRASES USED IN THIS LESSON We’re filming this in February There’s sometimes a lot of pressure to do things in a certain way We realized that we had a lot of memories of Valentine’s Day from growing up We have some good memories and some bad memories One of the main things that people do is send and receive cards Everybody would buy or make cards for everybody in their class What did we call these? And they would say a little message like “fax me” Now it would be ‘send me a Snap’ So, you would attach those to the card and send them to… As you get older, it’s less typical to give people Valentine’s I don’t remember sending Valentine’s cards to everybody in the class you would put from your secret admirer The idea is that you don’t tell people who the card is from. A lot of times, though, they would guess who it is/was what you’d do is you’d give the card to a friend to give to them but you could always write your name How many secret admirers’ Valentine’s cards did you send? I used to send one every year Sometimes, I was in, you know, a relationship when I was 12 or 13 I remember receiving cards from secret admirers… PLURAL So, you only gave one special girl a card every year. There was a lot of pressure to be in a relationship for Valentine’s Day I’m pretty sure we didn’t have that I just can’t remember This is something that we didn’t really understand growing up Dating is big in America Going to a nice restaurant We have our baby here, by the way, you may hear her She’s very excited about us having this conversation You would have a fancy meal with your loved one I imagine that it’s very difficult to get into restaurants on Valentine’s Day You have to book in advance Yet I feel like it’s generally not the men who care as much about Valentine’s Day I think it’s different once you get married There is a lot of pressure on the male Yet I feel like it’s generally not the men who care as much about Valentine’s Day By the way, I’m just kidding Are we in a relationship? We were in a long-distance relationship We met each other in person which is not always the case Well, that’s it because things have changed Meeting someone at a bar Online dating is a big thing It’s just changed the way that people date and start relationships Have you ever online dated? I put my profile up there and went on a few dates You would see a very young version of me with information about the music I liked What bands did you put on your profile? I can't remember what I had on that, to be honest. I choose not to remember Based on your profile, I think I would have wanted to go on a date with you? What kind of music do you like? I didn’t get into any relationship from it That’s what I have in my head when I’m thinking about going bowling Old style date What is your ideal date? What I really liked about Spain was when you could just go to a few bars I like to be out and about That’s what I enjoy doing But we have just never got around to it Bar-hopping or restaurant-hopping You’re the main ingredient in my ideal date If you’re sitting down at the same restaurant for 2-3 hours, it can get a little bit boring Sometimes, we’re restricted for time Do you believe in soul mates? This is going to sound so cheesy… We weren’t even supposed to be in the same place at the same time there are a certain amount of people that you’re compatible with Do you believe in the phrase: opposites attract? Well, yeah, from what I remember. Who do you have a crush on? It’s a secret crush Do you like like that person? We used to say that too. To go on a blind date It’s somebody who a friend of a friend has set you up with I’ve never been on a blind date ******* Be sure to follow us on Facbeook too: https://www.facebook.com/tofluency Instagram: @tofluency And SnapChat: tofluency Thanks again!
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Ice Breaker Games and Activities for Meetings: How to set up Successful Ice Breakers
Learn more about ice breakers at http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newLDR_76.htm Ice breakers can be an effective way of starting a training session or team-building event. As interactive and often fun sessions run before the main proceedings, they help people get to know each other and buy into the purpose of the event. If such a session is well-designed and well-facilitated, it can really help get things off to a great start. By getting to know each other, getting to know the facilitators, and learning about the objectives of the event, people can become more engaged in the proceedings and so contribute more effectively towards a successful outcome. But have you ever been to an event when the ice breaker session went badly? Just as a great session can smooth the way for a great event, so a bad session can be a recipe for disaster. A bad session is at best simply a waste of time, or worse an embarrassment for everyone involved. As a facilitator, the secret of a successful icebreaking session is to keep it simple: design the session with specific objectives in mind and make sure that the session is appropriate and comfortable for everyone involved. This short video helps you think through the objectives of your session, and then suggests various types of ice breaker you might use. As a facilitator, make sure yours are remembered for the right reasons – as a great start to a great event!
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Learn 35 English phrases for making friends & asking someone out on a date 💃🕺💕💋
Learn 35 useful conversational phrases for making friends or asking someone out on a date. Meeting new people can be awkward, especially if you don’t know the language perfectly. In this lesson, I will teach you what to say when you first meet someone new at a class or activity, what to say when you meet someone by chance, and what to say when you want to get to know someone better and to deepen your relationship. Learn these phrases and you will improve your conversational ability in friendship and dating situations. Test your understanding by taking the quiz on this lesson: 35-english-phrases-friends-dating/ Next, watch my video on how to sound more interesting by speaking with RHYTHM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XVeMLYiNM0&index=26&list=PL-Q2Xro-OWKe-pXnqtUKfD2Gpsbpu6Gl7 TRANSCRIPT Hi, everyone. In today's lesson we're going to look at phrases you can use when you're dating someone, you want to date someone, when you're making friends, or when you want to make friends. And the way this lesson works is there's... There are two people speaking, one person says something, and the other person replies. So let's start here. And all these examples are things that would... A person would say if they met somebody they didn't know before at some kind of class. I suppose it depends where you live, but in London there are so many different kinds of classes you can go to, from exercise classes, for things that are artistic, dance classes, or photography classes, many classes that are based on interests - and that's a really good way for meeting new people. And it seems like many people date that way, really. They go to the photography class because they want to meet someone to date. They're a little bit interested in photography, but you know, they just want to meet new people. So that's how it works in a place like London. If you... If you live somewhere where there's not so many classes, perhaps these kinds of conversations wouldn't be so common where you live, but these are... These are the kinds of conversations you would hear in London if you went to a dance class, a salsa class, that kind of thing. So, number one: "Is it your first time here?" You've met someone, you want to continue the conversation with them, get to know them a bit, you can say: "Is it your first time here?" And the person replies: "I come most weeks." Or they say: "No. I come once in a while". "Once in a while" means not every week. I come one week, then three weeks later I come in an unpredictable way. Number two: "Do you come here often?" This sentence or phrase, this is an innuendo. So, it is a kind of phrase that many people would avoid using if they didn't want to be really direct and show that they were interested in someone in that kind of way. So, if you just want to be friends with someone, maybe you wouldn't say these exact words: "Do you come here often?" So here are the replies: "Not as much as I'd like to.", "Today's my first time." or "It's my first time today." Or you could say: "I'm a regular". "A regular" is a person who goes to the salsa class every single week, they always go. So that's... Being a regular is the opposite to a person who's just going for the first time today. Number three: -"So, how long have you been coming to this photography class?" -"About a year now." Number four, you could say: "Do you go to any other classes?" Now, this question could mean any other similar classes. If, to use the salsa example again, because salsa's quite a popular hobby I suppose to do, in a city like London there's more than one salsa class, and people really into it, they've probably tried different salsa classes, so they could ask that question to you: "Do you go to any other classes?" It means: "Do you go to any other salsa classes?" But it could also mean in general, depending on how you're asking. So it could be: "Well, I'm at salsa today, but I do... I do embroidery on Wednesday", or whatever else you do. Here are the replies: "Sometimes I go to the other one in ______." So, to use a place name in London, I could say: "Sometimes I go to the other one in Brixton." For me to answer that, it means I'm talking about the same kind of class. And I could also say: "This one is my favourite." I mean: This salsa class that I'm at today is my favourite of all the other salsa classes. Or I could say: "This one is my local", and that one suggests I come here because it's the easiest one for me to go to. Another example of that would be a yoga class, because there are so many different yoga classes, perhaps some people prefer to go to the one closest to their house, so they might say that. Next we've got: "How did you find the class?" Now, when I use the word "find" there, it doesn't mean: How did you find the building? Or: "How did you...? How did you get here?" It means more like: "What did you think of the class? Was it interesting for you?" So we can reply this way: "I really enjoyed it. It was good fun." […]
Speaking activity using pictures
Follow me on social medias: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/448981031872167/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/englishcorner4u/ More ideas for teachers are at www.english-corner.cz Should you have any questions or business matter, feel free to contact me via email iva@english-corner.cz THANK YOU ALL FOR WATCHING! note: I am not sponsored.
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Facilitator Tips Episode 17 - What is the Meaning of FUNN?
SHOW NOTES: https://www.playmeo.com/facilitatortips/episode17 In this week's Facilitator Tips episode shares the meaning and impact of injecting a lot of FUNN into your group-based programs for both recreational and educational purposes. Presented by Mark Collard / playmeo - the world's leading online resource of playful group & adventure-based learning activities. playmeo helps experiential educators & many other leaders create remarkably fun programs that engage people & build / strengthen their relationships.
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Dating Problems | Natural Small Talk | Episode 22
Check out: www.pocketpassport.com for flashcards, worksheets and LOTS MORE! Increase your vocabulary and listening skills to talk about dating in English. Questions and answers appear at the end of the video. They are also below with the transcript. Listening Comprehension Questions 1. Why is Sophie in trouble? 2. Does Sophie want two boyfriends? 3. What does “get rid of” mean? 4. Why is it difficult for her to choose the most handsome guy? 5. Why doesn’t she choose the richer one? 6. Why doesn’t she choose the smarter one? 7. What is Kaori’s advice in the end? Transcripts Sophie I having problems, and Kaori tries to help her. Sophie: I’m in trouble. I don’t know what to do. Kaori: Maybe I can help What’s the problem? Sophie: Well, you know I’m dating two guys. I want to get rid of one. Kaori: That’s easy. Keep the handsome one. Sophie: I can’t. They’re both really attractive. Kaori: Then pick the rich one. Sophie: The problem is they’re both equally rich. Kaori: Then go with the smarter one. Sophie: They’re both so intelligent I can’t tell who is smarter. Kaori: Fine why don’t you just keep them both and get yourself into big trouble. Answers 1. She’s in trouble because she’s dating two guys and she doesn’t know what to do. 2. No she only wants one. 3. To eliminate or be free of something. 4. It’s difficult because they are both attractive. 5. They are equally rich. 6. They are both very intelligent that she can’t tell who is smarter. 7. Her advice is to keep them both and get herself into big trouble.
Teaching English with Movies and TV Shows
Movies and Shows are very common in students' lives. So, why not using them to teach English and make learning more fun and memorable for them? Watch the video and get some ideas on how to do that?
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Speed Dating for English speakers and Expats Moscow, R-Gorod
SPEED DATING IN ENGLISH. Приглашаем на уникальное мероприятие, не имеющее аналогов в Москве. SPEED DATING IN ENGLISH – это отличная практика разговорного английского, а также шанс встретить свою вторую половинку! http://www.r-gorod.ru/english/ Такие мероприятия мы проводим один раз в месяц! Спешите, количество мест ограничено! Тел/whatsapp. +7-926-6101095 http://www.r-gorod.ru/ R-gorod.ru Speed Dating on English at Tomat bar on October 11th! With Alexandra - the cutiest singer!! Great voice, nice people, cozy bar!
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The Worst Part of Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in West Africa
I made a lot of money teaching English in Africa. I taught incredible ESL students who were dying to learn. I got the opportunity to teach different subjects and broaden my skill set/resume. I met some really fun people and made new friends. I got to rack up a jillion airline miles on Lufthansa. I got to fly business class. So what was the down side? The anti-malaria pills were it for me. I started getting nightmares even on Malarone which is supposedly super easy on the system in comparison to Lariam. I dropped from about 228lbs to 178lbs (fifty pounds) over the course of my employment. I tried to change over to Doxycycline. If I had it to do over again, I would have taken nothing, used a mosquito net and spray, never worn shorts or short sleeves, and I would have had the hospital on speed dial and been very well aware of the symptoms of Malaria. *********** 🥇COACHING/MANUAL/RESUME SERVICE ▶︎http://www.benteachesenglishoverseas.com 📕 FREE BOOKLET "The Big 6" ▶︎http://www.benteachesenglishoverseas.com/blog 📰 BLOG: http://www.benteachesenglishoverseas.com/blog 🎥 YOUR PERSONALIZED SKYPE CONSULTATION http://www.rockstarESLteacher.com 🔻 FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA🔻 🔵 FACEBOOK | http://facbook.com/benteachesenglishoverseas ✅ INSTAGRAM | http://instagram.com/benteachesenglishoverseas 💙 TWITTER | http://twitter.com/benteachesESL
[HD] First Class Flight (Mr. Bean)
More HD Bean Videos coming soon! Laugh - Share - Have a good time!
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Speed Dating Short Film
Imagine what you can learn about someone in a minute. About the production Speed Dating is a short film that follows the successes and pitfalls of a series of matches and misfits during a speed date at a local pub. Find out who survives to the next round of relationship and who shares the evening with a lonely bowl of pretzels. Additional Credits Producers: Corey Lack, Maria Stevenson, James Bowie Director of Photography: Corey Lack Editors: Josh Merrill, Corey Lack Hair & Makeup: Emily Freeman Extras: Maria Stevenson, Emily Freeman
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Advanced English Listening Practice -12 - English Lesson at Fast, Native Speed - How to Practice
Click here to get your free guide so you can start sounding more native! - http://www.englishanyone.com/advanced-english-learning-practice-get-the-speak-naturally-guide/ If you can read, write and understand English quite well, but not speak fluently and confidently, there's just one simple reason why. Download your free copy of Speak English Naturally to discover the simple steps to fluency, see immediate improvement in your spoken English, start speaking English like native speakers and enjoy your conversations! http://www.englishanyone.com/advanced-english-learning-practice-get-the-speak-naturally-guide/ In this video, I talk how to fluent by practicing the smart way. Stop studying the language and start using it while doing something you're really interested in. :) http://www.englishanyone.com/advanced-english-learning-practice-get-the-speak-naturally-guide/
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Would She Still Date Him After He Says This....??  | Tell My Story, Blind Date
It’s certainly easier to make assumptions about people than it is to spend time getting to know someone. We wanted to put assumptions to the test to see what we're missing out on because we're so busy assuming we already "know" a person. Join us as we discover why you should never judge a book by it’s cover in our series 'Tell My Story, Blind Date.' We are all conditioned with certain biases. In this experiment, we challenged these biases by asking people to guess their partner's interests and past experiences based only on their partner's appearance. When they learned their partner's real answers, they were shocked by how wrong they were. Now tell YOUR story. What do people assume about you? We love to connect with YOU, no matter what language you speak. Help SoulPancake create captions in your language by clicking here: http://bit.ly/27FqhGH ▃ ▅ ▆ SUBSCRIBE to SoulPancake ▆ ▅ ▃ http://bitly.com/SoulPancakeSubscribe THE SPOONFUL, our weekly dose of good stuff from across the web: http://ow.ly/t7K7p MERCH STORE: http://bit.ly/soulpancakeshop Buy our BOOK: http://book.soulpancake.com Follow us on FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/soulpancake TWEET us at: http://twitter.com/soulpancake Visit our WEBSITE: http://soulpancake.com
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Gail's ESL Teaching Activity
Gail's ESL Teaching Activity for Benke Sophmore SCNU Nanhai
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DIP 소개팅 Blind Date Korea ep.3
Hangover guitar cover http://youtu.be/rEQ0PDFl_5Y Vote for your favorite dating spot (location information) http://www.trazy.com/watch/chonunmigooksaram/3 Kbeat for K-pop giveaways http://kbeat.net/archives/58500 Links: http://www.facebook.com/chonunmigooksaram https://twitter.com/migook_saram Instagram: Chonunmigooksaram Please Like, favorite and subscribe! ☺ Music from Incompetech http://incompetech.com/
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IELTS Speaking Task 1 - How to get a high score
http://www.goodluckielts.com/ Do you need to take the IELTS? I will teach you everything you need to get a higher score in Task 1 of the Speaking section of the exam! A lot of people have to take the IELTS exam when they immigrate or study overseas. Even if your English is good, you could get a low score in the Speaking section if you are not prepared. If you are taking this test, this video will help you. I'll tell you what to expect and give you a lot of tips and strategies to do well! To test your understanding of the video, take the quiz at http://www.engvid.com/ielts-speaking-task-1/ and for more IELTS tips, strategies, secrets, and sample questions and answers, go to Good Luck IELTS: http://www.goodluckielts.com/ Hi, there. My name is Emma, and in today's lesson, we will be looking at how to do well on the speaking part of the IELTS. So the speaking part of the IELTS is divided up into three sections. Today, we're just going to be looking at section No. 1. So first of all, I will explain how to do well -- oh, sorry. First, I'll explain what happens in Part 1 of the IELTS. And from there, we'll look at some things you should do to do well and some things you shouldn't do, okay? So let's get started. So what happens in Part 1 of the IELTS? Well, first of all, the speaking Part 1 of the IELTS is for both those taking the General IELTS exam and the Academic. So whether you're taking the Academic or the General IELTS, it's the same test with the same questions. Okay. It lasts between four to five minutes. It's made up of first an introduction. So the examiner is going to introduce himself or herself. Then, you will introduce yourself. So for example, "Hi. My name is Emma. Nice to meet you." Okay, so there's an introduction. And then, the examiner is going to ask you some questions about yourself. So these questions aren't that difficult. Usually, they're about where you're from. So for example what city you were born in, where you grew up. They might be about work. They might be about what you study, about your friends, about your hobbies, food, sports, and another thing I don't have up here, family. Family is also common on this part of the IELTS. Okay? So usually, the examiner, after introducing himself or herself, they will talk to you about two of these topics. Okay?" Now, the way they mark this part of the IELTS is they're looking specifically for pronunciation, okay? So can they understand what you're saying? Do you pronounce things well? They're going to be looking at fluency. So what's "fluency"? Well, do you go, "Uh, um, uh, uh" a lot during the test? Or do you speak very clearly, in a very nice rhythmic way? Do you use organizers or transitions? "First of all, secondly, finally." Do you use words like this? "Another reason." Or do you have problems speaking at a normal rate? So they look at that in fluency." Then, they mark you also on vocabulary. Do you use words like "good, bad" a lot? Those are very low-level words. Or do you use high level words that really show off your vocabulary?" The final thing you're marked on is grammar and accuracy. So for example, do you only use the present test for the whole test or are you able to correctly use the present tense, the past tense, present perfect, future? How well is your grammar? Okay? So don't panic. Maybe you're weak in grammar. Maybe you make some mistakes in grammar. But you're marked equally on these four components, okay? So now, let's look at some tips on how to do well on Part 1 of the speaking part of the IELTS. Okay. So what are some of the things we should do to get a good mark in Part 1 of the IELTS for speaking? Well, we have a list here of dos. Okay? So these are things you want to do. So the first thing that's very important is when you first meet the examiner, okay? If you're very nervous, and you don't make eye-contact, and you look at the floor the whole time, you're not going to do well on the IELTS even if your English is pretty good. So it's very important to present yourself with confidence, okay? You want to go into that test and know you're going to do well. If you think you're going to do well, you're going to do a lot better. Okay? If you think you're going to do badly, you're probably going to do badly. So think you're going to do well, and be confident. Okay? Another important thing is be friendly. Okay. You want to smile. Body language is actually very important in the IELTS. You want to make eye-contact, okay? So don't look at your feet. Don't look at your hands. Look at the examiner. But you don't have to stare at them, okay? Just look at them when you talk.
Dating Tip of the Week: Create a New Love Vocabulary
According to The Relationship Journalist, to become a truly successful single, you've gotta have a fun & fab love vocab...
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Ellen Teaches Sofia Vergara an English Word of the Day
Ellen taught the always hilarious Sofía Vergara an English Word of the Day, and Sofía dished on her second wedding anniversary plans with husband Joe Manganiello.
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ESL Easy Listening Comprehension 9: Trick or Treat
An easy story for ESL listening comprehension. The story is repeated three times: 1st time, normal reading speed; 2nd time, slower, with pauses for dictation followed by repetition and captions; and 3rd time, normal reading speed, with captions. Reading level: grade 2.4 (Flesch-Kincaid)
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ESL Easy Listening Comprehension 18: It's Christmas!
An easy story for ESL listening comprehension. The story is repeated three times: 1st time, normal reading speed; 2nd time, slower, with pauses for dictation followed by repetition and captions; and 3rd time, normal reading speed, with captions. Reading level: grade 4.4 (Flesch-Kincaid)
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Shopping in England: Everything you need to know
Everything you need to know about shopping in England, both in supermarkets and on the high street. In this video, you will learn the difference between the main English stores and supermarkets so that when you’re next in the UK you will know the best place to do your shopping at the best price for your budget. I’ll also teach you specific vocabulary related to doing your shopping for everyday items in supermarkets and at the corner shop. I have so much to tell you about shopping in England, which may be different to the stores you have or the way of shopping in your home country. That's why I have included plenty of my personal observations about going shopping in my country. This video will be useful to tourists to the UK as well as to people who have moved here or who are planning to move here in the future. Take the quiz about shopping in England at https://www.engvid.com/shopping-in-england/ Next, watch these other videos about life in England! 1. Learn how to say the top 10 British cities correctly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXkFM3TC108&list=PL-Q2Xro-OWKe-pXnqtUKfD2Gpsbpu6Gl7&index=3 2. English Culture: Manners & How to be polite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hV7lJyC3Eg&list=PL-Q2Xro-OWKe-pXnqtUKfD2Gpsbpu6Gl7&index=19 #shopping #LearnEnglish #engvid
English teaching practice-3rd conditional - part 1
last teaching of the TESOL course.....can't be happier :D
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ESL Easy Listening Comprehension 12: Thanksgiving Dinner
An easy story for ESL listening comprehension. The story is repeated three times: 1st time, normal reading speed; 2nd time, slower, with pauses for dictation followed by repetition and captions; and 3rd time, normal reading speed, with captions. Reading level: grade 3.5 (Flesch-Kincaid)
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Lesson  BRIDGES English Vocabulary
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EFL - Listening Activity
A short video of our students participating in a listening activity.
50 + Rules of Noun | Part 4 | Class 10 | English | SSC CGL | CPO 2018
pdf link : http://www.mahendraguru.com/2018/04/50-rules-of-noun-part-4-class-10-pdf.html Mahendras has brought "Big Discount Day" on Online Admission & Speed Test Cards which will be available on 7th April 2018, Saturday at sharp at 10 am on myshop.mahendras.org. Don't Forget To Save this Date !!!! For more details click on this link http://www.mahendraguru.com/2018/04/big-discount-day-7-april-2018.html WATCH PART 1 : https://youtu.be/RobtcOB_apg WATCH PART 2 : https://youtu.be/dj8lGyAyqbc WATCH PART 3 : https://youtu.be/ljgx7VLm8kc WATCH ALL SSC CGL | CPO CLASSES : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPlACV9U2YPFxrSI0iB-kMwn8W51mdfFr As it is believed that Reasoning | English | Maths | GS | is the backbone of all exams of SSC. Keeping this point in mind MahendraGuru has started classes for SSC Aspirants. Watch the Series of theses videos for SSC CGL | CPO | All Other Competitive Exams 2018 To Crack all subjects. Are You Preparing For Government Job | Banking | SSC | Railway | Other Competitive Examination then Join Mahendras To Enhance your practice on Stportal : https://stportal.mahendras.org/ Buy our New Speed Test Cards From : MY SHOP- https://myshop.mahendras.org Visit Branch Location - https://mahendras.org/branches.aspx Subscribe to our Mahendra Guru Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiDKcjKocimAO1tVw1XIJ0Q?sub_confirmation=1 YOU MAY ALSO WATCH THESE VIDEOS:: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiDKcjKocimAO1tVw1XIJ0Q/playlists ENGLISH PLAYLIST : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPlACV9U2YPFo1UjvnFTFgkVG0Zw5QNCM MATHS PLAYLIST : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPlACV9U2YPEqciVVc70WFzIuYPvy-fkL REASONING PLAYLIST : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPlACV9U2YPHWI9gFGyt_VQ2QFkw-tYU6 GA PLAYLIST : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPlACV9U2YPHsYRImGgN2KD3hDuGZ9YZg GS PLAYLIST : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPlACV9U2YPGfOgRGCOerAXQ8z9Z-JzZA COMPUTER PLAYLIST : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPlACV9U2YPFuAPo8JnMaeGyTDsBBaNBs IMPORTANT FOR BANK / SSC / RAILWAYS EXAM. JOIN US ON :- FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/Emahendras/ TWITTER : https://twitter.com/Mahendras_mepl INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/mahendra.guru/ PINTEREST : https://in.pinterest.com/gurumahendra/ GOOGLE + : https://plus.google.com/+MahendraGuruvideos 1. No duplicacy or editing of the videos is allowed without the written permission of the publisher. 2. All the dispute are subject to Lucknow Jurisdiction only. @ Copyright Reserved
Learn English for Call Centers and Customer Service Jobs
Does your job involve speaking with customers in English? If you want to speak clearly and politely to customers, this lesson is for you! You'll hear a model conversation full of polite expressions you can use at work. I'll teach you the correct way to greet customers, and how to ask common questions that come up in customer service and sales jobs in call centers. This is a great way to improve your job performance or to prepare for a call center interview. I'll also teach you a secret that all the top customer service agents know. Beyond call center training, this lesson will help anyone who wants to communicate more professionally and politely in the workplace. http://www.engvid.com/learn-english-for-call-centers-and-customer-service-jobs/ TRANSCRIPT Hi. I'm Rebecca from engVid. Being polite is always important, but it's especially important if you have a job in a call centre or in any customer service oriented position. So, let's look at what it sounds like when we meet a polite employee and a rude employee, whether it's on the phone or in person. But this dialogue that we're going to go through is actually on the phone. So, let's listen. Okay, so we have here two employees, Rude Robert and Polite Patricia, and they speak very differently. So let's listen to Robert. Robert answers the phone, and he says; "Yes? Huh?" Patricia says: "Hello. Good morning." Robert goes on: "What do you want?" Patricia says: "May I help you? How can I assist you?" Then Robert says: "Wait a minute." Patricia says: "Just a moment, please." Then Robert can't hear, so he says: "What? Huh? Can't hear you." Patricia says: "I'm afraid I didn't hear what you said. Could you speak a little louder, please?" Now, in this case, we were listening to both people. Right? Let's just go and listen to Robert by himself and see what he sounds like. "Yes. Huh? What do you want? Wait a minute. What? Huh? Can't hear you." Now let's listen to Patricia. "Hello. Good morning. May I help you? How can I assist you? Just a moment, please. I'm afraid I didn't hear what you said. Could you speak a little louder, please?" Who would you rather meet on the phone? Let's continue this dialogue. And Robert continues. Let's listen in. "What else? Is that it?" Patricia says: "Will there be anything else? Will that be all? Is there anything else I can help you with today?" Robert says: "Gimme yer email." Now, you see, I wrote here: "Gimme your email." Okay? That is not proper English; that is not correct English. Don't write like that. But I wrote it like that because when people speak really fast and they speak very casually and very, very, very informally, then it sounds like that. But it's only proper in certain informal situations with your friends or something like that; not in the workplace. Okay? And certainly not in a customer service kind of position. So, you will see some things like that here, but don't try to talk like that or write like that if you have a customer service job. So, Robert says: "Gimme your email." Patricia says: "May I have your email please?" Robert says: "How many boxes do ya want?" Patricia says: "How many boxes would you like?" Now, that's something to really pay attention to. When we change: "Do you want" to "Would you like", it makes a world of difference. "Would you like" is very, very polite, and "Do you want" is very ordinary. So make sure that you use: "Would you like", even if you don't have a customer service job. It's just a much more polite way of speaking. Let's continue. So, Robert says: "How do you wanna pay?" And Patricia says: "How would you like to pay?" Again, we see: "Do you want" or "wanna" and "Would you like". Right? "How will you be paying today?" And Robert says: "Okay. Bye!" And Patricia says: "Thank you very much. Have a nice day. Now, did you notice that when I was reading Patricia's part, I was smiling; when I was reading Robert's part, I wasn't smiling? So, most call centres and customer service positions train their employees to smile while they're speaking, because they say that we can hear your smile. All right? And it's true. And if you go back and listen to this video, you might hear my smile even if you're not looking at the video. So try that yourself. If you want to sound friendlier, if you want to sound more polite, if you want to sound warmer - then smile, especially when you're on the phone. And even though people can't see you, they can hear your smile and your warmth. Okay? So, keep these points in mind. They can make or break your career. All right? If you'd like to do some practice on this, please go to our website: www.engvid.com. Thanks very much for watching. Bye for now.
Verb Smash - English Grammar Game
Download on iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/verb-smash-1-english-grammar/id980610889?mt=8 Download on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wobblemonkey.verbsmashe&hl=en Download on Google Play (Full Version): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wobblemonkey.verbsmashfull&hl=en SMASH the correct verbs into the sentences in this fun and exciting game for ESL/EFL learners to learn English grammar easily. Learn English tenses and verbs quickly. Studying tense charts is now a thing of the past! COURSE CONTENT: 1) 500,000+ question and answer sentence combinations 2) 120 of the most common verbs 3) Regular and irregular verbs 4) Present Simple Tense 5) Present Continuous Tense * 6) Past Simple Tense 7) Present Perfect Tense ** 8) Using contractions and negatives 9) Using auxiliary verbs (helping verbs) *For relevant verbs. Some English verbs are not used in the Present Continuous. **For experiences (“Have you ever…”). Verb Smash is an innovative course in English grammar that teaches questions and answers using auxiliary verbs, contractions, negatives, regular verbs and irregular verbs in four of the most common tenses of the English language. This revolutionary new interactive game includes over 500,000 unique question and answer sentence combinations for practising the present simple tense, present continuous tense, past simple tense and present perfect tense with real life examples. By playing this fun verb game you will learn the different conjugations (sometimes described as V1, V2, V3 and the gerund) of 120 of the most common regular and irregular English verbs. You will also learn the auxiliary verbs (“helping verbs”) that form correct English sentences. With our massive database of sentences you will learn the verb forms and their correct use in context with the modern English language. If you make mistakes our intelligent system will correct and perfect your grammar as if you had a real teacher with you to guide you through your English course! This course is ideal for secondary, high school, university or adult ESL/EFL students. It is also perfect for supplementing TOEIC or IELTS studies, business English courses or communicative English courses. The course is in British English but also includes commonly used words in American English with the intention of helping students of “International English”. Verb Smash has been designed by serious professional teachers and game designers so that you can learn English easily, quickly and effectively in a fun way. Have fun and learn English faster than ever before. Get smashing! INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Menu: -PRESS “Learn Verbs”. -PRESS a verb (“Be”, “Go”, “Do”…). “Challenge” will test your knowledge and unlock more levels. -SELECT as many tenses ("PRESENT SIMPLE", "PRESENT CONT."...) as you want to practise at the same time. You can also change the game speed. -PRESS “PLAY” 2) Game -DRAG, SWIPE or FLICK the correct verbs (in the orange boxes at the bottom) towards the falling sentences to complete the sentences. Get 8 correct in a row before the sentences reach the bottom to complete the level. 3) Game Over Verb Smash will show you your mistakes and correct them. It will underline other words to help explain. SWIPE to see all your mistakes. 4) BIG CHALLENGE and Tense Games Complete verbs in “Learn Verbs” to earn coins and unlock the tense games and “BIG CHALLENGE”. The “BIG CHALLENGE” will show any verb in any tense. Try to form correct sentences as it gets faster and faster, and break the high score records! TO KEEP UP TO DATE ON NEW RELEASES: -Please like us at: https://www.facebook.com/wobblemonkeyenglishgames -Please follow us at: https://twitter.com/Wobble_Monkey
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Advanced English Course: Effective Communication.
Advanced English Course:,Effective Communication. Now Open for enrollment at Florida Medical College. www.fmedcollege.com http://fmedcollege.com/ Call: 305 447 6811
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Have you seen Google Assistant's new phone call video demonstration using their new Duplex technology? We were blown away! In this day and age, most of us prefer to text than to make a phone call. Texting is easier, faster, and allows us to multitask a little more efficiently than if we were speaking on the phone. But, there are some specific and important situations where a verbal conversation is necessary! Technology has advanced to incredible levels in the past few years. Although computers are getting better and better at mimicking humans, we can't forget to use those skills ourselves. Even though technology allows us to communicate (and can even replicate our speech in a realistic way), we shouldn't forget how to have a conversation without the intervention of technology. GREETING "Hi!" The simplest greeting in the English language. It's important to pay attention to the intonation in order to understand the greeter's mood. A flat intonation would probably mean that the person speaking is not in a good mood, or they need to finish the conversation quickly. Instead, if the intonation goes up and down, the person's mood is friendly and open.  INTONATION & STRESS Let's pretend you need to call a hair salon to book a reservation. The salon receptionist pick up the phone, and you say: "I'm calling to book a women's haircut for a client." At the end, you should have your tone go up, as though you're asking for permission. This is called upspeak, and it's a very common occurrence in North American English, where we make statements that almost sound like questions (but they're not). Your intonation is what will indicate that you have an open question that you're inquiring about, even if it is not actually a question, and invites the other speaker to answer. Because certain words are stressed -- like calling, haircut, and client in the example above -- other words are therefore not stressed, and they become mushed together or blended. Stressed words are pronounced in a longer, louder way, because they are the more important words. They contain the most important information! In technology, this is what is referred to as nuance, and it is the key to making artificial intelligence sound like a human, and sound like a native speaker. PAUSES & FILLERS "Um..." This sound is also known as a filler, and is usually something traditional teachers will dissuade you from saying. It might not sound academic, it might not mean anything, but fillers like these are very common ways to break up natural conversations in real life. "Um" is a marker of natural English speech. When you're waiting and want to show the other speaker that you're still listening, you can also use "mm-hmm". This is another natural pause or filler that distinguishes human speech. "Uh" is another commonly used filler, and it is used most when you need a minute to understand what the other person is saying or if you're not sure about something. WHAT ELSE WILL MAKE YOU SOUND MORE NATURAL ON THE PHONE? It's so important to listen to other conversations and learn to mimic the intonation, the stress, the pauses, and the filler words. Then, you need to practice. A great way to practice is to record yourself and share your recordings with other English speakers. Listen to yourself, compare to the speech you're imitating, and continue to improve recreating what you hear. You can make easy practice phone calls in the real world by calling a restaurant to make a reservation, calling a store to ask what their business hours are, or even calling a pizza place to order delivery. There are so many ways you can practice your English without feeling like a mistake will ruin the conversation! Try out all these tips for more natural-sounding English and for a boost in confidence in your phone conversations! ALL GO NATURAL ENGLISH LESSONS at https://gonaturalenglish.com FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/gonaturalenglish TWITTER: http://twitter.com/gonaturaleng FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/gonaturalenglish
Preparing ELL/ABE Students for the GED Test
Lia Conklin Olson, ELL/ABE Instructor at the Ronald Hubbs Center, St. Paul, MN, presents a workshop on supporting English language learners who are studying for the GED(R) test. Lia is the author of Bridging ELLs to GED Test Preparation, a new three-book teacher resource series from New Readers Press. Bridging correlates to the New Readers Press GED test prep materials and it guides instructors in filling in background knowledge, supporting gaps, and shoring up vocabulary students need to pass the GED test. For more information or sample pages, visit http://www.newreaderspress.com/bridging-ells-to-ged-test-preparation. Having trouble seeing the slides? Download the slideshow here: http://www.newreaderspress.com/filebin/pdf/BridgingELLs/BridgingELLs_YouTubePDFs.pdf
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Visa Approved QA F2b Immediate Family
From Ben: "Hi Yuri Thanks for the video and the effort.My question is i'm 31 years male (unmarried) From India.My Dad is a green card holder and will be applying for his citizenship. What should be my way forward - 1-Should i apply for I-130 and 1-485 together ? 2-Should i wait for my dad to apply for his citizenship? 3-How much time will the process take ? 4-i entered legally in states on September 2015. Do i need to go back after filling paper or i have stay. Also If i go , how many times i can come and go in how much time spam. I have b1/b2 visa. 5-Do i need lawyer ? its expensive tho... Thanks again and will wait for you replay....Benedict" 1-Should i apply for I-130 and 1-485 together ? -- tep One – Your permanent resident relative must file Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, for you and it must be approved. You must wait for your priority date in your immigrant visa category to become current. Your priority date is the date when the Form I-130 is properly filed (with correct fee and signature) on your behalf by your U.S. permanent resident relative. For more information on priority dates, see the “Visa Availability & Priority Dates” page. Step Two – Once the priority date in your visa category is current, you may file for adjustment of status with Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. Adjustment of status is the process you go through to become a permanent resident. For more information, see the “Adjustment of Status” page. 2-Should i wait for my dad to apply for his citizenship? I would not wait.. I would start asap. because it take MANY years (like 10 from india.. then the questions is will you remain unmarried for that long) 3-How much time will the process take ? check this out http://www.myprioritydate.com/ 4-i entered legally in states on September 2015. Do i need to go back after filling paper or i have stay. Also If i go , how many times i can come and go in how much time spam. I have b1/b2 visa. We are not sure about this one. 5-Do i need lawyer ? its expensive tho... I don't think so. but make sure you are ready to research like crazy on visajourey.com Other links: http://efilipinowomen.com/green-card-family-member-permanent-resident http://efilipinowomen.com/visa-bulletin
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Action Words | Talking Flashcards
Download music from Maple Leaf Learning on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/songs-for-learning-2/id595173649?ign-mpt=uo%3D4
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Valentines activity ideas for the family
Activity idea for valentines day that you can do with your family. You can get the file mentioned from "Focus on the Family" at this link: http://media.focusonthefamily.com/fotf/pdf/channels/parenting/mealtime-moments/148.pdf See more at our websites: http://dadsaidmomsaid.com, http://earlylearningathome.com and http://icharacter.org
Conditionals and Wish -WIN or FAIL- (ESL Activity)
This video can be used by ESL teachers to practice the use of Conditionals and Wish in a very funny way in the class. For ideas on how to use this video in your class go to: https://diegogarro.wordpress.com/2017/05/09/conditionals-oral-practice/ For more information about Conditionals: https://diegogarro.wordpress.com/category/grammar/conditionals/
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You've Been Sentenced from McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds Inc.
See the full review at http://www.timetoplaymag.com/toys/4976/mcneill-designs-for-brighter-minds-inc/youve-been-sentenced/ In You've Been Sentenced, players use a hand of 10 cards to build sentences and score points based on the words used. Most words are worth five points, but some of the more unusual or difficult words are worth even more. The sentence must be grammatically correct and a justifiable sentence. Once each player has taken 10 cards, players work at the same time to create their sentences. Sentences can be as short as two cards or as long as 10 cards. Once the first person forms a sentence, he turns over the sand timer and places it on top of his completed sentence. All of the remaining players have until the timer runs out to come up with an acceptable sentence. When time runs out, each player reads his sentence aloud to the Jury (the rest of the players) who can object to the sentence if it contains a grammatical error or doesn't make sense. The player who created the sentence can defend it. Then the jury votes on whether or not to accept the sentence. Accepted sentences score points: all words used are worth their marked point value (5, 10, or 20). Wild Cards are worth 0 points. Bonus points can be earned if a player is the first to start the timer and have their sentence accepted or if a player is able to use all 10 cards from their hand in a single accepted sentence. The first player to reach 200 points wins. You've Been Sentenced comes with a 540-card word deck, a score sheet pad, a sand timer, a pencil, and instructions. It is for three to 10 players.
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Paladins: Skye Build - (Character How To - Tips and Tricks)
Today we take a look at a new game to console: Paladins. This game is a load of fun and I've found a new favourite character who is excellent at getting you those oh so satisfying wins whilst also landing you with a very high KD ratio. I've made a loadout with Skye and added some Tips and Tricks so you know how to use her at her best. She is in the flanking class and her abilities and strengths lie in using stealth. This build has proven to be excellent at winning those one on one fights and even picking up several multi kills to keep the big streaks going. ---- Subscribe to stay up to date - https://tinyurl.com/mpu3cpa ---- Twitter: https://twitter.com/DameOverYT ---- Music: Machinimasound.com - September Sky #Battlefield1 #BF1 #Battlefield
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Learn English: FOOTBALL Vocabulary
GOAL!!!!! In English, is the game called 'football' or 'soccer'? How do you tell someone who's winning and what the score is? Just in time for the FIFA World Cup, a sports vocabulary lesson! Are you supporting Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, or another country? Let me know in the comments! And take a quiz on this video here: http://www.engvid.com/football-vocabulary/ TRANSCRIPT Hi, guys. What's happening? Right now, it's World Cup. Are you watching? I think the world is watching the World Cup. Today, I'm going to teach you about football. Please, please, please, please, please do not call it "soccer". Let's go through this. In Canada and in America, people are quite stupid, including me. For some reason, people like to say "soccer". Let's imagine that we are playing a game with your foot and a ball. Well, I would call that "football". So one rule that I have if you ever meet me is please don't call it "soccer". It's "football". In kind of a slang kind of way, you can call it "footy". It's more British English, but you can call it that just as long as you do not call it "soccer". Please do not call it "soccer". Just to clarify this for you. The organization is called FIFA. What do you think the F stands for? It's not called "SIFA"; it's called "FIFA". It's called "football". So need I remind you; do not say "soccer". Thank you. Public service announcement is now over. Let's get into the game. Maybe you are very excited to watch the game. You are not sure what verb to use in English because we have "look", "see", and "watch". This is easy. Because everyone's running and smashing and biting people -- don't bite people when you play football. You're going to actually watch the football game. So you can say to your friends, "Hey! Let's watch the game." And your friend says, "Yes! Let's do that. I'm excited." So maybe you get to the game late, and the game's already started. So you can say to someone, "What is the score?" Okay? So if it's present tense, we want to use "is" because it's present tense. "What is the score?" Maybe the person will tell you, "It's 2-1 for -- let's say -- Brazil." Hi, everybody from Brazil. This means that Brazil is winning because I tell you the name of the country. I would never tell you the team's losing. Okay? We actually don't have a word for this little hyphen here when we talk about a score. So we say, "It's 2-1 for Japan." Okay? Or, "It's 3-2 for Algeria." If you want to find out the past tense -- maybe you missed the game entirely because you have a job. I have a job. I miss games. So I have to catch up at the end. So you're going to ask your friends or someone, "What was the score?" They will say the same answer except they'll say, "It was -- for example -- 2-1 for Mexico." Okay? Or you could ask the person, "Who won?" They're going to say the country. "Cameroon won 2-0." Okay? Again, we don't have to say this little hyphen thing. Whatever country is the winner -- can someone give me another country name? What's your country name? Is your country in the World Cup? Canada isn't, and I know why. Because in Canada, we don't even know the name of the game. USA was in the World Cup. They got shut out. So, "USA won 2-0." Whatever country's the winner, you have to use the past tense. This is present tense: "win". Past tense is like the number -- exact same way to say it. We say "won". I know the spelling looks strange, but it's actually the same way to say it. What happens in the World Cup -- in the World Cup only -- is they have different groups: A, B, C, D. And when the teams play each other, groups get disqualified. So what happens is in each group, one country will advance. So for example, I can say, "In group A, USA advances." But they didn't, did they? History has been written. If you are with a group of people and they're not wearing any team colors, you can say, "Who are you supporting?" Or, "Who are you going for?" This means, "Who are you cheering for? Who, like -- oh, come on! Go! Oh, I didn't get it." Do you get really excited when you watch your team play? I don't. I don't have a team. Canada doesn't even know how to say the sport correctly. One thing that happens in the World Cup is there are many, many games in one day. Up to three games a day. So you can ask someone, "Who plays today? Who plays tomorrow?" I'm going to come back after I go have half-time and teach you some vocabulary.
Innocent people are crushed and killed- Doesn't matter- Money FIRST
All over China, you have overloaded trucks going at full speed. Traffic lights are often turned off at night so that construction can go faster. Building roads, appartments Vs people crushed by overloaded trucks, going too fast. My Amazon Shop- product recommendation https://www.amazon.com/shop/chinanon-stop?ref=ac_inf_hm_vp My equipement for the videos- Gopro Hero 5 https://amzn.to/2rFgjHo Wechat Chinanonstop Patreon https://www.patreon.com/chinanonstop ExpressVPN 1 month free referral link https://www.expressrefer.com/refer-friend?referrer_id=10155023&utm_campaign=referrals&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=referral_dashboard
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Emotional Learning for Vocabulary Building - Advanced English Listening Practice - 33
Emotional Learning for Vocabulary Building - Advanced English Listening Practice - 33 Click here to get your free guide so you can start sounding more native! - http://www.englishanyone.com/advanced-english-learning-practice-get-the-speak-naturally-guide/ If you can read, write and understand English quite well, but not speak fluently and confidently, there's just one simple reason why. Download your free copy of Speak English Naturally to discover the simple steps to fluency, see immediate improvement in your spoken English, start speaking English like native speakers and enjoy your conversations! http://www.englishanyone.com/advanced-english-learning-practice-get-the-speak-naturally-guide/ In this video, I discuss how to connect emotionally with what you learn so you remember what you study and can get fluent in English faster. :) http://www.englishanyone.com/advanced-english-learning-practice-get-the-speak-naturally-guide/
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Active learning strategies in classical languages 04: Call My Bluff
A teacher and pupils from Kirkcaldy High School demonstrate the game Call my Bluff, and describe its benefits as a learning tool for Latin.
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